Time of Septuagesima
volume 14, no. 4

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To Hasten the Reign of Antichrist

Those who think the idea of Antichrist is merely a superstition, consider what the Mother of God has foretold for these times: "The chiefs, the leaders of the people of God have neglected prayer and penance, and the devil has bedimmed their intelligence. They have become wandering stars which the old devil will drag along with his tail to make them perish. God will allow the old serpent to cause divisions among those who reign in every society and in every family."

From the The Meaning of La Salette

    "To further the cause of Antichrist, national goals, dreams, and aspirations will all be eliminated because they will be seen as hateful and vengeful to the world’s poor and indigent. The International Criminal Court will strike down all partnerships and agreements between nations in favor of a world partnership and treaty based on the human. In fact such a treaty, the Earth Charter, is already in place and has gained the highest respect and admiration of many secular governments. These acts will be encouraged by prelates of the Roman Curia and even His Holiness himself, who have already been highly supportive of International Law and World Court hegemony. Furthermore, the Catholic bishops will no longer support the idea of Christ as King."

   Who is Antichrist, and what is his purpose? It is quite simple, really. Antichrist is the man who seeks to take the place of Christ. He is the Man of Lawlessness, who abrogates the moral and spiritual laws, if that were possible. In fact there are already many antichrists in the world, as Saint Paul tells us, and the main thread in common to all of them is that they seek to dethrone Christ and usurp His power, and some even think that they are the Christ. It was as true in Saint Paul’s day as in our own. These antichrists have functioned on a local level; they were precursors and forerunners of Satan's glory, just as many ancient prophets and holy people have foretold the glory of Christ. What will set apart the final antichrist, the Prince of Terror, is that he will succeed on a global scale to act in place of Christ. As we have stated in Is it Morally Permissible to Vote for the Pro-Choice Candidate? , in all his actions and words, Antichrist will be the opposite of Christ; this is in fact what "anti" means. But since God will put a special blindness in many people’s hearts, a diabolic disorientation, and because of Antichrist’s great intellect and sly ways, aided by evil and supernatural and grotesque beings, he will succeed in fooling many people - millions, even billions. He will have a redeeming power over many, but it will be to sanctify those people for Hell. Previously these same foolish ones, who will be bridesmaids caught without oil in their lanterns, had been slated to enter Life, that is, Heaven, but Antichrist’s power and earthly appeal will be so strong and magnetic that the poor souls will forfeit their salvation. And there will be many, many such, as there is even today.

   Before Antichrist is revealed to an adoring public, the world must be prepared for his arrival. It means to mimic in a way what will happen at the Second Coming of Christ. When Christ returns, the good Christ, the real Christ, at some point the earth will live peaceably. There will be no wars because everyone will know God and will have been refined. There will be good in the hearts of the people, though if we are still mortal we can still make mistakes. Christ will rule with an iron scepter, but it will be among saintly people. There will be no nations, no leaders except Christ. There will be no strife between peoples, because all will be under one God. The Scriptures are not clear if Christ’s Kingdom will be peaceable even from its start or whether it will be some time later. But at one point all will see the glory of God and have God in their hearts, and the Devil will be cast out along with the rest of the fallen angels, to weeping and gnashing of teeth. We can imagine how this might transpire in reverse, or anti. To prepare for rule under Antichrist, the people must become as one, and harmonious. But this oneness will be based on humanness, on human rights and social justice, not on God, not on salvation and not on the thought of Heaven. The people will rather seek, and they shall find, Satan. It will be Antichrist’s ways that they inure; he will be their peace and salvation, their model, rather than Christ, and they will sing praiseworthy hymns to the Evil One. To be sure Elijah comes first, before Christ, but even before Elijah there will be Antichrist. This man will lead the New World Order, which stands for humanity, the human, and is signified by man’s number, which is imperfection, or 666. And some people even today welcome that coming reign of evil; many rock stars in particular, others in show business, and their idolizing fans, often worship it.

   And how might one hasten the establishment of the New World Order and the reign of Antichrist? We can inform you that it is proceeding very nicely even now! But to accelerate the process all differences between peoples must be eliminated, not based on God and the Holy Religion but rooted in secular thought, on rationalism and Enlightened thinking, on the triple qualities of liberty from the laws of God, fraternity in the brotherhood of Satan, and equality, or debasement, of humans on a par with animals that the French secularists so nobly fought for in the late 1700’s, and won. They killed many holy priests and religious, they threw off the yoke of religion from France, forever and ever - even until Jesus Christ’s return, we can state. This great event was truly a triumph of the human spirit. France was the eldest and dearest daughter of the Holy Church; therefore it is fitting that she should become the eldest daughter of the Church Unholy. And we see its incipience today. It is France that has taken the lead in spreading the good news of Antichrist. How so? France along with Germany, Belgium, and The Netherlands, have instituted a World Court of Law which will one day be binding on all people, and is in a way even now. These same French, once weak, have taken it upon themselves to act as a beacon for Mankind through the establishment of the European Union, an institution whose sole purpose is to break down the national barriers that were established with kings at the head and God at the fore. They along with Germany and some other left-wing West European countries have additionally banned nationalism and imprison the nationalists; they are most certainly not free countries.

   In fact to hasten the installation of secularism around the world, the French have even allowed their nation to be overrun by sword-bearing Muslims. This Muslim surge of terror and death will lead to the destruction of all religion as the rulers well know, and it will transpire sooner than you think, in fact it is happening at this very moment. How can this be? Why, in fact the only way to finally defeat the Muslims, in preparation for Antichrist's coming, will be to enshrine the New World Order, in which case religions as we know them will cease to exist. Both Christianity and Islam will be lumped together as hate speech, and are already considered such by enlightened thinkers. Religion will be replaced with human spiritism and the Earth Mother, it will be based upon the worship of the human condition and human consciousness and sexuality. All who go along with this plan will be saved by Antichrist for Hell, but those who refuse to go along with it will be called the unsaved and the unchurched. And in its zeal for things secular and unholy, France has recently gone far beyond the call of duty by brokering a deal in which the Ivory Coast, the country in Africa which was once the most stable and Catholic, is now in the hands of the Muslims, who have thereby been given a green light to enslave or slaughter the remaining Christians as soon as possible. To which Antichrist will surely say: "Well done, good and faithful servant!" And I can tell you now that France will be among the favorites of Antichrist. Many Frenchmen and Frenchwomen will have a special place in his heart and in his kingdom, both in this world and in the next. As the eldest daughter of his church, France will excel in human spiritism and will produce many unholy saints, that is, missionaries of death who are already purified for Hell, having not one spot of good in them, who will roam the earth nascent to the time when Antichrist is revealed.

   To its chagrin, the United States will lag behind a bit in winning the world for the Man of Lawlessness, but in its zeal to be first and win the race it will hasten to catch up with France and Germany. As more people see and love the darkness, a spell will be cast on the many to bring them more fully into Satan’s fold. At that time the principle organs of government will be women’s reproductive advocacy organizations, race agitation societies, and other wicked groups. These and similar heroic associations of sin will greatly enhance the efficacy of reproductive rights legislation for girls and women. Spurred on by race agitators and other ministers of licentiousness, it will be required of all girls to sacrifice to Satan at least once prior to reaching the age of 18, by aborting a baby or by infanticide. And it will be required of all men to cause at least one conception that results in such an abortion. These random acts of sinfulness will help make all of the people worthy before Antichrist; it will be an important token to atone for past sins of goodness. As Mother Teresa tells us: "Abortion is the greatest threat to peace.", and indeed the people will shout " 'Peace, peace!' when there is no peace". Abortion is now an institution; it is a way of life and a cultural icon. We mourned at 911 but sing and make merry as millions die each year in the nation's reproductive choice centers.

   But abortion alone will not be sufficient to quench Satan's thirst during the time of his glory. In preparation for Antichrist’s reign, all forms of perversion will be encouraged by the world’s esteemed leaders, goaded on by the great actors, actresses, musicians, and other artists and liberal academicians. Sodomy, paedophilia, prostitution, conjugality with animals, and group marriages consisting of multiple men and women, and boys and girls, will overtake monogamous heterosexual marriages as the preferred modes for intimate relations. These will be encouraged by lost priests and religious, who with a gentle, caring hand, will teach people the joys of sexual perversion and prayer to the Evil One. The bishops especially, having gone fully mad, will orchestrate these new modes of freedom and shall even provide church monies for their implementation. And to instill a sense of pride in sexual perversion, many motion pictures, TV shows, and school film strips will be created to glorify it. You don’t believe it? In fact even today many of the liberal American bishops regularly banish their most orthodox and holy priests to special Catholic psychosocial centers scattered about the US, where these unfortunate priests are made to view paedophilic films to the tune of hard rock music, for hours and days on end, until their spirit in Christ is broken and their minds go awry. At which time, they are deemed cured and are sent back to parish life. Should they protest the indoctrination in evil, said priests may even be restrained so that they cannot leave or even go to the bathroom until they cry out in the name of Satan.

   Today and more so in the future, the glories of sexual perversion will also be taught in the health education classes of public schools and at special training centers for youngsters, and anyone who does not think it wholesome will be thought of as "extremist" and even, "insensitive" or a "hate monger". At some point when the period of wickedness is particularly established, in every classroom in all of the nation’s schools and in the churches there will be a modernistic image of Satan displayed in a prominent place, to remind the pupils and parishioners of the bad that they must do for him, in order to bring about his kingdom on earth as it is in Hell. In many places, marital heterosexuality will be outlawed and those caught practicing such will be sterilized or put to death. Whole nations will be intentionally torn apart and thrown into chaos as the time of Antichrist draws near. For example, a tax will be imposed on the income of the citizenry of prosperous nations, maybe half the salary or more, in order to equalize and redistribute the world’s wealth, as even the Holy Father has suggested should be done. As the Pope has also indicated is his desire, there will be further integration of the world’s poor people into rich nations, as well as a more complete and finalized erosion of national boundaries. Borders between countries and national sovereignty will hardly mean anything anymore; they will become something like a county line at most, and presidents, prime ministers, and kings will become local governors answerable to the world body politic which will be based in Paris, Brussels, or The Hague.

   Because of the relative sparcity of peoples living in the US, the world taxes will in part fund the wholesale migration of a billion or so people from populous nations such as China and India into the United States. Large ships under UN guard will be devoted to carrying tens of thousands of such migrants with every trip, who will be mostly young males, since female babies are often aborted in China and India. These social justice ships will call on ports throughout the US, and so that this billion or more of new US citizenry is not concentrated in any one area, but rather becomes fully established, they will be assigned cities, towns, and villages to live in throughout the heartland of America. The shortage of housing and funds will require that all American homeowners shall share their dwellings, autos, and income with at least three or four of the incoming families – each family having one bedroom to themselves, so that the 1 billion new Americans can be rapidly hosteled. The Pope will give this great event his benediction and thank all for their adherence to the new standard of social justice. Because many of these incoming peoples will not be Christian, religion as we know it will no longer be allowed. Instead, a government-based religion composed of human spiritism and environmental activism will be nurtured and rapidly instituted. For like reasons, all holidays to the US Founding Fathers and great leaders will be eliminated, and anyone who celebrates their memory will be put to death. Should anyone even utter the name of Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Lewis and Clark, or Robert E. Lee, it will be considered the vilest of hate speech and he or she will be slowly tortured to death for the love of Satan. Whereas, when people greet each other in friendship they will praise the names of Desmund Tutu and Nelson Mandela, and others who have worked with a singular efficacy toward the cause of a worldwide secular state devoid of God and His principles. In fact in the US we have already eliminated Columbus Day, and Washington and Lincoln’s birthdays, and they are rarely mentioned in school history textbooks anymore. It is one small step for Man, one giant leap for Mankind in the quest for the historical Satan. Likewise the Confederate flag, the flag of state’s rights, banner of Southern valor (whose young men to this day are the warriors that serve at the front lines in America’s wars) has been banished by politically correct city liberals and replaced with the civil rights holiday of Kwanzaa Spiritus.

   Now in Hell there will be no distinction between humans and animals; humans will become like animals and will have the minds of beasts. Therefore in anticipation of Antichrist's glorious advent, the human condition will be slowly degraded to the level of beastly animals, more so even than the current hedonistic and perverted atmosphere affords. To this end, all manner of strange and fantastical creatures will be produced by science, genetics, and academic understanding, a harbinger of the Kingdom of Satan on earth that will reign in parallel with Christ’s Kingdom in Heaven. For example, some beasts that are created by Man will possess human limbs and torsos, but they will have animal heads - those of bears, birds, snakes, rats, and the like. These beings will walk upright, but they will snarl or squawk or hiss or grunt with whatever animal head is affixed, and some will hop like crickets. Likewise, there will be the genesis of creatures with human heads, perfectly capable of talking and interacting, with bodies of horses, cows, pigs, and other work animals. These latter beings will be used by military commanders on the battlefield for special hard-to-do assignments, also in farm labour, and as politicians spouting incendiary words which proclaim the glories of social justice and human rights. And to bring about the more rapid integration of society to one of unicultural harmony and brotherhood, the churches will implore the populace to form intimate relationships with the animal-human creatures, even to the point of having children with them, if it were possible. Strange human beings will also be created, such as those with the capacity to act as both the male and the female member in the creation of offspring, or even to act as both members simultaneously and self-replicate like amoebae. Other new humans of scientific construction will be composed of a crude mixture of ethnic features – some having quadrant-like faces that are ¼ each of Caucasian, African, Oriental, and Indian. All of these scientific curiosities and more will act to break down true respect for humans as children of God, and their relationship with Him, helping to make humans indistinguishable from animals, and thereby more completely establishing Satan’s throne room on earth. It is transpiring even presently.

   To further the cause of Antichrist, national goals, dreams, and aspirations will all be eliminated because they will be seen as hateful and vengeful to the world’s poor and indigent. The International Criminal Court will strike down all partnerships and agreements between nations in favor of a world partnership and treaty based on the human. In fact such a treaty, the Earth Charter, is already in place and has gained the highest respect and admiration of many secular governments. These acts will be encouraged by prelates of the Roman Curia and even His Holiness himself, who have already been highly supportive of International Law and World Court hegemony. Furthermore, the Catholic bishops will no longer support the idea of Christ as King. They will state that other religions are just as effective in providing a path to salvation through their own covenant relationship with God. You don’t believe it? But they have already done so. Just a few months ago the American Catholic bishops released a binding document in which they state that the conversion of Jews is no longer necessary, that the saving power of Jesus Christ is no longer expedient, because the Jews have their own covenant relationship with God. And these same bishops will instigate ever more novel spiritualities and notions of God, in deference to the Vatican II Council, even as they do today. Rather rapidly now, at the behest of many of them, the true Church of Christ is losing its power and dignity. I am not being unfair - no one can deny this. Few come to holy mass anymore (attendance dropped by 10% this past year in the US) and those that gather to "break bread" don’t listen to what the good priests tell them anymore anyway. The people have been left to the wolves by these bishops, and the fields are ripe for the harvest. Indeed, Lucifer will harvest them, and woe to those who have caused it. As a small but important example, we have college girls making the Sunday obligation to attend holy mass who also believe that premarital sex is holy, even saintly, so long as it is done with dignity and reverence for the human person. For example, such is the case at Rutgers University, and I provide you with the Rutgers Catholic chaplains' email addresses in case you would like to write to them and tell them what you think.

   And so dear friends, the preparation for the reign of Antichrist has begun; it is almost a celebratory atmosphere, and all signs point to a hastening of his appearance. It will come with a bang, and I assure you, that you will not want to be caught in the explosion. I would say that Antichrist will be very pleased at all that he sees upon his arrival, and will need to make few if any corrections, so has the world been enamored with him already in implementing secular humanism on a grand scale. Those alive at his coming will know the Faith of the Evil One in all its grandeur and will call it very holy. And in preparation for Antichrist, many, many, will have never even learned the Faith of the Holy One of God. Even at this moment in time, we can say that few know the True Faith very well if at all. There are Catholics attending Holy Mass who don't know the essentials like what transubstantiation is. The faith that supercedes others in this day and age, the faith of Satan, is one of believing that the moral law has been suspended for being hateful and insensitive, racist and bigoted, and that holiness is defined as the betterment of the human condition by the creation of a paradise of liberty, fraternity, and equality on planet Earth, with social justice and human rights for all. The French were given this vision first, but now the good news of Satan has reached practically all the people throughout the world. With fast communication and transportation modes, many have drunk from the cup of the maddening wine of the world’s adulteries, and we do not think it will be very long before Antichrist is installed as Supreme Ruler. Well yes, there will first be some grand conflict, most likely between the 2 billion Muslims and the rest of the world. It is coming, because God is just: Christians have become hedonists and child immolators, and so the Almighty sends heathen, who obey the moral law, to destroy them. Yet Satan wins this battle, because this global clash between civilizations heralds the incipience of world governance. The heroes of the movement will be those who throw down national boundaries, who destroy the cultural distinctions between peoples, and who eliminate the religion of God in the name of world peace as is being done even today. In the end there will be but one economy, one culture, one people, one nation, one mind, one dream, one Antichrist who is lord, ruler and master of all, under Satan's caring claws and hooves. The American bishops who bravely instituted the pronouncement eliminating the need for Christ will be considered among the first in the Antichrist martyrology, as will the world’s great political secularists and champions of social justice. They will shine like stars in the Kingdom of Satan and their praises and lore will be sung by all who call themselves friend of the Man of Lawlessness. It will be a peaceable time, that is, a secular, unholy peace, a sinister peace and a time of unthinkable monstrosities, with Satan acting as father to all, the father who is in Hell, and the people will joyously be called children of the Devil.

   To wit: is this time imminent? Well, let us ask ourselves more specifically. Are we children of God or children of Satan? Do we praise the darkness or the light? Do we love the moral law or the secular laws? Is our primary purpose to aid in the salvation of souls and thereby to enter the eternal Kingdom of Heaven, or to build a secular paradise on earth? Do we fight for Christianity, as did the Holy Crusaders, or for pluralism? Do we work to stamp out evil, as did the Office of the Holy Inquisition, or do we say: "I’m ok, you’re ok"? Do we pray for His Kingdom come, His will be done, or do we pray for a world that has put off God in the name of "peace" and "freedom"? Are we zealous for the twin pillars of God’s rights and His justice, or for the twin pillars of human rights and social justice? Do we worship Christ or Antichrist? Do we have faith in God or in Satan? But be careful not to imitate the one who acknowledges God but then refuses to work in the fields, because these will look in vain for the friendship of the Lord on the day of His glorious return.

    Benedictio Dómini super caput justi
    The blessing of the Lord is upon the head of the just man.

    FEBRUARY 2003
    Time of Septuagesima
    volume 14, no. 4


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