DAILY CATHOLIC     FRI-SAT-SUN to FRI-SAT-SUN     July 10-19, 1998     vol. 9, no. 134 through 139


          With the messages for the world having been concluded three years ago, slowly the public "Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart" has been able to return to the fullness of being Cyndi Cain, wife and mother (roles she never abandoned even for a moment during the public years). However, after much prayer and discernment, she feels strongly that there is much God wishes her to share, for He continually teaches us in our hearts and with the grace of the Holy Spirit, we are to share, to learn, to grow and to be there for one another, as He is always there for us.

          In each weekend issue she hopes to find the time in a busy schedule of caring for a sick child, schooling another son, and the regular work of keeping up a home not to mention helping with the ministry, to write a few lines in sharing with all the experiences and lessons learned in her own introspection. Cyndi has chosen to call her few words, humble and poor in the face of the Almighty, "SYMPHONY OF SUFFERING", for He has placed these words in her heart. To suffer: How all hate the thought, and how, when one is a mother who is faced with the onset of an illness for which the cure may be years away we feel our hearts break in many places. Yet, God hears a beautiful melody here. The angels hear it, too, and so do the saints. The melody reaches to the Heavens and joins with the unending chorus of all the hosts of Heaven praising God. It is Cyndi's sincerest hope that perhaps, together with the reader, we can take our sufferings, which are different yet similar, and place them into this great hymn of praise to the Creator, our Lord, God and Savior, Jesus Christ, and learn to make beautiful music unto the Lord. Below is her ninth stanza.

Every note adds up and contributes to the overall Symphony of Suffering

          As the summer progresses, I have read, watched, listened, and prayed sincerely as I hear the news reports about the tragic weather patterns in Florida, in the Northeast, and elsewhere. We cheer when it rains; we cheer when it stops raining. We pray for rain, we pray for it to stop raining.

          But in any of this, is there anyone who truly sees the Hand of God? And if there is anyone who sees God's Hand, then that person or persons must truly believe and trust and thank God for His Providence, even while the fires rage, the flood waters rise, the home is destroyed, the farm land is left unplowed, and the crops are not harvested. We don't hear of these things, but they must exist somewhere, for if there was no one who gave glory to God, then the symphony of suffering would truly be out of sync with God's beautifully orchestrated Plan for mankind.

          It amazes me that so many people the world over are, today, so content in their economic safety net, never for a moment realizing that one single earthquake, one tornado, one hurricane, one low pressure system, or one medical crisis could literally wipe that safety net of economic security right out from under them, leaving them with...

          Nothing, if they do not have God.

          Leaving them with everything if they do have God.

          Which category do most of us fall into today? The former, whereby we are devastated, having lost all worldly possessions, possibly the life of a family member? Or, do we have that faith and trust and love of God that lifts us up out of the rubble of human life and allows us to see with our soul the glory that is God?

          Do we wait for this glory? Do we ask for it to come? Do we praise God ceaselessly, whether it's getting up in the morning, working at a dull job, cleaning the house, showering, or going to bed at night after a long day?

          The glory is not in the safety net of money, friends, jobs, etc. It's not in the new car in the driveway, or the new house with a hefty mortgage on it. It's not in having planned for a comfortable retirement. The glory is in the suffering, and all of us must suffer. The degree to which we suffer is different, but the suffering is consistent throughout all of mankind. If we suffer the trials of this life by praising God, and going forward with Him, then the suffering has merit, for it becomes part of the Infinite merits of Our Lord Jesus Christ. If we complain and despair, then we are that discordant note in the masterful symphony written by God, and conducted by God, and the disharmony reaches to the heavens and cries out for justice to come.

          You have problems in your life. Everyone does. You can't solve them. You don't even understand where they came from to begin with. You want things to go smoothly, peacefully, and that's not a bad thing to want. Except, you have to want it to be smooth and peaceful according to God's Plan, according to God's peace.

          As you are caught up in the magic spell of warm summer days and nights, when the kids are out of school, when the vacation plans are in full swing, remember that you are never excused from the symphony of suffering, and you must participate in God's Will at all times, lest you lose Him by losing your faith. Before you set out on vacation, ask yourself if you have been a complainer, or one who gives praise and glory to God in the midst of trials. Then, ask yourself what you have done to help spread the Glory of God, the Good News of the Gospel, and reflect upon the role you have been given by God in the Proper Order of Things.

          It is not enough for anyone of us to say, "I've done my part already." God does nothing in half-measures. He doesn't measure anything. We are to give until there is nothing left to give, and then we give that nothing to Him to do with as He sees fit.

          Mir-A-Call Center is just one small spark in God's overall Plan for mankind in these End Times. Without you, without your symphony of suffering, Mir-A-Call will cease. This has been reiterated in past excerpts from Symphony of Suffering. Only a very few have read this series, only a very few have responded. We are most grateful to those whose prayers are there every day, and who have sent a donation, no matter how small or how large, to keep this ministry going. But there is so much work to be done, and we are asking you, by your willing participation in the Symphony of Suffering, to help us to do what God asks of all-to evangelize the Truth. Tell others that the Daily Catholic is out there. It doesn't cost anything for them to tune in daily, and it doesn't cost you anything to spread the word. The more souls we can attract, the more souls can be saved. It's a matter of math in this Symphony of Suffering.

          Think of this as you set out for the summer vacations. You get a break from the routine, but God's routine is never-ending, and He expects us to participate in it.

          Are you willing? Are you ready? Then, let's do this together, and make beautiful music in the symphony of suffering, and in the end, all will be glory for God!

Cyndi Cain

July 10-19, 1998       volume 9, no. 134 through 139
Today's Catholic Pewpoint Editorial


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