DAILY CATHOLIC     MONDAY     June 8, 1998    

vol. 9, no. 110

from a CATHOLIC perspective

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         WASHINGTON, DC (CWNews.com) - Attorney General Janet Reno will tell federal drug enforcement agents not to
    investigate any doctors who prescribe medication in
    connection with Oregon's doctor-assisted suicide law,
    Justice Department officials said on Friday.

           The sources said Reno and President Clinton still oppose
    assisted suicide, but Reno decided that the Drug
    Enforcement Agency does not have authority under the
    federal Controlled Substances Act to take action against
    Oregon doctors who provide lethal doses of medicine for
    terminally ill patients in ways that conform to the Oregon
    state law. The officials said the DEA disagreed with that

           Lori Houghens of the National Right To Life Committee in
    Washington, called Reno's decision tragic and horrible. "We
    think for this government, for this Justice Department to
    pull the safety net out from under the most vulnerable
    people in our society, people who are terminally ill,
    people with severe disabilities, we think it's
    unconscionable, and right now we call on Congress to act
    promptly to prevent any more tragic deaths in Oregon," she

           After the Oregon law was passed by voters the Justice
    Department began reviewing its jurisdiction over assisted
    suicide. Dozens of members of Congress called on Reno to
    accept an interpretation of the Controlled Substances Act
    that would disqualify assisted suicide as a "legitimate
    medical purpose" of drugs.    


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June 8, 1998       volume 9, no. 110


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