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FRI-SAT-SUN             June 26-28, 1998             SECTION ONE              vol 9, no. 124

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The low, deep mellow notes are just as important as the high, fluid notes to obtain harmony

     In this weekend's issue the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart speaks from her heart on her perceptions of Father's Day last weekend and a wife and mother's point of view in pouring out her heart with thoughts the Holy Spirit has placed on her heart. Click on SYMPHONY OF SUFFERING

The balance of soprano notes with the deep, bold tones of bass are vital to stay on key
part one

Cyndi Cain


     With this issue we begin a weekly feature in place of the GOLDEN CHALICE AWARDS which are suspended for the summer in order that we might bring you the National Conference of Catholic Bishops recommendation reviews for the summer hits at the local cinemaplex near you. We present our short take from a Catholic perspective along with the Bishops' review on the top ten movies last week. Click on TOP TEN MOVIES


     For the first time since December the all-time blockbuster "Titanic" sunk out of the top ten. The best news of the first list of top ten for the new summer season was that only one movie was rated "R." As you'll see with each review there is almost always something objectionable about each movie so go in with an open mind and keep in mind the best advice before you plunk down your hard-earned money at the box-office: Would Jesus and His Mother Mary watch it with you? If not, think twice about seeing it. Below are the top ten for this last week with the Bishops' reviews. Reviews are categorized by A-I -- general patronage; A-II -- adults and adolescents; A-III -- adults; A-IV -- adults, with reservations (an A-IV classification designates problematic films that, while not morally offensive in themselves, require caution and some analysis and explanation as a safeguard against wrong interpretations and false conclusions); and finally, ones no one should see: O -- morally offensive.

Reviews provided through Film & Broadcasting Division of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops and figures provided through Exhibitor Relations Co. Inc.

Evidence of the graces flowing from Medjugorje

     In her column this week, focuses on Medjugorje and the Seventeen years of grace that have emanated from the apparitions and fruits of the messages imparted by the Blessed Mother. She balances the scales of good and bad, and, though evil is rampant today and the conscience of the world is dulled, she sees hope through Medjugorje. For her column, , click on GETTING TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER

Medjugorje: Evidence of God's Love.


"If a wise man disputes with a fool, he may rage or laugh but can have no peace."

Proverbs 29: 9

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June 26-28, 1998 volume 9, no. 124   DAILY CATHOLIC