July 10-19, 1998
Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel on Thursday this week
July 10-19, 1998

volume 9, no. 134 through 139

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Top Ten Movies of the Week ReviewsTOP TEN FILMS LAST WEEK
Armageddon tops the list      Our summer replacement for the Golden Chalice Award is intended to keep everyone abreast of the proper entertainment to take in during the hazy, lazy days of summer. Thus we present this week's top ten movies from a Catholic perspective including our take and the official review by the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. The new leader "Armageddon" cracked the sound barrier - making loud noises at the box office and in the eardrums of theater-goers. Can you say "too loud?" Click on TOP TEN MOVIES
Symphony of Suffering
Every note contributes to the overall melody
Cyndi Cain, the Hidden Flower continues this series on sharing her own feelings from her heart and soul     In this weekend's issue the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart continues to speak from her heart on the responsibilities of all in evangelizing and helping ministries to evangelize. It is all part of what the Holy Father has asked and what God asks of each of us for we are all asked to suffer in some way or another and by saying "yes" to that suffering we blend our melody to the overall Symphony of Suffering. Click on SYMPHONY OF SUFFERING
St. Ann
Gearing up for our Heavenly Grandmother
     In her column this week, Sister Mary Lucy Astuto Sister Mary Lucy Astuto reminds us of the tremendous intercession Saint Ann has always garnered for her grandchildren on earth. For Sister's column, St. Ann, Our Heavenly Grandmother, click on GETTING TO THE HEART OF THE MATTER
Medjugorje Monthly Message for June 25th
The Gospa's message for June   Dear children! Today I desire to thank you for living my messages. I bless you all with my motherly blessing and I bring you all before my Son Jesus. Thank you for having responded to my call.
For more on Medjugorje, click on MEDJUGORJE

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It is vital that we keep holy the Lord's Day
GIF images used with permission of EWTN
     Because the staff at the DAILY CATHOLIC is on vacation this week, we offer the third installment and will resume next Monday, July 20th. For those who want to read the entire text at one sitting we refer you to the EWTN site Dies Domini. For the third installment, click on THE VICAR OF CHRIST SPEAKS.

Satan's smokescreen camouflages the Sacrifice of the Mass
Father Stephen Valenta, OFM Conv.      In his final part on Meekness of Heart in his weekly column, Father Stephen Valenta, OFM Conv. warns us of the evil one's intent and how he has managed to infiltrate churches and the liturgy and diminish the importance of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Fr. points out that we will not recognize it unless we are meek and humble of heart. For Father's column, click on the fourth part of his treatise in HEARTS TO HEART TALK

Evolution of the Faith
     In our eighth installment from the earliest chapters of our on-going megaseries, we cover the Didache and writings of the early Church Fathers, all who had a tremendous impact in formulating the liturgy and spirituality of the faith Jesus Christ left to His Apostles. For the early installment titled The evolution of the early Christian spiritual life and liturgy, click on THE HISTORY OF THE MASS AND HOLY MOTHER CHURCH.

Holiness begins by keeping the Lord's Day Holy!
THE HIDDEN WAY      The 94th Lesson/ Meditation imparted by Our Lady to the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart, which is one in a series of 100 Meditative Lessons imparted to her and this one coincides with the subject matter of Pope John Paul II's Apostolic Letter released last week and echoes the Holy Father's words and follow's up her Divine Son's words last week in Lesson/Meditation #93. Click on THE HIDDEN WAY

St. BenedictSt. Henry
Blessed TekawithaSt. Bonaventure
     During this week we celebrate the feasts of Saint Benedict, Saint Henry, Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha, and Saint Bonaventure along with the pivotal feast of Our Lady of Mt. CarmelOur Lady of Mount Carmel. For the liturgies, readings, meditations and vignettes on all these feasts, click on LITURGY

Worldwide Catholic News
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Catholic World News Service


Catholic World News ServiceWith the Holy Father on vacation and the staff at the DAILY CATHOLIC also on vacation until July 20th, we recommend you go to the Catholic World News site at the CWN home page. CWN is not affiliated with the Daily CATHOLIC but provides this service via e-mail to the Daily CATHOLIC Monday through Friday.

Until we meet again!
Roy Rogers and Trigger from the Roy Rogers website at www.royrogers.com      The theme of today's editorial is "until we meet again" but in actuality it is a tribute to the king of the Silver Screen Cowboy Stars Roy Rogers and the values and virtues he exemplified. He has left us but is not forgotten. Also not forgotten are our dear readers as we head into our summer vacation. Therefore, while we are gone, we are providing a full week's worth of material in this issue with the promise to return with our regular daily issues on July 20th. For our last editorial before a summer break, titled Happy Trails to you, until we meet again! click on this week's CATHOLIC PewPOINT

The Sixteenth Century and the emergence of the mystics
      The sixteenth century was one of turmoil and is also often called the "century of saints" as God rose up great men and women to offset the terrible revolt against His Church during the Protestant Reformation. The seventeenth century produced many, many mystics, many of which are not household names and which we bring you this week in repeating the early chapters of this on-going megaseries. For the chapter Century of Mystics click on THE AGE OF MARIAN APPARITION

A miracle can only be measured by faith
Father John Hampsch, C.M.F.     In his final part on "Success Through Faith" Father John Hampsch, C.M.F. shows how miraculous healings can measure our faith and our faith can move us to miraculous healings. For Father's forty-eighth installment of "Faith: Key to the Heart of God," click on KEYS TO LIVING GOD'S WILL

How satan made inroads since Pope Leo XIII
The seat of Christianity - the seat of our salvation: Rome and St. Peter's Basilica     As part of our summer service to readers who may not have had the opportunity to read the earliest chapters of our on-going megaseries on the Church today, we repeat the early installments. For the second installment, click on WHERE IS HOLY MOTHER CHURCH HEADING AS WE NEAR THE MILLENNIUM?.

The "New Eve" is at the eve of her last communication with her children
Queen of Prophets
      That is the essence of the Blessed Mother Mary's words in her 167th and 168th messages to the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart, which we bring you today. Our Lady urges her children to take shelter beneath her mantle while they still can. Click on "I SOLEMNLY TELL YOU..."

The week in Church history
Events throughout the week in Church History
     For time capsule events that happened in Church history on July 10th through July 19th, click on ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROME

"Blessings are for the head of the just, but a rod for the back of the fool."
Proverbs 10: 6

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hoping and praying...

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