September 4-7, 1998
Commemoration of one-year anniversary of Mother Teresa's deathSeptember 4-7, 1998
vol. 9, no. 174


     In honor of the one-year anniversary commemorating the death of Mother Teresa we present this special prayer composed by Mother Teresa which every member of the Missionaries of Charity say before beginning their apostolate each day:

Dear Lord, the Great Healer, I kneel before You, Since every perfect gift must come from You. I pray, give skill to my hands, clear vision to my mind, kindness and meekness to my heart. Give me singleness of purpose, strength to lift up a part of the burden of my suffering fellow men, and a true realization of the privilege that is mine. Take from my heart all guile and worldliness, that with the simple faith of a child, I may rely on You.

     This weekend is strictly the liturgy of Ordinary Time as we observe FIRST FRIDAY and FIRST SATURDAY - also the one-year anniversary of the death of a living saint: Mother Teresa - and then the TWENTY-THIRD SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME followed by Monday's Mass of Ordinary Time on the holiday known as Labor Day. For the liturgies, readings and meditations for this Labor Day Weekend, click on LITURGY

  • d installment of the Holy Father's Apostolic Letter to the Bishops Apostolos Suos in THE VICAR OF CHRIST SPEAKS

  • Father Stephen Valenta's column HEARTS TO HEART

  • August 31st in Church History in our Time Capsule section: ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME

  • LITURGY OF THE DAY as we head into a week composed mostly of weekdays in Ordinary Time.

  • ...and much more in our 170th issue for 1998!

Today in Church history
Events this weekend in Church History
     For time capsule events that happened in Church history on September 4th through September 7th, click on MILLENNIUM MILESTONES

"Pleasing words are a honey-comb, sweet to the taste and healthful to the body."
Proverbs 16: 24

483- 482 - 481 - 480 and counting,
hoping and praying...

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The collegial union among the bishops must remain in union with Rome the Holy Father points out in his Apostolic Letter Apostolos Suos
     Since there is no Monday issue per se because of Labor Day Weekend, we include here the next installment of our seven part segment on the Holy Father's Apostolic Letter to the Bishops of the world on Episcopal Conferences entitled APOSTOLOS SUOS. In his Motu Proprio, Pope John Paul II asserts in no uncertain terms that all bishops must be in union with Rome and their particular conferences and cannot go out on their own without full approval from the Holy See. He continues to cite the way Jesus set up His Church and appointment of His apostles and lists policies established by the Church over the centuries. For the third part, click on THE VICAR OF CHRIST SPEAKS.
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Special Tribute planned this weekend at St. Peter's Basilica to honor the memory of the "godmother of the Jubilee" - Mother Teresa.

      The Vatican will go all out this weekend for ceremonies honoring Mother Teresa on the one-year anniversary of her death. The Holy Father will be there and special recognition will be given to the order she founded - Missionaries of Charity. The festivities will be televised live on Italian TV as well as the Vatican network at www.vatican.va. For more, click on Mother Teresa tribute

Holy Father attempts to bridge gap between Catholics and Jews

     With all the controversy swirling between Rome and Jerusalem, His Holiness John Paul II welcomed a Jewish delegation from the U.S. and expressed a kinship with their faith rooted in the Old and New Testaments and traditions. Through this link and the similarities between the two in worshipping the same Deity, the Pope urged cooperation between the two faiths as we near Jubilee 2000 of upholding the Culture of Life. For more, click on Jewish relations

Sudanese refugees turned away by the Islams, turn to Catholic missions for sustenance

     Catholic mission dispensaries are being swamped by hundreds upon hundreds of Sudanese citizens who have been ravaged by the civil war between Islam factions and Christian forces. They have turned to the Salesian missionaries as their last hope and they have not been turned away, but supplies and work reinforcements are badly depleted. More missionaries have been called in to meet the needs of the downtrodden Sudanese. For more, click on Sudan.

Uphold the Culture of Life and do not seek revenge but forgiveness Cardinal urges Congo citizens in plea to stop bloodshed

     The Archbishop of Kinshasa, head of the Church of Zaire - Cardinal Frederic Etsou-Nzabi-Bamungwabi implored the people of his country to put away their differences and turn away from revenge, seeking reconciliation to preserve the sacredness of life. He beseeched them to love one another as Christ teaches while condemning those who rile the people into a frenzy against their enemies, asserting that such measures only intensify violence and are not the answers in the on-going war with rebels from Rwanda and Uganda. He urged all to do anything they can to stop the senseless bloodshed. For more, click on No more bloodshed in Congo.

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On this Labor Day WeekendCATHOLIC PewPOINT editorial we reflect on one who personified the Labor of Love
     In today's editorial, we remember someone who personified the Labor of Love - the kind of love Jesus advocated for all His children and which Mother Teresa lived every second of her life for His honor and glory. For the weekend commentary The ideal labor of love, click on CATHOLIC PewPOINT.

Symphony of Suffering
The melodious refrains of Pope Saint Gregory's Gregorian Chant may be dwindling, but the spirit is willing even if the vocal chords are weak!
Cyndi Cain, the Hidden Flower continues this series on sharing her own feelings from her heart and soul     In this weekend's issue the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart reflects on Thursday's feast of Pope Saint Gregory the Great and how he bequeathed to the Church the beautiful music known as Gregorian Chant which has practically vanished today from the scene. She discusses the modern music that often leaves much to be desired and shows to the reader that it is not in the music but the message conveyed which God accepts as true harmony with His Will. For her fifteenth stanza entitled A Symphony offered to God can be one without a note of music and it will still be a most beautiful melody if offered in true humility and reverence Click on SYMPHONY OF SUFFERING

Sister Lucy shares a date of very special significance
     In her column this week, Sister Mary Lucy Astuto Sister Mary Lucy Astuto shares with all why the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is so very special, not just because it is Our Lady's birthday but for another very special reason that you will discover in Sister's column, Two reasons for liking September 8th, click on GETTING TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER

Top Ten Movies of the Summer Reviews


Armageddon tops summer top ten
"And He gathered them together in one place that is called in Hebrew Armageddon."
     That is the passage from Revelations/Apocalypse 16: 16 and it could be paraphrased in secular terms to read: "And the top ten films gathered together in the summer of 1998 were topped by 'Armageddon'." But in the realm of celluloid make-believe it is all mute compared to the real Armageddon the Almighty has foretold to Saint John. Yet, because of the influence on the moral fiber of God's children today, we present the pitfalls that could befall the moviegoer's soul if they do not know what they are getting themselves into once they plop down in the nearest movieplex with their popcorn. Because last week's top ten was so tepid and mediocre, we present the total top ten for the summer which featured a poorer caliber of films as in past seasons. You can see reviews of the summer's top ten from a Catholic perspective including our take and the official review by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops by clicking on MOVIES & MORALS: TOP TEN MOVIES OF THE SUMMER

Medjugorje Monthly Message for August 25th The Gospa's message for August
   Dear children! Today I invite you to come still closer to me through prayer. Little children, I am your mother, I love you and I desire that each of you be saved and thus be with me in Heaven. That is why, little children, pray, pray, pray until your life becomes prayer. Thank you for having responded to my call.
For more on Medjugorje, click on MEDJUGORJE

September 4-7, 1998       volume 9, no. 174
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