April 2003
Time of Quadragesima
vol 14, no. 14

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Liberal Martin Sheen stirs the crowd to protest againt the troopsa woman dressed as a priest sprinkles 'holy' water on protestersActivists Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins

The Real Reason Why They Protest the War!

Hatred for Bush and the possibility that Roe v. Wade might be overturned spur liberals to desperate measures.

    "They would sooner have the Iraqi people live in poverty and be tortured and killed than to make Bush look like a great emancipator. They would sooner take the chance that terrorists, may receive chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction from Saddam, which could kill hundreds of thousands of Americans even their own children, rather than make Bush look good. They would sooner take the chance that in a year, or less Saddam would have nuclear weapons and have the capability to kill millions of people rather than to make Bush be right."

   When I see war protesters and hear their reasons for not going to war, I can't help but think that most of them probably don't know who is buried in Grant's tomb. Either that, or they are all just a bunch of leftist radicals who hate America and even more the president.

   They say President George Bush is the evil one. Bush wants to kill innocent children. They don't have a problem with the fact that Saddam Hussein, failed to abide by seventeen United Nation resolutions over the past twelve years.

   They don't care that Saddam tortured and killed 1.5 million Muslims including 250,000 of his own people. When it come to genocide Saddam needs no lessons from Hitler. This does not include the tens of thousands of children who have died under his reign from starvation and lack of proper medical care.

   Most of the money from Iraq's main export, oil, goes to Saddam himself. He has more palaces than I have socks nay, twice as many. If you ask Iraqi-Americans, who still have relatives in Iraq, they all say that this war is long overdue, that Saddam is a butcher and the Iraqi people need to be freed.

   A report from the Pentagon said that Iraqi's secret police are threatening at gunpoint to kill women and children if the men in the family do not fight the Americans. Children are forced to stand in front of Iraqi troops while they are firing on coalition convoys. Young boys are forced to take up arms. Women and children are killed if they try to leave Baghdad, even in pursuit of food and water.

   Even Iraqi athletes do not escape being tortured and killed if they lose in international sporting events. Issam Thamer al-Diwan, a former Iraqi volleyball player who now lives in the United States, carries a list of 52 athletes he claims have been murdered by the Hussein family.

   Torture and imprisonment of athletes is common; electric prods are used; hands have been chopped off. Soccer players were dragged on concrete, feet first until the skin peeled off their back and then forced to jump into a vat of raw sewage so that the wounds would become infected. Feet are beaten with canes so that bones would break.

   This is what the war protesters are protecting an evil brutal man. They want him to remain in power They want to give him more time to disarm. As if 12 years is not enough and the breaking of 17 United Nations resolutions. If they were at the receiving end of this evil regime, the same protesters would be begging the United States to overthrow Saddam and put an end to their suffering as of yesterday.

   According to an Iraqi defector who was a scientist and worked on Saddam's nuclear weapons, Iraq is about one year from having a functioning nuclear bomb. Not even counting the tons of biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction.

   You would think that the two major newspapers in our country, the NY Times and the LA Times. were run by Saddam. To say these leftist papers are pulling for Saddam would be an understatement. They are constantly criticizing our involvement in this war, attacking Bush and giving a free pass to Saddam and his butchers. The American people are getting distorted war coverage from these liberal papers.

   According to them, you would think that Saddam and his army are holding their own against the coalition forces. That no side is winning and the casualties are about even. This in view of the fact that the Americans and British in just one week controlled 3/4 of Iraq. After eight days of war, as of this writing in late March, only 14 Americans have been killed in action, not counting those who were killed accidentally. This is remarkable, yet still sad, because even one death is one too many.

   If the coalition forces were not trying to avoid civilian casualties, this war would be over in 2-3 weeks. Saddam and his army are hiding behind women and children.

   One of the LA Times reporters actually quoted a woman who works for Saddam, concerning the conditions in Baghdad. She said that people there are cursing the United States. and her quotes were headlines on page one. It was as if Saddam had written the headline himself. Liberal papers shade their news coverage to suit their political views and capitalize on liberal spokespersons to spew the real message they intend. The protesters and the liberal newspapers are all in lock-step. They argue that this is an immoral and unethical war. They say war is murder and murder is immoral. These people don't have a clue as to the meaning of the word "immorality."

   These are the same people, who say that a woman should have the right to have her unborn child killed, if she so chooses. When most abortions are done, brain waves and a beating heart have already formed. We know that the unborn child is completely separate from his mother. We now have DNA that proves that. Hence, real live human beings are being killed at a rate of 4,000 every day.

   The Fourteenth Amendment guarantees equal protection under the law, but for reasons beyond conceptualization, the Supreme Court in 1973, amended the Constitution of the United States by judicial fiat. Let's face it, they care nothing about the needy, downtrodden and the voiceless as they purport. Show me someone, who is more voiceless than unborn children. I don't think the time will ever come, where you will ever find a group of people to be such obvious hypocrites.

   THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER IS, they are pulling out all the stops to keep Bush from being reelected. They have got to know that Saddam is evil, that he is a maniac and another Hitler. They would sooner have the Iraqi people live in poverty and be tortured and killed than to make Bush look like a great emancipator. They would sooner take the chance that terrorists, may receive chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction from Saddam, which could kill hundreds of thousands of Americans even their own children, rather than make Bush look good. They would sooner take the chance that in a year, or less Saddam would have nuclear weapons and have the capability to kill millions of people rather than to make Bush be right.

   As for the demonstrations in other countries they are "hate America" in origin. Most are organized by leftists/marxists, who would like nothing better than to bring the United States to its knees. This is what these very well organized demonstrations by such organizations as the World Social Forum intend. In fact, the latter's tactics - code word "Liliputian" - give the impression that these protests are all spontaneous, where in truth they are a gigantic protest organization, well funded by radicals who only contribute to the shading of the war coverage by liberal newspapers. All to make the United States/Bush, look to be the bad guy. They still can't get over the fact that their man, pro-abort Al Gore lost.

   And, yes, it's the usual gang of idiots - the same leftist pro-aborts who are expert in getting ink and media coverage - Barbra Streisand, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, Cher, Madonna, and that ilk, including the most recent johnny-come-lately socialist Michael Moore. Why if one didn't realize the intent of this determined effort which is also being fueled by NOW and Planned Parenthood, they would think it's the sixties all over again as the names of Joan Baez, Daniel Elsberg, Yoko Ono and the rest of those cowards are revived, even the same posters and signs brought out of storage for these occasions. Then you have professional protester Martin Sheen getting as much face time as he can while schmoozing with Cardinal Roger Mahony - both 'good' Catholics! Right!

   As for certain religious denominations questioning the war to them I must say, where is your compassion for the suffering of your fellow man? If Saddam remains in power, he will kill more people than will be lost in this war, on both sides. History has proven this. Also, it was the United States, which on 9-11 was attacked by terrorists and their sponsoring states, of which Iraq was one, resulting in the brutal murder of 3,000 CIVILIANS.

   The U.S. Bishops are quick to condemn the war, looking to evict the splinter in the eye of America, while through their pathetic lip service and inaction against stopping the Holocaust in the Womb and their tragic cover-up of the sex scandal and slush funds for hush money, they fail to see the beam in their own. The sad truth however is that they are only following Rome's promptings in bad-mouthing the United States for it is the Pope himself who just stated, as reported by Reuters and Zenit on March 30th, that "War must never be allowed to divide world religions." What does he think the Crusades were? He also is quoted as saying, "Let us not permit a human tragedy also to become a religious catastrophe." Does he realize over 40 million innocent slain babies is a religious catastrophe? Especially when his bishops refuse to censor and even excommunicate men who promote the killing while still feigning loyalty to the Catholic Church.

   Our Lord described these who neglect His Commandments in Matthew 23: 13,15,17,25-30, "Woe to you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because you shut the kingdom of Heaven against men... Woe to you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because you traverse sea and land to make one convert; and when he has become one, you make him twofold more a son of hell than yourselves...You blind fools! for which is greater, the gold or the temple which sanctifies the gold?...Woe to you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because you clean the outside of the cup and the dish, but within they are full of robbery and uncleanness. Thou blind Pharisees! clean first the inside of the cup and of the dish, that the outside too may be clean. Woe to you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because you are like whited sepulchres, which outwardly appear to men beautiful, but within are full of dead men's bones and of all uncleanness. So you also outwardly appear just to men, but within you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity. Woe to you, Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! you who build the sepulchres of the prophets, and adorn the tombs of the just, and say 'If we had lived in the days of our fathers, we would not have been their accomplices in the blood of the prophets.' "

   Do those who have enabled the killing of millions upon millions in the womb not have blood on their hands? How many of those slaughtered in the womb might have been prophets sent by God? We will never know. But that is not important to those whose agenda has nothing to do with following the Ten Commandments. Until the war in the womb is abandoned, do not believe the anti-war rhetoric over Iraq whether it comes from Rome or CNN or the NY Times or LA Times or any other liberal publication. They hide the agenda of one war, an on-going war of over 30 years while trying to weasel out of another. If you think that Saddam would not sell his weapons of mass destruction to terrorists, who are hell bent of on the destruction of the USA, I've got a bridge in Brooklyn that I just know you would be interested in.

   I never thought that any American, in time of war would have the gall to say what Michael Moore said in his acceptance speech at the Academy Awards. He just had to bash Bush and the war he supposedly got us into. It was disgraceful. Our service men are putting their lives on the line, just so people like Moore can make an ass out of themselves in front of millions of people. These are the same people, who when Bill Clinton bypassed the United Nations and bombed Bosnia, did not utter a word. When Clinton bombed Iraq, again, no protest, no demonstrations, or marches.

   Ah, but Clinton was a Democrat and they can do no wrong. They can even use the Oval Office for a motel with girls young enough to be their daughter; lie under oath and be solely responsible for bringing the morals of our county to the brink of hell, if we are not already there thanks to Clinton and his main supporters and contributors Planned Parenthood, the leading killers of human life that the world has ever known and the Hollywood Filth Industry. How would you like this combination as character witnesses, when you're at the "pearly gates?"

   They don't care about the killing of about 1.4 million unborn children every year and about the killing of about 5,000 children every year, while they are being born and suffer excruciating pain the barbaric and gruesome partial-birth infanticide. They don't care about the torturing and the murder of the Iraqi people. They don't care that if Saddam is not killing his own people, he is starving them. They don't care about Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. They care about ONE thing only bash Bush. Make sure he is not reelected.

   They fear another Bush term. If there is a chance that Roe Vs Wade will be overturned, it will be during a Bush administration. Supreme Court justices are ready to retire more than ready. Democratic senators filibuster any judicial nominee who just might remotely honor the sanctity of human life; especially so-called 'Catholic' senators like Tom Daschle, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry ad nauseum.

   The next 4-5 years are crucial. These same people who say the war is immoral have panic attacks at the very thought that the killing of children, while in their mothers' wombs, might end. NARAL, NOW, PP and the Hollywood Filth industry are reaching a panic mode. These pseudo-compassionate people will be for "causes" as long as that cause does not interfere with their way of life. Someday, in order to make their lives a little easier, they may want to have their child killed, or their girl friend's child, or their daughter's child and they want to make sure it will be a legal killing.

   They don't know all the complications and risks of an abortion, such as the increased risk of breast cancer and the increased risk of pre-term births in subsequent pregnancies leading to children born with physical and mental problems, including cerebral palsy. Or, the increased risk of drug and alcohol abuse and suicides.

   No, of course they don't know. How would you expect them to know these things, when they don't even know, as mentioned before, who is buried in Grant's tomb. They are captives of the leftist generals, who lead them around by their noses.

   The more a person knows, the more that person would become a conservative and NEVER vote for a member of the "Party of Death." (Democratic) Also, the more a person knows, the less likely that person could be led around like a herd of cattle and march and demonstrate for a cause in which they are absolutely clueless. It is with this thought that I invite you to read the following article, which was written by a photographer who went to Iraq to become a human shield.

    I Was a Naive Fool To Be a Human Shield For Saddam

    The Sunday Telegraph | March 23, 2003 | By Daniel Pepper

       I wanted to join the human shields in Baghdad because it was direct action which had a chance of bringing the anti-war movement to the forefront of world attention. It was inspiring: the human shield volunteers were making a sacrifice for their political views - much more of a personal investment than going to a demonstration in Washington or London. It was simple - you get on the bus and you represent yourself.

       So that is exactly what I did on the morning of Saturday, January 25. I am a 23-year-old Jewish-American photographer living in Islington, north London. I had travelled in the Middle East before: as a student, I went to the Palestinian West Bank during the intifada. I also went to Afghanistan as a photographer for Newsweek.

       The human shields appealed to my anti-war stance, but by the time I had left Baghdad five weeks later my views had changed drastically. I wouldn't say that I was exactly pro-war - no, I am ambivalent - but I have a strong desire to see Saddam removed.

       We on the bus felt that we were sympathetic to the views of the Iraqi civilians, even though we didn't actually know any. The group was less interested in standing up for their rights than protesting against the US and UK governments.

       I was shocked when I first met a pro-war Iraqi in Baghdad - a taxi driver taking me back to my hotel late at night. I explained that I was American and said, as we shields always did, "Bush bad, war bad, Iraq good". He looked at me with an expression of incredulity.

       As he realised I was serious, he slowed down and started to speak in broken English about the evils of Saddam's regime. Until then I had only heard the President spoken of with respect, but now this guy was telling me how all of Iraq's oil money went into Saddam's pocket and that if you opposed him politically he would kill your whole family.

       It scared the hell out of me. First I was thinking that maybe it was the secret police trying to trick me but later I got the impression that he wanted me to help him escape. I felt so bad. I told him: "Listen, I am just a schmuck from the United States, I am not with the UN, I'm not with the CIA - I just can't help you."

       Of course I had read reports that Iraqis hated Saddam Hussein, but this was the real thing. Someone had explained it to me face to face. I told a few journalists who I knew. They said that this sort of thing often happened - spontaneous, emotional, and secretive outbursts imploring visitors to free them from Saddam's tyrannical Iraq.

       I became increasingly concerned about the way the Iraqi regime was restricting the movement of the shields, so a few days later I left Baghdad for Jordan by taxi with five others. Once over the border we felt comfortable enough to ask our driver what he felt about the regime and the threat of an aerial bombardment.

       "Don't you listen to Powell on Voice of America radio?" he said. "Of course the Americans don't want to bomb civilians. They want to bomb government and Saddam's palaces. We want America to bomb Saddam."

       We just sat, listening, our mouths open wide. Jake, one of the others, just kept saying, "Oh my God" as the driver described the horrors of the regime. Jake was so shocked at how naive he had been. We all were. It hadn't occurred to anyone that the Iraqis might actually be pro-war.

       The driver's most emphatic statement was: "All Iraqi people want this war." He seemed convinced that civilian casualties would be small; he had such enormous faith in the American war machine to follow through on its promises. Certainly more faith than any of us had.

       Perhaps the most crushing thing we learned was that most ordinary Iraqis thought Saddam Hussein had paid us to come to protest in Iraq. Although we explained that this was categorically not the case, I don't think he believed us. Later he asked me: "Really, how much did Saddam pay you to come?"

       It hit me on visceral and emotional levels: this was a real portrayal of Iraq life. After the first conversation, I completely rethought my view of the Iraqi situation. My understanding changed on intellectual, emotional, psychological levels. I remembered the experience of seeing Saddam's egomaniacal portraits everywhere for the past two weeks and tried to place myself in the shoes of someone who had been subjected to seeing them every day for the last 20 or so years.

       Last Thursday night I went to photograph the anti-war rally in Parliament Square. Thousands of people were shouting "No war" but without thinking about the implications for Iraqis. Some of them were drinking, dancing to Samba music and sparring with the police. It was as if the protesters were talking about a different country where the ruling government is perfectly acceptable. It really upset me.

       Anyone with half a brain must see that Saddam has to be taken out. It is extraordinarily ironic that the anti-war protesters are marching to defend a government which stops its people exercising that freedom.

    * * * * *

   I doubt many, if any, of those who robotically buy whatever the liberal media says are aware of these facts expressed by Daniel Pepper. I find it interesting that some "were drinking, dancing to Samba music and sparring with police." A far cry from abortion protesters who keep vigil outside the abortuary death camps by praying. So the next time you see a mass of people assembling "spontaneously" but looking quite organized with signs, etc. you can bet that if they're protesting against the war and Bush, then chances are they've got other motives fueling their hate; for once satan grabs hold, he rarely ever lets go.

Frank Joseph, M.D.

      APRIL 2003
      Time of Quadragesima
      vol 14, no. 14