Time After Pentecost
volume 14, no. 1

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Decisions, Decisions!

If you're serious about getting to Heaven, it's high time you started thinking on your own and acting on your own. In other words, don't wait for the Pope and Bishops to lead you because as long as they are promoting the agenda of Vatican II they won't!

    "The Mother of God is quite angry, and disappointed, with the reign of John Paul II - and who wouldnít be, since quite probably never before have so many been condemned to Hell as during his tenure. And we say this not just in terms of the absolute quantity of souls that are headed for eternal torment, but also in terms of percentages as well. No one knows the Faith, no one keeps or practices the Faith, no one loves, most everyone hates."

    "Everyone goes to Heaven donít they? Rather, what of the millions or even billions in the world being condemned to Hell for abortion and fornication and adultery and not keeping the Sunday obligation and a million other things? The bishops are out to lunch on these issues. What of the many who do not even know their own faith? The bishops just donít care, and donít think that I am speaking too harshly."

     All of us must make decisions in life, which involves the will. Even those who make none, who are content in doing nothing, those who are content to live off others as though the world owes them a living, actually have made a decision. We can say that making decisions is a part of our effort toward the question of eternal salvation, or not. First and foremost is our decision of whether we would like to enter Heaven or Hell, but of course it does not stop there. We must work at Heaven, or we must work at Hell, whichever place that we wish to spend eternity in. If we donít work at either we have chosen Hell by forfeit, which is clear because Jesus tells us that we must labor at making our talents productive for the Kingdom of God, and "Those who are lukewarm I will spit out of My mouth". Not only are our own personal decisions very important for determining our fate, but those of others that we come in contact with are quite important in determining our future also. By that I mean that it is important to keep watch over one another, as Saint Paul tells us, and to instruct our brothers and sisters, in love. It does not matter how high and mighty is the position of the one who might need instructing, we are still bound before God to bring important points to their attention in matters of decision-making, when it is on our hearts to do so. If something is gnawing at us in this way, especially after prayerful introspection, do not ignore it Ė it could well be an angel or saint who is trying to get our attention for the good of others, to remind others of the good that they are compelled to do before God. That does not mean to be a meddler, but there is the communion of saints. The Church is but one body, and that body, so we should strive for, should glorify Christ.

    Who are those for which we collectively must answer for? For one thing, our bishops and pastors. We have heard enough concerning our bishops and paedophilia so we shanít belabor it. But let us consider a few other matters. Ideally, the bishops and pastors should be a buffer between us and the world, in terms of the laws of the country and how we Christians are allowed to conduct our lives in it. Therefore, these bishops must be brave and strong men, like those of old, ones who will not flinch at telling a politician things that need to be said so that the Church can conduct its primary mission unfettered, which is the salvation of souls. And do they? The track record of the episcopate is not so good. Let us take, for example, the matter of pro-abortion "Catholic" politicians in the US Ė there are at least a dozen such in the US Senate. These would include: Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-MD), Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA), Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA), Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA), Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA), Sen. John Kerry (D-MA), Sen. Christopher Dodd (D-CT), Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI), Sen. Tom Daschle (D-SD), Sen. Joseph Biden (D-DE).

    These rouges have decided that political correctness and their re-election campaign are more important than is living the Catholic life. They have renounced their Catholicity for the things of this world, and in so doing are honoring the Evil One. And this philosophy, maybe one of personal distaste of abortion but still a willingness, even a zeal, to allow it in the public sector, is almost contagious. At one time all true Christians adhered to the Moral Law. But now only two groups of Christians, the Southern Baptists and the Roman Catholics, at least in name, wholeheartedly support the concept of life from the moment of conception, and the rest of the Moral Law. Many other so-called Christian groups either outright support abortion or have no opinion on it. We might expect this from fringe groups, but the Church of God should do better. Where are the strong and resolute bishops with a heart for God who will excommunicate, publicly, those 12 senators? Yes, they are ipso facto excommunicated anyway, but why not say so publicly? No one worth his salt, no one worth his talents, wimps out on matters of such great importance.

    Then on what issues do the Bishops speak out? Only on social matters, which have very little to do with salvation. And that is the legacy of Vatican II: the Church has gone from a Church of salvation to a church of social matters. It has become the Church of Social Justice and Human Rights. For example, there was recently a joint statement by US and Mexican bishops of official welcome and advocacy for illegal aliens seeking entry or who have already arrived in the US. To these same bishops, who inadvertently or even willfully undermine the US Constitution concerning the right to protect our borders from foreign invasion, and the right to imprison and deport criminals, the idea of salvation is a concept of yesteryear that is hardly relevant to the modern world. Everyone goes to Heaven donít they? Rather, what of the millions or even billions in the world being condemned to Hell for abortion and fornication and adultery and not keeping the Sunday obligation and a million other things? The bishops are out to lunch on these issues. What of the many who do not even know their own faith? The bishops just donít care, and donít think that I am speaking too harshly.

    To give an example, if you attend the New Mass, look around you briefly and see how many parishioners adore the Holy Eucharist at the Communion. You will find just about none that do. Some even who read this donít even know what adoration is. Let me tell you. I will give you a little Catholic education. When transubstantiation occurs, that bread and wine are transformed into the Body and Blood of Christ, it is a miracle, and all who believe it, which is all Catholics and maybe some others, should look on the Lord in reverence and thanksgiving, and then bow their head in adoration and worship. But many in the isles are instead snoozing or lost in space during the interval. The altar boys donít even ring the bells anymore to foretell the miracle, there arenít even any altar boys, and hardly any priests even bother to elevate the Precious Body and Blood; they rather hold it at armís length so to speak. Few if any of the parishioners still believe in the True Presence or know what it means, but most do like to gab in front of the Tabernacle after Holy Mass. The bishops, so it seems, have often made a conscious decision, not just at Vatican II but in all the years following, to turn the Church into an advocacy group for left-wing causes instead of teaching, instructing, and defending the Faith. To be sure, as Saint John Eudes tells us, their skulls will pave Hell and the road to it, but these same bishops will also appear in Hell as decapitated bodies, for all eternity, because they did not use their heads in making decisions while on earth; they have lost their heads so to speak. We write to inform you about it.

    His Holiness has been worried a lot about Russia lately, and he has been critical of the Orthodox, who don't want to invite Catholicism in to their country. But can anyone blame the Orthodox? Do they really need bishops like the Catholic bishops? Do they need paedophilia and a social organization and a Church that doesnít very well know the Faith anymore? Do they need multiculturalism, and with it, terrorism? Of course not, and Our Lady has been appearing to His Holiness, speaking of the mess he is making in the world. She knows what is going on, she is not at all pleased, and is not afraid to stand up to him. The Mother of God is quite angry, and disappointed, with the reign of John Paul II - and who wouldnít be, since quite probably never before have so many been condemned to Hell as during his tenure. And we say this not just in terms of the absolute quantity of souls that are headed for eternal torment, but also in terms of percentages as well. No one knows the Faith, no one keeps or practices the Faith, no one loves, most everyone hates. And we speak of hate not in the way that secularists do. The secularists speak of hate in terms of "hate speech" i.e., any strongly conservative speech. But hate really means to put off the things of God, to ignore the need for the salvation of the soul. Yet that is the only thing that matters, the condition of and salvation of the soul, and this is the primary responsibility of the Church, and therefore, of the Hierarchy. Hence the Blessed Mother has been appearing to John Paul, and he wonders why she is upset. It is quite obvious why she is upset; the Church is in a shambles, in the sense that no one knows or practices the faith, most all of Europe has lost it with the US not far behind, and millions or billions are heading for Hell or are already there. The vision of which, was shown to Sister Lucia and the other Fatima seers almost a century ago. And if you donít believe me, go ask her. The Pope is ultimately responsible for the lack of faith, loss of faith, and for not teaching the Faith, in the many instances when it has occurred lately, because he is the Vicar of Christ.

    Now then, there is the secular world to think about as well. As long as we are on earth we will have secularism, and we cannot ignore it, for we are all called to be missionaries, to baptize + In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. Amen. Therefore let us be true missionaries and spread the Faith, while practicing it ourselves. And what must we practice? Doing good by instructing the ignorant, helping the needy, and steering those who are stumbling off of the straight and narrow, back onto the right course. Is for example, the US president correct in making war in the Middle East? It is partly our decision, since this is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Let us face the truth: the politicians and political pundits most in favor of war in Iraq are Zionist types: Senator Schumer, Senator Leiberman, many others; they seek the protection of Israel. And yet this war in Iraq will mostly involve the spilling of good Christian blood. Is it right? If you think so, then let your own sons and daughters, and those of the elite politicians, be on the front lines. Not one relative of the elite caste is on the front lines, rather, good and devout Christians will be on the front lines in a war for Zionism, and many will therefore die in defense of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Here is a fiend whose army shoots innocent Palestinian civilians, and whose secret terror organization, Moussad, he has given orders to for carrying out executions against any person throughout the world that interferes with Israeli interests. Is it right to protect and defend this scoundrel?

     As everyone knows I am no friend of Muslims in general, but Iraq is also home to many ancient Christian sects, the Chaldeans for example, and they are allowed to have their religion without disturbance. There are many ancient churches there and Christians live in peace with Muslims. They even like Americans. And Palestinians as well, like Americans, at least they did before all their losses at the hands of the Israelis during the past few years, and the Muslims live in peace with the Christians in Gaza and West Bank. Shall we bomb the Iraqis and spill Christian blood merely to defend Zionism and Ariel Sharon? It is abhorrent to think of it. Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq were not responsible for 911, nor for the Muhummad/Mambo sniper incident, but rather it was the free pass into the US given to millions of illegal aliens every year. Can someone please tell me why US borders and ports are left totally undefended while tens of thousands of GIís are protecting South Korea at the DMZ? A Christian country must strongly defend its borders, because it is naturally a target for Satanís minions.

    Then we have the curious incident of Flight 93, the last plane to go down during the 911 attack, over Pennsylvania. It was stated that brave passengers overpowered the Muslims and forced the plane down. But this story does not entirely hold water. At least half a dozen independent people stated that they saw an unmarked white military-style jet that appeared to shoot down Flight 93, and you can read about it here. The time of occurrence of this event was 50 minutes after the crash of the second jet into the World Trade Center, more than enough time to scramble a small military jet. And if it did transpire, why werenít we told?  These are policy decisions which are in part our responsibility; we need to know exactly what happened concerning this and all such incidents. A secretive government (or Church) in matters of policy is no friend of the people of God; Jesus Himself did everything out in the open for all to see. Moreover, it seems that those who would aid and abet terrorism currently have a lot of freedom in high government and speaking positions. Take Scott Ritter, the former head of the UN inspection team in Iraq. He has been very vocal against President Bush in the terrorism war. A known paedophile, Mr. Ritter's case was dismissed by a liberal female assistant attourney general, and you can read about it here. There are also the pro-terrorism members of Congress, such as far-left US Rep. John Conyers, D-Michigan and Rep. Barbara Lee, D-California, who have been advocating the release of Mumia, the Muslim killer of a 25-year old policeman, who was shot in the face at point blank range.

    Anything that undermines the United States of America, from illegal aliens, to the desecration of the Founding Fathers, to the destruction of the family unit, to the elimination of God, these people are for. There are many of them, and although they do not serve God, not only they but we also will be found at fault, for not speaking out against them and calling for their ouster. It brings up an important side issue, and that is, why do we put up with pork pork pork, waste waste waste on ever bigger social spending programs by the Federal government while allowing its primary responsibility, the protection of its citizens, to be relegated to a secondary status? If you want to take a first step in defending God and Country, you can start by keeping your browsers away from the liberal, godless agenda of the New York Times and the like and maybe try a conservative site or two.

    And so dear friends, the choice is really ours. It is our decision whether to accept what transpires around us or not. Yes, we should have a high level of detachment from the things of this world, as Jesus did. But detachment is not the same as apathy. Detachment means to do what you can to change things for the better, but then put the outcome in Godís hands, without worry. He may, or may not, wish to shower us with favor. In either case we must accept it. Some of the greatest saints, many of them, were not showered with Godís favor in this world, but they have won Godís favor for the everlasting. And so let us put our minds to the task at hand, our noses to the grindstone, and not allow bad decisions from the powers that be to slip by us without a peep from our persons. When the bishops flub things, as they often do, they need our help.

    Let us tell them, in love. If they listen to us, good, but if they donít, we are absolved from whatever they might do that is wrong, in matters that we have spoken of righteously. We can go on losing the Faith, or build it back up, and you, dear reader, are partially responsible for the outcome, as am I. I can tell you that the traditional way of doing things has produced many saints, from Saint Peter to Padre Pio, and if you want to learn more you can read this. It is the same with the politicians. We can be resigned to go to war with Iraq, for reasons that are currently unclear to Christians, or we can put up a squawk unless and until there is a strong and compelling reason why we should act as the worldís policeman against a sovereign nation which is friendly to Christians and likes Americans.

    We can demand answers to secretive goings on like the Flight 93 event, Waco, and others, or be content to cower in our bathrooms and living rooms and concern ourselves only with the Superbowl. We can make the decision to ignore our neediest allies, our Christian brethren in Russia and the other countries of the former Soviet Union, who are starving and also dying from lack of health care, all the while purchasing for our kids fancy Toyota Camrys and Isuzu Pups, or we can do something to help the poor. It is marvelous of God to give us a choice, which the Protestants call "free will", so let us be men of good will for God rather than imitating zombies, idolaters, and harlots.

    Mķnera tibi, Důmine, nostrś devotiůnis offťrimus - We offer Thee, O Lord, the gifts of our devotion.


    FEBRUARY 2003
    Time After Epiphany
    volume 14, no. 1


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