Mario Derksen
    Mario Derksen    We are pleased to introduce Mario Derksen, a young Catholic writer whose enthusiasm and insight will inspire Catholics everywhere. He manages his own website - developed out of a need to respond to the anti-Catholic bashing and misinformation circulating on the net about what Catholicism truly is.

        He was born in Germany on April 16, 1979, baptized and raised Catholic. Despite being a youthful 24, he ran the gamut of experiences as a teen-ager. Around 1994, because of the post-conciliar reforms and a lack of thorough catechesis by the Church, he found it easy to lapse into a Protestant mindset. An early pioneer of the internet, Mario challenged many Catholic beliefs, embracing "non-denominational Christianity" and preaching the same on the PRODIGY bulletin boards in the spirit of a Protestant fundamentalist. When he himself was challenged by Catholics who knew how to defend their faith, he ended up reading Karl Keating's "Catholicism and Fundamentalism," which helped bring him back to the Church, albeit, as he admits, a "neo-Catholic sort." Nevertheless it was a step in the right direction. A year later, in February 1997, frustrated with so much anti-Catholic garbage on the net, he relates, "I decided to do my own responses since someone needed to do it and nobody was doing it." Thus "Catholic Insight" was created. After graduating from High School in May 1997, he attended St. John Vianney College, the archdiocesan seminary in Miami.

        About autumn of 1998 he became convinced that the only way to keep the Faith was as a traditional Catholic after realizing the conflicts between the Mass of St. Pius V and the Mass of Paul VI, and how much had been compromised for the sake of modernism, ecumenism and humanism. The more he read about the differences between the pre-Vatican II faith and what passes as "contemporary Catholicism," the more he realized continuing on the diocesan course was not the right path. After two years in the seminary, he finished his studies at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton with a B.A. in Philosophy. He enrolled at the University of Miami to begin his studies for a Master's Degree, but the non-Catholic secular atmosphere and emphasis on analytical philosophy did not meet his needs and so he enrolled in correspondent learning courses with International Catholic University, where he is currently striving to earn his M.A.

        As a member of the American Scholars National Honor Society and the American Catholic Philosophical Association, Mario is eager for his first article to be published in the well-respected New Oxford Review after his submission was accepted recently. Mario is also very active in the Pro-Life movement, serving as a board member of Face Life, Inc.

        Oh, and this past year was very special for Mario, for on July 20, 2001, this dedicated German-born Catholic officially became a United States citizen. As much as he cherishes that, he cherishes his membership in the Roman Catholic Church much more, and realizes the need as a member of the Church Militant, to fight to retain the rights, privileges and duties every Catholic must have. If they are unaware of these responsibilities, Mario is only too happy to share them in informing all Catholics of what the Church truly teaches. You can see more of Mario's writings at his website or e-mail him at

        So many of the post-conciliar bishops today refer to those clinging to the true Roman Catholic traditions that were in vogue for 2000 years prior to the reforms of Vatican II as 'fossils,' 'dinosaurs,' 'old folks who will die off soon.' We beg to differ and offer as proof the youthful interest and enthusiasm of the younger generation in the Traditional Insights of Mario Derksen who exemplifies the thinking of many more young men and women today who realize the new thinking of the post-conciliar church does not add up to true Catholic teaching. Thus they long for those traditions so tried and true. His insight shows great promise, optimism and hope for the future of Holy Mother Church.