JUNE 2003
Summer Hiatus Issue
volume 14, no. 31

The Ascent of Zion

Part One

Did Ben Franklin and the Founding Fathers know something we didn't? It would seem so for Ben Franklin warned that if America does not exclude Zionists, "in less than 200 years they will dominate the land and change our very form of government" It would seem rather than gaining our independence we have only shackled ourselves more behind the bars of Zionism.

    " We hope one day to reunify with our Protestant brethren, bringing them back into the fold of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church from whence they left. But to collaborate with those who try to destroy Christian thinking is quite another thing. Zionism is not the only movement that attempts to do this, but it is one of the strongest, and we try to address this issue in this document. The ascent of Zion is one of the most dangerous evils facing good Christians today. And when we speak of Zionism and Zionists, we are speaking of anyone and any event, of any religion - Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, etc., which seeks to bring about the preeminence of Zionism and Zionist principles. "

    "America? Don't worry about the Americans. We own America." - Ariel Sharon at the Knesset, on October 3, 2001.

    If America does not exclude Zionists, "in less than 200 years they will dominate the land and change our very form of government". - Benjamin Franklin, 1787.

    In his 1953 book The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation, the venerable Father Fahey discussed the true nature of the word "anti-Semitism". He explained that it means hatred of Jews as a race and as such is sinful. "The Jews, however," says Fahey "use the word to designate any opposition to themselves, and they strive persistently to associate irrationality and want of balance with the term. They evidently want the world to believe that anyone who opposes Jewish pretensions is more or less deranged." - Catholic Family News, May 2003.

   Many of us Christians wonder where all of our money goes, why we toil day and night at our jobs and get little in return, and why the world is so immoral despite all of our prayers and efforts. We give it our best effort for Jesus, but things seem to be getting worse, not better. The US is under a tremendous financial strain. Some economists believe that it is nearing complete collapse. Our dollars purchase less. We receive cheaply made products with the little that is left after the tax man cometh. For example, for a salary of $75,000 a year, nearly half is taken by Uncle Sam. Some goes to Social Security, but through tricky procedures Social Security monies, meant for our retirement, are also spent by Congress. Furthermore, more and more unwanted immigrants, many of them illegal, pour into the country and nothing is done about it. We spend huge tax revenues for their support, while they take our jobs, our schools, our land, our resources; in fact they are replacing our very numbers very rapidly. Moral decay accelerates. From TV to magazines to newspapers, polluted thinking is spread everywhere and gravely affects our children and even ourselves. What married couple can claim that their daughters were virgins for their wedding? Very few. Our religion has been watered down, neutered, and denatured, as Padre Pio tells us. It is no longer a truly Christian environment which predominates but rather a pan-religious outlook on things, a globalist, multicultural view. We have lost our way, and our way of life is in danger of extinction.

   This destruction of Christianity is in direct correlation with the rise of Zion. Yet there can be no meeting or melding of Christianity and Zion - they are like oil and water and cannot mix. Anyone who thinks that Zionism and Christianity can coexist peacefully is only fooling themselves. Every tenet of Zionism is completely contrary to every tenet of Christianity, and vice versa. Zionism stands for the immoral and Anti-Christian, in fact the Antichrist. Whereas Christianity, founded by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, stands for the good and holy and pure. Ecumenism among Christians is one thing, because we share a belief in the Lordship and salvation of Jesus Christ, and the Trinity of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, Amen. We hope one day to reunify with our Protestant brethren, bringing them back into the fold of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church from whence they left. But to collaborate with those who try to destroy Christian thinking is quite another thing. Zionism is not the only movement that attempts to do this, but it is one of the strongest, and we try to address this issue in this document. The ascent of Zion is one of the most dangerous evils facing good Christians today. And when we speak of Zionism and Zionists, we are speaking of anyone and any event, of any religion - Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, etc., which seeks to bring about the preeminence of Zionism and Zionist principles.

   The guiding principles on which Zionism is founded are given the Talmud. This book is the "oral tradition" of the Pharisees of Jesus' time written down on paper. It is a mass of questionable materials which include strong condemnations of Christianity and Jesus. Most certainly the Talmud is not canonical, yet it is a guiding shadow of darkness for many Zionists today. Jesus spoke about this oral tradition, saying: "You nullify the Word of God with your tradition." Many Christians are under the impression that most Jews use the Old Testament Scriptures, in particular the Torah (Laws of Moses) to guide them. In fact very few Jewish groups give the Old Testament as much weight as they do the Talmud. The Talmudic influence stands for the deception of Christians everywhere, the destruction of their religion, and the ascendancy of Antichrist, through its series of secular principles. When President Lincoln said that "You can fool some of the people all of the time" he apparently was speaking in part about Christians. We have been fooled into think that Zionists are simply a people that adhere to the Old Testament in matters such as the Promised Land, but have not yet been given the light of the New Testament. Even John Paul II speaks this way. Yet, it is not so. The goal of Zionism is supremacy, as outlined in the Talmud, and who can argue that they have not already reached this goal? Woe to this generation of Christians, which has kissed the Talmud, a book antithetical to Christian thought, and therefore danced with satan himself! This behavior can be summed up in the American-Israeli lapel pin flag sported by one of my Zionist neighbors; it means: "We are in favor of using Christian America to protect Israel and Zionist principles, thereby destroying itself in the process." Now we would like to emphasize here that we are not picking on the Jewish faith when we bring the Talmud to your attention. There is for example a group of Jews, Ethiopians, a devout African people, that follow the Old Testament exclusively. Such groups, however, are shunned by the mainstream Zionists and are not allowed certain benefits in modern Israel.

   The principles outlined in the Talmud, those of condemnation of anything that is not Zionist, are conducive to fomenting an atmosphere of fear among non-Zionist religious groups. Countless reports of Israeli terrorism against both devout Muslims and devout Christians reach us daily. Little known, for example, is the fact that thrice as many Palestinians as Israelis have died during the current uprising in the West Bank and Gaza. Often, these are senseless killings of women and children and the destruction of the homes of innocent people. In Hebron for example, the Palestinian section was undergoing restoration as was agreed to under the Oslo II accord. However, the project was sabotaged by Israeli settlers. They broke the street lights, stoned project workers, shot out the windows of bulldozers and other heavy equipment with pellet guns, broke paving stones before they were laid and defaced the homes and shops of Palestinians with graffiti. This renovation project, and the overruns due to Israeli terrorism, was paid for by USAID funds, i.e., your tax dollars. Is it not time, dear friends, to hold the Zionists accountable? One of the worst incidents in recent memory in Israel was that of a beautiful Christian girl, a young beauty queen, who went there in peace to protest the oppression of the Palestinians. She was promptly bulldozed to death by the Israelis. Many of these terror incidents are ordered by Moussad, the Israeli intelligence and enforcement organization, which operates freely in most every country on earth.

   In order to provide a ubiquitous supply of resources for Zionist causes, quite a number of highly questionable Zionist groups have infiltrated politics in the United States. One of the most notorious special interest group in the US is Israel's Washington, DC lobby, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), an organization which makes American politicians tremble with fear. AIPAC draws upon the resources of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, an umbrella group set up to coordinate the efforts of Zionist associations operating in the US. Perhaps the most controversial of these groups is B'nai B'rith's Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Over the last few decades, it has orchestrated hateful attacks on any groups or individuals who oppose Zionism. For example, recently FBI raids on ADL's Los Angeles and San Francisco offices revealed that the ADL had purchased files stolen from the San Francisco police department that a court had ordered destroyed.

   The information was actually compiled by ADL informants planted among Arab-American and African-American groups. ADL infiltrators took notes of the names and remarks of speakers and members of audiences at programs organized by such groups. They recorded the license plates of persons attending such programs and then suborned corrupt motor vehicles department employees or renegade police officers to identify the owners. AIPAC, too, has an "enemies" list that is developed within their special "opposition research" department. The list of enemies are compiled for use by Zionist journalists and "terrorism experts," and also by professional, academic or journalistic rivals of those who oppose Zionism, for use in black-listing, defaming, and denouncing the transgressors. Most special interests have political action committees (PACs), but pro-Zionism PACs in the United States by far outnumber all the rest.

   To date some 126 pro-Israel PACs have been registered in the US, and no fewer than 50 have been active in every national election over the past generation. Whereas an individual voter can give up to $2,000 to a candidate in an election cycle, a PAC can give a candidate up to $10,000. Hence, the 50 Zionist PACs can provide up to half a million dollars in support of a pro-Zionist political candidate for defeating his opponent. That's enough to purchase the television time needed to get elected in most parts of the country. Nearly all of the Zionist PACs have deceptive names, including the "Delaware Valley Good Government Association in Philadelphia", "San Franciscans for Good Government in California", and "Cactus PAC in Arizona", which the average Christian might erroneously believe to be some kind of do-gooder social organization.

   One might be prompted to ask: when is the madness going to stop? Not any time soon. As a result of the political lobbying, a fortune in American money from Christian taxpayers is carted off to Israel every year, though it is hard to ferret out the exact amount. For many years the American Zionist media has said that "Israel receives $1.8 billion in military aid" or separately, that "Israel receives $1.2 billion in economic aid." Both statements are true, but they do not provide the complete picture. To get the total tally of the tax revenues of American Christians that are delivered yearly to Israel, one must add economic and military aid to other forms of financial assistance. During the fiscal year ending in September 30, 1997, the U.S. gave Israel a total of $6.7 billion: $6.2 billion falls under Israel's foreign aid allotment and $500 million comes from agencies such as the Department of Commerce, the U.S. Information Agency and the Pentagon. With loan guarantees and annual compound interest totaling $3.1 billion, IRS tax exemptions that donors can claim when they donate money to Israeli charities (approximately $1 billion is sent to Israel every year by private Zionist citizens), the total cost to U.S. taxpayers for aid to Israel is over $10 billion annually. And Israel is asking for an additional $10 billion more in aid from the US on top of what it already receives.

   By way of comparison, European countries, with approximately the same per capita gross domestic product as Israel, have contributed a very large share of immigrants to the U.S., yet none has organized an ethnic group to lobby for U.S. foreign aid. Of America's total foreign aid, more than a third of it goes to Israel. Thanks to Zionism, virtually no US aid goes to our Christian Orthodox brethren in Eastern Europe, who are starving to death. Remember, this is our money, not the Zionists'. Every dollar that goes to Israel is paid for with our sweat and blood; this is money that is taken from our pockets which could have gone to feed our families and help our fellow Christians. The madness has got to stop. As if this were not enough, Israel also receives foreign aid from some other countries. After the United States, the principal donor of both economic and military aid to Israel is wimpy modern-day Germany, which provides many billions more.

   To their shame, we must report that many non-Jewish media leaders, supposedly conservative, are in bed with the Zionists, if they are not outright Zionists themselves. All have professed support for at least some Zionist issues such as the war in Iraq in support of Israel or the prevention of a Palestinian state in the occupied territories. They have been diabolically disoriented, they have been mesmerized by Zionist propaganda and bought into it hook, line, and sinker at the expense of the cause of Jesus Christ. For example there are the Protestant Evangelical leaders such as Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and national Protestant evangelical movements which somehow see a need to support Israel in their personal interpretation of the Bible. They are wrong, dead wrong!

   Major publications both secular and religious are mouthpieces for support of organized Zion including neo-Catholic Father Fessio's Catholic World Report, and Deal Hudson's Crisis magazine, and the National Review (founded by Traditional Catholic William F. Buckley and once was truly conservative). Likewise Internet sites which seem on the surface to be conservative have an underlying support of Zion. Moderate media such as USAToday frequently runs pieces by influential Zionista including Sam Freedman. And then there are the blatantly Zionist publications including the Weekly Standard and Commentary magazines and the New York Post. In fact very few major secular publications and columnists free of the Zionist influence exist. I can think only of the Washington Times and Human Events, and even here I may be wrong. Dear brethren, we are mostly Christian in the US and there are 1 billion Catholics in the world, so why is it that we cannot field a better media to represent truly Christian views? Maybe because the minds of Christians have been watered down to mush. And this through the Zionist influence, which gives us, for example, the songs by which we celebrate Christmas and Easter, the holiest Christian holidays, including "White Christmas" (a song about snow), "Happy Holidays" and "Easter Bonnet" (a song about fashion parades).

   Now about Zionist pervasiveness in the Media, we cannot emphasize enough an issue of major importance: that Zionists, who claim to be "conservatives" or "neo-conservatives" are no such thing. True conservatives advocate responsibility of the individual to uphold the Moral and Spiritual Laws. These laws are not limited to followers of Christianity, rather they are universal, so that in fact members of false religions can also be conservative. The Moral Law includes all of the good principles on how to live with our fellow humans that we were hopefully taught in childhood: The Golden Rule - to do onto others as you would have others do unto you, to love you neighbor as yourself, to shun greed, avarice, and lust, to honor and uphold the marriage covenant, to obey the Commandments, to do good deeds.

   The Spiritual Laws are those that guide us on how to communicate with God, whether it be in prayer and supplication, praise and worship, in all things ethereal. Knowing these, and practicing them, is the Christian's, and any conservative's, lifeblood. Yet these principles, without which there would be no salvation, are completely alien to everything that Zionism stands for. A secular movement antithetical to Christianity, one never hears a Zionist speaking in support of conservative views on social issues. From the effort against abortion and fornication to the Christian duties of charity, none of the Moral and Spiritual Laws have any positive meaning for the Zionist. On the contrary, Zionists view such laws as a threat to the existence of Zion, and act accordingly. That is why they came up with the Seven Universal Laws of Noah.

   For example, there is the Oberammergau Passion Play. John Vennari tells us in his series currently running in Catholic Family News that this play began in the 1300's in Bavaria. The emperor, making a pilgrimage to Rome, was given a vision from the Mother of God. In this vision the emperor was asked by a monk to construct a monastery in a remote region of Bavaria at the time. He did, and this became the famous Benedictine monastery at Ethal, and the village of Oberammergau grew up around the monastery. When the plague hit Bavaria in the 1630's, the elders of Oberammergau met and pledged to God that the townspeople would perform a Passion Play in every 1 of 10 years thereafter if God would spare the townspeople from the plague. According to the records of the Roman historian Edward Ciaccio in the 19th Century, God had spared the town, and thereafter the Oberammergau Passion Play has been performed once each decade from May to September except in 1770. It's noted in further researh that it was not held in 1940 because Hitler had invaded Poland and all hell had broken loose. This wonderful devotional to Christ is now under attack. Because of its graphic presentation of the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ, the major Zionist groups have labeled the Passion Play as anti-Semitic. It began in 1966, just after the close of the Vatican II Council, when the American Jewish Conference's Commission of International Affairs lined up a host of Zionist luminaries to condemn the Passion Play.

   One such was the world-class Zionist Elie Wiesel, who stated that "the artist cannot remain silent when the arts are used to exalt hatred." Zionist Elie Wiesel was saying in plain terms that the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ is hate speech. Is it any wonder then, that the effort of Traditional Catholic Mel Gibson to recreate the details of the Passion in motion picture form is experiencing vehement opposition from Zion? Many pains have been taken by the Zionists to sabotage the film, and as they have great clout in the movie world, they have almost succeeded, and may yet succeed. The Zionists have also taken a toll on Mel Gibson's personal life, including the harassment of his elderly father Hutton who is now 85. And although Mel is one of the best actors in the world today, I would not be surprised if after this film Mr. Gibson can no longer work in Hollywood, such is the power of evil and poison that is wrought by the Prince of the World, the Evil One, when the Holy Name of Jesus is exalted. Yet, to Mel's credit, he is not only fighting back taking on the ADL but, unlike the Pope, is not afraid to confront the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, most of whom, we must sadly admit, are in bed with the Zionists and Masons.

    JUNE 2003
    Summer Hiatus Issue
    volume 14, no. 31


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