VATICAN ( -- Two Spanish nurses, who had been kidnapped in Rwanda on March 24, were released last week in Goma, Congo. They are expected to arrive in Spain tomorrow.

      Sister Sagrario Laralde Solana, a nurse, and Sister Rosa Munoz, a doctor, returned to Rwanda after their release, in the company of Spanish ambassador Jose Antonio Bordallo. They then embarked on a plane for Tanzania, for a connection to Madrid.

      The nuns confirmed that they had been treated well during their captivity. But contrary to initial reports-- which had been based on the fact that the nuns were health-care workers, and their kidnappers stole medical supplies from their clinic-- they were not asked to treat the wounds of their captors. They said that their captors were constantly on the move, usually changing their position during the night, in order to avoid government patrols. Finally they crossed the border into Congo to release their hostages.

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April 2, 1998 volume 9, no. 66         DAILY CATHOLIC