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TUESDAY      September 8, 1998      SECTION TWO       vol 9, no. 175

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     Today is the Feast of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary while tomorrow we honor the feast of Saint Peter Claver, Priest, Religious and Missionary. For the readings, liturgy, meditations and vignettes for both days, click on LITURGY FOR THE DAY.

Tuesday, September 8, 1998

Feast of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Wednesday, September 9, 1998

Feast of Saint Peter Claver, Priest, Religious and Missionary

Events Today in Church History

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Historical Events in Church Annals for September 8:

Feast of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary

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      VATICAN ( -- Pope John Paul II marked the anniversary of the death of Mother Teresa by calling upon all of the world's leaders to follow her example and take decisive steps to promote world peace.

      Meeting in St. Peter's Square with representatives of the Italian Catholic Action group on Saturday evening, September 5, the Holy Father lent his support to the cause of disarmament, and said that the best way to show respect for Mother Teresa would be to take concrete steps to safeguard human life and human rights.

      "To heads of state, rich and poor alike, I say: Do not trust the power of arms!" the Pope warned. "Take decisive and loyal action with a view to disarmament, so that resources can be turned to the truly great purposes of civilization-- to fight together against hunger and disease, until every man can live and die like a man."

      Speaking of Mother Teresa, the Pope said, "What a marvelous work this little woman, from a humble family, was able to accomplish through the power of faith in God and love for her neighbor." He pointed out that the Albanian-born nun based her legendary love for the poor on the love of God, and that her entire life's work was "a gift from God to the poorest of the poor." Her life was also "a particular gift to the Church and to the world," he added.


      VATICAN ( -- During his Sunday Angelus audience on September 6, Pope John Paul II called for a renewed faith in God, and criticized the widespread reliance on horoscopes and astrology, which are particularly popular in Italy.

      The faithful Christian should trust in God to guide him through daily life, and recognize "the mystery of love" which sustains him, the Pontiff said. The way to understand the mysteries of life is through prayer, he said, since through prayer we can enter into a greater appreciation for God's providence.

      Dismissing horoscopes and "magical visions" as fraudulent, the Pope concluded that by invoking the counsel of the Holy Spirit, believers can plumb the true depths of life's mysteries, and recognize the "mystery of God's love" which guides their lives.


      ROME ( - More than 600 people were killed in a massacre at a Catholic mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo last month, up from an earlier estimate of 37, an Italian missionary news service reported on Friday.

      The Misna news agency originally reported that on August 24, at least 37 people -- including a priest, three nuns, seminary students, and refugees -- were killed as they huddled in the mission by rebels. Last week, the agency reported that the death toll had risen to 200 and on Friday, they raised the mark to 633.

      The rebel Congo Democratic movement which is fighting to oust President Laurent Kabila denied responsibility for the attack, blaming bandit gangs.


      SOUTH BEND, Indiana ( - Pro-life groups and University of Notre Dame alumni joined together on Saturday to protest the hiring of a pro-abortion, former New Jersey Senator to teach at the Catholic university this semester.

      The groups, including the Pro-Life Action League, said university officials had been unresponsive to requests that the administration cancel plans for former Democrat Sen. Bill Bradley to teach a class. Bradley had a nearly 100 percent pro-abortion record during 18 years in Congress, and has not changed his views since then, PLAL said. The protesters planned to send their message by air on Saturday, hiring two airplanes to tow banners -- reading "N.D. drop Sen. Bill Bradley" and "Sen. Bill Bradley backed abortion" -- over the opening game of the football season at the university's stadium.

      "Notre Dame failed to get the message by phone or letter," said Joseph Scheidler, executive director of PLAL, and an alumnus and former instructor at Notre Dame, "so we are sending it by air -- literally." The protesters said there is widespread criticism of the plan to have Bradley teach among faculty. "Bradley's appointment is indefensible," said Prof. Charles Rice, of the Notre Dame Law School. "It sends a message to the students that it is acceptable and even commendable for a legislator to support abortion."

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     Yesterday, Labor Day we began the Nine Day Novena for Life sponsored by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. The Novena stretches from the Vigil of the feast of the Birth of Mary to September 15 - the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows. It is appropriate that these liturgical feasts fall during the same time Congress will once again consider the important legislation impacting the lives of unborn children in trying to rescind Clinton's veto of the ban on partial-birth abortion. Below is the daily prayer for the Novena for Life and click on NOVENA FOR LIFE:

     God, come to my assistance. Lord, make haste to help me. (Glory Be).

Holy Mother of God, hear the prayers of the Church for all mothers, especially those wearied by life and overcome by the suffering they bear for their children. (Hail Mary).

O Mother of the Word Incarnate, intercede for them from your place in Heaven, that the mercy of your Divine Son might lighten their burden and give them strength. (Hail Mary, Glory Be).


Day One and Two

A nine day Novena from the Vigil of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary to the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows and endorsed by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. Compiled by Father James Moroney Executive Director, NCCB Secretariat for the Liturgy

Day 1 - Monday, September 7, 1998 - Vigil of the feast of the Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Labor Day - Pray for the Suffering Women of the World

      Labor day usually brings to mind images of factory workers, farmers or heavy equipment operators. Yet we also use labor to describe the first work which brought each one of us to birth: those first hours of maternal sacrifice which brought us into the world. It's too easy to forget that and all the other sacrifices which the vocation of motherhood entails. Pray for the mothers "in labor" today. Those who give birth. Those who work two jobs to support a child. Those who "go without" so their child's needs are met. Those whose patient endurance is a sign of God's love upon the cross.

Scripture Reading: Luke 7: 11-15

Tomorrow: Day 3 of the Novena for Life

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September 8, 1998 volume 9, no. 175   DAILY CATHOLIC