September 14-20, 2003
vol 14, no. 36

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Useful fools and felons we should both fear and forget

Alongside California Senator Dianne Feinstein, stand men who should know better - men who were raised Catholic, but have abandoned their principles, their very Faith for the spoils of temporal gain, forgetting in the process that it matters not to gain the whole world if one loses their eternal soul. These men are Gray Davis, Cruz Bustamonte, Arnold Schwarzenneger, and Cardinal Roger Mahony.

    "As a native Californian, I'm saddened that the top three contenders - Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cruz Bustamante and Gray Davis - are unabashedly campaigning on their 'Catholic' heritage, while openly defiling the Church's teachings by their support of abortion-on-demand."
    Judie Brown, American Life League President

    "It is time for Cardinal Roger Mahony, as a shepherd of the Church, to dispel the lie that a Catholic can be 'personally pro-life' while publicly being pro-abortion. The Church has made it clear on many occasions, most recently this past January, that 'Catholic' politicians cannot be pro-abortion. This makes one wonder why the cardinal appears to be doing nothing more than appeasing public figures and celebrities, when as their spiritual leader he should be challenging them."

    Joseph Starrs, Director of American Life League Crusade for the Defense of Our Catholic Church

   The Party comes first for Democrats. Truth, character, integrity are not in their vocabulary. We know they accept millions from the abortion industry, even going so far as to condone the excruciating painful late term partial-birth abortion. Senator Dianne Feinstein was one of 44 Democratic senators who voted not to ban this gruesome procedure. She's not about to bite the hand that feeds her.

   If she is ridiculed, even called a criminal, she will just brush it off, if it is in the best interest of the "Party of Death."

   With the recall of Governor Gray Davis in California appearing certain - despite the ACLU's perfidious attempt to delay the inevitable - the Democratic hierarchy tried to get her to run for governor, but she refused. Probably at the behest of Planned Parenthood, who just love her and her infanticidal tendencies. Why take the chance of losing a Senate seat to a pro-lifer just to be governor of the 5th largest economy in the world.

   Since Republicans have a slight majority in the Senate, I knew Feinstein would refuse. The Party's strongest plank in their platform comes first -- the killing of unborn children.

   A Democratic politician can be stomped on, ridiculed, made a fool of, be called obscene names, even a criminal, but all is forgiven for the sake of continuing the American holocaust.

   You don't believe me that Democrats would walk on hot coals, nay, go to the depths of hell to preserve these killings. Try this on for size:

   Sen. Feinstein is currently all over TV in California with a TV ad trying to persuade California voters NOT to recall Davis. She, being the most recognizable politician in California, apparently is the reason she was chosen.

   Now, one would think that Davis and Feinstein are good friends, or at least, there has never been a harsh word uttered between them.

   But, just to show you how the members of the "Party of Death" stick together in order to perpetuate the terrorism of the womb -- even becoming impervious to attacks on their character, read on:

   When Davis, was running against Feinstein in a California Senate Primary, he compared her to a felon. The TV ad was replete with prison bars to make it look authentic.

   Yet, this same women Feinstein, who was called a crook by Davis, is now pleading with California voters to give him another chance -- that he deserves to finish out his term, among other glowing statements.

   Now, one would think that her first reaction, when asked to do the TV ad would be to say -- GET LOST. But, this is a party that is hell bent on the destruction of the littlest among us and they will stick together, come hell or high water, to make sure that every women can have her unborn child killed, if she so chooses.

   WOW! You talk about putting the party first. There will be no dissension in this party, satan will see to it.

   And so Planned Parenthood has thrown their murderous clout behind Davis lackey Cruz M. Bustamante, his Lieutenant Governor who is a Hispanic "Catholic" and whose very name is "Cross" - yet he chooses to make the cross heavier for all by continuing the very culture of death that Jesus Christ overcame with His Passion and Death and why He died for us. Like the Romans and Jews, Bustamante has joined the frenzied, angry mobs crying out "Crucify Him! Crucify Him!" everytime Bustamante and his ilk advocate the holocaust in the womb - more politically correctly referred to as "abortion" - and condones the sodomy agenda. Woe to those who flaunt sin before God's children.

   Almost to a person the pro-abort Democrats and pro-abort RINOs (Republican in name only) - such as Arnold Schwarzenneger will spout "we must think of the children." Hillary Clinton is notorious for this. It makes me sick to hear them spew this when they are responsible for killing millions and millions and millions and millions of children in the womb and show no inclination to stop. In fact it will only stop when there are no more children left and then a generation will die out and so also civilization. Abortion and Sodomy are two of the sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance.

   What every Democrat and every pro-abort who mouths the platitudes of children in such hypocritic fashion should remember and fall on their knees in repentance is Christ's words in Matthew 18: 6, "But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in Me, it were better for him that a mill-stone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depths of the sea. Wo to the world because of scandals. For it must needs be that scandals come; but, nevertheless wo to that man by whom the scandal cometh."

   And speaking of scandal, consider the California Bishops who - despite the token effort by Bishop Wiegand in Sacramento who never followed through with his rightful and necessary threat against Davis - these miters - these appointed shepherds - are MIA: missing in action. It begins with the chief wolf in shepherd's clothing - namely Cardinal Roger Mahony who singlehandedly has ruined the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and the tsunami of apostasy shrouded in ambiguity has rumbled and submerged so many souls in all other dioceses on the west coast.

   Joseph Starrs, Director of Judie Brown's uncompromising American Life League's Crusade for the Defense of Our Catholic Faith, said: "It is time for Cardinal Roger Mahony, as a shepherd of the Church, to dispel the lie that a Catholic can be 'personally pro-life' while publicly being pro-abortion. The Church has made it clear on many occasions, most recently this past January, that 'Catholic' politicians cannot be pro-abortion. This makes one wonder why the cardinal appears to be doing nothing more than appeasing public figures and celebrities, when as their spiritual leader he should be challenging them."

   Now if one thought, wow, Starrs is being too harsh on a cardinal, then consider the evidence:

  • He has taken dirty money - pro-abort and sodomite money for the building of his 'Taj Mahony' - otherwise known as the new monstrosity above the freeway in Hollywood that looks and, indeed is, a pagan temple rather than what it was supposed to be: Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral.

  • He has steadfastly associated with Democratic pro-aborts and failed to ever once reprimand them in public for their sinful ways.

  • He mysteriously shut down the office of 'Respect Life' two weeks prior to the 2000 election when more effort for the pro-life cause and dissemination of information was vital; of all times to be closed, when people would be calling in, asking about whom they should vote. I guess it's better to be closed than to lie. Though lying has never stopped the current Archbishop of LA! If he were truly a shepherd of the people, than his Faith mandated that he support and encourage the flocks to back the only pro-life Catholic candidate running - Republican Bill Simon. That action alone could very well have been enough to stop avowed pro-abort and pro-sodom Davis from getting back in. It indeed would have prevented the recall scheduled for October 7th.

  • He has knowingly, as tapes and secret files have revealed, covered up for scandalous sodomite activity by priests he knew were committing sins and scandalizing the faithful.

  • He has ransacked all the churches of their hallowed traditions and architecture and by his document of 1998 Gathering Faithfully Together or something like that, he has further Protestantized the liturgy worse than it already was for all Catholics in Southern California.

  • Finally, he allowed - even encouraged a eulogy to be given by someone who didn't really even know very well the one being commemorated. You see Mahony officiated at a faux funeral Mass in North Hollywood for Bob Hope at his home parish with most of the "priests" from LA in attendance and many "stars" there as well to honor the late comedian who had been buried in a simple Catholic requiem ceremony without fanfare at San Fernando Mission Cemetery.

       But since Mahony had been left out of the equation, he insisted for status purposes that he put on a staged event at Hope's home parish in North Hollywood. During this 'photo-op' "mass" which was "supposed to be private" - yeah, right - he tolerated a eulogy to be given by someone that didn't really know Bob Hope, that surely does not hold the same values as the great patriot Hope did. Definitely not. Hope was a hero, the other was a coward along with the chief presbyter in that church that day and the other "priests" who either are in collusion with Mahony or haven't got a clue as they all sat there in true political correctness fashion and allowed the very same DIANNE FEINSTEIN - who herself is an apostate Zionist - to give a eulogy from a supposedly "Catholic" pulpit during a supposed "Catholic service" before supposed "Catholic hierarchy" and others who claim to be "Catholic." That is a travesty.

       Not only that, but eulogies are NOT TO BE GIVEN DURING a Funeral Mass or a Commemoration Mass and no one - NO ONE save for the celebrant or an ordained Deacon may address the assembly from the pulpit - and NEVER TO ENTERTAIN, but rather to reinforce the Gospel for the Mass of that day.

   Therefore, if Feinstein is a felon as Davis accused - talk about the pot calling the kettle black - then a fellow felon of even a greater degree before the Sovereign King is Mahony and his accomplices, who in the face of his deliberate disregard for the Dogmas and Doctrines of the Faith, are just as culpable.

   Southern California, with its heavy Latino population are God-fearing people, but they keep voting for Catholic pro-abortion candidates. They just don't know any better. Many can't even read and write English, so unless they learn from the pulpit, they are lost.

   In 1998 they voted for pro-abort and pro-homosexual pseudo-Catholic Gray Davis over pro-life Dan Lungren, who is a good Catholic. They repeated it in 2002 when the again voted for Davis over another pro-life Catholic Simon.

   But the culture of death has blinded so many through the Democratic Party, NARAL, Planned Parenthood, NOW and Hollywood Filth Industry agenda of political correctness that even now, when every Latino should vote for the candidate who upholds God's laws and champions the pro-life and anti-sodomite platform - Republican State Senator Tom McClintock. But they won't. Now, even now with the recall of Davis pending, they will overwhelmingly vote for another Catholic pro-abort, Bustamonte.

   The Tidings, the 'Catholic' newspaper in Southern California, before the last election actually stated that Democrats are more in tune with Catholic Doctrine than Republicans, which is a big LIE, unless of course, one does not consider unborn children to be human beings and are exempt from the Commandment, "Thou Shalt Not Kill," and homosexuality is not condemned in the Bible.

   The reason for their voting for candidates who bring a smile to the face of satan is because Cardinal Mahony wants them to. I truly believe this, otherwise he would issue an edict to be read at all masses for the flock to vote for pro-life candidates, or DO NOT VOTE AT ALL.

   This is allowable. The Catholic Church will NOT lose its tax status and Cardinal Mahony knows this. Black preachers even name specific names who to vote for and you know they will NEVER lose their tax status. Bill Clinton and Al Gore actually went to black churches to get their vote and their money.

   But, Mahoney won't do this because pro-life candidates in the Democratic party are practically nil, which is why I refer to them as the "Party of Death." He is no different from the pro-abort Democrats. Sometimes, I wonder if he truly believes in God, because if he does, he would walk through fire to save the lives of God's precious unborn children. Do not Christ's words in Matthew 18 above mean anything to him? Apparently not.

Frank Joseph, M.D.

      September 14-20, 2003
      vol 14, no. 36