DAILY CATHOLIC for December 12

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vol, 8
no. 51

Giddy with Gaudete!!!
          This weekend is a time to reflect on joy: Gaudete! That, of course is the Latin word for rejoicing and Sunday is Gaudete Sunday when the purple or violet vestments are traded in for Rose colored attire. And this truly is a time to rejoice. Rejoice in not only that Christís Coming at Christmas is less than two week away, but rejoice in the fact that the pendulum is swinging back! Evidence is the fact that the conservative element within Holy Mother Church is, through perseverance and persistence, winning the battle.

         Point in fact - reason to rejoice, part one: The liberal, modernist, feminist group calling themselves "We Are Church," after a highly publicized campaign launched a year and a half ago to collect a million signatures with the purpose of presenting this overwhelming petition of names personally to the Holy Father, turned out to be a total dud! Praise God! Point in fact they fell 965,000 signatures short of that goal in a feeble attempt to forge their own agenda of married and women priests, inclusive language, a democratic governing system within each diocese, etc. on the universal Church. The ring leader, a disgruntled unfrocked nun named Maureen Fiedler so much as admitted defeat when she stated that her group had greatly underestimated the resolve of orthodox Catholics in the United States. Right on! To add salt to the wounds, a group formed to combat "We Are Church" called "We Are Catholics", spearheaded by students at Seton High School on the east coast, managed to garner 90,000 signatures of total loyalty to the Pope in a very short time and formally presented the names to Pope John Paul II last month as a show of support.

         Reason to rejoice, part two: In the recent American Synod, which concluded the first phase in Rome today, the conservative platform took center stage with such new-on-the-scene luminaries as Archbishops Francis George and Charles Chaput speaking out strongly for the policies of the Pope and calling for a renewal of loyalty and commitment to personal holiness. Meanwhile, noted modernist prelates like Cardinal Roger Mahony of LA, Archbishop Rembert Weakland of Milwaukee, and Archbishop Oscar Lipscomb of Mobile, Alabama were relatively quiet or should we say overwhelmed by the conservative agenda, where they had little hope of infiltrating their peers with their agenda for the "American Church." The liberal left mouthpiece National Catholic Reporter decried this fact, whining that the Synod "has been heavily orchestrated by the Roman bureaucracy and seems to have little chance of tackling anything but the preplanned agenda." They also make no bones about their displeasure with John Paul II complaining that their hope that "the synodal fathers would repeat what the Second Vatican Council fathers did in the first days of the council, namely, reject the agenda prepared by the Roman curia and start from scratch. This did not happen, and in the present context it couldnít happen. John XXIII in 19062 had made it quite clear that he wanted the bishops to assume and exercise their responsibility. To encourage the widest possible discussions, he did not attend the council meetings, whereas John Paul II sits in all the time and shows his displeasure openly on his face whenever something is proposed that he doesnít like." Praise God. Alleluia! Thank God for our Pope. Their last paragraph truly gives cause for joy: "Few of the bishops, even if totally free, would want to challenge him. Only 142 of the 233 voting members were elected, and many of these were named by the present pope. The probability of major surprises at this synod is consequently minimal." Again, Praise the Lord. The Holy Father is ensuring that all tow the line and follow the true teachings, doctrines, dogmas and traditions of Holy Mother Church. And he is expecting the bishops to be obedient. What a strange ploy; after all isnít obedience one of the prerequisite of their vows?

         Reason to rejoice, part three: The Synod of America is expected to conclude next year in Mexico City at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe whose feast we celebrate today. There will be great joy throughout Mexico and the Americas when Blessed Juan Diego is canonized. Mexico just announced that 35 candidates for beatification and canonization have been cleared by the Vatican, making Mexico the far-and-away leader in number of saints from the Western Hemisphere. There is joy that on this special feast day of Our Lady, who came in 1531 to stop human sacrifice, the bishops are united in the same cause as the Blessed Mother - to stop the human sacrifice of millions of aborted babies. They have a new charge to fight the culture of death and go forth in a unified body to bring this message back to the parish level. A news article that ran in the Daily CATHOLIC a few days ago pointed to the fact that abortions have decreased in the U.S. to the lowest they have been in twenty years. Thereís joy in knowing our prayers and efforts are working. Our Lady of Guadalupe has had much to do with this decline in killing. But no one can rest until there is no more abortions, no more euthanasia, no more assisted-suicides. Then there will be total joy!

         Reason to rejoice, part four: The abject failure of the modernistsí pet project foisted on the American public in the television vehicle "Nothing Sacred." ABC has obstinately renewed this heretical program and solicited the few modernist new-age bishops like Bishop Raymond Lucker of New Ulm, Minnesota, and auxiliary bishops Francis Murphy of Baltimore, Peter Rosazza of Hartford, and Thomas Gumbleton of Detroit along with other radical, desperate priests and laity that dared to put their name on a national ad praising this program while denigrating such stalwart video spirituality as "Touched by an Angel." This program, which we like to call "Nothing," is about life in an inner-city parish, and is doomed to failure. No matter what ABC and their parent company Disney tout, it will not succeed. There is just not enough interest! Thank God! "Nothing Sacred" has been wallowing in the nether regions of the Nielsen Ratings since its inception this past September. Defenders of the program point to its terrible time slot of Thursday nights when NBC rules the roost and claimed if it were on another night it would be a booming success. Well, theyíve been proven wrong again! Two weeks ago ABC put "Nothing" on the Saturday night slate in a very favorable time-slot and it still came in 74th for the week. Granted, it was a climb over the high eighties and low nineties it had been stuck in, but nevertheless still ranked well behind programs that have already been announced as getting the ax. Last Thursday, in place of "Nothing," ABC ran a two-hour sensational non-flattering journalism piece on John F. Kennedy. In that same time slot, going against such Nielsen giants as "Seinfeld" and "Friends" this ABC special garnered 27th place for the week. Hopefully this will wake ABC and Disney to the fact they are nursing a dead duck in "Nothing."

         Reason to rejoice, part five: Like Fiedler and the "We Are Church" radicals, they will see that there just isnít the support for the modernists that the media has painted. The false prophets of today - the secular media - have once again betrayed the publicís trust and exposed the fallacy of their words for all the world to see. They say the squeaky wheel gets the grease, but when there are only a few spokes left on the wheel and there is only one wheel there is not much stabilization. Such is the case of the modernists and feminists who shout long and loud but there are few to hear the echoes. Blame it on apathy, blame it on the fact theyíre shooting with empty blanks. Blame it on the fact that there are more loyal and sincere Catholics than many have been led to believe, that there are more orthodox, conservative Catholics striving to serve God and His Church than we thought. For that, let us be truly joyful. With the results chronicled here, it gives one joy to surmise that the polls that have been released over the years indicating the vast number of Catholics who no longer believe in the True Presence or believe strongly that we should have women priests and run our churches ourselves without interference from Rome numbers only 35,000 people out of a total Catholic population in the U.S. of sixty two million faithful. As The Catholic World Report Editor Philip Lawler profiled in his December editorial, thatís "just .06 percent of the eligible population, or roughly one of every 1,800 Catholic Americans." We wonder how such radical rags like National Catholic Reporter and Commonweal are reacting to these figures! Yes, it truly gives one joy to realize the numbers stated in past polls have been greatly distorted and, to alter a quote by Mark Twain, "The surmise of the Church has been greatly exaggerated."

         Even one Catholic out of every 1,800 is important and there will only be true joy when the lost sheep is back in the fold. We lovingly invite them to return and join the vast majority who realize Christ knew what He was doing when He established His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church when He bequeathed the Keys of the Kingdom to Peter in Matthew 16: 18-19 and that what He deigned then with the first Vicar of Christ he wills today with His two hundred and sixty fourth Vicar - our beloved John Paul II. Yet the NCR will go out of its way to denigrate this great pontiff, case in point when speaking of his opening address to the bishops of the Americas: "In apparent disregard of often expressed views of African-Americans and Indo-Americans, the pope praised the "admirable feat of Christopher Columbus" and the work of the colonizers of this "great American continent." They are full of snide remarks toward this papacy and as they become more and more desperate that they are indeed an even smaller minority than before theyíll cry out "victim" and attack all the more. We have to be prepared, but we donít have to pay much credence to their shallow tones for their voice is weak and completely blotted out by the Voice crying in the wilderness, "Make ready the Way of the Lord" (Matthew 3: 3) which we wait for in Joy and Rejoicing as His Coming draws near - both His annual Coming at Christmas and His long-awaited Second Coming. Yes, it is truly a time to be giddy with Gaudete!!!

Michael Cain, editor

December 12, 1997       volume 8, no. 51
Catholic Pewpoint Editorial

December 1997