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WEDNESDAY      September 23, 1998      SECTION TWO       vol 9, no. 186

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      CHICAGO, Sept. 18 /PRNewswire "The partial birth abortion procedure is the most barbaric way they have come up with to kill an unborn child," said Joseph Scheidler, Executive Director of the Pro-Life Action League. "It is disguisting and abhorrent that our two Illinois senators, who claim to be Catholics, have again voted against an override of President Clinton's veto, ignoring the advice and counsel of all the Bishops of Illinois."

      "We are asking Cardinal George, on behalf of the Catholic Bishops of Illinois, to issue a statement censuring Carol Moseley-Braun and Richard Durbin," said Scheidler. "Canon Law and Papal Encyclicals are very clear on the consequences of involvement in abortion. Moseley-Braun and Durbin may well have excommunicated themselves with their vote to allow a procedure the Catholic Bishops have called 'infanticide,'" he said.

      "Catholic voters are entitled to a clear statement of the senators' excommunications," said Scheidler. "If Moseley-Braun and Durbin persist in their unrelenting support for the killing of unborn children, they should, at least, be confronted with the reality that they can no longer call themselves 'Catholic.'"

      On Sept. 9, the five Bishops of Illinois sent a joint letter to Senator Moseley-Braun and Senator Durbin, asking them to switch their votes on the partial birth abortion ban. But claiming that they had to represent people of all religions, both refused and cast their votes to uphold Clinton's veto. In point of fact the majority of Illinois voters, no matter what their religion, oppose the brutal procedure.

      "It is particularly offensive when a politician supports killing children and then pretends to belong to the Catholic Church, which holds all life to be sacred," said Scheidler. "Our unborn brothers and sisters deserve protection from public officials, not extermination. I hope that Cardinal George, Bishop Gregory, Bishop Meyer, Bishop Doran and Bishop Ryan are poised to issue a statement on excommunication."


      VATICAN ( -- Pope John Paul II will make an official visit to Italian President Oscar Luigi Scalfaro on October 20. The meeting will take place at the Quirinal-- the presidential palace, named for the section of Rome where it stands.

      It is traditional that a new president of Italy visits the Vatican soon after his election, and the Pope eventually returns the visit. The visits are marked by a formal address by each leader, and an exchange of symbolic gifts. The Holy See has no similar tradition for an exchange of visits with other heads of state.

      President Scalfaro came to the Vatican on November 22, 1992, but to date Pope John Paul II has not returned the visit. Scalfaro's term will expire in June 1999.

      The visit, a clear indication of good will, comes at a time when relations between the Italian government and the Holy See have been tested by the government's search of the offices of Naples Cardinal Michele Giordano-- a search which Vatican officials protested, saying it was a violation of the concordat which governs church-state relations in Italy. Vatican officials have also been pressing the government for more favorable treatment of Catholic schools.


      LONDON ( - One of the Church of England's most vehement opponents of women priests announced this week he will join the Catholic Church. Father Francis Bown, vicar of St. Stephen's Church in Hull, England, has claimed the Church of England is spiritually, morally, and intellectually bankrupt.

      A leading campaigner against women priests, Father Bown hit the headlines four years ago when he paraded a coffin outside the church headquarters in London and performed the funeral rites of the Church of England while the General Synod voted to allow women priests. A notice outside his parish church in Hull reads: "This Anglican parish has no part in the apostasy of priestesses."

      Father Bown, who has been a priest for 21 years, said he felt sad to leave his parishioners, but the Church of England was no longer a fit home for anyone who believed in orthodox Christianity. "In contrast to the pathetic and broken Church of England," he said, "the Catholic Church speaks with the clear voice of authentic Christianity. I now realize that the proper course for faithful Anglicans is not to go on attempting to revive the corpse of the Church of England, but to place themselves in communion with the Holy See." Father Bown will officially leave his parish on October 17 and plans to move to London.


      VATICAN ( -- Vatican Radio today acknowledged the Jewish holy days, broadcasting a recorded interview with Rabbi Abraham Piattelli.

      With the marking of Rosh Hashanah on Monday, September 21, the Jewish people opened the new year-- the year 5759 by their reckoning. The holiday season continues through the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) on September 30, and the feast of Sukkoth on October 5.

      Yom Kippur, the rabbi explained, is the day when Jewish people seek pardon for their offenses. Sukkoth is a harvest feast, but it also recalls the 40 years which the Hebrew people spent in the desert before entering into the Holy Land. Thus, Rabbi Piattelli said, the feast is "a symbol of divine providence."

      Beginning on December 14 this year, Judaism will observe the feast of Hanukah, commemorating the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem by the Maccabees. For the first time, that feast will be marked by a special celebration in the Vatican gardens, at which Cardinal Edward Cassidy will preside along with the Israeli ambassador to the Holy See, Aharon Lopez.

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Proverbs 29: 26

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September 23, 1998 volume 9, no. 186   DAILY CATHOLIC