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TUESDAY      June 15, 1999      SECTION TWO       vol 10, no. 115

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Only practicing virtue makes perfect

      They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the words of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen have been known to launch a thousand images in one's mind, one of the ways this late luminary did so much to evangelize the faith. Because of the urgency of the times and because few there are today who possess the wisdom, simplicity and insight than the late Archbishop who touched millions, we are bringing you daily gems from his writings. The good bishop makes it so simple that we have dubbed this daily series: "SIMPLY SHEEN".

"The sinless people who are boastful of their goodness are always harsh, and sinful people who remain in their sin are often indifferent to goodness and justice. But those who are dissatisfied with their goodness, and strive to perfect the Divine Image within, are always sympathetic and compassionate."

"Yes, I permit sufferings to fulfill Scripture so that those whose hearts are not fully converted may yet come to My Divine Mercy as humble, contrite children to receive My forgiveness!"

   Those words were spoken by the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Message #555 on October 23, 1994 to the Hidden Flower of the Immaculate Heart, in which Our Lord laments over those who have turned from Him, His Church and His Vicar on earth. He points out that persecution and suffering are necessary for the purification process and that He allows evil for good. He calls for His priests to proclaim Him and His teachings to all and to reinstate His dwelling place - the Tabernacle where it is readily accessible to the people as well as the crucifix for it was not the cross that saved mankind but the One on the cross. Only through the crucifixion can the Resurrection be realized. His Blessed Mother reinforces this a day later in her message to her children, reminding all that the only true refuge is in the Sacred Heart of her Divine Son and her Immaculate Heart. For Messages #555 and #556, click on "I SOLEMNLY TELL YOU..."

Messages 555 and 556

Message Five-Hundred-fifty-five, October 23, 1994

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Sacred of Jesus)

Message Five-Hundred-fifty-six, October 24, 1994

(Imparted to the Hidden Flower by the Immaculate Heart of Mary)


      Today is the Eleventh Tuesday in Ordinary Time with tomorrow being the Eleventh Wednesday in Ordinary Time as we continue this most Ordinary week of the year. For the readings, liturgies and meditations, click on DAILY LITURGY.

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Events Today in Church History

      On this date in 1520 Pope Leo X issued his papal bull Exsurge Domine which condemned forty-one points of the 95 Theses Martin Luther nailed to the door of the church in Wittenburg, Germany. For more details of this, see today's installment in the History of the Mass and Holy Mother Church in Pope Leo X: no match for the world, the flesh and the devil part two: the Ivory Tower. For other pertinent events throughout the centuries that are memorable in Church history today, click on MILLENNIUM MILESTONES AND MEMORIES

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      VATICAN ( -- In a surprise move, Pope John Paul II has decided to extend his latest trip by one day, in order to pay a visit to the ailing head of the Armenian Apostolic Church.

      Last week the Vatican announced that a papal visit to Armenia, scheduled for July 2-4, would be postponed because of the ill health of Catolicos Karekin I, who is suffering in an advanced stage of throat.

      However, while the public visit will take place at a later date, the Holy Father decided to make a personal trip to visit Karekin after he concludes his visit to Poland on June 18. The Pope will spend just three hours in Armenia, meeting with the Catolicos and with the country's President Robert Kocharian before returning to the Vatican. He will not many any public appearances during the visit.

      Vatican officials said that the Pope's decision to make the unprecedented detour in his return voyage was prompted by his profound respect for Karekin, and his desire to demonstrate their "spiritual fraternity" as the Armenian Church leader approached his death. Armen Sarkissian, the Armenian ambassador to the Holy See, described the Pope's gesture as "a magnificent display for friendship."

      At meetings held in Rome in December 1996, Karekin I and John Paul II signed a mutual statement on Christology, ending a 1500-year-old theological dispute which had begun after the Council of Chalcedon, and led to a break between the Armenian Apostolic Church and the Holy See. The Pope's visit to Armenia had been eyed as an opportunity for further progress toward unity with the autonomous Armenian Church.


      JERUSALEM ( - A Vatican official in Israel on Monday announced the expected dates next year for a visit by Pope John Paul II, the first such indication by the Vatican that such a trip is planned.

      Although Israeli officials had earlier announced such a trip was in the works, the Vatican had remained silent on the possibility of a papal trip to the Holy Land during the Jubilee Year, a journey that is close to the Holy Father's heart.

      "A papal visit is in the very advanced stages of planning," Monsignor Richard Mathes, the Vatican's cultural attache in Israel, told a conference of religious leaders. He said the Pope is expected to arrive in Jerusalem on March 20, 2000. The final obstacle to an official announcement of a trip is apparently real progress in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

      Monsignor Mathes said a papal visit to Jerusalem, Nazareth, and Bethlehem is also conditioned on an end to organized violence in those areas and a period of calm.


      DUBLIN ( - Former pop singer and Catholic pro-life activist Dana Rosemary Scallon was elected to the European Parliament on Monday, representing a western region of Ireland.

      Dana -- who goes by only her first name as an entertainer and had won the Eurovision Song Contest for Ireland in 1970 -- was elected in the Connacht Ulster constituency in a closely-fought race with another independent candidate. In a result that stunned political commentators, she beat several candidates from the main political parties.

      Dana had earlier run as an independent candidate in Ireland's presidential election in 1997. Her pro-life platform won her cross-party support, but the election was won by Professor Mary McAleese, who had the support of Ireland's Fianna Fail government.

      The singer said she was astonished and delighted by her victory and she believed it sent a clear message to the politicians. She said it showed that one didn't have to belong to a big, well-greased political party to get elected. She added that her victory was a victory for the people, and she intended to be a strong, loud voice for the people of the West of Ireland in Europe.

      After the result, which was greeted with wild scenes at the count center in Bundoran, County Donegal, the 45-year-old mother-of-three confirmed that she and her family would be moving from their current base in Birmingham, Alabama, where she hosts a television show on the Eternal Word Television Network. She said: "You could live in any one of the counties around here. They're absolutely beautiful. But our priorities will be travel and, of course, schools for our children."

      Earlier, another Irish Euro candidate accused Dana of being "only a political tourist." Dana responded, "If that's so, I've had my passport stamped firmly in this election."


      WASHINGTON, DC ( - The US Supreme Court on Monday agreed to hear arguments in a 14-year-old Louisiana case over using tax dollars to buy computers and other instructional materials for religious schools.

      The case, which is expected to have a ruling in 2000, could impact federal government plans to connect every classroom in America to the Internet using tax dollars as well as various state school voucher programs. The case revolves around a federal program that provides educational materials other than textbooks for religiously affiliated schools. Federal appeals court in New Orleans and San Francisco have made conflicting rulings on the constitutionality of the program.

      "This cases involves the vital interests of American schoolchildren in obtaining access to modern technological equipment and materials," government lawyers told the court. "Millions of students nationwide, including over a million attending religiously affiliated schools, receive benefits under the program." The New Orleans appeals court ruled the program was unconstitutional last year using 20-year-old Supreme Court decisions that banned provision of any materials other than textbooks, but recent decisions in 1997 have blunted the force of those rulings.


      WASHINGTON, DC ( - The US Supreme Court on Monday let stand a ruling that allows Maryland to investigate whether a college is "pervasively sectarian" and therefore ineligible for direct monetary aid from the state.

      Maryland's Sellinger Program allows the state to provide financial aid to private colleges based on the number of each school's full-time students, as long as religiously affiliated schools do not use the money for any religious purposes. In 1976, the US Supreme Court ruled that Catholic colleges may participate in the program if the schools were not "pervasively sectarian."

      In the current case, the Maryland Commission of Higher Education denied the application of Columbia Union College, affiliated with the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, to participate in the program. The college sued the commission in 1996 and a federal appeals court last year ordered an investigation into whether the school is indeed pervasively sectarian. The school had appealed the order, calling it "an intrusive investigation of religious speech and practice on its campus."


      WASHINGTON, DC ( - The US Supreme Court on Monday refused to overturn a lower court ruling that Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry and other pro-life advocates must pay nearly $600,000 in fines from an abortion rescue campaign in New York City a decade ago.

      The justices, without comment, rejected an appeal by the seven individuals and two groups that challenged the contempt-of-court fines and lawyers fee awards. "These phenomenally large fines ... are a means of repressing civil protest that would have been enthusiastically endorsed by Bull Connor and the Jim Crow South," the appeal said. The original ruling was supported by the NOW Legal Defense & Education Fund.

      Operation Rescue and another pro-life group were ordered not to block access at abortion clinics in the New York area by a court injunction, but defied that order in 1988 and 1989. For violating the injunction, they were subjected to $350,000 in contempt fines and ordered to pay nearly $250,000 in lawyer fees incurred by the abortionists and pro-abortion groups that brought them to court.

      In addition to Terry and the two pro-life groups, the appeal acted on today was filed in behalf of Robert Pearson, Jesse Lee, Joseph Foreman, Michael Monagle, Jeff White, and Thomas Herlihy.

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Events Today in Church History

      On this date in 1520 Pope Leo X issued his papal bull Exsurge Domine which condemned forty-one points of the 95 Theses Martin Luther nailed to the door of the church in Wittenburg, Germany. For more details of this, see today's installment in the History of the Mass and Holy Mother Church in Pope Leo X: no match for the world, the flesh and the devil part two: the Ivory Tower. For other pertinent events throughout the centuries that are memorable in Church history today, click on MILLENNIUM MILESTONES AND MEMORIES

Historical Events in Church Annals for June 15:

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