MAY 2003
vol 14, no. 26

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Editor's Note: Dr. Frank Joseph's column is titled "Pro Life Prescriptions" and there is nothing better to prescribe than prayer because the Divine Physician can heal all. Thus, one of the Father's loyal, dedicated physicians Dr. Frank shares a simple, short prayer that he encourages all to pray to put an end to the hideous, horrendous sin of abortion which cries to Heaven for vengeance. Dr. Frank also provides a link to an abortuary near you where you can peacefully protest through prayer in asking for Heaven to stop this holocaust in the womb and convert hearts to God's will.

         Father, all life is in Your care.

         You have entrusted us to one another, that we may show our brothers and sisters the same love You have for us.

         We pray, then, for the least among us, the children in the womb. Protect them from the violence of abortion.

         We pray for those that are scheduled to die at (Name the abortuary near you.*]

         Save them from death.

         Give new hope to their parents, that they may turn away from the desperate act of abortion.

         Grant conversion to the abortionist and to the staff.

         Show us how we are to respond to the bloodshed in our midst, And lead us to the day when this place of death will be transformed into a haven of life.

         Guard us with Your joy and Your peace, For in You, life is victorious.

         Make Pauls out of these Sauls who ply their hideous deeds in persecuting You.

         We pray that the Sanctifier - the Holy Ghost - will touch hardened hearts and soften them to recognize that life begins with conception.

         Guide us and protect us, O Blessed Immaculate Mother of the Divine Incarnate Son.

         We pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

   * For the Abortion mill in your area check Abortuaries

   This prayer, along with the Rosary, can work wonders. Pope Saint Pius V whose feast we celebrate this week, knew the power of the Rosary. If, by praying Our Lady's Holy Rosary, the faithful could turn back the threat of Islamism with the defeat of the Turks at Lepanto in 1571, then surely today we can use our Rosaries to shut down the American "death camps" - the abortuaries - and abortionists' lucrative and luciferian business. The Holy Rosary is our most powerful weapon. Aim it at the abortuaries and fire away with volleys of Aves. The Rosary is particularly powerful during Mary's Month of May.

Frank Joseph, M.D.

      MAY 2003
      vol 14, no. 26