DAILY CATHOLIC     FRI-SAT-SUN     June 26-28, 1998     vol. 9, no. 124


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Microsoft and Medjugojre!

          Doesn't it seem ironic that Microsoft billionaire mogul Bill Gates chose June 25th to officially release his new, hyped-up Windows 98? We say that because that is also the date of the Seventeenth Anniversary of the Apparitions at Medjugorje. We have told the Medjugorje story for so many years and it continues to grow in grace and fruits, evident by the countless conversions throughout the world. Our own conversion story not only stems from our first trip there in May 1990, but the evolution of this ministry has its roots in the Blessed Mother's very special Oasis of Peace in the mountain valley in the former Yugoslavia, now Bosnia-Herzegovina. One might think, there's no correlation at all between the two, but look at the comparisons. Windows 98 provides the door to cyberspace; Medjugorje provides the door to Heaven. Windows 98 figures to convert millions to its software; Medjugorje has already converted millions to God. Windows 98 promises near-perfect computing; Medjugorje perfects the Promise Jesus made to His children that He would be with us always, even to the consummation of the world. With Windows 98 the more random access memory and hard-drive storage space available, the better it will work; with Medjugorje the more graces we can accrue through living the messages, the more souls we will save. Windows 98 is supposed to work better if you have compatible software; compatibility with God is synonymous with the messages and meaning of Medjugorje. One is the window to the world-wide web, the other is the window to Heaven. The packaging of Windows 98 is illustrated with clouds; God packaged Medjugorje by sending His Mother on a cloud. With Windows 98 you have the Microsoft executives counting the profits; with Medjugorje you have the precision of God's trilogy in the Communion of Saints counting the merits of eternal bliss through the messages imparted at this special Marian shrine. With Windows 98 there are still those who refuse to convert to the more popular PC mode and stubbornly stick with the Macintosh line; with Medjugorje there are many who refuse to acknowledge God's hand in this phenomena and insist it is the work of the devil. There has been constant controversy over both. With Windows 98 it has come to bickering with the U. S. Government over fair-trade practices; with Medjugorje it has come to bickering among those who, for some reason, fear what Medjugorje is doing. By that we mean Medjugorje has made millions more aware of Church teaching and awakened us to the charade that has been foisted on us by modernists who, had it not been for Medjugorje and a return to basics beginning with the Rosary, may have made more inroads and further eroded the foundation of Holy Mother Church. Like Fatima, the central focus of Mary's messages revolve around Prayer and the Rosary. While Microsoft can provide the weapon to detect and fend off deadly viruses that could corrupt one's system, the message and method behind Medjugorje is that the Rosary is the greatest weapon to combat the virus of satan and the culture of death, no matter the odds! One offers a 90 day warranty, the other provides the means for an eternal lifetime guarantee!

         Thirty years ago computers were little more than ultra expensive monstrosities that covered entire rooms wall to wall and promised a lot but were so limited in performance that many called it a myth. Thirty years ago if anyone had told you that within three decades so much would change within the liturgy that it would be hardly recognizable you might have said that would be a myth. But strangely, both myths have become realities. Today computers are palm sized and the speed is frightening. Nothing, however, is so frightening as to see what has happened with our Church over this time. More and more emphasis has been placed on the the horizontal aspect of "peace and justice" while practically forgetting the vertical platform which must come first: God. With Microsoft a horizontal web of cyberspace is essential; with Medjugorje the vertical dimension of emphasizing the trunk of the cross is so important for we cannot reach out to our fellow man if we do not first reach out to God. It is akin to us holding our hands up in the direction of God - our Creator and All! By placing this as priority it allows us to stretch our arms out - opening them to our fellow man. Conversely, if we begin by reaching out to our fellow man as so many bleeding heart liberals and modernists are advocating, then when we reach out to God, we are, in actuality, closing our arms - closing our hearts! That is why Our Lady and her beloved Pope-son put so much emphasis on the vertical dimension to keep everything in balance. The Holy Father reminded us of this last weekend in Austria when he said that dialogue and practicing our faith cannot be solely in the horizontal dimension but that we need to be ever mindful and practice the "vertical dimension, which leads to the Savior of the world." Pope John Paul II tells us all the social programs in the world - promoted on a horizontal platform - won't amount to a "hill of beans" if we do not look to the vertical avenue for the solutions. It does no good to lament the lack of vocations or apathy so prevalent today, but rather to turn to prayer. We cannot pray horizontally to our fellow man, but only vertically to Heaven. That vertical dimension is contained in one word: Prayer! That is the only answer and that is the same message being echoed from Medjugorje these past seventeen years. Our Lady, in nearly everyone of her messages emphasizes over and over and over again: "Pray! Pray! Pray!" We all know she wouldn't repeat herself if it were not so important. We also know God would not repeat His special envoy's visits - sending His very Own Mother on a daily basis for seventeen years if it were not so vital to the spiritual welfare of all His children. While Microsoft is making our life easier in bits and bytes, Medjugorje takes a bite out of temporal things by making us aware of how fleeting this modern lifestyle is. It can be gone in the blink of an eye. Even Bill Gates has to realize you can't take it with you. Ah, there's the real, definitive difference between Microsoft and Medjugorje!

Michael Cain, editor