DAILY CATHOLIC   TUESDAY   November 3, 1998   vol. 9, no. 215


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We truly need your prayers and philanthropy to produce this publication!

          This past All Saints Day was significant not only because it marked the 52nd anniversary of Pope John Paul II's ordination by Archbishop Sapieha in the eighth year of the reign of Pope Pius XII, but also because here at the DAILY CATHOLIC we reached a milestone celebrating one year of publishing the DAILY CATHOLIC, which remains the only Monday through Friday English-speaking daily publication for Catholics anywhere in print or on the web! In a year's time our records reflect a tremendous gain in circulation. In one year we have had over a million and a half hits. Now that doesn't mean one million and a half people because each person clicks through numerous times once inside the site, but it does mirror the fact that the DAILY CATHOLIC is getting a lot of action and for that we give thanks to Almighty God, His angels and His saints, in particular the Blessed Virgin Mary. It's interesting to note that after printing monthly and quarterly issues of A CALL TO PEACE since 1990, we transfered the publication to the net and, for two years, published the bi-weekly A CALL TO PEACE before making the transition to daily on All Saints Day last year. The total hits for October 1997 were 26,167 for the entire month prior to debuting the DAILY CATHOLIC. By contrast the figures for October 1998 registered total hits at 200,996 - an all time high! That's an increase of over 750%. We have been accessed by over 120 different countries from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, from Australia to Zaire and all points in between.

          With those kind of astounding figures one might assume that financially the DAILY CATHOLIC is in the black and flying high. Sadly, one would be wrong for, though it is cheaper than printing and mailing, it still is quite costly to maintain a site of this size with the enormous archives buildup of all past issues. That also includes both graphics and textonly issues which computes to over 500 full issues in archives. You can imagine the cost for that kind of storage space. Since we disbanded subscription costs after Easter our circulation has increased but donations have decreased. If each person donated just a few dollars we could expand even further, setting up a server to offer a Spanish edition. But that takes money - not only for storage space and time, but also for a full-time webmaster who is super fluent in Spanish. This editor knows Latin and Greek and some French but Spanish is a lost cause other than the colloquial "que pasa's" and "buenos dias" phrases that we all bandy about. We have seriously looked into translation packages but none are sufficient for the content we provide. Too often these translation software packages fracture the language and what might sound great in English could easily come across as heresy in another language unless it was properly translated by a well-educated person. In other words, friends, to err is human, to really foul things up takes a computer!

          But for now the computer is the way we must go. How long actually depends on you. Unless one is independently wealthy one can't keep a website such as this going without financial assistance, without the generous donations our readers who believe in us can provide to help in getting the Word of God out to all as Jesus has asked all of us to do for the sake of the Good Shepherd and His flocks all over the world. The next two months will be pivotal in our fight to stay above water and continue publishing. We'd hate for this noble effort of providing daily coverage, articles, and other interesting features for Catholics to go the way of the dinosaur in these times when it is most needed. We realize all ministries' days of evangelizing on the net are numbered but we don't think that time is yet and would like to continue until that time when satan will totally take over the cyberwaves as well as the rest of the media, etc. as is his master plan. Our Lady constantly warns us in her Messages, especially at Medjugorje, that satan realizes his time is short and he will stop at nothing to achieve his goal no matter the carnage of souls. As soldiers on the front line we depend on the military assistance of members of the Church Militant to keep us supplied with the right ammo. To do this, besides prayer, we need the financial means to fight the good fight. We remind you once again that the DAILY CATHOLIC, under the umbrella of MIR-A-CALL CENTER, is recognized as a bonafide non-profit entity under the Internal Revenue Service code 501 c and therefore any contribution you can make is TAX DEDUCTIBLE. With less than two months before the end of the year, perhaps you may want to create a tax break with a donation. You can do so via check to The DAILY CATHOLIC at 1585 Green Oak Road, Vista, CA 92083 USA or you can go to WE CAN'T DO IT ALONE! to contribute what you can. You can submit your donation with either your MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Discover Credit Card. If the Holy Spirit so prompts you and if you truly believe in this apostolate of the DAILY CATHOLIC you can make a revolving donation where the amount you designate will be deducted monthly. Some are doing this and we are most grateful for this can provide the stabilization needed to continue this ministry.

          As you know, we don't often ask for money - kind of like the pastor who only speaks on tithing at certain times of the year. Well, it's that time of year again and we must remind you that when one is totally dependent on donations it makes it difficult to budget, to explain to creditors and outside purveyors that we will have the money soon - can they just be patient?! So many times secular interests don't understand that. They think, "Here we have a Christian organization and they're stonewalling us." Jesus says in Matthew 22: 21, "Render, therefore, to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's." Yes, God provides, but He also realizes we need to be dependent on others in order to render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's such as bills, etc. accrued by the DAILY CATHOLIC all done for His honor and glory.

          To operate the DAILY CATHOLIC takes a minimum budget of $2,000 a month right now. That's not a lot considering what is provided to the readers in quantity, quality and timeliness. Compare that to other ministries that say they can't operate unless they have $10,000 to $50,000 a month. We're "small potatoes" compared to them, but our goal is no less important and the fruits just as meaningful when measured by the Holy Trinity in the final tally. We know the fruits have been plentiful. We have volumes of binders attesting to this from testimonials over the years from correspondence and e-mails where they thank our efforts in helping them return to the Church. One letter like that is worth any amount of money! But we can't take those letters to our creditors, we can't take them to the bank, so to speak. They want cold hard cash, even if it is in check form. We've applied for grants, but those type of procedures can take years as anyone who has ever dealt with those kind of processes know only too well.

          Therefore, we are kicking off an abreviated fund drive to keep the DAILY CATHOLIC afloat in hopes of stabilizing the bills and being able to continue to provide in-depth articles, series, features, news, graphics and a full archives for our current readers and future readers who have not discovered the DAILY CATHOLIC as of yet. That is another budgetary item we have not been able to fund: promotion and advertising of the DAILY CATHOLIC. It all becomes a vicious circle. If we do not have the funds to promote this publication fewer people know about it and the base of donations goes down. Not only that, but fewer people are reached in our effort to touch as many as possible in these critical times. Only through word of mouth and links have we been able to build a base. As you know there has been a growing apathy toward Marian Centers over the last several years. Why? Is it because nothing spectacular has happened as yet at Medjugorje or elsewhere? Is it because the Warning and the Miracle haven't happened yet? Is it because we've grown tired of the mundane in following and striving to live the messages? Whatever it is we must keep the faith and not let the flame flicker and grow dim. Let's prove that apathy is merely a figment of the imagination by showing your appreciation for the DAILY CATHOLIC with your pocketbook through a love donation to keep this publication going. Again, you can show your support and approval of the DAILY CATHOLIC by clicking on WE CAN'T DO IT ALONE!. We thank you in advance for considering this plea for we truly need your prayers and philanthropy to produce this publication!

Michael Cain, editor