December 12
volume 8, no. 51    
December 12-14, 1997


      Yes, we rejoice this weekend for it is a glorious time as we await the Christ Child on Christmas Morn. Today is the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe and her story is told in full in the Liturgy section In addition we celebrate the feast of the early Church's Virgin and Martyr Saint Lucy on Saturday. Sunday is truly a time for rejoicing for it is GAUDETE Sunday when rose replaces violet. Click on LITURGY OF THE DAY

Many reasons to Rejoice
     Today's editorial lists the facts that point to a reason to enjoy the season of Gaudete as we document victories by the faithful over the dissidents who have been striving to change Holy Mother Church to their agenda rather than God's. For today's PewPOINT, entitled "Giddy with Gaudete!!! click on CATHOLIC PewPOINT
Rejoicing means Trusting in God
.      That is the title of Cyndi Cain's weekly Reflection on Sacred Scripture in which she gives us an insight into the call to holiness in the Word of God. Today she focuses on Saint Paul's Letter to the Philippians. Click on "COME UNTO ME"
The Bishops Rejoice
      Whether they are rejoicing over all that has been accomplished, or that the Synod is over - that we shall soon see as the question continues to circulate throughout Rome and Western Hemisphere dioceses: Will the Holy Father conclude the Synod of the Americas next year with a Papal Mass in the Shrine Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe as pictured here?That is a question the Synod is wrestling with as they wrap up three and a half weeks of productivity and resolve. Today we present "The Last Days of the American Synod" Click on DAILY SYNOD SYNOPSIS
Rejoice and be encouraged
Today's column by Sister Mary Lucy Astuto deals with the stick-to-itiveness of keeping the faith and not getting discouraged in our journey to holiness here on earth while waiting for that ticket to Eternity. To read this "Don't be discouraged," click on GETTING TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER
Repent and Rejoice
Continuing with our topic on the Sacrament of Penance, we cover what the Vatican II documents say in regard this Sacrament of Reconciliation and debunk some of the claims modernists have made to water down the sacrament. click on VATICAN II VERIFICATIONS
Rejoice in the clarity passed down by the Holy See
Curbing abuses by liturgical commissions, some of the laity and priests is why the Vatican handed down a specific set of instructions exactly a month ago and it is our purpose to bring you the entire document in daily installments. Today we bring you the sixteenth installment on Article 7 of Practical Provisions: "Sunday Celebrations in the Absence of a Priest." click on THE VICAR OF CHRIST SPEAKS
THIS WEEKEND's ADVENT PRAYERS For the Advent Novena Prayer and all prayers up until this weekend, click on ADVENT Novena Prayers
December 12, 1997
          Dear Mother, today we celebrate your feast as Our Lady of Guadalupe. We especially on this day make intercession to you as Mother of God, that in our land and throughout the world the people might make ready their hearts to receive Jesus, by ending the hideous sin of abortion. We raise our voices with all of the Heavenly Hosts, and beg of God to end this sin. We do remember and pray for all babies who will be aborted throughout the Christmas season, and it is our desire to name them (select two names) and to baptize them "In the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen."

December 13, 1997
         St. Joseph, we are coming to the end of another week of Advent, and there is still so much work to be done inside ourselves. Our distractions are more frequent, more oppressive. We are worried about presents unbought. Christmas cards unaddressed, and the many obligations we take upon ourselves in order to belong more fully to society. We rely upon your help, St. Joseph, to help us shake off the shackles of the world, and realize that the only society to which we are called is the Heavenly Kingdom of your Divine Son Whom you were foster-father to.

December 14, 1997
         Today begins the third week of Advent and the birth of your Divine Son grows more imminent. Mary, our Mother, we ask you to intercede for us this day, that we might obtain from your Son the graces necessary to walk in faith here in our earthly exile, that we might one day behold Him, our God and Savior, as you were able to do when you held Him in your arms in Bethlehem. Let us rejoice with you.

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with a Catholic slant

    Irish Bishops mum on Lady Pres' actions in Anglican church
         The buzz throughout the Emerald Isle is that Ireland's recently-elected Catholic president Mary McAleese went too far by receiving communion in Dublin's Anglican Cathedral. Though it seems like a political ploy, the bishops had no comment on her actions. We bet this would never have happened had the Irish had their heads on straight and elected Irish singer and staunch Catholic Dana when they had the opportunity. Click on Dublin to read more.

    Christians take on atheists all the way to the steps of Washington
          With all the legal shenanigans going on by the ACLU and atheist agitators, Christian family groups have had enough. It's time to fight back and they sent the first salvo yesterday in addressing Congress, presenting a long list of unfair rulings that have downgraded the Constitution and the fact that we are "One nation under GOD." Click on Pro-God to read more.

    Colombian Bishop reaches out in forgiveness and sensibility       The Colombian bishop who was released earlier this week by Marxist rebels used the public forum to speak directly to his former captors, entreating them to think twice on the violence they promote in the threatened "Black December" and to come forward in reconciliation and understanding. Click on Columbia to read more.

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"When the just prevail, the people rejoice; but when the wicked rule, the people groan."

Proverbs 29: 2

Medjugorje Monthly Message
November 25th Message
The Gospa     Dear children: Today I invite you to comprehend your Christian vocation. Little children, I led and am leading you through this time of grace, that you may become conscious of your Christian vocation. Holy martyrs died witnessing: I am a Christian and love God over everything. Little children, today also I invite you to rejoice and be joyful Christians, responsible and conscious that God called you in a special way to be joyfully extended hands toward those who do not believe, and that through the example of your life, they may receive faith and love for God. Therefore, pray, pray, pray that your heart may open and be sensitive for the Word of God. Thank you for having responded to my call!
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  • Another Golden Chalice Award to the Significant Site of the Week
  • Father Stephen Valenta, OFM Conv. brings us his special words in his column "Hearts to Heart"
  • More Catechism Capsules on the Sacrament of Reconciliation
  • Final words on the Synod of America
  • 17th installment of Vatican Document on Laity focusing on Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist
  • ...and much, much more!

December 12-14, 1997       volume 8, no. 51
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