Messages One Hundred Forty-Two and Forty-Three

Message One Hundred Forty-Two, January 14, 1992

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
     Beloved Hidden Flower, I am with you. My dear precious children, why do you doubt that I am with you, as is my Divine Son always? My Divine Son has given all for you. He has given all to you so that you may never lose your way. His Church is the gift given to securely bring you home to heaven. And I desire all my children to pray with their hearts for this unity. I solemnly tell you the moment approaches when God shall still all divisiveness, and mankind shall be brought to the fullness of this unity which is now so badly scarred. I ask all of my children to pray for the pope who is my dear son, a son formed in my Immaculate Heart, my Son's representative who struggles daily for the cause of peace - God's Peace upon earth.

      My children, do you realize to what depths of evil you have sunk, how depraved the world is? Where is there a nation of upright, honest hearts, of clear consciences? Nowhere! Dear children, do not look to your government, to your elected officials to bring you security and peace, justice and love. This is a falsehood, for it is based upon man's lower ego, not upon man's superior ego, his soul.

      You have entered an extremely critical moment in your country, but you are blind to the Truth. So ensnared are you by the traps of satan that you are comforted as long as your earthly needs are met. You push aside all things of God, and even work tirelessly that God may not interfere in the functioning of your government.

      This should not be. It must not continue! O! Beloved children, begin now in fervent prayer to seek the Holy Spirit's guidance in all your earthly affairs and decisions. With God all good shall be accomplished. Without Him only satan's traps and ever-increasing sorrows from which you can find no relief.

      Come back to God Who alone is life. He alone is your all. He alone is Love. He alone is Justice and Mercy. He has sent me to prepare you in a holy way for all that has been foretold to you. Heed my motherly warning and I shall help you in all ways to persevere in faith.

      Pray! Pray! Pray! The moment is so urgent, but you do not understand. I bless you. I give you God's peace. Thank you for responding to my Call!

Message One Hundred Forty-Three: January 18, 1992

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
     Beloved Hidden Flower, I bless you. I am here. There will be many sorrows, many of which I have revealed to you. As the days progress you will see the fulfillment of all I have foretold. I am the Mother of God, Queen of Peace. I call. I call. My Divine Son knocks relentlessly at the door of every heart but so often no one answers. He is grievously wounded by such rejection, yet so great is His Love He never ceases knocking. I come at His bidding to bring all to Him, the Only-Begotten Son of God Who died for all men of all nations.

      I know, my child, how you feel. I, too, am deeply hurt when scorned, for God has ordained that honor be given me. I pray ceaselessly for all of my children before the Trinity, but they reject my intervention, they reject my Son's Truth.

      My dear child, I solemnly tell you that grave times shall soon come upon the world. You are asleep, you do not see with the eyes of your soul, nor perceive with an intellect enlightened by wisdom. Rather, you believe your leaders, your press, your own egos which desire to believe that all is well with the world. You must realize, beloved ones, without God you have nothing. With God you have all! Man is the creation of God, sanctified, redeemed by Jesus Christ. You have been given so much, but you return so little. Yet God loves you so immensely that He grants you so many chances to come into His Light, His Way, His Truth. But you must choose and make your commitment - now!

      Soon you will not be able to choose for the Justice shall sweep the universe. You must prepare. Lift up your hearts. Look to the sky, for the sign of God's power shall be made manifest. Behold your world. It's foundations crumble. You are looking for the wrong signs, because you have not prayed for the grace of the Holy Spirit. Pray! Pray always! Pray for the grace to have pure intentions and God shall lovingly give it to you.

      Beloved, I have come among my children. I shall increase my appearances, and to many I shall speak. Hear my words, dear children. Open your hearts and come to me, for I desire that all belong to Jesus and, by His Merits, gain heaven for all eternity.

      I love you, beloved children, I bless you. I give you God's peace. Thank you for responding to my Call!

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