September 7-13, 2003
vol 14, no. 35

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What is there to celebrate?

There will be great pomp and circumstance as the hype for the Pope's 25th Jubilee will be heightened and the dire diagnosis of the Mystical Body shrouded from the public. Yet we know the cancer, which permeates from the top on down, has taken its toll of countless souls and spreads daily. There can be no denial that the only sure cure is Divine Intervention.

   In a little over a month there will be great pomp and circumstance in Rome over the 25-year jubilee of the pontificate of John Paul II. My question: What is there to celebrate? Rather we should all put on sack-cloth and ashes and pray for God's Mercy to restore His Mystical Bride to the luster she once illuminated so wondrously before the invasion of satan's hordes. With that hope, it was the simple wisdom of a humble Traditional priest who put it all in perspective for us, and I would like now to share with all this profound, but simple analogy.

   Holy Mother Church is the Body of Christ, more appropriately the Mystical Body of Christ. We see in our hearts Christ in all His splendor and glory, the King of all - the Redeemer and Lord of Lords. That is Who most Christians relate to when they think of Jesus, Who drew twelve men to Himself even though His message did not promise instant material riches. When others sought to join Him they could not divest themselves of their own worldly attachments such as the young man in Matthew 19: 21-24. One man, a most energetic and resourceful disciple was perhaps the hardest working Apostle who was not afraid to express his opinions. However, his perception and the failure to live up to his own expectations and stubborn will caused him to do the unthinkable: betray the One he served. Have not there been many Judas's since the death of Pius XII? Yet his confreres - the other Apostles - the ones hand-chosen by Christ and who swore allegiance to Him and strove to bring others to Him, were mere mortals - very fallible men with faults galore - who, in the face of adversity and worldly pressure, cowered and fled.

   For the Apostles, they had to believe they had reached the zenith when the buzz, momentum and overwhelming crowd appeal prompted countless Hebrews to raise outward "Hosannas" to the Son of Man. They must have beamed how popular their Master was with all the people. Consider the golden age of the Church in America in the 40's and 50's. Vocations were plentiful because large, devout families were the norm. The moral order was adhered to with all ethical eagerness and conformity. Catholicism was the True Church and of that there was no doubt. Thomistic philosophy was preached in all the higher institutions and seminaries. It was truly a time of Hosannas!

   Then some began to question the truths. Like the Sanhedrin, they dared challenge Christ. Prior to His entrance into Jerusalem, they spoke behind His back, plotted clandestinely just as the perpetrators of Vatican II plotted against accepted doctrine behind the back of Papa Pacelli. We all know Pius XII had censured and exiled many of these insurrectionists. With the election of the highly liberal John XXIII, these Scribes and Pharisees were not only released, but given unheard of authority, hitherto so carefully guarded against. Like Caiphas, these men cried out "Blasphemy" when orthodox prelates objected to their twisting and even altering truths. But the wave of "Aggiornamento" cascaded over the Church. We must change to maintain the Church's status in the world was the cry and, like the rush that overcame the crowds waving their palms, soon the Hosannas turned to "Crucify Him!"

   Just as Christ asked His Apostles to pray for one hour, more and more priests abandoned that one hour of worship each day with Daily Mass. The first to go were the Breviaries, then Masses weren't as available as they once were. Soon the clamor of the rabble-rousers reached the ears of the ignorant public as rumor and exaggeration slithered through the grass of change. The safeguards against this were eliminated with the suppressing of the Leonine Prayers, most notably the powerful Prayer of St. Michael.

   Once arrested, Christ was left to His Own. His Own Apostles abandoned Him. The man Jesus Himself had appointed to head His Church built upon the Rock, fled in confusion. When push came to shove and Peter was asked if he was not one of Christ's disciples, Peter's humanness took over and he dared to deny he was associated with Christ. How many today from the Pope on down have not denied association with Christ by accepting worldly customs and sins that Christ would not compromise or tolerate such diversity in the name of inclusionary political correctness? Has not Our Lady herself foretold that the Pope would flee Rome? She did not say "anti-Pope", but "Pope." Many interpret her words as a physical fleeing, but could it not mean fleeing eternal Rome and all the Church taught up until Vatican II?

   Just as the Church today is submitted to shame and scrutiny, so also was Christ before Pontius Pilate and the Hebrew Sanhedrin. Just as those obeying the orders of their superiors stripped Our Lord and subjected Him to ridicule and nakedness, so also today's rank and file priests have stripped the altars, tabernacles, sanctuaries and liturgy on orders from their superiors, leaving the Church emaciated. So also Christ was careworn. Yet it was still Christ just as the Church remains the Body of Christ.

   Just as Jesus suffered the cruel pain of thick thorns piercing His precious skull in mockery of His claim that "My kingdom is not of this world", so also the Church has suffered the cruel pain of the hideous crown of the Novus Ordo crushed into the psyche of the faithfuls' sensibilities where, like the Roman soldiers inflicting the punishment, Catholics think they are only following orders and that justifies their actions through blind obedience.

   One would think this kind of punishment was enough, that it couldn't possibly get any worse than the devastation Pope Paul VI had allowed as many thought back in the seventies. Little did they know what was lurking on the horizon during the pontificate of Paul VI's successor John Paul II. Just as more desecration remained for the Church in disfiguring her further, so also with Our Lord - for Calvary was necessary for the salvation of all.

   The bloody Messiah, His body limp with terrible scourges deep into His flesh and His head bleeding profusely, was subjected to further scorn and embarrassment before a crowd who had been incited into a frenzy by key plants who spread the whisper that He must be punished and it caught on the wind of consensus. They demanded He pay for His sin of upholding the Truth. They chose Barrabas rather than Christ to be acquitted, just as today so many who claim membership in the Body of Christ choose ecumenism, and the obsessive incalculable mandate of "unity of community" to mallearate the masses into accepting the faux pas as fact that there is salvation outside the Church and that non-Catholic religions such as Islam, or Judaism, or Hinduism, or Buddhism, etc "worship the same God" in direct contradiction to the dogma that outside the Church there is no salvation (Extra Ecclesia Nulla Salus), infallibly decreed by three Popes - Pope Innocent III at the Fourth Lateran Council in 1215, Pope Boniface VIII in his Papal Bull Unam Sanctam in 1302, and Pope Eugene IV in 1442 in his Papal Bull Cantate Domino.

   If the God-Man Himself fell three times, why then should we be surprised when three Popes have fallen in the last 40 years by not upholding the sensus Catholicus? Though their sin is greater, they are still members of the Body of Christ, therefore legitimate. Just as Christ was comforted by Mary, so also Our Lady comforts both sinners and those striving to be saints - liberal and conservative, progressive and traditionalist - Catholic and non-Catholic. Why? To confirm them in their ways of sin? No, but to gently prod and encourage us all to follow her Divine Son even though we find it hard to recognize Him, so battered and grotesque in appearance. So also today's Church - the one with the terrible scars and gouges of Vatican II - is battered and grotesque, but it is still the Body of Christ. Yes, we do not recognize the Body of Christ as promoted by the modern Vatican as the Christ we, and saints and sinners from every century, remember...but it is still the Body of Christ, just greatly emaciated and disfigured, sorely lacking in the lifeline of the sacraments being drained slowly but surely from the Mystical Body.

   Just as Simon was there to help and Veronica followed by wiping the face of Christ to give Him comfort as well as the possibility that others might recognize the Man they were spitting upon and defiling and cease their error-filled ways, so also men like Cardinals Alfredo Ottaviani and Antonio Bacci, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Archbishop Castro de Mayer, Father James Wathen, Walter Matt, Dr. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, Fr. Nicholas Gruner and many other "Simons and Veronicas" were there to help the Body of Christ, to offer comfort and love in the face of so much abomination. Like Simon and Veronica, they defied the taunts of the majority and stuck to their principals just as many Traditional Catholics do today, going against the grain, standing out as a sore, but radiating "thumb" among all the fingers pointing at them. They are first and foremost loyal to Christ, and therefore His Mystical Body - the Church. Just as Christ promised in Matthew 16: 18-19 that "the gates of hell shall not prevail" and in Matthew 28: 20, "and behold I am with you all days, even to the consummation of the world," so we cannot abandon Him or His Mystical Body even though the latter has been so tortured beyond recognition.

   Once Jesus amazingly reached the summit of Calvary - something no mere mortal would have been able to endure as Mel Gibson's masterful and miraculous film "The Passion" will depict - He was subjected to further infamy by ripping from him the veil of modesty, His cloak. Just as John Paul II has embarrassed the Mystical Body by apologizing for what the Church always stood for, by pandering to the Jews, Moslems, United Nations, Communists, Animists, Hindus, Buddhists, and, yes, even the Sodomites and Abortionists by his inaction to rein in his bishops, so also we must endure the shame of the sins of those in the Church being bared to the whole world. They are being exposed chiefly because the offenders sought to hide them and Christ Himself assured in Matthew 10: 26: "for there is nothing hid, that shall not be revealed; nor secret that shall not be known." And yes, it stings just as it had to rip at the heart of the Blessed Virgin Mother and the only Apostle who stood with Him - St. John the beloved disciple.

   Like John the Evangelists today, we Traditional Catholics continue on against all odds. And why? Because we know Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and because we stand by Our Lady who is the "Janus Caeli" - Gate of Heaven, the "Consolatrix afflictorum" - Comfort of the afflicted and "Sedes sapientiae" - Seat of Wisdom. How can we be led astray if we are anchored between the Pillar of the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ truly present in the Blessed Sacrament - confected in the infrangible words of the Consecration within the Canon of the Mass in which "Mysterium Fidei" and "pro multis" are included WITHIN the words of Consecration as so decreed by Pope St. Pius V in his Papal Bull "De Defectibus" so that true confection of the bread and wine take place and there is Transubstantiation - and the other Pillar envisioned by St. John Bosco: devotion to Mary's Immaculate Heart? We cannot be steered off course. That is the only safe harbor in this topsy-turvy morally-void world we live in today.

   And so the great majority of Traditional Catholics have gone underground, fleeing the pan-religious temples of the New Order "Eucharistic Celebrations" for the Tried and True: Tridentine True! Often, we don't even have this priceless treasure and must pray our missals and prayers in absentia. Just as the early Christians and Orientals for centuries persevered in perpetuating the Holy Sacrifice, we strive to as well when the Daily Latin Mass is practically non-existent for most. It pains us greatly for we cannot act as the priest for we have not that power of the consecrated ordained. And we do not clamor for that power nor measures to lessen that divine power. Yet each and everyone of us have the power of the Holy Ghost to guide us and sustain us, and we have the comfort of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts to steer us surely to the safe harbor for the soul. Christ has not promised safe harbor for the body, only the soul. All else matters not.

   We realize we must be stretched with Christ on the splinter-filled wood of the cross, allow the crude, blunt nails of ridicule, aberrations, the absence of the sacred, and heart-wrenching conflicts with friends and even immediate family to pierce us as we willingly allow our hands and feet to be fastened to the tree of salvation. With this we are bound as accusations of disobedience and schism ring in our ears, but our hearts, in compliance with God's ordaining will, know that we are more free than ever before to stand for Him, to draw that line in the sand near the pool of blood formed by the loss of the Precious Blood at the base of Golgotha.

   Just as Christ's physical body was deformed and almost entirely unrecognizable, so also today His Mystical Body. It has deteriorated, has been transformed into something less than beautiful. Yet, it's still His Mystical Body. Yes, the apostles remained in hiding until Pentecost Sunday. So also today's apostolic successors remain in hiding, refusing to recognize Christ for fear of the world. With Jesus and spurred on by the unyielding loyalty of His Blessed Mother and beloved disciple and Mary Magdalene, whom we can more readily relate to because of our sinfulness, we willingly and humbly allow ourselves to hang there in sight of all, not ashamed of the Faith we profess and our total commitment to remaining faithful to Christ and His Mystical Body. While our former friends - and we all have them - chastise us and claim we have lost our marbles just as we know that many of Our Lord's disciples were no less accused of, so also we know our sense of Catholicity - our true convictions - must rise to the surface even if we might be convicted of apostasy or schism by the vast majority of real apostates and schismatics. We stand by our priorities: Faith, Family and Friends.

   Just as the frenzied mobs continued to sadistically clamor for more punishment and insisted on lurking to the bitter end to make sure this "Threat" was eliminated once and for all, even though they could not truly identify how Christ might in any way jeopardize them, so also today our neo-Catholic "friends" gleefully watch for our fall, wait for us to dwindle and die, or, in their daily prayers sincerely and misguidedly pray that we will "come to our senses" and return to the papalotry mentality of today's congregants who, in Stepford-wives fashion, maintain that John Paul II can do no wrong; this when right and the "sensus Catholicus" are rarely reinforced or noble, sacred traditions upheld.

   As the hours waned into minutes and Christ's Precious Blood practically evacuated His veins, He still had the strength - imbued by His Heavenly Father, to offer forgiveness to the two thieves hanging on either side. We can assimilate these infractors to the hierarchy today. Dismas, "the good thief" realized the errors of his ways and, though feeling unworthy, asked forgiveness. We can only hope and pray that more bishops and priests will realize the fated path they are on - especially the next Cardinal to be selected by a Conclave top-heavy with modernists - and return to the commitment of their vows with souls first and foremost on their list of priorities. We would pray this would be many in numbers. On the other hand, there are many who can be categorized with the unnamed bad thief who rejected forgiveness, so prideful and full of hate. Because of free will, Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Religious and common Lay People as well as those not baptized have a choice. They can accept Christ and His uncompromising teachings or they can reject Him and the Sacred Deposit of Faith passed down through the constituted evangelic Tradition. We can do nothing more but to pray and leave it totally in God's hands.

   We can also pray, with Christ to forgive them for they know not what they do, even though, from their actions and words they must surely know when taking into consideration their credentials. Yet it is for God and God alone to judge their heart and soul, their intentions. We can only judge and resist their outward actions and words when, and only when they contradict the infallible doctrines of Holy Mother Church. This, for ALL Catholics is not only recommended, but mandated as St. Robert Cardinal Bellarmine, the great promoter of the Counter-Reformation of Trent, stated so clearly in his De Romano Pontifice:

    "It is permissible to resist the Pope when he invades souls and troubles the commonwealth: and moreover, if he appears to be causing harm to the Church. It is permissible. I say, to resist him by not doing what he enjoins and by preventing his will to triumph."
Therefore, we have a duty before God and for the welfare of our own soul as well as countless others to resist and to do all in our power to stop the Pope from fulfilling his will. That is our commitment.

   And so, we must continue to resist with all our might, while respecting the office as every Catholic is bound to do, and to respect the tremendous responsibility and cross Papa Karol Wojtyla must bear as his time wanes and the window closes for repenting of his inactions and misdeeds over this past 25 years of desolation and wreckovation that has left the Mystical Body of Christ so mutilated and unrecognizable. While we could abandon this "new" Christ because it doesn't fit our perception of what Christ should resemble, we have no authority to do so for we are bound by our baptismal vows, our confirmation vows, our wedding vows and, for those ordained, by their vows of Holy Orders to remain within the Mystical Body of Christ which compose the Church Militant in union with the Communion of Saints.

   To those who might be tempted, like the Jews, to cast aspersions at us or to accuse us of disloyalty, or even worse of being "outside the Church" or taking a sede-vacantist position - we challenge them to prove such fallacious insinuations. The facts are they cannot for we are totally within the jurisdiction as loyal Authentic Roman Catholics to oppose the novelties and innovations that harm the Church, are injurious to the Faith.

   Indeed, for those who are not aware it was Pope Pius XII who, as Abbé Daniel Le Roux documents in his book "Peter, Lovest thou Me?" and Fr. Paul Kramer in his book "The Devil's Final Battle" repeats what the last Traditional and good Pope clearly stated,

    "We will witness the invasion of all that is spiritual: philosophy, science, law, teaching, arts, press, literature, the theatre and religion...I hear all around me reformers who want to dismantle the sanctuary, to destroy the universal flame of the Church, to discard the vestments, to smite her with remorse for her historic past. A day will come when the civilized world shall deny its God, when the Church will doubt as Peter doubted. She will be tempted to believe that man has become God, that His Son is a mere symbol, a philosophy as good as any other, and in the churches, Christians will look in vain for the red lamp where God awaits them, just as Magdalen wept before the empty tomb, 'Where have they taken Him?...'

   His Holiness concluded these alarming remarks with his own affirmation to the fact that the Third Secret supposedly revealed in 2000 was a lie and that the true Third Secret of Fatima does indeed deal with the widespread apostasy within the Church:

    "I am obsessed by the Blessed Virgin's messages to little Lucy of Fatima. This obstinacy of the Good Lady in the face of the danger threatening the Church is a divine warning against the suicide that would be the changing of the Faith, its liturgy, its theology, and its soul."

   So are we to believe the pantheistic platitudes of a Pope who refuses to acknowledge the grave crisis the Church faces today, or the open candidness of a Pope who warned of the 'grave digging' crisis and upheld his Sacred Pontifical Oath and did all in his power to prevent the 'smoke of satan' from entering the sanctuary? Yes, folks, it comes down to the line in the sand. Do we stand with the 260 Sovereign Successors of Peter who upheld what had been passed down in the Sacred Deposit of the Faith and the constituted evangelic Traditions? Or do we dismiss those men and embrace the last four Popes? Do we go along with this Pope in the cause of "unity of community" while, in effect drifting farther away and participating in the further disfigurement of the Mystical Body? If we are to embrace, as the vast majority of neo-Catholics insist, what the current Pope says, then we must abandon the teachings and counsel of Popes like St. Leo the Great, St. Gregory the Great, Innocent III, Eugene IV, Paul IV, St. Pius V, Gregory XVI , Blessed Pius IX, Leo XIII, St. Pius X, Pius XI and, of course, Pius XII.

   Which will it be? You'll note the list of holy men there and the landmark, infallible decrees they issued, many available on our CREDO & CULTURE page. Now, we ask our Novus Ordinarian friends if they can provide any - ANY infallible decree from John XXIII or Paul VI or John Paul II. I rest my case!

   You'll notice I did not even bring up the saints and holy Doctors of the Church, too numerous to include here for they fill more than the Litany of Saints. All were in harmony with what represented the Faith before the 'animus delendi' raised its ugly head in the sixties. Again, I rest my case.

   Despite the overwhelming evidence against him, we have come to the inevitable conclusion that though John Paul II is quite possibly the worst Pope faith-wise in the history of Holy Mother Church, he is still the legitimate successor of Peter and we owe obedience to him on matters of Faith and Morals ONLY when they are in total harmony with the true teachings of the Church as contained in the Sacred Deposit of the Faith. Anything else we have no obligation to obey or to follow, but rather to do as many saints, most notably St. Robert Bellarmine, stated above.

   And so, we must rely on the sensus Catholicus when identifying the Mystical Body. Yes, it is terribly disfigured, terribly malformed and in definite need of a transfusion, if not surgical procedures to rid the Mystical Body of the cancer that has so ravaged the Body of Christ. If we do nothing to curb the very same cancer previous Pope's warned against, and passively participate in the deterioration by raising no objection, then we are only accomplices to her destruction. We cannot be part of such skullduggery. We stand with Pius XII who said, "I am convinced that the Church of Peter must assume responsibility for her past, or she will be digging her own grave."

   Knowing that even the gates of hell will not destroy Holy Mother the Church, we are confident that though the Vatican II popes have done a thorough job of burying the Mystical Body of Christ, she will rise again in glory in God's time. That we can be assured of. And maybe it won't be until then when future generations discover that Traditional Roman Catholics were right after all when we affirmed that after 25 years, this 264th successor of Peter, so popular for his do-nothingness and allowance of Vatican II aberrations to go unchecked and rage out of control, must assume responsibility for the thorough decay of the Mystical Body. If he does not alter the course, he will be remembered as the "funeral director" responsible for allowing his "raiders of the requiem" to shovel more innovations over the coffin of Catholicism and spread the dirt of ecumaniacal humanism. If John Paul II fails to stop the entombment of the Mystical Body then, sadly, in the annals of history he will only be remembered by future Popes and historians, and the faithful in their day, as a 'modernist mortician' who, knowingly or unknowingly, sought to bury the Mystical Body of Christ. John Paul II's legacy: the embalmer of enigma! So I ask again, with all the pomp and circumstance that will take place in Rome when all the sorry "yes men" in red and purple, appointed by a bad Pope, will convene to raise a toast and tout his papacy it will be but a hollow salute to a 'house of cards' for the question must be posed and I dare any neo-Catholic to answer it honestly with factual evidence: What is there to celebrate?

Michael Cain, editor

      September 7-13, 2003
      vol 14, no. 35