Feast of the Holy Family
January 11, 2009
vol 20, no. 11

It's the Eleventh Hour. Now it all depends on You!

    Please tell us that Traditional Catholics truly do care and are charitable with their time, talents and treasures. Please tell us that they are not miserly and apathetic. Please show us you care!

      The time has come to fess up: The DailyCatholic is in debt and sinking in red ink because so few have given to the cause to perpetuate the true Roman Catholic Faith. It brings to mind Our Lord's words in St. Luke 18: 8, "But yet, when the Son of man cometh, shall He find, think you, faith on earth?" Without such aids as The DailyCatholic it will be more difficult for those who do not have access to the true Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, but still have the Faith. However, knowledge is power and it will be more difficult for Catholics to truly KNOW their Faith in order to KEEP their Faith without the resources provided on the pages of The DailyCatholic.

   We've been saying it for some time now but so few have responded...and only a few loyal ones who have given from their heart over and over. The rest have used The DailyCatholic without giving anything. As we wrote last month during our Choir of Angels Pledge Drive and again for the Twelve Days of Christmas Christmastide Issue, if we do not raise enough funds, we will have to pare back drastically on the frequency of publishing The DailyCatholic in 2009. Well, we only raised $920. total in December. Oh, and $640. was from our regular contributors, which means new donations resulted in a measily $280. Talk about a lukewarm, apathetic response.

    It is easy for you to say "yes, I'm all in favor of the restoration of Holy Mother Church" but we need you to put your money where your heart is. The DailyCatholic exists solely through donations with no salaries to anyone, and this year, we're it not for a few regular contributors, and we do mean "few" The DailyCatholic would have shut down. Many write saying how much The DailyCatholic means to them, but so few show their appreciation with a love offering. Yes, we are in tough economic times, but have you ever thought the reason we are is because many have hoarded their money instead of helping those working in God's vineyard? Well, the time has come that a decision must be made.

The Bottom Line

    The bottom line for a website that has been on line since 1996 and averages over two million hits a month in over 120 countries is that 99% are riding free with no compunction to give even a dollar! In this time when multi-billion companies are asking for billion dollar bailouts, when Novus Ordo sites are bilking the public by asking for donations to pay for the six figure salaries of their employees while still giving you the Modernist garbage of Vatican II, we have been able to subsist and provide first-rate integral 100% infrangible Catholic truth in articles and graphics on an annual budget of $24,000. with not one red cent going to salaries.

    That, you must agree is remarkable for we have been told so often that we must have a pretty big staff to produce The DailyCatholic. Well, folks, we're letting the secret out: No, we don't! This site, which contains over 40,000 pages dating back to now fourteen years, has been maintained by yours truly with my loving bride Cyndi providing as much prayer power as necessary with a minimum of three Rosaries a day. That and the few regular supporters are the only thing that has kept The DailyCatholic on line up until now.

    But now it's crunch time. We are indeed in emergency mode. It is mandatory under IRS code for all non-profit organizations under 501c(3) to make public to whoever asks what the charity took in over the year. Believe it or not, The DailyCatholic received in total donations for the calendar year 2008, only $12,133.57! That's it!

    Now do the math. Still working on a 2005 budget of $24,000. we have a deficit of $11,866.43. Keep in mind this does not even include inflation rates of two years and counting and you can see we are in the red by well over $12,000. if not more considering interest rates, unexpected costs, etc.

    Therefore, if we cannot raise $12,000. by the end of Christmastide, which is February 2, the Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary on Candlemas Day, the next day the wick that has shined brightly on your computer screens with daily editions of The DailyCatholic and even weekly issues, could go dark. This is by no means a threat, but a dire fact of life.

    Compliments and platitudes are nice but they don't pay the bills.

    Name one other daily or even weekly publication in the world that can operate on $1000. a month! There is none! And we take great pride in having been the first and still the only web site in the world that provides the full Propers in both Latin and English for the Immemorial Traditional Latin Mass for each and every day of the year! But to continue for 2009 we have to pay our bills, meet contracts and subscriptions for special integrated systems to protect our thousands of pages, etc. as well as to be able to pay for office space which we are greatly in arrears for and have had to supplement with my own meagre Social Security income which is my wife's and my sole salaried income. Now you can see what dire straits we are in.

    In fact, these dire straits forced us to move again at the beginning of this year in order to save money in 2009. The new address has been posted and we are, in fact, back in the very same neighborhood where this apostolate first began nearly 20 years ago, the same vicinity where I met my bride 28 years ago.

No Phone, No E-mail.

    However the move has had its shares of inconveniences and incommunicado, not to mention moving expenses, etc. For the past two weeks or so we've had no phone or e-mail. And we haven't had a cell phone for years. In a way the first ten days of 2009 have been more like it was back in the 50's. Don't we all wish, especially when there was a Catholic church in every neighborhood and so many were Catholic. Ah, the good ol' days.

    Yet, realistically that's all in the past and, although nostalgia is nice, welcome to the cruel world we live in today. All the more opportunity for Traditional Catholics to offer all sufferings and inconveniences in repararation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifference by which the Sacred Heart of Jesus is so offended as well as the offenses against the Immaculate Heart of Mary in offering whatever we can for the conversion of poor sinners everywhere, beginning with ourselves.

    We've been put to the test of being patient thanks to the inept, insane bureacracy of the utility companies. We had Cox Cable for our internet and phone, but here in San Diego the cable companies have monopolies and you must subscribe to the cable company in your neighborhood. You don't have a choice. More of the fallout from the split-up of Ma Bell. Satellite is not possible or affordable and so we have been sitting here for well over a week without a phone line or the internet. We have no idea who has e-mailed us or tried to call, if articles have been sent and we can't access them. We apologize for the inconvenience of not being able to bring you more in this issue. However, since the cable company we had to sign up with - Time Warner Cable - owns exclusive rights for this area of San Diego and is a competitor of Cox, we cannot just transfer our phone and internet connection. No! We have to wait for them to come out. Oh, they've been out once and set up all the connections. But to have them turned on? Ah, that takes a special appointment that could take up to a week or two more. Go figure.

    So I'm going to be loading this piece and our After Epiphany Christmastide Issue on a neighbor's FTP. It's a one shot chance and if something on the main page or this page doesn't look right, please forgive us in advance and we'll make the correction as soon as we can get connected. Also, we're loading the January files onto the 08Dec directory for fear the 09Jan directory is not yet up and we want to make sure you can access all the pages. It's kind of like shooting in the dark, if you will, but we've been through it before a few years ago so our eyes and senses should provide for minimum corrections once we can see what has been loaded. Fortunately I loaded the various Port Pages for Devotion, Credo, Features, News & Info, Traditional Catholic Causes, etc. in late December so you have not been wanting.

Why this was necessary

    A $110. a month increase in rent forced our hand to leave a small one bedroom in a comfortable complex in Chula Vista. The steep rent raise came at the same time as the recession hit its lowest point and at least 27 of our neighbors in the same complex also have had to move because most of them were in the same boat as we are: living on a fixed income with few allowances for any extra costs such as dining out. In fact, we ate out four times in the last year and three of those were to take three different CMRI priests out for lunch, the other was also faith-related. But we're not starving thanks to Cyndi's good home cooking and smart menu planning.

    We live very frugally, and have never had a problem with that in offering up luxuries for the peace of mind and poverty that the Holy Family exemplified and whose wonderful feast we celebrate today. But this frugality has never shown through on this site until today for all must admit The DailyCatholic does not convey the bare bones reality we are revealing in this article of plea in desperately asking for your help. We have always sought to provide top notch professional quality on The DailyCatholic in both content and style. We are proud of what we have been able to produce over these many years through, and only through, the grace of God.

Running on a Relic

    What probably will knock your socks off, so to speak, is that all 40,000 pages available through the link All Issues on our Ports of Call page, were designed, formatted and published on a Windows 98 computer that is over twelve years old. Yes, we are running on a relic. We are still using the same computer we've had since 1996. Why? Several reasons. One, we were given a new computer several years ago but the Windows XP kept crashing. We had uploaded files to it, but thankfully had not erased the files on this computer and eventually went back to this old reliable Windows 98SE which continues to hum away thanks to lots of holy water, prayers and St. Michael and Our Lady protecting it. Tell me if you know of a computer which has logged as many miles as our good ol' generic PC which has had a few overhauls, upgraded RAM and memory and a new power supply, but other than that still purrs on all cylinders.

    Just like the unchangeable Traditional Latin Mass which the marauding, manipulative Modernists tinkered with and did away with in the conciliar church, the axiom holds true for the true Mass and our computer: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." Unlike the infrangible Holy Sacrifice of the Mass however, there are other demons (can you say Bill Gates?) at work regarding our computer that make it much more difficult to continue using old reliable Windows 98. You see through the trials of Windows 2000, Windows XP and now Vista, Gates and his Microsoft monopoly have cut off all support for Windows 98. Thus we're up a creek without a paddle when it comes to upgrading. We cannot use the latest bells and whistles. We cannot upgrade our browser or programs because, as mandated by Microsoft, no manufacturer will support the outmoded system we have. Did I say relic? You see our predicament?

    Such normal programs as Flash or streaming video cannot be used because the newer versions no longer support Windows 98. We tune in to watch the live Holy Mass from St. Gertrude's and it cuts out after one minute with the warning that it will shut down. Heck, we can't even use the inexpensive MagicJack phone ($39.95 with annual payments of $19.95 for unlimited calls and long distance) because it doesn't guessed it. And the printer we had in Spokane that worked just fine with Windows 98 was ruined in shipping. Oh yes, it was insured and we could get it fully covered with a new one...but they no longer sold that model and all models, whether HP, Lexmark, or any other brand no longer support...ah, you're beginning to understand our predicament. In fact, the printer we now have that was obtained off e-Bay will only print one page at a time. Why? Guess. If you said Bill Gates has mandated that all purveyors of Microsoft products no longer can support Windows 98 in order to push Vista then go to the head of the class. Yet, again, through the grace of God, we've continued to publish for the last four years on a bare knuckles shoestring budget. But it's all caught up to us and we can no longer borrow from Peter to pay Paul since the Apostles have been working overtime praying for us.

    Besides the handful of loyal supporters we are eternally grateful to Seagull Networks for hosting our mass of pages available to readers throughout the world. The goodness of hearts and the graces merited by those who have cared will not go unrewarded and are remembered by us by name at every Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. That's the only way we an repay generous souls. Of course, that is simple for us to do since there are so few to pray for by name. Yes, it is sad that out of the hundreds of thousands who log on to The DailyCatholic only a few are making it possible. In morality books, for the rest to "ride free", so to speak, is cheating. Look up the definition. Tell us it is not cheating to take advantage of something that others are supporting while the vast, vast majority use without giving anything back. Call it freeloading, cheating, whatever you like, but remember takers seldom gain grace while givers often do. Which are you?

    To many who do log on, $12,000. would be an easy write-off on their taxes; others $5,000. would be; others $2500. or $1000. There are many who could write a $500. check or contribute through PayPal without missing a beat and still deduct it, and yet, other than a generous check monthly from one family, $70. a week pledge from another and a few $100. to $500. donations throughout the year, the majority are widow's mites from, yes, widows and others who appreciate what The DailyCatholic provides them. But folks, the sad truth is we cannot continue with the deficit we currently face and have been facing. It's time to pay the piper or close up shop. We pray the latter does not happen or that The DailyCatholic would become strictly a resource site, but we also have a duty to let you know the worst case scenario. The best case scenario is that the Scrooges out there will get a change of heart and open their teeming wallets and give generously.

or you can send your tax-deductible contribution (check, cash or M.0.) by mail to:

SANCTUS/The DailyCatholic
4815 Calle Neil #2
San Diego, CA 92117

What is needed to save The DailyCatholic

    Thus, we have gaged what is necessary to continue publishing and provide the inevitable scenarios. It all depends on you.

  • If we can raise, God willing, $24,000. by February 2 or have pledges for such for the year, we can resume daily publishing with new articles by Tom Droleskey, Griff Ruby, John Gregory, Gabriel Garnica and Tim Duff returning along with more frequent editorials from yours truly and more University of Virtue lessons from Cyndi. We will be able to continue to provide the daily Propers for the Traditional Calendar. We will be able to provide updates and keep you abreast of the latest news, and then have the capital to even add some new features through upgrading.

  • If we do not reach that nearly impossible goal in less than a month or have pledges for such in writing to show creditors, then we must raise $12,000. by February 2 or have pledges for such for the year to be able to continue the daily liturgies and provide monthly columns and articles from the array of excellent writers mentioned above. If we can raise $18,000. by February 2, then we can go to the weekly format with more frequent publishing of the contributing writers and daily liturgy for each day of the posted week.

  • If we can raise $6,000. by February 2, then we can provide updates quarterly or by liturgical season such as Lent, Easter Season, Pentecost, Advent, Christmastide, and Septuagesima with selected columns and articles as mentioned above.

  • If we do not raise at least $6,000. by February 2, The DailyCatholic will become either a resource site only or, again, worst case scenario, be lost forever.
or you can send your tax-deductible contribution (check, cash or M.0.) by mail to:

SANCTUS/The DailyCatholic
4815 Calle Neil #2
San Diego, CA 92117

Calling on Our Lady of Good Success

    Perhaps it is a Godincidence that the deadline for raising necessary funds also falls on the traditional historical feast of Our Lady of Good Success with the nine-day Novena beginning on the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul. There is also a short standard Novena Prayer that can be said often throughout each day. We ask you to join us in imploring Our Lady of Good Success to intercede and move hearts and souls to respond generously to save The DailyCatholic and SANCTUS from going under. To many $24,000. is a drop in the bucket, but to us it is a necessary lifeline to continuing our thirteenth year on-line.

    So you see, folks, it's up to you. If you really care about your Faith, really feel it's important to have a voice for Traditional Catholicism without one iota of concession or credibility to the Modernist apostates of the counterfeit church of conciliarism, if you truly understand the dire times we are in, which are only going to get worse because of the caliber of individuals in leadership positions in the world today, you need The DailyCatholic as that guiding beacon to keep you afloat in the swirling sea that threatens to engulf souls. Will you let the ship go down? We have faith, but we can't walk on water and right now we're splashing in red ink, trying to keep our chins above and save the ship - both The DailyCatholic and the Barque of Peter. It's our final plea: will you please help us to help others to KNOW the Faith in order to KEEP the Faith? Your own salvation could depend on how you respond. Christ has said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." And God depends on man to cooperate. Will you help make that possible? It truly is up to you now to come to the rescue. When Our Lord asks in St. Luke 18:8 when He returns, if He will find any faith on earth, the month of January will give us all a barometer on just how much faith. This is our last S.0.S. to our readers. Without your help, we will go dark. This plea is posted on January 11. We beg for your financial help. Time is running out. It is the Eleventh Hour. Now it all depends on you!

    Our Lady of Good Success, pray for us.

Michael Cain, editor

or you can send your tax-deductible contribution (check, cash or M.0.) by mail to:

SANCTUS/The DailyCatholic
4815 Calle Neil #2
San Diego, CA 92117

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    Feast of the Holy Family
    January 11, 2009
    vol. 20, no. 11
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