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January 8, 1998
volume 9, no. 6
January 8, 1998

Christ the King
A Tale of Two Kings
     Today is the birthday of Elvis Presley born in Tupelo, Mississippi many years ago and no longer of this earth. The sad thing in today's values is that his birth seems to get more attention than One Who was born in Bethlehem and Whose birthday we celebrated just two weeks ago - Jesus Christ. He is the KING OF KINGS and that includes ruling over the media-appointed king with the swiveling hips and curled lip, who, in his earlier career, vowed his allegiance to the Lord. But the mass media and public have made poor Elvis into a god - "the king" - and that is one of the great dangers of today's newsmakers and manipulators who chart an agenda of their own making totally alien to God's plans. People claim to have "spiritual experiences" looking for or communicating with Elvis. Let's get serious, folks. It's nothing more than senseless adoration of an idol and part of the new-age agenda. That same agenda is a threat to the Catholic Church today because the Church is the only institution that stands in the way of the New Agers and legions of satan who have, as their goal, to totally rule the masses. Therefore, the ones who elevate the "king" with a shrine in Memphis will do all they can to bring down the institution which elevates the King in the Tabernacle. The real King deserves and commands obedience as the rightful King of Kings. The Father said so when He gave Moses the Ten Commandments; Jesus said the same in His words and actions in Sacred Scripture; and the Holy Spirit reminds us daily to honor only One King - One Deity. Included in the attacks against the Church are the King's subjects - the Church Militant. As we resume our on-going megaseries on the Church Today, we illustrate how Catholic bashing has become a national pastime, reaching a zenith here in the late nineties. Click on Where is Holy Mother Church Heading as we near the Millennium?

The King has appointed His Queen - His very Own Mother - Queen of Prophets
Queen of Prophets       In today's world there is still hope in the timeless messages from God to His children through His Blessed Mother. These messages stress God's Infinite Mercy of the Father, the love of the Son, the unique gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the role Our Lady has asked all of us to play and pray in helping to bring about the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart which will usher the glorious Reign of the Sacred Heart. These messages, imparted to the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart point to the need for all mankind to return to God through prayer, fasting, sacrifice and the sacraments.
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The last few days before we seque from a royal time in the liturgy to Ordinary Time
As we leave the time of the birth of the King of Kings and the visit of the three kings, we enter the final days of the Days of Christmas leading up to Ordinary time with the liturgy of today and tomorrow. Click on LITURGY OF THE DAY

Medjugorje Monthly Message for December 25th
The Gospa     Dear children! Also today I rejoice with you and I call you to the good. I desire that each of you reflect and carry peace in your heart and say: I want God in the first place in my life. In this way, little children, each of you will become holy. Little children, tell everyone, I want the good for you and he will respond with the good and, little children, good will come to dwell in the heart of each man. Little children, tonight I bring to you the good of my Son Who gave His life to save you. That is why, little children, rejoice and extend your hands to Jesus Who is only good. Thank you for having responded to my call!
For more on Medjugorje, Click on MEDJUGORJE

722 days and counting...
Year of the Holy Spirit - Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary
The author of Jubilee 2000 Countdown to Official Vatican logo for Jubilee

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Worldwide Catholic NewsWORLDWIDEBR> NEWS
with a Catholic slant
    Vietnam Conflict continues with struggle over control of Catholic Church
          Thirty years after the horrors of the Vietnam War, another war in Vietnam is heating up and it does not involve guns or U.S. troops this time but rather a split in the Catholic Church as a government-sponsored party called the Patriotic Catholic Union which is not in accord with Rome's objectives, but a nationalistic Church in Vietnam which the body of Vietnam bishops strongly oppose. Click on Vietnam to read more.

    Trip to Cuba back on for Miami Archbishop
          After cancelling the planned pilgrimage cruise to Cuba for the Holy Father's visit, Miami's Archbishop John Favolara has decided to lead a smaller group by air for a nine hour one day stay. This, he rationalized, would not contribute to the coffers or recognition of Fidel Castro and his policies which were the main reason the first pilgrimage was cancelled. Click on Cuba to read more.

    Aussie Bishops' guidelines set standards and regs for clergy to strictly follow
          Following a conference of Australian bishops, they released a draft of a code of conduct to curb and regulate clergy abuses and ethical standards. Taking a cue from Archbishop Charles Chaput's impassioned plea to his fellow bishops at the Synod of the Americas to "become more holy," the Aussie bishops are calling on all clergy and religious to be above reproach as representatives of Christ's Church. If they don't, the new guidelines spell out regulations that will bring them in line. Click on Aussies to read more.

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Consecration to the King of Kings

     Christ, Jesus, I acknowledge You as King of the universe. All that has been made has been created for You. Make full use of Your rights over me. I renew the promises I made in Baptism, when I renounced satan and all his pomps and works. I promise to live a good Christian life. Especially, I undertake to help, to the extent of my means, to secure the triumph of the rights of God and of Your Church.
     Divine Heart of Jesus, I offer You my poor efforts so that all hearts may acknowledge Your sacred Royalty and the Kingdom of Your peace may be established throughout the entire universe. Amen.

"By Me kings reign, and lawgivers establish justice; by Me princes govern and nobles; all the rulers of the earth."
Proverbs 8: 15-16

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January 8, 1998       volume 9, no. 6
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