WHITE SMOKE, BLACK FIRE! c 1986, 2001, 2005

an online novel
for these very times


       It was a time of antithesis.

       The new millennium had arrived with much fanfare, but little noticeable consequence. For consequence had already evolved. It was the new 'Enlightened Age' to many of high-tech, scientific and humanistic persuasions. A new 'Dark Age' had cast its unshakable shadow. Few could perceive the source of this phantom in the darkness that enveloped the globe. Few saw beyond gadgetry. Few realized the agenda of genetic crossbreeding and cloning for even fewer understood the puppetmaster pulling the strings of those promoting choice. They could not wipe the scales of conformity from their eyes. In their ineptitude and familiar zone they had few defenses for the beast in their midst.

       The shocking events of 9-11, rather than being a wake-up call, had only enabled the manipulators more. What followed had easily plunged the citizenry into a deeper hypnosis. Little did society as a whole know this had only been an appetizer for the inevitable reign of the one who, for all time had been foretold, would arrive and reveal himself in the darkest hour as the Antichrist.

       Worldwide terrorism, epidemic diseases, a tsunami of moral depravity had washed the world in a gray matter of ambiguity and malaise. The entire global culture had become a cesspool of an amoral value system that could, quite easily, if one were so inclined, be justified in the Holy Book itself.

       To millions upon millions, tne beacon of hope stood above the swirling sewer of modernism, extending her beam universally, offering refuge to the wanderer, to the lost. The lightkeeper, vigilant through the centuries, began to lose focus. The rays became dimmer as the storm grew stronger. In recent times, maintenance of the lighthouse had been neglected. Cracks appeared in the walls. The once impenetrable fortress on the rock began showing stress signs. The stable gate buckled, the seams became a sieve. The structure was wavering as apostate waves lashed against her foundation. Countless souls abandoned, abandoned the Rock.

       Though crippled and caring, proud and poor, indigenous and infinite, she would not fall. Leaning perilously to port, she wavered on the edge of the precipice. What would it take to topple her? Quite possibly a cataclysmic event that would send shock waves of terror through the foundations of faith.

       As the years, months, weeks and days passed, a nefarious Legion waited and plotted for this very consequence which would shatter the total spectrum of the world's structure as it had been since recorded history had begun.

       Details of how were scarce. That was how the Legion worked. It took unprecedented wisdom to glean the particulars for goodness was a rare commodity. Still, those few who possessed this attribute were powerless to stem the tidal wave crashing down on an unsuspecting world, so engulfed by the forces of darkness.

       The chronicles of time have always taught that cause and effect define history; so hard to grasp by so many, so easily misinterpreted by the few who put too much importance on their own self-worth, their own goals.

       Over centuries it would happen in the flash of time. Man measures time in linear terms. Therein the finite mind not only fails to grasp the answer, but also follows the wide way that leads to ruin. Time can be an ally or an enemy. Man's fate depends solely on his intent, a trait that often becomes intense. What is on his heart weighs greater for the defendant in the celestial courts than all the brilliance he can accumulate in his mind. While man preaches that time is of the essence, he fails to comprehend the inevitable essence of the situation. It is about time and what man is living on is borrowed!

       Infused knowledge. Some say it comes directly from a higher power. Others say it is instinctive; others still a deeper sense of the libido - an altered state that stores data for proper disposal at the time of coincidence. Saints and sinners - grave ones at that - possess the ability to store information derived from the world and the heavens.

       Deciphering the difference was the task at hand for those who would take up the mantle of the devil's advocates in determining what was best for man in modern times. Few men still believed the overwhelming, angelic powers of the fallen spirit. Even fewer the conclusion that the prince of the world was far more powerful than finite man. The question still baffled theologians and psychologists on why the devil continued a course where the light at the end of the tunnel would never shine. Pride was the rationale by which they arrived. Often through pride unproved and dangerous, very dangerous theories were ushered in.

       Every political chamber and court room had been compromised and oft corrupted. No exceptions. The same held true for ecclesiastical chanceries, curias, cathedrals, synagogues, mosques, revival tents, broadcast evangelism, and street corner soap-boxes. The siren of temporal achievements, needs and wants had deafened the lyre of virtue and right. Ironically, while more had been canonized than all the saints of two millennia, in truth this was an era void of saints. The world was ripe for the picking and the chameleon was ready to make the transformation complete. From scarce sources the supplicating cry of Abraham that the Lord save His children only echoed off tin ears tuned to the world in the manner ants would traipse in step over the burrowed ruts of a dead, hollowed-out rotting piece of oak. All in vain. Even Abraham's intercession seemed hopeless.

       Yet it was to Abraham the global village turned. This overture was planned with great pomp and circumstance for the late fall some time into the 21st century. The purpose: to save civilization from its own auto-demolition. As the stage was being prepared, few realized this prologue would usher in a seven-day drama that could bring down the final curtain.

       The four horsemen of the Apocalypse had already galloped across the soul of man. Now they were merely scavenging for spoils, aided by a legion so devastating, so covert, so surreptitious that mighty nations, cultures and faiths had been toppled with nary a shot being taken. Such was the war room strategy of this time.

       Centuries of preparations were now funneling into one short week. The volcano of Gehenna was rumbling. The magma chambers of hell had been boiling deep beneath the strata for centuries. The conduit of sin had assured nothing would clog the roaring rush to the surface. Aided by Satan's legions, the reservoir of effusive eruptions had built to such a molten moment that the beastly mouth was more than ready to belch forth a hellish regurgitation from its infernal entrails. This pyroclastic horror would be beyond biblical proportions. In mocking fashion it would happen on the day of the saints. Only a few final preparations were necessary for the maestro to conduct his sinister symphony. This last step - before all Hell would be unleashed - would happen quickly and without any being the wiser. That had always been the beast's modus operandi.

       The few just men and women - though a bit more in number than of Abraham's era - could do nothing but recoil in muted horror. Fewer yet would be able to combat the clandestine Legion of the Basilisk with the only weapons they had left: cunning, tenacity, and the discovery of an inner strength of their own faith. These few noble heroes would realize their own limitations, and also the accuracy of Genesis 3: 1, "Now the serpent was more cunning than any beast of the field which the Lord God had made."

       The portal for the serpent had been provided through the generations who had clamored for Liberty, Equality, Gnosticism, Immorality, Oppression and Nihilism. The acronym for LEGION. It had festered before the French Revolution, brought to a boil during the Bolshevik, Nazi and Soviet terrors and now had developed into a full-fledged malignant cancer that infested the entire world. The rotting carcass had been made ripe for the maggots of depravity.

       For half a century the periti of Rome had worked painstakingly to lay the foundations of concession.

       That hadn't bothered anyone on the face of the earth, except a few scattered here and there who steadfastly clung to the Old Faith amidst great persecution and mockery. The sheep had caved to the Demons' derision of the Faith of the ancients as nothing more than superstitious fools. Political correctness, corruption, self-debasement and ridicule had rendered this Faith of the Fathers impotent. The rotting carcass of the Catholic Church had become a whited sepulcher. The plebeians, who blindly and stubbornly continued to call themselves Catholic, had forsaken the Holy Sacrifice of a propitiatory nature for a more inclusive, streamlined participatory service portrayed as a meal, a Eucharistic Celebration where man venerated himself. The pied piper of pantheism had led the rats to the precipice. The Ark of the Covenant had been usurped. Indeed, liberty, equality and fraternity had finally triumphed. Viva la Revolution!

       While many had proselytized the Scriptures and what those inspired words portended - including the time prior to the Second Coming of Christ - few gave it credence. Save for a remnant, who were scattered here and there around the globe, clinging to the tenets of their faith, the rest of civilization was already in the firmament of Gehenna's Galaxy.

       For over half a millennium those who felt man had a better idea had chipped away at the foundations of faith. Over the years absolutes had been abandoned in favor of new thought, concepts of relativism. The reformers would have their day come hell or high water. All they had striven towards would be achieved with this quest. The world had arrived at this crowning moment when East and West would be one again, along with every apostate that had bolted true Christendom. Universalism it was called.

       In the latter part of the 20th century dramatic changes had occurred in the world power structure. A metamorphosis few even saw, even fewer realizing the future ramifications. The spoils of innumerable revolutions, civil wars, corruption and the fatigue of virtue had laid bare the victim, exposed the body of man to the pollution of power and made him prey to the pull of the beast. Animals all, embattled and embittered, in a battle for survival of the fittest.

       Over the years authors had penned their thoughts, publishing books, articles, pamphlets and websites that touched on these times, warned of the consequences. Yet they could never conceive of the mind of God. Countless trees had been sacrificed to satiate the lust of millions in a billion-dollar porn industry that poured over into the everyday media until the shock had worn off. What had been murmured in the backrooms and boasted of in locker rooms had spilled out onto Main Street and into living rooms, and yes, even churches. This had all been aided by the Motion Picture and Television industry. The muckrakers had sated themselves at the banquet of celluloid, slothfully gorging souls with a veritable menu of the Devil's delights as they steadily descended from the golden age to the gilded age. The once powerful safeguard of the influential Legion of Decency had long been abandoned, opening the floodgates of the seven deadly sins. Society had allowed the envelope to be pushed as far as possible and beyond.

       The clash of ideologies had only fed the antibodies of tolerance and compromise, fear and loathing, pride and prejudice, envy and egalitarianism, inordinate sensual passions and passivity, anger and angst, voracity and violence, indolence and insurrection. These deadly germs metastasized every nation, engorging the bulging tumor of a One-World Order - a One-World Religion - masked behind the verbal engineering of "globalization" and "ecumenism."

       Now the masquerade was almost complete. The venomous virus was exacting its desired symptom. Though the contagion was universal, only a few powerful men governed the course under cover of legitimacy. Six men, more powerful than monarchs, presidents and popes, manipulated the masses through a clever, clandestine coven in which one of them had remained incognito to the rest. He was a chameleon of many shades who posed as a common man yet wielded power bequeathed to him by only one being.

       Oh, what a world! So horrid as to be unspeakable, yet it was spoken of in glorious tones by all the masses, by every tongue, every color, every race and every perverted persuasion, all now under one creed. The creed of the unholy one...brought into the temple of liberty by mankind as a whole, all blinded by the hideous Basilisk of Scripture.

       Mega mergers had enabled the powerful to become moreso. The news media, in print and through electronics, had been numbing and dumbing down the masses for decades. It had been too many generations for anyone but the most elderly to have known of something better, a time more glorious when civilization had its priorities in place. Little did the pawns of the powerful realize they themselves had been thoroughly hoodwinked. For long the world had been Satan's realm; soon, very soon, it would be his permanent palace where the "civilization of love" would be revealed as the "civilization of the damned." A worldwide throne of hedonism, of brutality, of intolerance for those who dared to be different. A time of such turmoil that there were whispers from the catacombs of the believers that the world had returned to the time of creation before God created the light: chaos. And those same whispers asked, with faith, would God come and save His people? Would He reach out His powerful hand and, with one sweep, wipe evil off the face of the earth and awaken His people who had slumbered into the snare of the wicked one?

       The darkness grew stronger. The void more vast. The "new springtime" had become an endless winter for souls. The collapse of Saddam Hussein's reign had only led to more terror and an over-extended stay by the United States military that eventually dissipated in ennui at home and endless coffins returning. Yet, the might and strength of US superiority had finally driven Al Qaeda south. The land devastated and barren; a nation rebuilding with no specific purpose but to survive. Yet it was their native turf on which the Devil chose to yawn forth his terrible demolition. Why? Because, like a fly drawn to the web, the world religions, nations and media had decided to congregate on a massive field between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. Troops had cleared the way. They had made this bloody soil possible for eventually staging the global venue that would supposedly bring man's peace to the world.

       The Dawn of the Devil was near as the world focused on the pending ceremonies carried out on the morning of November 1st on a massive cratered-out field near where Abraham was born and near where the original Garden of Eden was believed to have existed. The seemingly endless bloodbath on Babylonian soil begun in the last days of John Paul II's pontificate had opened the way for the curial apparachiks of the Vatican II line to ultimately complete the one missing link of the much-ballyhooed Jubilee pilgrimages in retracing salvation history. N Payback from past bargains and compromises had made this possible. Never mind that it had been whittled down to where it was now an account that had been ravaged by revisionists intent on altering the chronicles of time to fit their narrow, secular agendas. The journey had reached a point of no return.

       The media would be there to broadcast to an anxious world a global ecumenical event that would be of biblical proportions. The influential religious and civic leaders of the world would be present on an elaborate circular stage 90 feet in diameter in a hollowed-out circular amphitheater. They would be there to sign an historical document that would seal the uniting of all religions under the Magna Carta of the third millennium "One Eucharist." This agreement, contributed by all parties, had been rewritten many times. Each time weakened further in relativism until all were in covenant with the mere ambiguous words that would give universal recognition to all faiths while still allowing each creed to preserve their cultures and rituals, merely sharing them with others. The great compromise.

       It had come to this, so starved was a world longing for peace. There had been no peace. As China mounted a threat in the East, Russia, ripped from within by insurrection from an economy in ruins, turned to the West, barely concealing its Marxist intentions. The Soviet Union had not dissolved, only resolved. The European Charter had been an uneasy alliance that caved in confusion after another assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II's successor a short time into his pontificate during an address to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. The alliance disintegrated in the aftermath of the great war and the fall of Jerusalem. It had thrown the advocates of rebuilding the temple into despair. Most of the ancient places of the Holy City laid in ruins. It had been the last hurrah of the Muslim forces, aided by terrorist cells from many nations, taking up with hard-core Islamic sympathizers who clung to the Zoroastrian creed. They saw the cross as the "evil empire" while those of the West saw liberty and democracy as the answer against the "axis of evil." In truth it was evil vs. evil for good had, for the most part, been snuffed out.

       So hardened were hearts, that few tears were shed.

       Friend and foe, spent from battle and mistrusting as ever, had reluctantly come to the table. All other alternatives had been exhausted. Yet, there was a new man in the Vatican: Pope Clement XV, who had been surprisingly elected in the Sacred Conclave following the unexpected death of John Paul II's successor. Pope Clement XV, in office for only a year, was apprehensive, even leery of the agenda. Regardless, he was goaded on by those within who served mammon. So also with several of the major religious leaders. They balked at the language, the concessions that reduced their own beliefs to merely opinions to be tolerated. Those who could not be compromised would be eliminated. Just days before the event, the final deeds would be done.

       As the cock crowed on the morning of November 1st, the cockatrice had already crept into place. A designated television network satellite crew zoomed in on the international event. The world waited with baited breath. Catholic and Orthodox, Arab and Jew, Hindu and Moslem, Protestant and Buddhist were about to unite. The major principals were all there, putting on their best face. The masks were still in place as the clock struck twelve leaving All Hallows Eve behind in the United States.

       The world would never be the same.

       The vast majority of civilization knew not the catastrophe that would take place or the immediate repercussions. It was better that way. Safer. Kinder. It would have been extremely difficult to reach a society so mesmerized by the media and modern mores. They wouldn't have believed it. Their virtual world was about to be shaken to its roots in a very real video game of horror they could not escape.

       They were about to experience a meltdown of all they had hoped for, all they believed in. Little did they comprehend they were mere kindling for an explosive, terrifying and perfidious combustion of White Smoke, Black Fire!

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