April 21, 2010, Traditional Solemnity of St. Joseph on the Third Wednesday after Easter

My dear friends

    There has been a very difficult situation, which Michael and I have tried to weather on our own, while always relying on Godís Providence for us. As much as our pride argues that we should just try to muddle through, both of us have noted significant changes in our health due to lack of proper nutrition. If God wished us to go forward knowing that our health and stamina was slipping, He would tell us so. He has not. In fact, it has been on my heart for some months to write such a plea, but have not because I have not wished to argue with my husband. However, on Tuesday, his 67th birthday, we finally realized we needed to make our situation public.

    We are well acquainted with the horrible economic times in which we all live, and which have strained the ability of those who read The DailyCatholic to donate to support this publication. That is only too evident in lack of donations even from those who formerly were able to contribute.

    Thus, I appeal to all who read this: For the last four months, we have been unable to buy the barest necessities of food for a month. And this situation will not abate without your help through prayers and donations. Because of the lack of even basic nutrition, Michael and I have both felt our health slipping. The picture he has posted of me here - well, I wish I still looked that good. But that's vanity speaking. Besides, we don't even own a camera or cell phone camera so there are no recent pictures of either of us (of which, in truth, I'm grateful, again for vanity reasons). We're all getting older and the situation takes its toll even moreso without proper nutrition. Mike, despite his stubborn nature of not admitting it, is able to do much less for The DailyCatholic than he formerly did. Strength and stamina are fading. Not only that, but in the twenty years of this ministry, seldom have we been this broke.

    Thus I appeal to you from the recesses of my heart to please contribute what you can. Even if we could raise a minimum of $600. to $1000. we could catch up with past bills by the end of the month and be able to renew various contracts affiliated with the ministry for the coming year as well as be able to buy the basics in food to keep us going. Not only have groceries escalated in price, but some prescriptions we both must take are expensive and aid for that has been cut drastically. Only through your financial love offerings, will we be able to continue The DailyCatholic and sustain ourselves nutritionally. You know that I would not write to ask such a favor of all of you if it had not reached a point that we could no longer survive on less than $80 a month for food for two people.

    Quite often I must remind myself and Michael that St. Francis of Assisi, among countless saints, begged for his supper, and begged for his fellow brothers in the Franciscan Order. Our Lord was totally dependent upon charitable donations during the years of His Public Ministry. He was poor, but He also told His disciples to go into the world, to preach His Gospel to all. He also said that the laborer was worthy of his hire. Won't you please help by clicking here or the donate button above?

    We are two people, soon to be married for twenty-nine years who humbly implore you to take heed of our plea. If we are able to receive donations in the amounts stated above, then we will have the ability to not only pay our just debts for The DailyCatholic, but buy the basic necessities of life, and get out of the red.

    We have always believed in tithing 10% to our church, but for the past several years we have not been able to because we don't even have a widow's mite anymore. We will pledge to tithe again if you, who do not have a traditional chapel near you, would also pledge to tithe to The DailyCatholic or a like organization dedicated to telling you the truth about the holy Faith. It's all part of the trickle-down effect and it is the way Catholics should live, by giving what they can of their time, talent and treasure for the honor and glory of God and the restoration of holy Mother the Church.

    I remind you, none of us can take our temporal goods with us when this fleeting time on earth is complete and we face Judgment Day. How we live here, will dictate where we spend eternity. Remember what Jesus said about doing it for the least of His little ones, that you did it for and to Him? We are the least of His little ones. We know that God will always take care of us, but He also places others in our lives to help in this apostolate. We're all part of a team, small as it may be. No man can do it alone.

    I hold all of you in my humble prayers every day, and know that you are praying for us. May Our Lord and His Immaculate Mother Mary bless you a hundred-fold now and in eternity for your charity towards us.

      Yours in Jesus through Mary,

   We received an e-mail from one of our dedicated readers, among the many who do not even have a widow's mite to send (and believe me, we understand their plight), and he suggested we post what Our Lady of Good Success imparted to Mother Mariana de Jesus Torres in 1634 a year before her death in explaining the five meanings of why the Sanctuary Lamp had been extinguished before her very eyes.

      "At the end of the 19th century and into the 20th century, various heresies will be propagated in this land. Ö As these heresies spread and dominate, the precious light of Faith will be extinguished in souls by the almost total corruption of customs. During this period, there will be great physical and moral calamities, both public and private."

   Proof is in the pudding of what Our Lady prophesied and why we urge all to flee the false church of Vatican II. She assured that there would be souls who would remain faithful and would preserve the treasure of the Faith and virtues. This is what we at The DailyCatholic have been striving to do. Yes we have been isolated as so many of our confreres in the Traditional movement and we know, as the Blessed Mother foretold, that many of us will suffer a cruel, unspeakable and prolonged martyrdom. So many over the past 40 plus years have suffered dry martyrdom in being ostracized by those who have bought into the lie of "the operation of error" and consented, knowingly or unknowingly, to iniquity. (cf. 2 Thessalonians 2: 10-11)

      "In order to free men from bondage to these heresies, those chosen by Most Holy Son to effect the restoration will need great strength of will, constancy, valor and confidence in God. To test this faith and confidence of the just, there will be occasions where all will seem to be lost and paralyzed. This, then, will be the happy beginning of the complete restoration."

    The fifth meaning, pertaining to these times, gives a good indication of why we and so many Traditional Catholic chapels and apostolates are hurting financially as the Blessed Mother said:

      "The fifth reason that the lamp was extinguished is due to the laxity and the negligence of those who possess great wealth who will indifferently stand by and witness the Church being oppressed, virtue being persecuted, and the triumph of the demon, without piously employing their riches for the destruction of this evil and the restoration of the Faith."

    While the reader who recommended we publish this and more about the Devotion to Our Lady of Good Success, may not be able to contribute any money, his heart is truly a treasure in his caring for the welfare of the Faith. May we all take what the Mother of God has said seriously. We thank those who have read this and Cyndi's letter above with an open heart.

Michael Cain, editor, The DailyCatholic