Fifteen Saturdays Devotion

Rosary Recital from June 29 to October 5, 2013


This is something first introduced some years ago by Bishop Robert McKenna, O.P., then pastor of Our Lady of the Rosary Chapel in Monroe, Connecticut. Edified by this, we continue this practice each year as well. It is something all Catholics should embrace. We have added a bit below to what he has presented for the faithful to follow:

    It is time again to storm Heaven with our prayers. Just as the Traditional Latin Mass is the unbloody sacrifice of the Lamb of God, so also this Rosary Crusade is basically an unbloody Crusade against the enemies of Christ and His true Church. For fifteen consecutive Saturdays the faithful pledgte to pray the Holy Rosary with each week focusing on one Mystery and the specific intention.

    It is vital that we take our responsibility as the Church Militant seriously for NOW is the time; later is too late - all might be lost by then! We've been saying this for years until we're blue in the face and with what has happened in Washington D.C. and Rome in changing the face of everything in shoving everything in God's face, well, you better believe we're all living on borrowed time.

    We warned last year that our country was closer than ever to totally losing its freedom by a system overwhelmed purposely in order to turn it to a Socialist, Fascist, yes, Marxist 'republic' as the Communists, atheists and liberals are mounting a vicious, insidious campaign to destroy America and the faith; not to mention the Islamist scourge that is seeping in under the protection of "Islamophobia."

    We also alerted all that Catholics would continue to be ravaged by Modernism and Ecumenism, the SSPX would be in disarray, and grave confusion would continue. And that was before Mr. Bergoglio the unFrancis ever came on the scene! You could call us prophetic or you could just say we were merely connecting the dots. Something few seem to do or want to do these days! We like to say connect the beads for that is our only answer at this point.

    This Rosary Crusade is an ideal way to pray that those confused 'Catholics', duped by wolves in shepherds' clothing, will be given the grace to see, flee the Novus Ordo and return to the true Faith before it truly is too late. For those who cannot attend Mass on Saturday, please make your Holy Communions on Sunday, praying a Rosary both on Saturday and Sunday. We should all be praying our Rosary daily and as many decades as our states of life permit. Remember what is at stake. Oh, and we don't care if Jorge poopoohs the number of Rosaries, God counts and that's all that counts!

    Many will think this won't make a bit of difference. Tell that to the people whom Pope St. Pius V implored to pray for victory at Lepanto. No matter the odds, remember Jesus said it best in St. Luke 18: 8, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

    Holy Mother Church is being ravaged by Modernism and Ecumenism from within and without, even moreso today with a sworn supporter of Liberation Theology masquerading as a pope and polarizing whatever semblance of Catholicity is left in the CONciLIAR church that we pray will implode and die soon so that the true Church will once again emerge from the eclipse and shine brighter than ever and clear up the grave confusion where 95% of Catholics do not realize they belong to the counterfeit church of conciliarism and therefore, through grace, will realize it is not the true Catholic Church. This Rosary Crusade is an ideal way to pray that those confused will be given the grace to see, flee the Novus Ordo and return to the true Faith.

    Add to that the fact, that unless we live in a cave, our families are constantly oppressed and besieged by the errors and evils of Materialism, Hedonism, and perversity of all kinds to the detriment of our spiritual welfare and the salvation of our souls.

    NOW is the time to storm Heaven:

  • for the welfare of our country,
  • for the return to the one true Catholic faith;
  • for the salvation of souls.
  • for our own petitions in harmony with the will of God.

Hail Holy Queen, Mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness, and our hope, to thee do we cry....

The Fifteen Saturdays of the Most Holy Rosary

(a most efficacious devotion to obtain any special favor)

The information on this time-honored devotion has been compiled from:

  • The Fifteen Saturdays of the Most Holy Rosary, by Bartolo Longo, Eleventh Edition, 1926,
  • The Rosarians Handbook, edited by Dominic Dolan, copyright 1942,
  • The Fifteen Saturdays of the Rosary, by the Dominican Nuns, Rosary Shrine, Summit N.J.,1925.

This devotion consists of:

  • Receiving Holy Communion on fifteen consecutive Saturdays or Sundays, if Saturday is not possible (those who have no Mass to attend may make a Spiritual Communion on each Saturday);

  • In memory of each of the fifteen Mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary;

  • With the intention of honoring Jesus and Mary through careful and devout remembrance (meditation) of Their most holy lives contained in these Mysteries;

  • Obtaining, through Our Lady's intercession, some particular grace or favor you may desire.

    This devotion may be practiced any time of the year, and it would be well to do so, but in our attempt "to storm the gates of Heaven" we are asking you to join us in the fifteen weeks preceding the great feast of Rosary Sunday, commemorating the great Catholic victory won in the waters off Lepanto when the faithful, reciting the Rosary, obtained from the Blessed Virgin the desired victory. This year Rosary Sunday falls on October 6 with the actual feast on October 7. Therefore, we begin this year on the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul on Saturday, June 29.

    If you are prohibited from starting this devotion at this time, please practice it when you are able. The worst thing is to do NOTHING!

Manner of Performing This Devotion

Before Communion:

    To gain our requests, we should be careful to perform all our actions well for the love of Jesus and Mary. In order that this devotion may be fruitful, all who practice it should try to imitate the virtues of Jesus and Mary by constant and devout meditation on Their most holy lives. Hence, on each Saturday/Sunday it will be necessary to meditate on the appointed Mystery in order to draw from it fruit for our spiritual advancement; it would be well also to sanctify the day by the recital of the whole Rosary [or at the least, the five decades containing the appointed Mystery]. The Rosarians Handbook

At Communion:

    By means of Holy Communion Jesus unites Himself intimately to the soul, and it is the most favorable time to ask for favors...ask with lively faith from Jesus, through Our Lady of the Rosary, and you will obtain it. The Fifteen Saturdays of the Rosary

Mysteries and suggested virtues for meditation and practice from The Fifteen Saturdays of the Rosary that begins on Saturday, June 29, on the feast of the holy Apostles Sts. Peter and Paul and just two days following the traditional feast of Our Mother of Perpetual Help through the First Saturday of the Month of the Holy Rosary on October 5 before Rosary Sunday and the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary the following Monday, October 7:

  • Week 1: June 29 - The Annunciation - intention of Humility
  • Week 2: July 6   - The Visitation - intention of Charity
  • Week 3: July 13 - The Nativity - intention of Poverty
  • Week 4: July 20 - The Presentation - intention of Purity
  • Week 5: July 27 - The Finding in the Temple - intention of Obedience

  • Week 6: August 3 - The Agony in the Garden - intention of Resignation to God's Will
  • Week 7: August 10 - The Scourging at the Pillar - intention of Patience
  • Week 8: August 17 - The Crowning with Thorns - intention of Love of Contempt
  • Week 9: August 24 - The Carrying of the Cross - intention of Love of the Cross
  • Week 10: August 31 - The Crucifixion - intention of Love of Our Enemies

  • Week 11: Sept. 7 - The Resurrection - intention of Faith
  • Week 12: Sept. 14 - The Ascension - intention of Hope
  • Week 13: Sept. 21 - The Descent of the Holy Ghost - intention of Zeal for Salvation of Souls
  • Week 14: Sept. 28 - The Assumption - intention of Devotion of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • Week 15: October 5 - The Coronation - intention of Perseverance

    Fruits of This Devotion

        "Everyone can well value the excellence of this heavenly treasure [The Fifteen Saturdays] from the preciousness of the whole Rosary, the prayer dearest to Mary, the most favored by the Saints, the most decorated by kings, the most privileged by the Pontiffs, the most frequented by people, illustrated by God with the most stupendous miracles, and strengthened by the greatest promises the Blessed Virgin ever made. Add to this the merits and immense graces the soul gains by considering the Life and Passion of Jesus Christ.

        "It is true that such meditations themselves are very profitable to purge and enlighten the soul and unite them to God; but who can deny that this consideration, joined to the recitation of the Rosary, is a kind of prayer much more perfect and noble, sweeter, easier, and more profitable to souls?

        "But the excellent practice of the Fifteen Saturdays does not only contain what is holiest and most efficacious in the Rosary, viz. the remembrance of the actions and sorrows of Jesus, but, which is more, the frequentation of the Sacraments, especially Holy Communion received in memory of what our Savior did for us, the perseverance in prayers and the intercession of the Blessed Virgin. Moreover, it unites to all these things a particular application, in order to please God in our works and to sanctify ourselves during fifteen weeks. Behold the most powerful efficacy of this devotion!

        "Our Savior, seeing Himself commemorated, pitied, thanked by us in the consideration of His Mysteries, just as we unite ourselves to Him by Holy Communion… He sees Himself, as it were, almost obliged to request His Eternal Father, and show Him His wounds, His Blood, His merits, which all then become our own by means of Holy Communion." The Fifteen Saturdays of the Most Holy Rosary

        I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. These are the words of Jesus, the Eternal Wisdom. He who does not seek Jesus can never know Him or walk in the straight path which leads to heaven, but will certainly fall in to the darkness of error.

        Let us seek Him in the Rosary, keeping before our minds the Mysteries contained in it; let us meditate upon them seriously. This study will enable us to discover therein countless beauties which will incite us to love ever more and more the most sweet Hearts of Jesus and Mary. We shall feel ourselves happily drawn to God, the source of our eternal happiness, and we shall be content even under the weight of the sorrows we meet with whilst here on earth.

        If it should happen that, not content with practicing this devotion on Saturdays, some were led to repeat it often, nay, even every day of the week, who can tell the immense advantages their souls would obtain when they had accomplished fifteen entire weeks of pious meditation of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus? The Rosarians Handbook

        This admirable devotion has obtained for the faithful innumerable blessings and signal favors; according to authentic depositions, the blind have received their sight; the deaf, hearing; the dumb, speech; the paralytic and those afflicted with many other corporal maladies have been healed. By it extraordinary conversions of obdurate sinners have been obtained, passions conquered, and virtues acquired. And now, as in the past, those who perform this devotion with faith and fervor may hope... to receive similar favors and blessings, and to have their most grievous maladies of both body and soul cured. When we desire to obtain any favor from God, we should endeavor to perform this devotion. The Fifteen Saturdays of the Rosary

        This devotion of the fifteen Saturdays/Sundays can be practiced at any time during the year, either with the intention of obtaining some special favors, or as an act of thanksgiving, or from pure devotion, and when ended may be begun again immediately. The Rosarians Handbook

        Indulgences (taken from The Raccolta, 1952)

            #397 The faithful who resolve to perform a devout exercise in honor of Our Lady of the Rosary for fifteen uninterrupted Saturdays (or these being impeded, for as many respective Sundays immediately following) if they devoutly recite at least a third part of the Rosary or meditate on its mysteries in some other manner may gain: A plenary indulgence on the usual conditions, on any of these fifteen Saturdays, or corresponding Sundays.

            #395c Those who piously recite a third part of the Rosary in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament publicly exposed or even reserved in the tabernacle, as often as they do this, may gain: 1. A plenary indulgence, on the condition of confession and Communion. 2. If, as is the custom during the recitation of the Rosary, the faithful use a chaplet [Rosary], they may gain other indulgences in addition to those enumerated above, if the chaplet is blessed by a religious of the Order of Preachers or another priest having special faculties.

      • Fifteen Saturdays Devotion