My dear friends,

    Yes, it's Cyndi again. I haven't written for a while, as I've been constantly in the dentist's chair trying to get my lower dentures re-aligned to fit where I can at least try to eat something. It has taken three weeks to get it right, but now I believe we are close to solving that, but will know more by mid-June.

    Meanwhile, I still need to have the upper dentures re-aligned, and those costs are additional...expenses Mike and I do not have. Believe me, we are living our vow of poverty, as there are moths flying out of the checking account because we can't afford mothballs.

    I do humbly ask for you assistance one more time. I not only need to have my teeth so I can chew my food, but I now desperately need a laptop computer. It's my spine. It's disintegrating, and I was able to stave off the inevitable for 20 years by letting the discs in my lower spine fuse together. Now the disintegration has affected not only the lowest discs and those in the L 4-6 range, but even more than that. I am unable to sit. Getting to Mass on Sunday has become nearly impossible, as the time there amounts to two hours. I feel terrible having to ask, but we desperately need our readers to pledge, even if it is only $5., $10., $20. $50. or more a month. If this site has brought you closer to understanding the true Faith, isn't it worth it to help those who bring it to you? Either a monthly pledge or a one time donation can do wonders.

    Without pledges we can't budget for this traditional apostolate, let alone live, eat and exist. Few are aware that I only receive $481. a month in Social Security Retirement with not a cent for disability. Why so little? Because I was a stay-at-home mom once we had our first son and there is still the marriage penalty where together we bring in less than the lowest income level. The only way we keep publishing The Daily Catholic and live is through our readers' charitable contributions.

    In order to just survive we need at least $300. more a month; actually $500. a month to stay out of debt and not get kicked out of our home. My computer is dying. It is a 2003 model that has been upgraded, but it's eight years old and on its last legs. Michael's has been rebuilt but the motherboard which has been recouped twice in the last 15 years, is from 1998. It's a miracle it's lasted that long. We sprinkle it with holy water nearly every day and the angels have kept it going. Yet how long will it last? We pray to God it will.

    Meanwhile, I can no longer sit at a computer, but having a laptop would allow me to continue my work while reclined on the bed. We have duo adjustable hospital beds and I've got it fixed just right to support my spine while Michael has his to ease his sciatica that has grown worse and has forced him to spend less time sitting at the computer. But if you knew my husband you'd realize his stubborn determination to put out a daily issue no matter how bad his back and left leg feel.

    I know times are really tough all over. But I come humbly to implore your help and generosity. The May statistics for readership show we had nearly one million, seven hundred thousand hits. That is a lot but that never truly accounts for actual readers. That is why the 89,027 visitors who logged on in May is a better representation of how many are reading this publication all over the world for we are read in over 125 countries from Australia to Zimbabwe. In fact, what is encouraging is that each month that number has been growing and yet we haven't spent one dime on advertising. It has all been through word of mouth and the grace of the Holy Ghost.

    Yet, as much as we rely on God, it is man who has let us down. Point of fact, the last time we put out a plea for help only twelve people responded in kind, seven who have given regularly. Think what would happen if just 1 percent of that 89,027 - that's 89 people - gave $10 a month! We wouldn't have to beg and write these donation letters and could add new facets to The DailyCatholic. As it is now, we've been blessed to be able to continue to bring you such quality considering that Michael is working with the same software he's been using for a decade. It can't be upgraded on his computer because there is no support for it anymore nor can he upgrade his computer from XP because it has reached its capacity. Mind you, it began as a Windows 95. We have the files backed up, but still we're basically driving a '55 Chevy in this day and age of high tech equipment.

    Again, if everyone who benefits would contribute what they believe what they've read is worth for their spiritual welfare, we wouldn't have to ask and we could provide so much more on this site through upgrading our whole system. You get the picture. The more who help, then everyone is rewarded, perhaps not fully in this life, but truly in the next, and that's what really counts. I humbly ask you to respond and click on the level below that you can truly afford, even if all you can afford is the widow's mite. We truly know what that means. I place all my trust and confidence in the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of His Most Holy Mother. May the Holy Ghost inspire, and open hearts to help.

Yours in Jesus through Mary,


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    Whatever way you choose to help, know we will be eternally grateful that you cared enought to help and continue helping us save souls. After all, in God's book that's what really counts!