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Where is Holy Mother Church Heading as we near the Millennium?
installment fifty three
Wake-up Call
to all Catholics
the twenty seventh clarion
INTRODUCTION:       The Feature Article, begun in the inaugural issue two years ago, deals with the state of the Church. We continue probing the question that has perplexed the Magisterium and the laity for the past 30 years as the liberal element has left its mark, effecting changes that have seemingly watered down the "Roman Catholic" traditions. Yet, God in His Infinite Wisdom, has allowed this to happen for a specific purpose. He has been preparing us in a special way by sending His very Own Blessed Mother to guide us and remind us of our roots. Through perseverance, prayer and loyalty to Holy Mother Church headed by the Holy Father John Paul II and adhered to by the faithful who will not compromise, the pendulum is beginning to swing back toward the conservative side. In the fifty-third installment of this on-going feature series, we continue to sound the clarion as a wake-up call to all Catholics, especially bringing to the attention of all Catholics the inherent dangers of many heresies being spewed about and given silent consent by some bishops, archbishops and even cardinals who fail to speak out against these aberrations and the way these heresies are rubber-stamped by the media. If we allow the modernists, liberals and some cafeteria Catholics to dictate what our faith should or shouldn't be we're going to be in big trouble when the third millennium dawns. In this first chapter for 1998 we continue to alert the reader to what is happening and sound the call to arms, to enlist in Mary's army and take up the battle cry: Enough! God said it, we believe it, that settles it! Too many Catholics are going their own way with little regard to what their spiritual shepherd - the Vicar of Christ says. Sin is whitewashed. If we're not careful there will be a tremendous backwash and who among us wants to get caught in the vortex of that swirling whirlpool of Justice? With this chapter we delve further into the aftermath of Vatican II and the turbulent take from the media in our present day when the PC Police, while being so protective of everything else, have allowed "open season on Catholics". Sadly, too many Catholics are sitting idly by and doing nothing in defending Christ's true Church. By their inaction, they are giving credence to the bashing and this lukewarmness cries out to God Who has said, "I will vomit them from My mouth." The hidden agenda of all this is "control" as the lukewarm Catholics lean toward the Protestant ideology in not recognizing the primacy of Peter. The Roman Catholic Church is not a democracy and we need to establish that firmly. Ecumenical does not necessarily mean full participation and say by the Protestant churches in things Catholic, but rather "universal" for the Catholic Church - the one, true Church founded by Christ. That is the crux of our retort for this series is a set blueprint for Catholics everywhere to take up the banner of truth in defending Christ's One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Beware of False Prophets in the American Church
part fourteen: "Catholic Bashing reaches its zenith with Catholics as targets for the PC Police"

     In our last installment before the abbreviated Holiday schedule, we spoke of the Catholic bashing that continues today and the fact the Roman Catholic Church is a prime target of the media, part of the masonic movement first concocted by the Rothschilds in France and infiltrated to America. In this day of "political correctness" no one can say anything derogatory about anyone...except for one group that seems to be exempted from the "protective list." That means it's open season on Catholics. The media, spin doctors, and the moguls behind the scenes who own many of the politicians and a good portion of America's commerce, are clever in their insidious, subtle attacks on Holy Mother Church. They are ready with the innocent alibis that they "meant no harm" but after the dig has been made on the front page or on the screen, it's easy to print a meaningless retraction buried in the back pages or camouflaged among credits on television. The people don't notice that, but they do take notice at the headlines - the sound-bites that portray the Church as a meddler, as an outdated institution, as a world-power that should be put in its place, as a voice that has run its course and should be ignored or ridiculed. They do a good job of convincing the public subliminally that the Church is a threat to the people, yet never identifying what the threat is, what the dangers are. Like satan, they feast on half-truths and twist them to give an impression of something that isn't. We have written much on this and mentioned in our last article about one of the lone voices in America speaking out - the Catholic League of Religious and Civil Rights headed by William Donohue who has come under attack not only by the media but by liberals within the Church as well and liberal publications that are flailing in the wind. Below we present an editorial submitted by Jim Trageser and printed in the North County Times last month which says it quite acutely. We bring it to you here as part of our continung clarion call to all Catholics to wake-up and expose the false prophets of today for what they are and for the sake of Christ and His One, True, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

          "Thank God - I mean, thank the non-gender-specific, nonsectarian deity who/which may or may not exist - for political correctness."

          Oh, sure, the zeal of some members of the PC movement may make for sentences like that above, but what a small price to pay for the elimination of bigotry. Transgendered individuals, people of color, wymym, the differently abled - all are now afforded more respect as a result of PC’s inclusive philosophy.

          In fact, every individual is made to feel more welcome, no matter their background or life situation. Well, except Catholics, of course. You know you can’t trust those damned papists. After all, they’re not like us: They want to impose their values on society - never catch us doing that...

      Satire? Maybe. But not much.

      In this age of political correctness, when the most damaging epithet that can by hurled is to accuse someone of intolerance, the PC police themselves still endorse some forms of bigotry. Anti-papism, for instance, is enjoying a remarkable renaissance, 37 years after American Catholics thought JFK had buried it forever.

      We now have a whole TV show dedicated to bashing Catholics. Can you imagine the outcry if gays, blacks or feminists were portrayed with the negative stereotypes proudly paraded each week in "Nothing Sacred" on ABC? And in October, on the legal drama "Michael Hayes," the antagonist was a mean old priest who wouldn’t violate his vows to keep a confession confidential.

      Even Mother Teresa, who forswore personal pleasure to do the dirty work none of the rest of us wanted to do, found herself posthumously pilloried for her Catholic faith. Safe in their comfortable, middle-class homes, the PC police sat down at their thousand-dollar computer terminals to pound out letters to the editor excoriating a woman who truly gave of herself. Why? She believed in her church’s teachings on birth control.

      Of course, the PC folks are hardly alone in their anti-Catholic bigotry. That streak is as deeply embedded in American culture (if less violently) as anti-Semitism is in European life. Much of the anti-immigrant fervor in this nation is a thinly veiled cover for anti-Catholic bigotry, as is true of the pro-choice movement.

      Interestingly, both right and left are more than willing to temporarily suspend their anti-Catholic bigotry for short-term political gain, using the church’s moral stature for their own purposes. Witness the eager embrace conservatives gave Vatican pronouncements against communism and abortion. Or the uncomfortable silence of the usually vicious critics on the left when the Church speaks out against the death penalty or in favor of immigrant rights.

      But when the Church takes a stand unpopular to either side, the spiritedness of the attacks betrays the publicly repressed sentiment: prejudice.

      The Church has no business interfering in civic life, we’re told (unless it’s on one of the above pre-approved topics). It should stop trying to impose its values on others (again, see exceptions above).

      No other group in American life has its very right to participate in public life challenged, the legitimacy of its existence questioned. No other group is told to just shut up and keep its views to itself. And that just doesn’t seem very tolerant.

To review all past installments of this on-going megaseries series, go to Archives beginning with the inaugural A CALL TO PEACE internet issue in January 1996. volume 7, no. 1.

January 8, 1998     volume 9, no. 6
Feature Series on the Church Today

January 1998