Christmas - Year End Issue
December 22 - 31, 2003
volume 14, no. 41

Christmas Message from Michael and Cyndi Cain

No Greater Gift Than The True Faith
      INCLUDED: A special Urgent Message from Our Lord to Cyndi - the first in 8 years and one of the most urgent she has ever received and quite possibly one of the most urgent you've ever read.
         At this time of year, the refrain so often heard in this society - so overwhelmed by the wave of commercialism - is 'what do you get somebody who has everything?' Well, we thought about that. What could we, who are so materially poor, give to those who have so many temporal things that would be valuable, precious, yes, even priceless? Lo and behold, through the trials of suffering, the answer came from Our Lord to Cyndi through the Sanctifier. This gift? It is so urgent that it's a matter of life and death!

         That's pretty urgent, we believe. Hopefully you will sit up and take notice and take notes. Just as Christ's words in the Gospel were hard for some to take - so also even among our friends - these words may be very difficult to accept, even though they are in full compliance with what Our Lord wills. Yet to remain silent, to allow our neo-Catholic friends to continue on the path of deception that surely is leading them blindly to the precipice of hell, we must remind all of what they need to believe.

         While Cyndi was in intensive care she experienced a mystical experience that she has been commanded to share with all, regardless of whether they believe her or not. Here, on a special page, is her account which prepares you for why Our Lord has asked her to share with the world His words - the first since the Feast of Corpus Christi in 1995:

           My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, it has been a very long time since I've written to you in this manner. The main reason for this is that our dear Lord wished me to remain hidden, in prayer, and penance as the fulfillment of all Scripture became plain for all to see.

           Only a very, very few saw. Only a remnant still see clearly. Even less responded when they did see the fulfillment taking place.

           Then God intervened in my life. On September 15th, the Feast of the Holy Mother of Sorrows, I went to bed at my normal time of 10:30 p.m. I had not felt very well, but as what I discern is my role as His victim soul, I thought little of that and offered it to God.

           Imagine my shock and confusion when I opened my eyes and found that I was in the hospital, in the ICU unit, dying of bi-lateral pneumonia. Both lungs had totally filled with fluid. My next clear memory was having Father Angelo at my bedside. He had to travel a good hour and a half at least to the hospital and he was there to administer the Holy Sacrament of Extreme Unction to me. I remember the joy I felt at being able to receive this most important Sacrament as it always was meant to be and the reminder that should I die, I would go straight to Heaven, being in the pure state of Sanctifying Grace.

           Despite this ethereal, mystical reality, I was also aware of the medical staff standing at the ready to put me on life support. At that point, in all honesty, I was at total peace and ready to be called home.

           I was on life support for a good two weeks, and that time is completely lost to me. The doctors, however, knew my life still hung in the balance even when they weaned me off the life support tube. Even if I wasn't fully conscious, I had to fight my way off of life support. It was still touch and go until September 28th, the day after they had removed the last of the vital equipment. They had replaced the life support tube with a breathing mechanism called a Cpap. It was more than I could tolerate, and I had to have it removed. Immediately my stats began to fall into the dangerous level. My personal doctor came and he told me of my failing condition, and did I wish to go back on life support. I told him, 'No,' because there would be no way around the same predicament of using the Cpap machine once the life support was lifted. I totally put it in God's hands.

           And at that moment, as he stood there by my bedside, his eyes misted over. He asked again if I wanted to go back on life support, that he would give me ten minutes to decide, because that's about all the time he safely had to put me back on life support hookups. When he said this, I heard him quite clearly, but I was not there in that bed.

           I was somewhere else. God had come, and I was taken away to a place that was not a hospital ICU room, but somewhere with God that I cannot describe, no matter how much I wish to do so for your sake.

           I was aware, having been in the hospital now for over a month, of how many people were praying for me, that I would recover, that God would grant me life, and my family would be reunited with me. But at this supernatural moment when I was no longer in the hospital bed, I knew God was standing right next to me. But I KNEW in a supernatural way because of the joy, love, and peace pervading my entire being.

           I was unsure what to say to Him, for I knew that with so many people from around the world praying for me to get better, that it seemed likely that I should ask Him to restore me to health. But I didn't feel that He wanted that. So I turned to the Blessed Mother, who was also by my side, as was my guardian angel, and so many saints and angels. I did not use words, but the Mother of God knew what was on my heart, and she presented this to her Divine Son.

           Instantly I knew that what I had asked was very pleasing to Him, for my soul leapt for joy, the peace flooded over me in such measure that I only wish I could describe in an adequate fashion this Infinite Peace. But it cannot be described, only experienced and cherished in the depths of my heart and soul; perhaps to encourage me when my human frailties fail me.

           I want you to know that I did not ask anything for myself. I did not ask to live. What I did ask will be revealed at the End of All time, when all things will be revealed. No one but Heaven and I know, not even my Michael is privileged to know per God's request. But after this moment of supernatural joy so intense that it alone would have taken my life had not God been there to support me, He placed knowledge upon my soul. And this knowledge, His words engraved forever on my soul - the heart of my soul - were burning within me, not with pain, but with fervor to serve Him by doing what He willed me to do.

           All of this seemed to take many minutes, but in truth it was only a few seconds. My personal doctor was aware that something had happened because he was watching my oxygen level, and while it was still dangerously low, it had stopped falling. I said to him in a very quiet, but sore voice for my throat was quite sore from the life support tube that had been in my throat, "God has given us a miracle." And he just nodded, but I knew he had seen and believed that something had transpired between my soul and God, something of which he could only guess as anyone would do.

           Even though I was unable to proceed with the standard necessary methods of bringing a person off life support back to a stable position, nonetheless, as each minute ticked by, as the hours became days, and I grew steadily stronger as the result of your prayers, the excellent care I had, and a steady all-natural healthy dose of Ambrotose provided by one of our dear readers and friends, my oxygen level, without explanation, rose steadily until it was as strong as if I had gone through the entire lengthy exercise of the Cpap process. All this time I laid very still in prayer, for what God had placed on my soul, what He had commanded me to do, lay very close to my human heart.

           Now, my dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I must, I am commanded to tell you what knowledge God gave me at the moment when I lay in His arms, between life and death. I know the magnitude of what I am about to say, and I am aware of the awesome responsibility for it and know now without a shadow of a doubt the great graces we received in having the scales lifted from our eyes and hearts a few years ago when we returned fully to the Traditional Latin Mass and all Holy Mother the Church taught for over nineteen hundred years. I have prayed, sought spiritual counseling, and have had God respond directly with signs that I am to proceed in this manner at this time.

           He did not speak to was knowledge placed upon the heart of my soul, and it was done in a very authorative manner, not like the way in which He used to speak to His little children when I was receiving daily messages. This was a COMMAND, stern, before which I trembled, and He wants His people, all of them, to tremble so as to Convert back to the Latin Mass of Pope St. Pius V and be QUIT FOREVER of the Novus Ordo and anything to do with the counterfeit faith forged since Vatican Two.

           He asks that you clear your mind of all else, and remember the Faith of your Fathers, the Faith of the Saints and Martyrs as you read now that knowledge He gave me on September 28th. He asks that you remember the teachings passed on to your ancestors. They preserved the Faith. Will you? He asks that you put aside your Novus Ordo concepts, and, as a little child, begin anew. Put aside all the literature, writings, and changes that have been made since the death of His vicar Pius XII. He asks if you can, to dust off your old Missal from the Latin Mass, or seek one out if you do not have one. He asks you to keep your rosary with you always and pray it as often as possible. He asks me now to convey what He commanded me to tell you:

          Go, My little hidden one. I want you to tell everyone you can, as many as you can, that My Justice will befall the world within a very short period of time, for the cup can contain no more. (I knew he was talking a matter of months, maybe a year or two, not decades or centuries). Tell all My children, no matter where you find them that they MUST CONVERT to the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith, as set forth by Me, handed down to My Apostles, and sanctified by the Holy Ghost and held infallible by My Vicars on Earth until the death of Pope Pius XII. Tell them that they must BE QUIT of the atrocity called the Novus Ordo, which is the abomination of desolation in My holy places. They must no longer attend any service of the Novus Ordo, and they must be ready to relearn the True Faith so that they will be strong enough to defend that One True Faith when the Chastisements come. There is no time to think this over any longer. It is not necessary to study and then decide. The knowledge of the True Faith, which is kept alive in the Traditional Movement, already lives in their hearts and souls.

          Now they must leave all that is of the new pagan religion that calls itself catholic, but blasphemes against Me when it calls upon My Holy Name. Tell all that you meet, all that you can, that My little children who wish to have eternal life with Me must be quit of the pagan heresy that permeates the new church and return to the One True Faith. Tell them that if there is no Holy Sacrifice of the Mass available to them each Sunday, and the Sacraments are not available on a regular basis, they must not worry. CONVERT. RETURN TO THE TRUE CHURCH in the Traditional Movement, and all else will be accomplished through My Mercy and Providence. It is this that I ask. It is for this reason, My hidden one, that I give you life again for a little while. Spread this truth, which comes from My very lips, and do not worry about how you shall do it. I WILL SHOW YOU THE WAY. MY TRUE CHURCH SHOWS YOU THE WAY.

          The days grow nigh, the Justice is prepared and already I have given so many signs that My children are so immune to them they do not care to look and see with the eyes of their souls.

          Therefore, let it be understood. All My children who know the difference between the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Faith as practiced from My Own time until the death of Pope Pius XII, and the pagan religion that infects the world today, must convert, or they shall be lost forever in the eternal abyss. I am a Merciful God, but also a Just God and I shall not be mocked, nor shall My Holy Mother be mocked, especially at the shrine in her honor at Fatima. This latter is a major sign of the coming reign of Chastisements. Be prepared. LEARN THE FAITH ANEW. Obtain a catechism from of old and if the True Mass is unavailable, you do NOT sin by not going. You do sin if you go to the Novus Ordo, now knowing these words. PRAY THE HOLY ROSARY. Pray the proper Mass Prayers, and Pray for the quick triumph of my Mother’s Immaculate Heart. If you do this, then you shall have life everlasting. It is a commitment of your heart, and it must be carried out in your deeds.

          Do not worry about what others will say or do. Do not worry about what you shall do or say. I will speak for you. OBEY AND BE SAVED, or deny My order and be lost.”

           This then, is our Christmas gift to you. How do you wrap such a present? In as plain a wrap as possible so all will understand and realize no greater gift can we give to you this Christmas than our heartfelt prayers, wishes and pleas that you return to the bosom of Holy Mother Church - the Church which for 2000 years has kept the standard of the True Faith. Do not be fooled into accepting counterfeits.

           God has a purpose for everything and each day we can more clearly understand how He has led us to where we are today on this pilgrimage to the Truth, the Way, and the Life. We invite you to read more of what Holy Mother Church teaches on our CREDO & CULTURE page and to follow Our Lord's words to Cyndi for time, indeed, is shorter than many think. Act now or forever rue the day you knew and did nothing.

           May the Holy Ghost awaken in you that truth and touch your heart to make up for lost time, and commit yourself to bringing others back to the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church. One at a time you, like us, and like the holy Saint Francis of Assisi, can rebuild His Church. May we all take a lesson from the humble Infant Who left for us a priceless Gift of the Faith. The Faith that, when opened, provides everlasting life if only we treasure and keep this Gift pure and untarnished by the world, the flesh and the devil.

           There is no greater Gift we could share with you than the truths of of Christ giving Himself to you body and blood, soul and divinity in the True Mass each and every day. Cherish Christ in the Blessed Sacrament and share this Gift from your heart by carrying out His command in Mark 16: 15-16. We want to take this opportunity to thank all our readers who have responded this year with their love and donations. We are most appreciative. God knows your heart and will reward you accordingly. Bless you. We wish you the blessings of Christmas and the graces of conversion to those who have good will toward men so that they will become men of "good will." Let us all now go forth in raising the standard of Christ our Sovereign King in 2004 with Charity, Clarity, and Valor.

        Mary Christ-Mass to all. Love,

        Michael and Cyndi

          P.S. We invite you to read our 33-stanza parody we composed in 2001 of the traditional poem "'Twas the Night Before Christmas". With apologies to Clement Moore, we have tweaked it just a bit from last year to better illustrate what is spoken of above and that nothing is traditional anymore in the post-conciliar Church of Vatican II. We also hope, through this traditional parody, you will understand more fully why our family and The Daily Catholic have returned fully to all the Church taught prior to the apostasy wrought by the reforms of Vatican II. We have titled the parody: 'Twas the Night of the Clutter.

    Christmas - Year End Issue
    December 22 - 31, 2003
    volume 14, no. 41

    Christmas Message from Michael and Cyndi Cain