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TUESDAY     November 16, 1999     SECTION TWO      vol 10, no. 217

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Without Y2KJ the idea of Y2K is as scary as hell!

    In today's editorial, we vent on about the fact that so few truly know Jesus and the Faith He left us and that - Yes, 2 Know Jesus is to love Him and be obedient to His Holy Church. That is why Y2KJ is what we should be concerned about and not be fooled by all the rhetoric on Y2K which, we suspect, is being orchestrated by that great conjurer of fear and despair - the man from hades. For the editorial, Can you think of a better way to ring in the Jubilee? see CATHOLIC PewPOINT

Can you think of a better way to ring in the Jubilee?

Michael Cain, editor


    Today is the Thirty-third Tuesday in Ordinary Time plus the dual feast of two great women of the Church - Saint Margaret of Scotland, Wife, Mother and Queen and Saint Gertrude, Virgin and Religious while tomorrow we celebrate the Feast of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, Wife, Mother and Religious. For the readings, liturgies, and meditations, click on DAILY LITURGY.

Tuesday, November 16, 1998

Feast of Saint Margaret of Scotland, Wife, Mother and Queen

Feast of Saint Gertrude the Great, Virgin, Religious and Mystic

Wednesday, November 17, 1999

Feast of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, Wife, Mother and Religious

Events Today in Church History

    On this date ten years ago six Jesuit missionary priests were shot down by El Salvadoran soldiers during a bloody coup in Central America. It was the beginning of a decade that would see more priests, religious and Catholic laity martyred worldwide than any other time in modern history. All part of the prophecies of Our Lady at Rue de Bac, Lourdes and La Salette as well as Fatima, Garabandal, Akita and Medjugorje. For other pertinent events throughout the centuries that are memorable in Church history today, click on MILLENNIUM MILESTONES AND MEMORIES
  • 1093 A.D.
  • Death of Saint Margaret of Scotland. For more on this saint, see DAILY LITURGY

  • 1231 A.D.
  • Death of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. For more on this saint, see DAILY LITURGY

  • 1511 A.D.
  • Death of Blessed John Liccio, priest and miracle worker who lived to be 111-years old.

  • 1914 A.D.
  • Pope Benedict XV, 258th successor of Peter, makes an impassioned plea for peace six weeks after he is elected. This follows up his very first encyclical Ad beatissimi Apostolarum issued two weeks earlier on November 1 to the world regarding a cry to preserve peace and not go to war.

  • 1989 A.D.
  • Six Jesuit missionary priests are shot to death, martyred by El Salvadoran troops during a bloody coup in Central America when innocent Catholics are thrust into the fray.

    Retroactive articles on Church history available from 33 to 1515 A.D. for review

       To allow all readers to catch up on our popular on-going series, we present a review of the period from the time of Christ when He founded the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church to the time of the Reformation and Pope Leo X, the 217th in the Petrus line early in the sixteenth century. These are installments 1 through 106. Until we are back to full strength we will continue the archives, giving readers the opportunity to catch up To read any of the 105 installments presently available in this long on-going series, click on the Archives of THE HISTORY OF THE MASS AND HOLY MOTHER CHURCH.

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    November 16, 1999 volume 10, no. 217  DAILY CATHOLIC