September 1-6, 2003
vol 14, no. 34

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Iconoclasts of Ill-will, Idiocy and Insanity!

September promises to be mind-numbing as we await what next novelty the Vaticantwoarians will dream up while desperately trying to deny they are not only lost, but have taken a dead-end turn. Instead they stubbornly plod onward toward perdition.

   The summer of turmoil and unrest passes the baton to the autumn of deception and the further implementation of the One World Order, not far away from the winter of discontent as satan's days grow fewer - thankfully. But before his head is crushed by the heel of Our Blessed Mother there is a trial of fire we must all pass through and the embers scorching at our toes right now indicate, all too clearly, that this time foretold is nigh. Events over the past few years have borne testimony to this. The escalation of the Vatican II agenda even in the face of overwhelming statistics of utter failure is more evidence that the inmates are running the asylum better known as "Stalag 62" or the new Vatican.

   I bring this up because during this past summer we have done much praying, much studying, and also reflection, reading for a second time such eye-openers as Fr. Paul Kramer's The Devil's Final Battle, which lays out so vividly the modus operandi of the Ostopolitiks forged since the pact of Metz in 1962, also referred to as the Vatican-Moscow Agreement. In effect, it was the gagging of the Church from speaking out against the evils of Communism because by 1962 the fifth columnists had successful penetrated the curial levels and were in charge of the destiny of the Barque of Peter. It was a fulfillment of what Vladimir Lenin had planned and, with the help of the Freemasons, orchestrated quite successfully as John Vennari has pointed out in his excellent short work Alta Vendita and its Permanent Instruction .

   It struck me the other day when reading an article in our local Branson Daily News in the religious section of August 30. It was written by Associated Press religious writer Richard N. Ostling whose name is familiar in those circles of the secular media. He was writing on the "anti-Catholic bent" promoted by the "Left Behind" series of books and films by El Cajon resident Tim Lahaye which deal with the scatological times. Ostling wrote that "the Catholic bishops of Illinois, the state where the novels' publisher, Tyndale, is based, charge that the novels are 'anti-Catholic in content and form' because the scenario unfairly depicts a future pope who establishes a false liberal religion linked with the Antichrist."

   As I gagged on this, I had to muse and ask what would fairly depict a future pope who establishes a false liberal religion linked with the Antichrist? Not that I agree with the evangelicals' warped thinking of the end times and how they have totally misread the signs or the meaning of "Jerusalem" and the chosen people. What they don't get is that the scriptures do not mean the Jews of present Israel or the physical Jerusalem that was destroyed by the Romans, but the "New Jerusalem" Christ established as His Holy Church . But then let's face it, those set in their agenda are not going to listen to reason whether it comes from me or the Sacred Scriptures. Basically if they will not heed Our Lord's words in the Gospels or listen to the Apostle Paul and his admonitions and accursing in Galatians 1: 8-10, they are going to pay no heed to a zealous Traditional Catholic writer.

   So maybe I'm just preaching to the choir. So be it. But maybe also that choir can sing louder and clearer so that more hear the melody and recognize it as what was always associated with the solid, infallible, unchangeable truths of Authentic Roman Catholicism. Why, praytell, are the Illinois bishops so upset over what the evangelicals say when they themselves have such a nest of iniquity within each of their own dioceses as Stephen Brady of Roman Catholic Faithful has surely documented and rustled the fetid feathers of these dirty birds with his findings and revelations. No, folks, it's deeper than that. What they don't want the world to know yet is how close the evangelicals inadvertently came to the fact that a "future pope would establish a false liberal religion linked with the Antichrist" but we are not speaking here of the future, but of the past and yes, present. We have on authority none other than Our Lady herself who warned of this. Why are not the bishops railing against Our Lady of LaSalette? Did not the Mother of God say to the children in the mountainous regions of LaSalette in the mid 19th century the ominous message that: "Rome will lose the Faith, and become the seat of the Antichrist"?

   Did not the Blessed Mother say at Fatima that if Russia is not consecrated to her Immaculate Heart then her errors would spread? Was this not before Lenin even came to power? Has Russia's error spread? Is the Pope Catholic? Maybe I should rephrase that. Does the Pope see a bear in the woods? And if he does, does he recognize it as the great symbol of the Soviet Union whose fur is furled with the hammer & sickle dripping with the blood of millions and millions of Catholics who have been over the years sold out by the very ones who should have protected them, at the very least spoken out on their behalf in an act of heroic virtue. But alas, they did not for Metz and also the Pact of Balamand would not permit it for fear it would upset the applecart of ecumenism. Horrors if that were to happen. And so today as September arrives we are faced with the following predicaments:

    1. America is bogged down in the unyielding and shifting sand of Iraq, enmeshed and trapped as a lone participant in the quagmire that no one wants - that even the citizens of Iraq have no idea how to solve. Our Lady clearly warned that the second time the U.S. went back into Iraq it would not be the same as in 1991. Indeed, once again that impeccable source from Heaven is right on.

    2. The Holy Father - in the twilight of his years and growing more incoherent daily - has basically thrown up his hands and said, regarding the future of Europe where the womb slaughterers, secularism, sodomy, and the Saracens are taking over, that 'it's up to Mary.' Frustrated that Christ has been left out of the equation in the forming of the Constitution for the European Union, he wrote on Sunday, August 31st in his "Renewal of an Entrustment to Mary" the following:

      "In the past Sundays, my reflection has focused on Europe and its Christian roots, reviewing the text of the postsynodal apostolic exhortation 'Ecclesia in Europa.' This document concludes with an "Entrustment to Mary" of all the men and women of the continent, an entrustment that I wish to renew today, so that the Holy Virgin will make Europe become a symphony of nations committed to building together the civilization of love and peace! ...To you, sweet Lady of Tears, we present the Church and the whole world. Look at those who have most need of forgiveness and reconciliation; bring concord to families and peace among peoples. Dry the tears that hatred and violence cause in many regions of the Earth, especially in the Middle East and the African continent. May your tears, O Mother, be a pledge of conversion and peace for all your children!"

       Did Our Lady in any of her apparitions ever say "Entrustment?" Not that I know of. Was there any mention in his "Entrustment" or in his referral to Europe of the largest, most troubled, most in need country of Europe that spans Asia as well - namely Russia? Not that I know of. Does Pope John Paul II realize why Our Lady cries so? Does he recognize the reason for the tears? Because he and his predecessors have done just the opposite of the simple request she asked in 1917. Can it be so difficult to consecrate Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart? What harm can it do? Like Russia is going to retaliate by persecuting Catholics? As if they haven't been obvious in this since the Red Revolution. Fr. Kramer's book documents all too well why the Consecration has not taken place. So please, Holy Father, no more lamenting on what is to become of your beloved Europe if you are not willing to take the bull by the horns and demand the bishops - you know, those lily-livered spineless miters who act like wolves in shepherds' clothing - who, in unison with you as Vicar of Christ, do as the Blessed Virgin requested. If you don't, then don't come crying when Christianity dies out in the heart of Christendom; when the Red flag flies over the Holy See - as if it does not already; when the hammer and sickle and the crescent cover the education and culture of all Europeans and they flee to the United States or Canada only to find a godless civilization so corrupt and perverse that common sense no longer rules and anarchy is the order of the day.

       It never had to come to this. But, because the modern Vatican has buried and tried to annihilate Heaven's message and the constituted evangelic Apostolic Traditions - the bastions of Roman Catholicism that the neo-Catholics' poster boy Cardinal Josef Ratzinger has claimed the Church must demolish as he wrote in his Karl Rahner-influenced book Principles of Catholic Theology on page 391 - then one has to wonder who is going to help bail them out of this mess if they even ignore Heaven's help. Gaudium et Spes was one of the portals for the progressives to rush through - along with a certain serpent whom Paul VI affirmed had squarely planted himself in the sanctuary - in joyful hope of the earthly utopia of a "new civilization of love" a "new advent," a "globalization of solidarity" for world peace on man's terms. Now, rather than admitting Vatican II was a failed experiment that has gone terribly wrong and has cost millions, nay billions of souls, they desperately try to cover up the mounting noxious cloud that is slowly but surely concealing so many truths - growing blacker by the year, month, day, hour - and put on the happy face that everything is just fine and dandy, only a few problems, but nothing Vaticantwoarians can't handle. Right!!! Again, look at the fruits for "By their fruits you shall know them" (Matthew 7: 20).

    3. On the feast of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist on August 29, ZENIT ran a piece that Cardinal Angelo Sodano the Czar, whoops, Secretary of State, pushed the modernist envelope ever further in declaring that he is not done with the Novus Ordo Seclorum (look on your dollar bill beneath the all-seeing Masonic Eye on the New Age pagan pyramid) and that "perhaps some of the principles of the constitution (Sacrosanctum Consilium) have to be better understood and more faithfully applied." He further enjoined that "it is useful to analyze some specific topics such as, for example, the relation between creativity and fidelity, between spiritual worship and life, between catechesis and celebration of the Mystery, between liturgical presidency and role of the assembly, between formation in the seminaries and the permanent formation of priests."

       What he failed to say, is that it is useful to analyze the relation between the True Faith, with the infrangible liturgy of the Mass of Apostolic Tradition - the Latin Mass - and the synthetic novelty known as NO - an appropriate acronym for the Novus Ordo. He won't ask for this analysis because he knows all too well that the latter will not only come up short and lacking, but prove totally fraudulent - a counterfeit to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Yet Sodano belligerently presses on, stating "Although it can rightly be said that the conciliar reform has been carried out, the liturgical pastoral program represents a permanent commitment which enables one to draw from the richness of the liturgy the vital force that is spread from Christ to the members of the Body, which is the Church." No it isn't for the Church of the saints and fathers of the Church, the Church of martyrs who would rather die for their Faith than to betray the truths, would not recognize the imposter that claims the moniker "Church" today.

       Where, I ask, is the "richness of the liturgy" of the Novus Ordo? There is none except in the coffers of the architects and bishops who foisted these monstrosities called churches and cathedrals on the gullible faithful. And yet Sodano, as the most powerful man in Rome , continues the dismantling with his faux perestroika. The Pope himself has been quoted as saying there is no turning back on the Vatican II reforms nor on ecumenism. A fated path that only fools would follow and fools rush in where angels fear to tread for indeed the angels, I believe, have abandoned for the most part those, who, jurisdiction-wise, head the Church today. God has surely withdrawn His graces as evident by the lack of fruits for modern Rome has thrown in with the "mammon of iniquity" which Christ denounced in Luke 16: 9. "And I say to you: Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of iniquity, that when you shall fail, they may receive you into everlasting dwellings."

   So meanwhile the price of gas, bread and milk rise while souls sink deeper into the mesmerized morass of Vatican II-spin that borders on insanity. To give you an even further imbalance consider that Monday, Labor Day was the Traditional Simple Feast of Saint Giles . This holy abbot is the patron saint of the physically disabled. Today no one is more disabled than the young wife Terri Schiavo who remains the knot in a tug of war between her insensitive and cantankerous husband Michael and her parents as the media and public weigh in on whether to 'pull the plug or not.' Again, more of the erosion of the value and sacred nature of a human life. What is interesting, as we all pray for Terri's welfare and the souls of those who do not understand God's role in all of this, is that the bishops of Florida - the state where Terri lies in this sad state - have done or said nothing about upholding the sanctity of life, but they have gone on record as opposing the execution of Paul Hill who is on death row for allegedly killing an abortionist. Yet, while they clamor against Capitol Punishment which, by the way is not the official Church teaching, they remain silent against abortion for that would harm their power base within the Democratic Party as Dr. Frank Joseph so insightfully has been insisting.

   Speaking of the good doctor, his article The United States vs. God points out the crux of the problem. It is interesting about the link between St. Giles and the morally handicapped United States today. St. Giles died in the aura of holiness in 724 A.D. during the pontificate of St. Gregory II , who was one of the crusaders against iconoclasm which the Eastern Emperor Leo III sought to impose on all. Iconoclasm is the act of attacking conventional or cherished beliefs and institutions as being false or harmful. Nowhere is there a more evident example of this - if you ignore for a minute the Taj Mahony in Lalaland - than the stone monument of the Ten Commandments which Alabama's Judge Roy Moore established a few years ago in the courthouse rotunda. It never offended anyone with sensibilities, only fueled the hatred of God further by operatives within the ACLU who, like the Communist progressives who overthrew Nicholas early in the 20th Century and the progressive Modernists who overthrew Holy Mother Church after the death of Pope Pius XII, saw the opportunity to chip away at the foundations that so many believed in.

   In order to accomplish this they needed accomplices and they needed to employ Lenin's principle fully that, as Fr. Kramer states in his book The Devil's Final Battle "the lie is sacred. " Vladimir Lenin, a known satanist, preached that whenever lying advances the revolution in whatever circumstances an agent of the revolution finds himself in, then it is his sacred duty to lie. The only lie that holds water , according to the atheistic despot, was a common lie that all would repeat until they believed it or not. It is what has been termed "the Party Line" and indeed, as Fr. Kramer has expertly shown, this very modus operandi has been carried out only too effectively within the Church over the past forty years, and now within our government. Just as the Vaticantwoarians have been able to negate so many of the hallowed traditions of Roman Catholicism, so also the liberal judges and radical Democrats have been able to blur the meaning of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence in their attempt to conceal their true intent by wrapping themselves in the nebulous garb of Separation of Church and State, totally ruining the fabric of the truth. And to think that both in the Church and in America two men named John were the ones we looked to for trust and direction back in the Camelot-days of the early sixties. Oh, how far we have fallen into the dungeons of Mordred.

   Meanwhile September promises more intrigue as California prepares for the three-ring circus that is the recall election while lame-duck Gray Davis continues his perfidious ways of employing the powers of perversity.

   Forgive me for being facetious, but it is only too obvious how the Novus Ordinarians are imploding as we write for as John Keoghan's memory and criminal record are stricken from the books, Phoenix struggles with legislation on how to curb your dog or stray pedestrians when shady bishops are out and about on the byways and hiways. Meanwhile those roads are not as oft traveled for gas supplies dwindle and many cannot afford to drive.

   Locally here in Southwest Missouri, Lake Taneycomo neighbor Rockaway Beach - a stone's throw from Branson - lobby for signatures to bring gambling to its shores and the glut of all seven sins in an effort to siphon the profits spilling over from Branson's wholesome image. Yet, Branson itself struggles with that image as new age and rock try to penetrate the family-oriented citadels along Route 76 and Shepherd of the Hills Expressway. This battle becomes more severe as Branson struggles to keep its own identity in the face of dwindling tourism while more Protestant churches replace empty theaters making this area truly the "belt buckle of the bible belt" - albeit apostate, nevertheless Christian and ripe for conversion to the true Faith.

   As Iowans and New Hamphirites prepare for the onslaught of Democratic presidential candidates to try to convince these northern residents that one abortionist is better than the other, President George Bush is enmeshed in the quandary of what to do about Iraq , the economy and fulfill his vision of the One World Order that his father so confidently heralded.

   As the pres' brother Florida's Catholic governor Jeb Bush is inundated with phone calls, e-mails and faxes over the fate of both Terri Schiavo and Paul Hill, Florida and the entire Gulf Coast brace for ever more threatening Hurricanes forecast this year - an unusual year that has seen biblical consequences weather-wise everywhere on this planet earth.

   As Roy Moore appeals to have the Ten Commandments monument returned, the Supreme Court dodges their inevitable responsibility to hear the case and declare once and for all the dementia of the deranged who would call this proper separation of Church and State.

   As Canadian Prime Minsiter Chretien hurdles toward hell, despite the warnings of probably the only bishop in Canada willing to speak out - Bishop Fred Henry - Chretien's MP, based in Toronto Charles Caccia proudly proclaims he'll "go to hell with the Prime Minister" for legitimizing sodomy and sodomite unions. Is it really worth it to sell your soul, Monsieur Caccia? Talk about insanity run amok.

   As Europe wallows further in depravity and Moslem movements that are changing cultures, more die in Africa - the dark continent that grows darker each day and more abandoned by all nations because it cannot provide its ticket to rescue - oil!

   As the futile search for Saddam and Osama continues, Palestinians are being eliminated for the cause of the untouchable, tainted Star of David, besmudged by the blood of millions wrought by the Zionists who ushered in Freemasonry and engineered the tragic French Revolution where 300,000 Catholic priests, nuns and laity were guillotined because they refused to betray their Faith and their God.

   Today, that is not important for Jews, Arab, Buddhist, Hindhu, Animist and what-not are given a free pass to practice and preach for conversion is no longer necessary. Therefore they do what they want but the freedoms and aberrations allowed by the Vaticantwoarians are never reciprocated by the apostate false religionists. Yet the pandering ecumaniacs within the Vatican proletariat blindly press on without realizing the one-sided futility of their proposals.

   They fail to realize one cannot deal with the devil. Ever!

   Hopefully this is something Mel Gibson realizes as the Freemasons and Zionists continue to blackball him and his masterful movie The Passion, trying to squeeze him out of finding a reputable distributor. As Robert Moynihan, editor of INSIDE THE VATICAN wrote in his editorial, "Passions over The Passion" in the August 2003 issue,

    "It seems clear that driving the Catholic debate on The Passion is not so much fear that it is anti-Semitic, but fear that it is based on traditional Catholic doctrine. When attacks against Gibson and The Passion are made in the coming months, one would do wel to ask to what degree an attack is based on the reviewer's distaste for the actual words of the New Testament."
That is one of the burrs in the side of the Vaticantwoarians, that Mel, a devout Traditional Catholic, is dead set on evangelizing the truths of the Gospels and not the feel-good ecumaniacal compromising that has gone on way too long to the detriment of so many. It is not just the Zionists who want to silence Mel, but another group far more fearful of Gibson - the Vatican II proponents who realize with Mel's popularity, prowess and piety that the faithful who now wallow in the Novus Ordo huts, will realize Mel is right and flock to the Latin Mass just as all members of the crew did each and every day prior to shooting. Nothing wrong with that! No wonder miracles have occurred on the set because Mel has his priorities together and is not afraid to live his Faith and share it. That's true evangelization.

   I've also noted more and more a leaning by Moynihan of the prestigious ITV Magazine toward the Traditional point of view. How else do you explain his June-July issue that published the entire Latin Mass, and in August ran the pro-Gibson editorial and an article by yours truly in which I was able to include the entire Apostolic Constitution of Pope St. Pius V Quo Primum as well as St. Pius X's "Oath Against Modernism" and the Solemn Pontifical Oath," all at CREDO & CULTURE. He printed all of that within my article entitled "Cain's Lament" and allowed me to take Cardinal Francis Arinze to task for his demeaning Traditional Catholics as too narrow-minded. Though Moynihan is under extreme pressure to spout the "Party Line" by powers within the Vatican, he has been able to more and more express an understanding and sympathy towards the Traditional cause with over two pages of pro-Traditional letters. ITV is much more accepting than The Wanderer or any other neo-Catholic pub. For that Moynihan deserves kudos. It is an excellent publication that has been at the forefront of all publications - including Traditional ones - in supporting and promoting the last Traditional and good Pope - Pope Pius XII. For subscription information, you can go to We all need to band together to fight the common enemy - the very ones St. Paul notes in Ephesians VI: 12, "For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of the world of this darkness; against the spirits of wickedness in the high places."

   Few there are who have not been tainted by these"rulers of the world of this darkness." It comes down to the fact that the only country that seemingly remains immune from moral decay - where the dogmas remain intact, though the Vaticantwoarians are trying to make inroads to make sure 'misery loves company'- is Portugal, the very country Our Lady promised would never lose the Faith. She also promised the same for every country if the Pope, in unison with all the bishops of the world, would consecrate the poor country of Russia - so impoverished materially and spiritually - to her Immaculate Heart. If only... What is keeping them from their appointed rounds if not outright disobedience?

   And the neo-Catholics accuse us of being disobedient to those who have long ago abandoned their Faith and beliefs. Obedience works both ways, first and foremost to God. If we do not obey Him, then we are left to our own foibles and indignant idiosyncrasies which have become today the iconoclasts of ill-will, idiocy and insanity!

Michael Cain, editor

      September 1-6, 2003
      Summer Hiatus
      vol 14, no. 34