November 2003
vol 14, no. 39

Vidi, Vici, Duh Vinci!

Brief Editorial on
The code to follow is definitely not that conjectured by ABC's Jesus, Mary and DaVinci

    Time is short and the more we waste in front of the boob tube, the longer our stay in Purgatory. Oh, yes, Virginia, there is a Purgatory!

   The Catholic-bashing unabashedly continues. True Catholics are righteously outraged at the blasphemy and bashing of Catholic Tradition which ABC castigated upon a gullible, dumbed-down public Monday night with their scurrilous piece Jesus, Mary & DaVinci. It was Julius Caesar who first proclaimed, "I came, I saw, I conquered" - "Vidi, vici, vinci". Well, with the horrendous piece on ABC which was nothing but a blatant promotion of the abhorrent FICTIONAL novel The DaVinci Code, it's a no-brainer that satan has come, seen, and conquered - duh - the clueless ones who watched without knowing and truly believing the tenets of the True Faith. Duh!

    We could flood e-mails to ABC or to the lightweight reporter Elizabeth Vargas. This fallen-away Catholic had no facts, only titillation and wanted to prove what she couldn't by relying on total speculation and long-debunked theories. Typical of today's liberal media muffins who are chosen by their looks. All form and no substance. For those who watched it to know what the enemy is up to, how many caught the deliberate slur against Holy Mother Church? That would be that a very holy man Pope Saint Gregory the Great- only one of two popes to be proclaimed a Doctor of the Church - had it all wrong and it wasn't until 1969 - the year of the "abomination of desolation" as Jesus foretold in Matthew 24: 15 - that the evangelists had it wrong and the record was finally set straight: that the repentant sinner Saint Mary Magdalene was not a former prostitute. Of course, no proof to counter the evidence of the Scriptures, but that doesn't stop those committed to the father of half-truths. So who should be surprised that the feminists are promoting that the Magdalen was married to Jesus Christ, the Son of God, and had a child and it was the Roman Church who wanted to suppress this? And how did the Church cover this up for two millennia? Why the Church of eternal Rome 'conspired' to do this by elevating the importance of the Blessed Mother of God's role to a greater level than it actually was? Please, such heresy!!!

    Who would dare contradict the Church's view until these modern times? After all the Church was violent, we were told by another lackey ABC chose as an 'expert.' So the 'real truth' was preserved and passed down by a secret society through all the centuries and only men like Leonardo DaVinci knew and coded it within his paintings. Can you believe such rubbish? But many do, sadly, because they have been mesmerized by the tabernacle of satan. The modern church? They do nothing, but then what do you expect from the Vatican II popes and the spineless prelates they appointed? ABC, since the acquisition by Disney and Michael Eisner, has a long history of anti-Catholicism. Vargas, in her puff piece, was purely a puppet for the Masonic Zionist agenda.

    The question is who did ABC and all liberal media choose to represent the Traditional Catholic viewpoint? Who else, but that progressive modernist Richard McBrien, the notorious dissident Notre Dame 'theologian' ensconced at that former great Roman Catholic university that is today in apostasy. So let's bug the little 'bugger' who dares tamper with Tradition and taunts Christ, His teachings and the constituted evangelic Traditions (with a capital "T", mind you) with his unCatholic ideas that translate to the viewer as Catholic truth. Please!!! Why does he still pose as a priest when he is clearly not, having long ago excommunicated himself latae sententiae. Let him know at

    With the petition out there to boycott CBS over their piece on homeschooling and the slander of the upcoming made-for-TV movie Reagan, faithful Catholics should boycott ABC as well as FOX and NBC, in fact every network - even TV for it is truly the tabernacle of satan. Time is short and the more we waste in front of the boob tube, the longer our stay in Purgatory. Oh, yes, Virginia, there is a Purgatory! We know because Jesus Himself came, saw and conquered to merit for us eternal life where these harassments and persecutions will be no more and we will forever behold the Beatific Vision. Tell that to 'Fr.' McBrien!

Michael Cain, editor

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      November 2003
      vol 14, no. 39
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