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THURSDAY      September 10, 1998      SECTION TWO       vol 9, no. 177

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      VATICAN ( -- Even non-Christian religions contain "germs of truth," Pope John Paul II said during at his weekly catechetical audience.

      In the 16th talk of his series on the working of the Holy Spirit, the Pope said that the Spirit "inspires the search for truth, for goodness, and ultimately for God." That inspiration, he continued, is written in men's hearts, and leads ultimately to a recognition of the Cross of Christ.

      An attitude of "sincere respect, profound sympathy, and cordial collaboration" toward other religions does not imply that Christians fail to recognize the unique importance of Christ's redemptive action, the Holy Father pointed out. Rather, these attitudes form the basis for missionary work.


      VATICAN ( -- Cardinal Michele Giordano, who became the focus of a church-state debate in Italy when police searched his office in connection with an investigation into Mafia activities, has renewed his own personal call for the Mafia to disband.

      "Put down your arms!" the Naples prelate said, in response to an incident in which innocent bystanders were wounded during a shootout between rival gangs. "Renounce this warfare, which produces only losers, and never winners."

      The cardinal also called upon the people of Naples to close ranks in opposition to the work of organized crime. He asked believers to "pray for the conversion of hearts hardened by violence, and for a future that will offer the hope of peace."

      Cardinal Giordano encouraged law-enforcement authorities to redouble their efforts to break the Mafia. But he addressed most of his remarks to the criminals themselves. "God will judge you," he warned, "and his justice-- unlike that of man-- cannot be escaped."


      VATICAN ( -- In a message to the United Nations, for today's opening of the 53rd working session of the General Assembly, Pope John Paul II called for "universal acceptance" of the Declaration on Human Rights, adopted at the UN 50 years ago.

      The Pontiff said that the historic Declaration was an illustration of "the progress of the human family." The document, he observed, recognized "that every human being has transcendent and inalienable rights, which are not privileges conceded by states or government."

      The papal message was read during an ecumenical prayer service in New York's Holy Family Church, with Cardinal John O'Connor presiding, before the formal opening of the General Assembly. Archbishop Renato Martino, the Holy See's delegate to the UN, also participated, along with UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and the outgoing and incoming presidents of the General Assembly, Hennadiy Udovenko and Didier Operti.


      MANILA ( - An Italian missionary priest was kidnapped by suspected Muslim rebels on Tuesday along with 11 Filipino companions who were released hours later.

      Father Luciano Benedetti was believed to have been taken to a mountain hideout in the southern Philippines, the military said. The official report said the priest and his companions were in his parish when 30 bandits took them at gunpoint to a motorboat which they used to travel to a nearby town. The 11 Filipinos were released, but Father Benedetti was not.

      "I have directed army elements and the local police to carry out pursuit operations," southern military commander Lieutenant General Angelo Reyes told reporters. Father Benedetti is the third foreign missionary abducted by Muslim rebels in the past year. Suspected guerrillas kidnapped an Irish priest in October last year but freed him after 12 days. A Belgian missionary abducted last November was released after 36 hours.

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"He who seduces the upright into an evil way will himself fall into his own pit. And blameless men will gain prosperity."

Proverbs 28: 10

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