Messages One Hundred Forty-Four and Forty-Five

Message One Hundred Forty-Four, January 20, 1992

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
      Beloved Hidden Flower, I have come. To all my children I say: Prepare the Way of the Lord. He comes to you everyday, most particularly in the Holy Eucharist. He comes also in glory after my Immaculate Heart triumphs. Do not endeavor by finite calculations to determine the precise moment when all shall be fulfilled. I solemnly tell you all shall be fulfilled, and great shall be God's victory for all mankind. Rather, I ask you once again to become living prayers for my plan unfolds. The signs are clearly visible in your world. Every headline lends credence to the Divine Origin of these words, and all my words are given to many of my little ones. I am calling you to Love, which is the Way of the Cross. This Way should permeate every aspect of your life, deriving from ardent, supernatural love. It then becomes both a way of obedient, willing suffering transformed to joy and peace by the Mercy of my Son Jesus Christ.

      I ask you to renew the Way of the Cross in your hearts. I ask you to make this the hallmark of your Lent, as an outward sign of commitment, that each one may be joined to the Sacred Passion and my Son's Infinite Mercy.

      I solemnly tell you that it is necessary to walk, to live the Way of the Cross for you have entered the time of great tribulation. The beast of hell is like a beast who appears slumbering but who lies in wait to strike. The beast will strike and no nation shall be spared. The evils of society which you perceive to be dead are sleeping beasts, ready to devour. Even as I speak to you, the evil one maneuvers his army into more intricate formations to snatch all of you from God. He, the evil one, weaves a complicated web of darkness. But he shall lose for the Triune Divinity's way is straight, smooth and simple. God's laws are not complicated, intricate. In your hearts these words ring Truth, and life then is one straightforward journey toward Celestial Light.

      Put aside all trappings of satan's half-truths, his disguised schemes. Commit yourselves to Jesus, my Son, through my Immaculate Heart and pray for the unity of all people through the grace of the Holy Spirit.

      Be vigilant, steadfast, strong. I remain with you. I bless you. Thank your for responding to my Call!

Message One Hundred Forty-Five: January 23, 1992

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Sacred Heart of Jesus)
(Holy Family Cathedral in Tulsa, Oklahoma)
      Beloved Hidden Flower, how precious are all My children to Me. How My Heart throbs with Love as they come to Me in the Tabernacle. But My children do not yet fully understand that it is My Mother who brings them into My presence, where My Infinite Graces radiate to all.

      Yes, you gather in this My House to hear of My Mother's Messages. Do you realize this is My Will? Do you understand better that it is I, God, Who desires respect and honor for My Holy Mother? It is She, The Mother, who brings so many of My children to Me. Would you be here, in My presence, were it not for My Mother?

      My little ones, I ask you to listen well to the words of My Mother, for they are My words and My Infinite Graces and Merits which She, the Eternal Virgin, dispenses. Yes, Eternal, for before time began She was known to the Trinity.

      Dear little ones, the unity of My Church is about to begin. You will see the much- needed purification of My Church as the great schism is fulfilled. My little ones, listen well, for I, Jesus Christ, Son of God, tell you to gird yourselves with ardent faith, to wear always the armor of Christ which is Love, and to receive now the Sign of My Cross which all who are My children wear. Hear Me. Love Me. Obey Me. Pray and let My Mother guide you, for great shall be the signs of the Power and Victory of God in the universe.

      Read Sacred Scripture and pray for the grace of the Holy Spirit. Rejoice, My children, as My Mother's Heart Triumphs. Help My Mother. Pray and receive the Sacraments.

      I, Jesus Christ, bless you and remain with you. Will you remain with Me?

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