DAILY CATHOLIC   TUESDAY, April 21, 1998   volume 9, no. 77


Lessons/Meditations from Our Lord and Our Lady to

the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart

Lesson/Meditation #82:


(Imparted on February 11, 1995 to the Hidden Flower by Our Lord)
Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes

      Beloved Hidden Flower of My Mother's Immaculate Heart, I, Jesus Christ, Only-Begotten Son of God and Savior of the World, come this day when the world honors My Holy and Immaculate Mother in her apparitions at Lourdes.

      There She bore witness to the Truth, giving all honor, glory, praise and worship to the Trinity, for she declared to My child Bernadette "I Am The Immaculate Conception". This, you must believe if you are Mine in My One Holy, Catholic Church. I Myself tell you yet again. This dogma is truth! Believe, My children, for Truth is Light and you are suffocating in the darkness of satan's half truths.

      O! You must be full of My Truth, My children, for yet one more and final dogma is to be proclaimed by My holy, beloved Vicar Pope John Paul II. With what eagerness does Heaven await this dogma, for by it the Divine Will is fulfilled.

      But My enemy does not want this dogma; he lays a million traps so that never shall it be declared, and thus he tries to seal the lips of My Vicar. But I, your God, alone Am Truth and Light and My Spirit shall speak through My beloved Vicar and the dogma shall be proclaimed! Pray much for this. You do not pray enough for this, little children. Sadly, you do not know how to pray.

      I solemnly tell you, My children. Pray as I taught you. Pray as My Mother beseeches you, and then, little children,, you will be able to fulfill that Spiritual Work of Mercy which tells you to FORGIVE ALL INJURIES with patience, love, fortitude and an honest and pure heart!

      Let us begin then with the first word of this particular Work of Mercy. In the previous work of mercy I explained to you that if you truly love Me you must BEAR all injuries. To bear means an acceptance, spiritually and with your whole heart, of all wrong done unto you. That is, My children, to pick up your Cross daily and follow Me. Now that you have accepted your Cross, be it large or small, be it one or many, you follow Me!

      And what example did I give unto you throughout all of My Sacred and Sorrowful Passion? Let us look at this together, dear children, for then you will be able to succeed in this Spiritual Work of Mercy which commends and commands you to FORGIVE all injuries.

      Dear little children, do you think I do not know how difficult it is for you to forgive? Did I not create you? Do I not know you? And, o! How I love you. It was Love which allowed Me, the Son of God, Savior and Lord, to FORGIVE.

      From the beginning of My earthly life My heart and soul were fully one with the Eternal Will of My Father. Love alone spurred Me on, and My lips were ceaselessly in prayer, while I was among you. So many countless injuries were done unto Me, your God, the full martyrdom of body, heart and soul. Yet each and every one I forgave so that My Eternal Father in Heaven would also forgive, that man might return to unity with The Blessed Trinity.

      Walk with Me now for a little while and you will understand more clearly that, for you, my weak little children, forgiveness must be an act of your will. First it thrives in your soul, animated by the Holy Spirit, who enflames you with love for Me. This Love then prompts your weak, yet stubborn, human will to forgive. This is a cry, a plea that rises to Me, an echo of My own words as I hung upon the Cross and beseeched: "Father, forgive them, They do not know what they are doing." And I send down graces. Nay, I bend down and give to you My own heart so your "will" to forgive transcends the mere human will and becomes a great spiritual work of Mercy.

      Remember, little ones, I speak to you today about the Spiritual life, that purely mystical life of your immortal soul which is made in My Image and Likeness. The life of the soul-grace-flowing from the Holy Spirit and the fully-lived faith of My One True Church, lifts up your heart, detaching it, as it were, from the lower human ego, will, and intellect which are the driving force behind your human emotions and feelings, which are very strong.

      Being lifted up to the Spiritual level your heart slowly transforms by means of My Merits, My grace, and empowered by My love enables you to place all human emotions, feelings and their consequences upon a higher, purer plane-the mystical ladder that leads to Me.

      Therefore, by willing to forgive, and by repeatedly willing to forgive you join your heart to My Most Sacred Heart, and your willingness to forgive must not cease, but pour out from your heart as a libation offered unto Me. In this way you are united to My Passion. My Heart was pierced. By its piercing I welcome you into Its Refuge. There you learn and become strong in the spiritual life, and your weak humanity is slowly subdued and finally conquered by the sublime mystery of My Passion, Death and Resurrection; by all grace and workings of the Holy Spirit in you.

      So, little children, do not seek so much, or ponder so fully, upon "forgiveness." To feel forgiveness is not what this Spiritual Work of Mercy speaks of. This forgiveness is the continuation of My words upon the Cross. Forgiveness of all injuries is recognition that I, Jesus Christ, willed to forgive you for all the injuries you would do unto Me in your life, and in recognition of this Infinite Love you offer this very same forgiveness to all of your brothers and sisters who do you injury-in any and every manner!

      By this Spiritual Work of Mercy you seek no judgment of the person who has committed the injury. That is, you recognize the evil deed or sin involved against you, but you defer all judgment of the soul to Me, asking that this sin not be counted against the person. To FORGIVE ALL INJURIES is to call down Divine Mercy upon yourself and to share that Mercy with everyone!

      O! How eagerly I await to forgive you. How little you seek forgiveness from Me. So very few of My children allow the Holy Spirit to enlighten their souls so that they may see every crack, crevice and spot of debris which has gathered there. How very few of My children will to root out the tiniest speck which separates them from Me. Those who do this are they who fulfill this Spiritual Work of Mercy and forgive all injuries as I forgive.

      All of you are called to become like Me, to be transformed by the Holy Spirit in heart and soul into My own Image. Unless you are humble, unless you first recognize and acknowledge your own need to be forgiven, you cannot FORGIVE-not even one injury much less all injuries!

      Therefore, I do solemnly tell you that in these end times you cannot be Mine and be stubborn and proud of heart! I ask each of you to thoroughly examine your heart and soul with the aid of The Holy Spirit and to go to the Sacrament of Penance. Then, having been forgiven, go and do likewise to everyone in your life, and you shall know Mercy and be Mercy in My Name, for I Come!