BIRMINGHAM (CWN) - An abortion clinic in Birmingham was demolished by a bomb blast this morning in which an off-duty police officer was killed and a nurse was left in critical condition.

      The New Woman All Women Health Care Clinic was destroyed in the 7:30 am explosion, according to police. Authorities evacuated students at nearby University of Alabama dormitories out of concern that a second device might explode, following a pattern at an Atlanta clinic bombing last year. Windows in the two-story building were blown out and an awning over the door was ripped apart. Black debris was blown into the street, and windows of an office building across the street were shattered. Pro-life leaders in Birmingham condemned the explosion as a heinous act and said it was in contradiction to the principles of the pro-life movement.

      No suspects have been yet identified, but witnesses at the scene said police were questioning Menzor Chadwick, a regular pro-life protester at the clinic who was across the street when the building exploded. Police said later in the day that they cannot confirm whether there is a second bomb at the clinic and that the possibility was holding up the investigation.

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January 30 - February 1, 1998 volume 9, no. 22          DAILY CATHOLIC