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Today's prayer is taken from the Opening Prayer of the Mass for Saint John Bosco on Saturday, January 31


"He who walks honestly walks securely, but he whose ways are crooked will fare badly."

Proverbs 10: 9

Medjugorje Monthly Message for January 25th

      Dear children! Today again I call all of you to prayer. Only with prayer, dear children, will your heart change, become better, and be more sensitive to the Word of God. Little children, do not permit satan to pull you apart and to do with you what he wants. I call you to be responsible and determined and to consecrate each day to God in prayer. May Holy Mass, little children, not be a habit for you, but life. By living Holy Mass each day, you will feel the need for holiness and you will grow in holiness. I am close to you and intercede before God for each of you, so that He may give you strength to change your heart. Thank you for having responded to my call! For more on Medjugorje, Click on MEDJUGORJE

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WORLDWIDE NEWS & VIEWS with a Catholic slant



      BIRMINGHAM (CWN) - An abortion clinic in Birmingham was demolished by a bomb blast this morning in which an off-duty police officer was killed and a nurse was left in critical condition.

      The New Woman All Women Health Care Clinic was destroyed in the 7:30 am explosion, according to police. Authorities evacuated students at nearby University of Alabama dormitories out of concern that a second device might explode, following a pattern at an Atlanta clinic bombing last year. Windows in the two-story building were blown out and an awning over the door was ripped apart. Black debris was blown into the street, and windows of an office building across the street were shattered. Pro-life leaders in Birmingham condemned the explosion as a heinous act and said it was in contradiction to the principles of the pro-life movement.

      No suspects have been yet identified, but witnesses at the scene said police were questioning Menzor Chadwick, a regular pro-life protester at the clinic who was across the street when the building exploded. Police said later in the day that they cannot confirm whether there is a second bomb at the clinic and that the possibility was holding up the investigation.


      VATICAN (CWN) -- Dissident theologian Hans Kung has denounced the Catholic bishops of Germany for accepting the decision of Pope John Paul II that Catholic counselors should not provide counseling certificates for women seeking abortions.

      In a sharp attack on the Holy See, the German theologian-- whose heterodox works have prompted the Vatican to warn that he should not be regarded as a Catholic theologian-- lashed out at the bishops for what he called their "servile obedience" to the "Roman Kremlin."

      Kung said that the bishops, by accepting the Pope's decision, had lost their "credibility" and their "apostolic franchise." He desperately urged them to "tenacious resistance" against the authority of Rome, which he said was based on "half-truths" and "camouflage." In a nasty personal dig at Bishop Karl Lehmann of Mainz, the head of the German bishops' conference, he hinted that the German bishops were motivated by their desire to become cardinals.

      Actually the German bishops have already shown at least some resistance to the Pope in this case. Although the Holy Father said that Catholic counselors should "instantly" stop issuing the certificates which are required to obtain abortions, the German bishops said that the practice would be stopped "as soon as possible."


     VATICAN (CWN) -- The grand Iman of Cairo has condemned "every form of terrorism" in a broadcast aired by Vatican Radio. The Egyptian Islamic leader also voiced his support for cooperation between Christians and Muslims in promoting justice and peace.

      In the Vatican Radio interview-- which was timed to coincide with the end of the Islamic observance of Ramadan-- Sheik Tantawi of the Grand Mosque in Cairo responded positively to a Vatican plea for Catholic-Muslim cooperation. That plea was lodged at the beginning of Ramadan by Cardinal Francis Arinze, the president of the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue.

      "We condemn terrorism in all its forms," the sheik said. "We condemn terrorism in Algeria, in Egypt, in every part of the world." He continued: "We condemn those who seize the territory of others, and those who violate the rights of others, because such acts are contrary to the right which Allah has commanded us to respect." He concluded: "We are allies for everyone who fights against injustice and oppression of all forms."

      In response to the invitation to cooperative efforts, the Iman said that all genuine religions "welcome those who work for peace." He made a particular reference to Pope John Paul as a man noted for his pursuit of peace. And he said that Christian-Muslim cooperation would undoubtedly serve the cause of society, by "struggling against evil, sins, and all that Allah forbids, and for the progress of nations and the welfare of the whole world."

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