Divine Mercy is our backup generator in a blacked-out world!

      Isn't it perfect that Divine Mercy Sunday comes on the heels of two dramatic and traumatic events: Good Friday and Tax Day. The reason we say that is because there's an axiom that goes, "there are only two sure things in life: death and taxes!" Of course a week ago we commemorated the most celebrated death in the history of mankind and this past Wednesday we experienced the Ides of April. Seldom have these two events been so close together. Could that be an omen of things to come? Between those two days we celebrated the glorious Resurrection for we know that by Jesus' rising from the dead, it assured victory over death and assured us of the surest ticket to Heaven! But it's not a sure thing if we don't practice it. And few do practice the virtues today as is evident from the amoral and immoral mores of society. God, Who is the Just Judge could stop this nonsense in a heartbeat if He so willed, but He is also equally Merciful and the prayer of the faithful is that the scales will continue to tip in the favor of Mercy over Justice for just a bit longer.

     One could look at the natural disasters over the last several years, or better yet in the last week and see He means business. Our Blessed Mother has imparted to visionaries and messengers that she can no longer hold back the hand of the Father. So wicked and base has this world become that Mary has said many times that Sodom and Gomorrah were nothing compared to the wickedness of today. That's a scary thought. Last year on Good Friday the comic strip "Wizard of Id", by Brant Parker and Johnny Hart published a thought-provoking strip in which one only sees cartoon balloons against a sea of black. In one balloon the king of id asks his lackey, "Why is it dark at noon?" and the former responds, "We've had a spiritual outage!" Talk about a light in the darkness. We indeed have had a spiritual outage in this century, and especially during this decade and the wattage is weaker than ever as we are on the brink of the next millennium. The millennium brings so many omens of doom spawned by so many that, if one is not rooted in the faith and secure in the knowledge that we have nothing to fear if we are obedient to God's Holy Will, one can panic and grow very, very, very scared. Groping blindly in the darkness, they forget that the only Light they'll need contains everlasting batteries and to brighten our path all we need do is call on the "Light of Christ" - Lumen Christi. In His Mercy He shows us signs every day, with a map to the Celestial Treasures imprinted on our heart and soul. But if we do not have the "Light of Christ" to read the map, then we are looking in the darkness - in all the wrong places and finding peace of mind and the Truth through signs can be fruitless in a sea of darkness. No wonder God has sent wave after wave of warnings throughout this century to penetrate the darkness and alert us that we are indeed in a "spiritual outage" and the only means of lighting the way is through Him. And through Him He has sent His chief envoy - His very Own Blessed Mother to convey the messages of how to find true peace through conversion, repentance, commitment to God's Will, prayer, penance, sacrifice and a return to the Sacraments - the lifeblood of our faith. That is truly Divine Mercy!

      This weekend we celebrate this wondrous feast - unnofficial though it still is. But every year the support grows more and more to make it recognized universally and we feel it is only a matter of time before it is. It's also only a matter of time until His Mercy will have run its course and the Justice will pour forth. Then the darkness will truly be upon us. So while we still have some "twilight" left let's grab the "Christlight" and point the way for others by doing all God asks through His Holy Church and the Blessed Mother and by making the Chaplet of Divine Mercy a daily habit. For our fragile world, plunged in darkness, Divine Mercy is our backup generator in a blacked-out world!

Michael Cain, editor

Daily CATHOLIC          April 17-19, 1998