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vol, 9
no. 73

It will never be the time for N.O.W. Not now, not ever!
         With today being TAX DAY, we thought we might bring you something that is taxing our patience and should tax yours as well. That is the news that National Organization of Women (NOW) president Patricia Ireland is poking her nose in matters that don't concern her and making a jerk of herself and her organization. We say this after she gave a talk at Trinity church in New York City on March 31 when she urged Catholic women to organize in making demands that they be allowed to be ordained to the priesthood. The Catholic World News report stated that she stated that "women of faith need to assert their full equality with men and should distance themselves from patriarchal elements within the Church. She added that they should also advocate so-called 'inclusive' language in biblical translations and liturgies."

         Here we go again, this vicious circle that becomes more vicious in its agenda on destroying the Roman Catholic Church. Last week it was Mike McCurry, spokesman for the White House, setting himself up as an expert on Roman Catholic doctrine by criticizing Cardinal John O'Connor, one of the most respected prelates of the Church, for not knowing what was going on. We took him and the entire Clinton regime to task last Wednesday on that. Now comes self-admitted public advocate of every liberal agenda in society today - Patricia Ireland who openly promotes abortion, lesbian issues and the feminist agenda with no thought of the true role a mother plays within a family. Who is Ireland to tell any Catholic what they should or shouldn't do? It's her ilk that has gotten the Church in so much trouble over these past thirty years with the women ordination babble and inclusive language tripe. Is ICEL a card-carrying member of N.O.W? We sometimes wonder for the way they have obliterated our beautiful liturgy is truly atrocious. If you don't believe it, look at the scripture readings for the Sunday masses in your Catholic bible approved by Rome, then look at the translations in some of missalettes. Is there any resemblance? Sometimes we wonder.

        The "spirit of Vatican II" has taken flight in the wrong direction and now we have crows and vulchers coming out of the woodwork trying to tell Catholics how to run their Church. Believe us, we have a difficult enough time trying to curb liberals within the Church and deal with their demands and shenanigans - both in the lay ranks, ex-clergy and religious ranks, and even with priests and bishops today who refuse to follow the Pope fully. We don't need outsiders telling us what to do. Our advice to Ms. Ireland, "Get your face out of our faith!" What are her credentials of expertise in the Roman Catholic Church? None, nada, zip! In fact she proudly proclaims that her own mother left the Catholic Church and became a Presbyterian because of Pope Paul VI's encyclical Humanae Vitae which taught that artificial birth control is an offense against God and the dignity of the person He created. She admits she doesn't practice her Protestant faith and blames her father for that since she claims she inherited his skepticism toward organized religion. If that is so, why is she trying to organize Catholics against their Church? Because that is the way of satan. And, as a leading spokesman for the "Culture of Death," Patricia Ireland is a willing accomplice to ol' lucifer and his brood of vipers.

         It's time to tell these "no-nothings" to butt out. They've already made such a mess of their own agendas that, in the vein of "misery loves company," they want to drag others down to their wallowing depths. As this editor said earlier, we have enough headaches with the modernists within the Church. We don't need more! It's time to stand up to anyone outside the Church who criticizes us. Just like a family who may bicker among themselves constantly within their own domicile, they are united when they leave the home hearth. Just like brothers who are always at each other's throat, you'll see them united as one when someone else attacks them! We've all heard the addage, "Blood is thicker than water." That is so true and as Catholics we have to rely on the Body and Blood of Christ to sustain us and refresh us in these battles. Within the great Communion of Saints family we're not called the Church Militant for nothing. God expects us to battle, not with each other, but against the forces of evil. We already have a "necessary evil" with the IRS as everyone knows only too well with TAX DAY upon us, but we don't need another evil. And those with the agenda of a Patricia Ireland qualify as a formidable foe of all God wills. Therefore, rather than taxing our psyches and going the "guilt-trip" route that men and women aren't equal and thus we all need to push for equalization of the sexes in all areas of the Church - including ordination as she demands, let's step back, look where the wind is blowing from and set up our own powerful vacuum that will suck up all the hot air blowing our way and dispose of it where it belongs - in the trash heap. We can do this through the powerful spiritual apparatus of being attuned to the enemy's tactics by sequestering our hearts and souls in prayer and submission to God's Holy Will. So as that windbag Ireland prattles on, we have one thing to say: Bow out! The acronynm N.O.W. is an oxymoron for the word "now" represents the present, not the past, not the future, but the present and that is truly a present from God...the precious present of life that can't be tampered with either in body, mind or soul! As long as Ireland continues her diatribe of death to the soul, the present is corrupted for it will never be the time for N.O.W! Not now, not ever!

Michael Cain, editor

April 15, 1998       volume 9, no. 73
Today's Catholic Pewpoint Editorial

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