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Year-End Issue

Volume 14,
no. 41
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Year End Issue

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  2003 was a year in which the mask has completely been stripped and the Newchurch stands exposed as the enemy of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. In years to come many will look back and say, 'why didn't we see this coming?' We have news. We've been warning you all year! Wake up and smell the poisonous scent of the roses along the wide, slippery slope to perdition. Ecumenism is of the devil. As unpopular, politically incorrect it may be to say, the heck with man's opinions - God's opinions are the only ones that count. Therefore, know without a shadow of doubt that there is NO SALVATION OUTSIDE THE CHURCH - the Church as divinely directed from Peter through Pius XII. Extra Ecclesia Nulla Salus!    In one mere century...
The Twelve Days of Christmas
The Twelve Days of Christmas from December 25 through January 5th were actually a secret catechism code sung by Roman Catholics after the Reformation in countries such as in England and during the French Revolution where they were not allowed to practice their Faith. Thus, to communicate with fellow Catholics and truly celebrate the Birth of Jesus Christ as the Savior in the Catholic tradition without fear of reprisal, they formed this "carol" which represented "religious reality" in symbols. The day is coming when loyal Catholics may have to revert to such a code once more to uphold the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. For the meanings of the 12 days, see Twelve Days of Christmas.
The Twelve Promises of the Sacred Heart
We provide the excellent completed work by Father Joseph McDonnell. S.J. Catholic Family News has given us permission to reprint following their publishing of it. It is a beautiful meditation and commentary of the devotion given to Saint Margaret Mary - "Apostle of Devotion to the Sacred Heart." It should encourage more devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. We encourage you to see all Twelve Promises of the Sacred Heart

On the BattleLine
Atila Sinke Guimarães, a foremost authority on the causes and effects of Vatican II and at the forefront in identifying the charades being proffered by the bishops and curia, exposes the revolution, providing proof that we must all truly stand with the Church Militant On the BattleLine. For his latest viewpoint from the trenches, see his intuitive piece on a possible, very possible "Smoking Gun" that reaches all the way to the Apostolic Palace in his The Papal Letter

Appreciating the Precious Gift of our Faith
Click here to see enlarged illustration After a brief delay we continue with our catechesis series from My Catholic Faith. In preparation for Lent during this time of Septuagesima, we focus on Christian Perfection and why it is more important than ever before to "put on the armor of God" in striving toward sanctity in a world that shuns and mocks such ideals, where the beasts of the world, the flesh and the devil lash out at those who are not shackled by satan. We provide the reasons why we must gird ourselves with the loins of truth in the 284th installment of this series with Christian Perfection .

Shears and Tears of a Lamb
With the Ides of March having just passed, Catharine Lamb responds to the vitriol that has erupted against Mel Gibson and his dad Hutton, both strong Traditional Catholics. She engages one reporter in particular with a firm "Et tu, Touché " in answering the writer's titled question "Does Mel Gibson have a Jewish Problem?" with "Does Bill Berkowitz have a Catholic Problem?" Catherine exposes the underbelly of the writer's intent with her column Provoking passions over "The Passion".

    See The Passion of Jesus Christ and the PETITION to make sure it remains faithful to the literal words of the Gospel of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Traditional Catholics and committed Christians can make the difference!

In his Catholic PewPoint, editor Michael Cain comments on John Paul II's most recent encyclical Ecclesia de Eucharistia issued on Maundy Thursday and laments on what it could have been if only John Paul would heed his own words. After poring over it twice, Cain shares his observations on how square pegs cannot fit round holes though John Paul II tried his darndest through 62 paragraphs, but trying to apply the Decrees of Trent to the norms of Vatican II only gives us more of "all that jazz" that has so muddled the Faith over the past 40 years as we see in his commentary in two parts with ACT ONE and ACT TWO of Razzle-dazzle 'em!.

Christ or chaos
With Holy Week just a day or two away, Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey presents a special series - a reflection on Salvation History, beginning from Adam and Eve to the glory of the Paschal Lamb on Easter Sunday. In his first part Tom traces the history of salvation from the fall of our first parents and the subsequent trials of God's people in the Old Testament in waiting for the Messiah; and when He arrived, few there were who recognized the God-man even in the face of fulfillment of all prophecy because of man's stubborn pride and resistance to God's will. So also today as Tom explains in From Eden to the Empty Tomb .

To show how convoluted the wolves in shepherds' clothing are twisting the truths, we present the evidence where conversion of the sheep into the one true fold is no longer relevant. Rather, as Gary Morella comments on the totally humanist and worldly direction modern Rome has chosen to travel, what is important to the counterfeit church is "ecological conversion" and submission to mammon through "globalization" by pandering to the UN as the governing authority, whereas it should be the Church alone as the Authority of all souls as Christ commanded. It is so sad how so few can see the ecumaniacal bent of "John Paul the Great" which blinds so many to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church and is alien to Apostolic tradition. See What are the sheep to think?.

 The Fatima FILE
In this month of Mary when we celebrate the 86th anniversary of the Fatima apparitions, we revisit the Third Secret of Fatima with a new focus on the possibility that, if modern Rome did not totally fabricate it, perhaps the principals involved were not John Paul II as the Vatican has posited, but rather that the martyred Bishop in white was the one who remained pure to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church - Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. Here is presented an interpretation which gives hope that the 40 years in the desert is coming to a close in The Third Secret of Fatima - A Prophecy for the 'New Springtime' of the Church?

Catholic PewPOINT
When is enough enough? That is one question editor Michael Cain asks as the madness rushes out of control in the world and the Vatican II church. Why is it so many are heading for the precipice at breakneck speed and don't know how to apply the brakes? Could it be because so few - including hierarchy and laity - truly know their Faith? And if they do know it, then the crime is compounded all the more for their complicit part in the charade. It is a comedy of errors that finds few laughing at the pratfalls, twists and turns and slapstick that has been applied in the Novus Ordo 'Messes' as Fr. Moderator of has aptly coined the phrase. Cain is reminded of the good times and asks whatever happened to them and to love of the Lord's precepts. Just like Laurel and Hardy did so many times, so also today the newChurch and a corrupt society has found themselves in Another Fine Mess!.

"Qui legit, intelligat"
In Father Louis Campbell's sermon for Trinity Sunday, he reveals what so many do not see: the panreligious bent of the conciliar church and John Paul II. If ever it was more obvious it was in his letter released last year on Pentecost for Mission Sunday in which not only did John Paul II leave out any reference whatsoever to the necessary Sacrament of Baptism - which is vital for salvation - but misrepresented the Sacred Scriptures by omitting our Lord's absolute and definitive words in Matthew 28: 19 to His words "baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost" - This is also the surest sign in Scriptures of the Holy Trinity. Yet, in the ensuing Mission Letter of John Paul II below Father's sermon, one can see less and less reference to the Triune Divinity and more to "one God" in order to placate and include not just believers in Jesus Christ, but beyond the Reformation by appeasing pagan, Jew and atheist. If what John Paul II has written in his Mission Statement is true, then all the works of the holy saints, martyrs, popes and doctors of the Church, not to mention all members of the Church Militant were in vain and there was no need for the Crucifixion. "Are you saved, brother?".

Pro Life Prescriptions
Dr. Frank Joseph's is livid how low American society has sunk. Thanks to the Democrats, liberal, radical Godless judges have populated the courts and effected the reality of legislating God out of existence. The unlawful holocaust in the womb continues unabated, masqueraded as a "woman's right" while the sodomite insanity is steamrolling through legislatures for fear of offending this vast minority who have forfeited all rights by their beligerent disobedience of God's natural laws. To cover all this up, the ACLU has been successful as satan's harbinger in removing the Ten Commandments from Judge Roy Moore's courthouse. Who is next? Dr. Frank lambasts those who would even consider compromising with the atheists and pagans and warns that the trial of the ages is coming down to The United States vs. God

The Legacy of St. Pius X

Who was this giant of the Faith? In honor of the celebration of the centenary of this saintly Roman Pontiff, we present a detailed biography of the man - the kind of shepherd so sorely missing today. We can only hope and pray that someday, in God's time, we will once again have a shepherd devoted to upholding the Apostolic Traditions as St. Pius X was and who did all in his power to safeguard the Sacred Deposit of the Faith For more about this cardinal from northern Italy, see St. Pius X
Quid Dicit Scriptura
One of the areas The Daily Catholic has not been able to furnish until now is a solid Catholic Apologetic based on the Holy Scriptures. With the addition of Jacob Michael we can now provide the reader a a steady diet of Catholic Apologia in order to counteract Protestant friends who are great at quoting Sacred Scripture and even better at taking it out of context and interpreting according to how they view it, not on what the Church has always directed in discerning that which the Holy Ghost has inspired as Divine Revelation. The whole question comes down to "What saith the Scriptures?" and that is the title of Jacob's column - in Latin, of course: "Quid Dicit Scriptura?", with passages taken from the Latin Vulgate Douay Rheims Roman Catholic version. With this issue he begins a multi-part installment on "The Gospel is the Kingdom"

Traditional Insights
Mario Derksen reflects on the "coincidences" of a "transitional Pope" which, no one can deny, John XXIII was. Mario contends in his theory that it was all prearranged in order to implement the very agenda that has rendered the Church so impotent in grace today, all begun by setting Angelo Roncalli up as a "transitional Pope" - the "Good Pope" in the eyes of the world. That alone should have warned us of what was ahead after the "transitional pontificate" ended, as Mario explains in his column A "Transitional" Pope?

Gabriel's Clarion
We are pleased to introduce another respected writer to The Daily Catholic cadre of Traditional writers with the addition of Gabriel Garnica, an educator and attorney. Heaven is once again under attack by those who would seek to ignore and overthrow God's majesty and authority. Gabriel's notes will be music to tradtional ears but unpleasant tones to those who have bought into the misguided notions so prevalent and spreading in today's Catholic world. In this issue he sounds the clarion in asking us to take up the whip and drive the modernists out of Holy Mother Church as he explains in his column Overturning the Moneychangers

Father, forgive them...
With all the invectives being hurled at Mel, a very anti-Catholic movie has flown under the radar and Michael Matt sets the record straight in the October 31st issue of The Remnant as he exposes the underbelly of lies littering the movie "Luther". Though well done cinematically, the content is so erroneous that Catholics and Lutherans need to know the truth. Matt asks why haven't the producers of "Luther" been held to the same inquistion Gibson has been put through? After all, outside of Adolph Hitler there was no bigger anti-Semite than Martin Luther. Matt gets to the heart of the matter and expresses who and what the apostate heretic monk Martin Luther really was in his article Luther. New Film wages holy war on Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus

A heartfelt thank you from Cyndi to "Cyndi's Angels"

It has been a month and a half since Cyndi was rushed to the hospital. Surely, but slowly she is improving and would like to thank those whose prayers are the main reason she is on the road to recovery as she shares her own heartfelt words of gratitude and fills all in on her progress. Her family and doctors truly believe it is a miracle she is still alive. All the more reason to fight for helpless souls like the innocent unborn and the Terri Schiavo's of the world who have become political footballs rather than the precious treasures created by the Almighty. Cyndi is counting her blessings and wants to share her thoughts in Nothing more precious!

The real shock to the senses is that nothing, absolutely nothing shocks people any more! Where 40 years ago the vast majority would have been scandalized, greatly scandalized and shocked by vice, sin and perversion, today they are so dulled that they hardly notice. Woe be to us for our insensitivity to our vulgar nakedness! We need to clothe ourselves and seek to clothe others in the "white garments" of sanctifying grace. That is the true sensus Catholicus as editor Michael Cain explains in A Shock to the Senses and the Sensus Catholicus.

Echoes of True Catholicism
Dr. Marian Horvat provides a lengthy but absolutely necesary column that every person in your family, office and anywhere else - whether they are Catholic or not - should read if they think everyone's going to Heaven. If they believe this heresy, then they're in for a mighty big shock. Marian's article incorporates a letter from a soul in hell who, through a dream, relates the eternal regrets one has when they have been damned, entitled "Letter from Beyond." The article should touch hardened hearts and wake up so many how important the holy Faith is and how poorly all have been catechized. Please read it before it's too late for you. Along with the words, the magnificent paintings Marian presents clearly define that a picture is worth a thousand words. This article will truly move you to think of hell now so you won't have to experience it later. Americans Think Hell Exists, But No One Goes There .

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