November 2003
volume 14, no. 39

Nothing more precious!

Prayer is truly the most powerful means of communication possible

    "But when it came to the prayer, when it came to my family pleading with me to pray, to fight this pneumonia, and repeatedly telling me how many of God’s earthly angels had come to my assistance, that I understood with perfect clarity. You will never know on this earth how clearly prayer comes through. It can be compared to no other means of communication. Oh, if we only understood, we’d never stop praying."
   To all the earthly angels and heavenly court who prayed for me, words seem inadequate in expressing my gratitude.

   It is such a joy just to be able to sit for a few minutes at the computer screen, trying not to make too many typos because of weak fingers, to say in the best way I can “THANK YOU!”

   ALMIGHTY GOD heard your prayers; they were powerful; they were most pleasing to Him…and so here I am, writing to you when the prognosis was death. Never give into the temptation that prayers are neither heard nor answered. I was there, in that place where God awaits us, and I heard and saw the prayers being offered (I cannot adequately explain this as it is of supernatural origin) not just for me, but for so many around the world. God, I assure you, has everything under control. There is nothing to fear.

   During the time I was on life support, I realized so well that there is nothing more precious than life. I could more readily relate to the precious unborn in the womb, so helpless, and dear Terri Schiavo who I didn't know anything about until watching the news while recuperating these past few weeks. I was only helpless for three weeks, poor Terri has been unable to express her will for over a decade. I was able to receive the Last Rites and Holy Viaticum from a very traditional priest who came on short notice well over a hundred miles to minister to me the Sacraments. Bless him forever in Heaven.

   If only those who clamor for the deaths of the innocent unborn would realize the innocents' will to live. It is truly these victims' will to live and it is reinforced ever so strongly as God's holy will. But they cannot communicate except through prayer. Naturally, the child in the womb knows not how to pray so that is left to us to pray for them. After all that is one of our duties as responsible members of the Mystical Body of Christ. As committed Catholics we must pray for all members of the Body - the innocent unborn and the stubborn hard-hearted liberals as well as the blinded Catholic who cannot see the error of the Novus Ordo and the new, changing doctrines spread since the death of Pius XII.

   But I can talk about that at another time. Just suffice it to say the power of prayer and the necessity for it, especially in these times we live. Yes. Live. It's a wonderful word that exhales the love of God. Life is so precious.

   No doctor is sure just how I caught what I did…bilateral bacterial pneumonia. My beloved Mike did such an awesome article explaining things to you when first they happened (and I am not worthy of many of the things he said about me in that article, but may he be blessed for having said them). I would like, as I get stronger, to write a bit more to you about those supernatural moments during the illness when it was just God and I, a meeting similar to a particular judgment, a nearness to the Almighty that was…well, so meaningful that I was sad to have to come back. Now, that may sound strange, but I will explain it to you in more depth the next time I write. I promise.

   I saw the Pulmonary Specialist yesterday. It was the first of many visits. I was left with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome/Terrors/Anxiety as a result of the procedures used to put me on life support. I was on life support for nearly three weeks. Many of the tests that the specialists need to do must wait until the “Terrors” as I call them subside; I am unable to do the tests otherwise.

   So, you see how very much I still need your prayers? I am definitely better. My personal family physician witnessed the miracle when both he and I knew I’d live; and when I visit at his office, there is a difference, however subtle now, with him and his staff, for they teasingly call me “The Miracle Patient”, and I am just that. It’s the “Miracle” part that’s got them confused, for this one happened not as their Protestant mindsets are programmed, but rather in the Authentic Roman Catholic sense of a miracle.

   You see, I really do need much more prayer. Please don’t stop praying…and even though I did not know you by name as I lay there in the hospital, I never stopped praying for all of you, and for every single soul on earth and in Purgatory, and for all aborted babies. But, as my strength returns little by little, I must tell you that God has given me work to do.

   I have an assignment if you will, to share not only with you but with as many people as I can…and that is to tell them that the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith exists only in the Traditional Rite of the Latin Church. The one in Rome, the one there since Pius XII passed to his reward, is satan’s plan…not God’s, and God’s tired that we’re all asleep at the switch, or too caught up on this one thing or that to make a renewed commitment to live our True Faith, the source of our eternal Salvation.

   I truly believe one of the reasons God has given me more time is to emphasize to all I can that Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell exist. It is my particular mission in the coming months to share with you the things that most displease Our Lord and make His Sacred Heart weep, and His Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart weep too. I have come to tell you what God wants us to do individually, and together as the Mystical Body of Christ.

   Such an assignment will not be easy. That is why I must conserve my strength now and rest so I may recover as much strength as I possibly can. This particular type of pneumonia came upon me so suddenly, that I never had a chance to really realize that I was ill. Oh, I hadn’t felt well, but with the fibromyalgia that is the usual way of things for me. But by Sunday evening, I simply went to lie down, waiting for Mike who comes to bed late. That’s the last clear memory I have until I woke up in ICU, on life support, and even then, it was some days, even weeks, before things started to sort themselves out in my brain.

   But when it came to the prayer, when it came to my family pleading with me to pray, to fight this pneumonia, and repeatedly telling me how many of God’s earthly angels had come to my assistance, that I understood with perfect clarity. You will never know on this earth how clearly prayer comes through. It can be compared to no other means of communication. Oh, if we only understood, we’d never stop praying.

   And this, and many other things, I have yet to tell you. But I had to take this day, this spurt of energy brought on by the exceptional care my family (particularly my husband, my beloved spouse of whom I beg God to be worthy) gives me, to say a very humble but inspired “THANK YOU”!, knowing that from the bottom of my heart I am asking God to reward each one of you a hundred-fold or more, as He sees fit; to answer your ardent prayers, to awaken you to the many miracles that He does give you each day, and for that particular miracle you’ve been praying for, to tell you not to give up, not to stop praying. He will answer, and you will know that He has done so.

   Please forgive me if I’ve jumbled the words, gotten the paragraphs out of sync, jumped about a bit in my conversation. As I said, I need to have much prayer, for I still have much healing to do.

   For ALL those who have responded with donations to “The Daily Catholic” and to help defray the mounting expenses of my illness through their financial contribution, I want you to know that it delighted the Triune Divinity, for Almighty God is not finished with the ministry yet, and my beloved husband works day and night to do God’s Perfect Will, and he will be able to continue for a while. Anything you can contribute (there is no donation too small) becomes of infinite value because we give it to Jesus in His Most Bitter Passion, in order that, united with Him, our own souls and the souls of many may be saved.

   I have so much to tell you….I will write again. I must go and rest now. I trust all the typos will be caught by Mike before he puts this online. I had wanted to write a day ago, but God put it on my heart to wait till today, to remind us all that this is a Holy Weekend, and we must shun the concept the devil has incorporated into this sinful world of Halloween. Think of God…think of the saints. Then you are thinking of home, and where your treasure is. It is closer than you think.

   Of that I can assure you, for Jesus came for me like a Thief in the Night. What can I say to you now as I end this brief little article? “I miss Him so much!” May we all be with Him for all eternity.

   Your very little sister in Christ,