MARCH 2003
Time of Quadragesima
volume 14, no. 10

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So You Don't Believe We're On The Eve of Destruction?

    "Tell me over and over and over and over again, my friend,
    that you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction."
    Eve of Destruction, folk tune by P.F. Sloan, 1965

    "The most outstanding experience I had in writing this song was hearing an inner voice. It seemed to have information no one else could've had. For example, I was writing down this line in pencil "think of all the hate there is in Red Russia." This inner voice said "No, no it's Red China!" I began to argue and wrestle with that until near exhaustion. I thought Red Russia was the most outstanding enemy to freedom in the world, I wrote [the song] as a prayer to God for an answer." - PF Sloan, In His Own Words.

   So, you don't believe we're on the eve of destruction? It is hardly surprising, being the same way in the time of Noah. People were marrying and being given in marriage, they were going about their business, and then came the Flood which destroyed them all. Likewise at Sodom and Gomorrah. The males of the town in their perverted lust even tried to denigrate angels. It was a most despicable blasphemy, and we know what happened, though this Biblical chapter has already been banned in some communities as "hate speech". We could describe many such similar events. Yet throughout Biblical history, there have been periods of good times as well as bad, times of famine and times of plenty. It may even appear sometimes as though there is no rhyme or reason to it (though in fact these varying periods of plenty and scarcity can teach us to trust in God at all times, no matter what). But one thing I know: when the people are particularly wicked, God eventually can no longer bear it, and after a period of warnings He sends some great chastisement. What kind of warnings? Well for example most of us have heard the admonishment spoken by the Mother of God to the child seers at La Salette in 1846.

   And such admonishments continue in various prophesies and signs and symbols to this very day. Now true prophets know true prophecy from false, just as false prophets can in fact also distinguish true prophecy from false. The difference is that real prophets proclaim true prophesy and truth, doing God's will, whist false prophets proclaim false prophesy and falsehood, doing the will of satan, who is father of Lies. It is their respective life's work. Most of the time, the world wishes to hear only the false prophesy, which is often quite soothing and comforting and reinforces bad habits and notions. Among true prophets, I can tell you that some have the Spirit of God even if they are not Catholic. God gives them this office in part to admonish those who think they are superior simply because of their religion, like the Pharisee who noticed the tax collector praying in the Temple. For example, the songwriter P.F. Sloan in 1964 writes about the Eve of Destruction, which no one much wants to talk about. I don't know his background, whether he is Catholic or not. But he speaks of God, and let us consider this theme further, which is relevant to our current situation.

   Destruction comes about when people have lost their way so badly, and with such finality and intransigence, that God is entirely sick and tired of them. Being a Righteous God, He is firstly kind and generous and allows much time for amendment and penance, but He can bear grievous sin for only so long. The Almighty will initially send small admonishments. Maybe little things that don't go so well like a faltering economy or employment picture. Then perhaps something a little bigger so that the people might notice and change their ways. For example, as happened with 911, or in the case of the Islamic snipers, the Space Shuttles, or the big blowup in Bali. He might even send His prophets, so that the threat of imminent disaster is described plainly to the people. This happened, for example, at Nineveh, when Jonah, after being disobedient for a time, finally entered the city and announced to the people that it was in their best interest to change their ways quite rapidly. And they listened. In recent centuries God has even sent visions and apparitions through the Blessed Mother to chaste persons. There have been many, sent for our good, and they are rather easily distinguishable from the weird ones of recent times.

   One can even note the signs of the age through such things as nursery rhymes. Does anyone remember being taught some of these a child? It was innocent enough. We heard these rhymes from others and passed them along. I shall not repeat them here. But I can tell you that without exception, every one of them to my memory has satanic undertones. I will just repeat a few titles and if you know the words I think you will agree with me: "Rockabye Baby", "Ring around the Rosy", "Jack and Jill". What were we teaching our children? What were the children being taught? And these rhymes were very big in the year of transition 1965, the year of Enthronement of the Evil One. They, and the Beatles, purveyors of sin and death. For another thing, we also call our children "kids", the offspring of goats, the goat being a symbol of the devil. (Of course there is certainly nothing wrong with real goats, which like any other livestock are a gift from God). But now, satanic lullabies, sung to "kids", and what can we expect? Is it any better in the grownup phase, when our primary preoccupation is with purchasing ever bigger and better SUV's, homes, and other luxury items for ourselves? We should pause and consider.

   Concerning the possibility of chastisement, there have also been many signs in the sky. We all know about the Miracle at Fatima on the last day of that apparition in 1917. And it was not just Sister Lucia but many thousands that witnessed it - the Sun dancing and swirling with bright colors, and the ground becoming a vast checkerboard pattern. There were also the lights that flooded the European sky just prior to World War II. These and others like them are signs not only of God's presence, but of great events yet to come. Well, the most important was the nativity of Our Lord, and its being foretold in various ways. Therefore, large signs from God are quite often accompanied by great events. Yet there may be some delay, to allow for prayer, penance, and atonement, which is always needed no matter what the great event to come. Additionally, weirder signs may sometimes be permitted. Unexplained UFOs visible on radar and by sight from military aircraft have occurred in the de facto capital of the world, Washington DC, recently as well as at the same location precisely 50 years previous. Moreover just a few weeks ago, a gefilte fish spoke in Hebrew to the Hasidic Jew and a devout Gentile who were about to prepare it for eating. This fish supposedly spoke of the Last Days and of Antichrist. As bizarre as this sounds and keeping in mind the evil one can mask and perform miracles and wonders quite easily, it is very possible it could happen. Consider that in the Old Testament did not also a donkey admonish Balaam?

   And we should not immediately dismiss those persons who are seemingly in no ways connected to the Christian faith and yet who try to teach us some things. Perhaps, in God's time, they will come to the true Faith through prayer and example. Right now the example of the hierarchy in the Church leaves a lot to be desired and stimies conversions. As for non-Catholics, I am thinking for example of Seattle, chief of the Suquamish Indians. In 1854, he wrote an interesting prophesy, which contains, among other things, the following:

    "The settlers too shall pass; perhaps sooner than all other tribes. Contaminate your bed and you will one night suffocate in your own waste. That destiny is a mystery to us, for we do not understand when the buffalo are all slaughtered, the wild horses are tamed, the secret corners of the forest heavy with the scent of many men and the view of the ripe hills blotted by talking wires. Where is the thicket? Gone. Where is the eagle? Gone. The end of living and the beginning of survival."

   The great chief of his people spoke wisely, and biblically. We have polluted the land as well as our own bodies, and now it is time to extract the price. When one dances to the music, the piper must be paid. We have had no consideration for God's laws, and in our idiocy, by attempting to build a paradise for ourselves on earth, we have instead built a Tower of Babel. Everyone is speaking but no one understands. It is all babble and great confusion, and it reigns throughout the entire earth. The construction of an urban utopia is a colossal failure. Therefore, what we have will be taken from us, and given to a pagan people better than ourselves, even though they do not know our religion or culture. This change has transpired slowly at first, since the curtain closed on the Vatican II Council in 1965, but in the end it will be consummated in a flash, when no one can stop it.

   Now then, let us finally consider the consequences of our most recent actions and what might become of it. We are on the verge of war, and should speak first about Pope John Paul II's recent admonition to the world. Although His Holiness has rightfully denounced the war on Iraq, many so-called "Catholics" are enthused about the coming war, just as many support abortion, fornication, and divorce. These are nothing more than a la carte Catholics, who do not know their right foot from the left. Almost never in his pontificate has the Pope come out so strongly and forcefully and repeatedly against something, save for sexual / moral issues, as he has against this war. And we must believe that he knows something. Actually what he knows privately and does not say for diplomatic reasons is what Pat Buchanan says publicly. Pat Buchanan, a Traditional Catholic, has done huge things in support of the Blessed Mother and the Holy Church, and I think he will be well-rewarded by God. He says, essentially, that American foreign policy has been hijacked by Zionists who pose as conservatives. And I am not talking about just Jewish Zionists here - I mean no offence to the Jewish religion. But there are plenty of Christian Zionists as well - some are even prominent Protestant leaders. My definition of a Zionist, and I think Pat Buchanan would concur, is to put the interests of Israel as a state above those of one's own country. And this is exactly what is happening. The US is losing its power and prestige around the world, because of this stupid war in support of World Zionism. It will do nothing but stir up the Muslims ahead of time, bringing about the wrath of God through them at a time earlier than was predestined to occur, if that were possible. It is destroying bonds and relationships. Is the war moral? Of course not. Iraqis have freedom of religion; they are not anti-American. Neither, so it should be said, are the Palestinians. Zionists argue that we must protect Israel. However, do you not know that Israel has, secretly, the third most powerful nuclear arsenal in the world, and they have even boasted that they can destroy all of Europe? Should we not disarm Israel as well if we are going to go about disarming nations? And there is also The Moussad, the sinister Israeli enforcement organization with tentacles in every country.

   But in fact to meddle in the internal affairs of other countries, in any way, actually fits right in with the plans of our adversary satan. Any action of interference in the domestic policy of sovereign nations, other than to establish the Christian religion, can only lead to a One World Government, under Antichrist. And most of the people are so ignorant that they give the imminent imposition of One World Government their personal blessing. Many, many, don't know that the US Constitution states that we cannot allow a foreign power to rule over the country. And less care. I can tell you for sure, that the tens of millions of illegal aliens, and significant numbers of the tens of millions of newly legal immigrants, residing in the US couldn't care less about the US Constitution, and many will applaud its destruction and replacement with the World Satanic Constitution, just as many for example in Mexico applauded 911. Yet Americans and Europeans are blinded by political correctness and fear of being called extremist.

   Let me tell you that Jesus was an extremist, as were all the prophets and holy people, and they were politically active. In fact one cannot be both a part of the world and an extremist simultaneously. They are contradictory. If one enjoys the world's pleasures, one is no friend of God. Similarly, if one speaks against the world's pleasures and its mesmerizing political correctness, against abortion and all social evils and the implementation of a One World Government, one is an extremist, i.e., a friend of God. But the latter is what each and every one of us is called to be, if we are to win salvation. There is only one rightful King over all the earth, and that is the Lord, not a mortal human, not Antichrist. Now here is a true statement: there are no wimpy people in Heaven; they are all in hell (cf. Apocalypse 3: 15-17).

   So then, let us consider what might be the consequences of our actions on this, the eve of destruction. We will spend a trillion dollars on this war, which will wreck the economy. Quite likely there will be real poverty as a result. Large numbers of people will not only be without jobs and overcrowded and often living in squalid conditions, as is becoming more prevalent even now because of the mass migration of illegals into the US, but there will be no food as well. As in North Korea, it will be common in many places to have no electric power. People will live as in olden times with candlelight and a few blankets in winter. There will be no real law; it will be like the Wild West or Afghanistan. Every man for himself, with frontier justice. There will be public hangings and floggings, even beheadings due to the Muslim influence. There will be weird and terrifying diseases spread around the globe in a few day's time by the open borders policy, like Ebola and the deadly new strain of pneumonia from Hong Kong but there will be no medicines to treat them. People will shake their fists at Heaven, gnash their teeth, and curse God because of all the misery and will openly yearn for satan. Like it or not, women will need the kind of protection from men not seen for more than a century in the "civilized" world. These same women, who were once driving their gas-guzzling SUVs to the local feminist club while fornicating, aborting their children, and voting for liberal politicians, will beg for a good man to take them as their wife and protect them in a traditional marriage. The primary job of the government of any country is to keep the peace and to defend its borders. It will not be able to keep the peace, and the trillion dollars which should have been spent to defend our borders from alien invasion will be no more, it is squandered. The US will become like a serfdom, with local warlords. There will be torture camps. What is left of the country will be ripe for the taking by the Red Chinese and Hindu India, who will eye the open lands covetously for their own tribes to supplant.

   Look, let me speak plainly. The Republic is falling and everyone is ignoring it. We can't build anything well anymore, and there is incompetence at every level. Let me say as an engineer that I have serious doubts that we could successfully build a spacecraft to land men on the moon again, as we did in the 1960's. There is too much incompetence and idiocy. Every engineering law in the book was violated in the latest Space Shuttle debacle. Every law, backed up by incompetent managers. And now they want to send the remaining shuttles back into space in a few months? It's a sure sign of the downward spiral. Then there are the Air Force rapes. Many of these girls, being they joined the military, are social conservatives and they might even have been virgins. Yet the incompetence at every level allowed this atmosphere of profound evil to flourish for decades in the military. And so can we say that mohammedans, who also rape those women they don't like, are any worse? They are no worse.

   But this problem goes both ways. Take the Elizabeth Smart girl. Here is possibly a groupie kind of girl, who apparently allowed herself to enter into a bigamous marriage rather than trying to protect her virginity, contrary to the ideal of the great Saint Maria Goretti, patron of youth. Everyone is just relieved that Elizabeth is "safe and sound". Not end of story. How about Brian Ricci? He is purportedly supposed to be a Catholic and an Italian-American, and the burglar who was accused falsely of kidnapping the Smart girl? No one speaks of him. He's dead of a brain hemorrhage in prison, brought on by the false accusation. His family is destroyed, but no one cares of course. Let us hope he won Heaven despite his failings, and we should all pray for his soul. But the jury is still out on the Media and the law enforcement officials and others in Salt Lake who accused him falsely. We'll find out their fate on the Last Day. Yet we must pray for them as well, not wishing condemnation on anyone, but rather conversion.

   Concerning other agencies, we can speak for example about the shear lunacy of the INS policies. I know a Muslim student studying in the US who is from Africa (Senegal). This student sympathizes with the Muslim terrorist actions, saying that the US has it coming. He went back to Africa recently and married a Muslim girl. To get her into the US, since he is not a US citizen, he put her application in with a university system in Staten Island. She was accepted on a student visa, and is now in the US. Yet another very close to me, an American-born Christian and his Asian fiancée have been waiting since last July, going through the proper procedures and still waiting for her visa, which is delayed by backlogs in the legal procedure. And we could go on about government agencies and the breakdown of efficiency and effectiveness in the carrying out of their respective duties.

   And so dear friends, there is a lot to think about. What does the future hold? No one knows for sure, but it does not look bright. Sacred Scripture reinforces that God's Justice is way overdue. Huge events are on the horizon, certainly, and it would seem likely that these will be more of a curse than a blessing. But do we deserve better? No! God is a just God; we reap what we sow. The surest sign of impending disaster is that the signs and symbols and prophesies get bigger and bigger, and stronger and stronger, and clearer and clearer, but the people become more and more ignorant, more and more uncaring, more and more resigned to political correctness at the expense of God and His Will. Indeed, as Chief Seattle tells us, "the end of living and the beginning of survival". Therefore, do not be surprised if all your comfort and convenience evaporates overnight. Do not be startled if it suddenly is a situation of life and death, of survival, rather then to decide about what choice of color for the new Land Rover one should select or which health club to join or how to manipulate the 401K for the most comfortable retirement. And do not be amazed if at the Judgement you see the millions and millions thrown into hell, just as Jacinta of Fatima foretold to us. Let us pray that the massive exodus to Hell does not come to pass, and further that we are not among those who are finally accursed.

    Aœlestibus refécti sacraméntis et gáudiis: súpplices te rogámus, Dómine,
    Refreshed with Heavenly sacraments and joys, we, Thy suppliants, beseech Thee, O Lord.

    MARCH 2003
    Time of Quadragesima
    volume 14, no. 10


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