APRIL 2003
vol 14, no. 20

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Building a Civilization of Love with Lunatics

The hairy face of heresy

    "The more our Church leaders thumb their noses to the perennial teachings of the Popes, the more they seek to form a new unity built on dreamy notions, and on the Masonic principle of the "family of religions", the more the darkness will increase. The degradation of post-Conciliar ecumenism can hardly be more manifest than in the Vatican's ecumenical embrace of the pro-homosexual imposter-prelate, Rowan Williams."

By John Vennari , Editor Catholic Family News
    Reprinted with permission of Catholic Family News from the April 2003 issue, see Editor's Notes below.

   The "Church of England' has a new leader: a perverse 54-year-old Welshman named Rowan Williams. He was installed at Canterbury on February 27 at a "NewChurch"-styled ceremony complete with Welsh poetry, speeches on unity and solidarity, harp music and African drums. Twenty-four hundred packed the Cathedral including Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Sikha and Buddhists leaders. The Vatican's Cardinal Walter Kasper, who also attended the event, no doubt felt right at home.

   In happier times for the Catholic Church, a new "Archbishop" of Canterbury would be of little concern to Catholics. The only contact most Catholics had with Anglicanism was to recite the prayers for the conversion of England that were printed in pre-Vatican II missals.

   The "Church of England" is a man-made sect, an imposter religion whose clergymen dress as priests and bishops, but possess no sacramental power. Pope Leo XIII declared all Anglican Orders invalid. Rowan Williams is no more an Archbishop than is Elton John.

   The head of this sect is not the Vicar of Christ on earth but England's monarch. The cathedral of Canterbury, as is the case with many centuries-old Anglican church properties, was stolen from the Catholic Church after King Henry VIII declared himself head of his new religion in the 16th Century. The leaders of this sect persecuted and murdered countless Catholics, many of whom we now venerate as martyrs such as Saint Edmund Campion, Saint Thomas More and Saint John Fisher.

   The Popes of the past rightly treated this religion as the counterfeit that it was rather than give the false impression that it is possesses any real currency. But today's Catholic leaders are not made of the mettle of their ancestors, but are cut from the clothe of the modern age: a clothe both fluffy and limp. Prostrate before the false god of ecumenism, our Catholic prelates will seek religious unity with these false sects, and their odd leaders, rather than insist on their conversion to the one true Church of Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church.

   This new approach to false religions stems from the heretical innovations of Vatican II. In 1966, Father Joseph Ratzinger, a progressivist theologian (then and now) who worked closely with Karl Rahner at the Council, boasted that thanks to Vatican II, "conversion" of non-Catholics is now replaced by "convergence with non-Catholics".

   This contrasts sharply with Blessed Pope Pius XI who reiterated the traditional Catholic teaching that the non-infallible, pastoral Vatican II had no authority to change. On the eve of Vatican I, Pius IX sent a published an Apostolic Letter "To All Protestants" (Iam vos Omnes) in which he told them in charity that none of their sects "constitute in any manner a real church, willed, founded and constituted by Jesus Christ." He pressed them to return to the Catholic Church so that they could "free themselves from this situation in which they cannot be assured of their salvation".

   But in Vatican II's modernist orientation, conversion is out, "unity in diversity" is in.

   Pope John Paul II lives out this novel teaching by praying side-by-side with members of false religions. One of the most famous images of this previously-condemned innovation is not only the photo from the 1986 pan-religious meeting at Assisi, but also the opening of Jubilee Year 2000. Here we see John Paul II on his knees at Saint Paul Outside-the-Walls flanked by an Orthodox Patriarch and the Anglian "Archbishop" of Canterbury: thus giving visual endorsement to the greatest heresy of the age, that any religion is good enough for salvation.

   The galloping madness of this ecumenism blazes before our eyes in the Vatican's interfaith hugs with the new Arch-layman of Canterbury. No matter how nutty the man is, now matter how corrupt his teachings, we will still celebrate him as a sign of hope as we forge the path of unity towards a new springtime into a civilization of love.

   Williams is the most maverick leader ever head up the Anglican co-op. His bushy grey hair and beard, along with his outspoken liberal views, earned him the title "hairy-lefty", and a group called "Ship of Fools" recently released a Williams teddy-bear look-alike. Sure, Williams is praised for his "personal warmth", his "formidable intellect" and his "ability to speak eight languages". But brains and charm are no guarantee to orthodox sanity, as is reflected, for starters, in Williams' public support of homosexuality.

   Rowan Williams has knowingly "ordained" active homosexual men to the Anglican clergy. He believes that homosexuals should be ordained, and argues that homosexual relationships are legitimate. He is also on record to favor lowering the "legal age" of consensual sodomy to sixteen. Parents of teenage boys should ponder this as we report that Pope John Paul II sent the Vatican's Cardinal Kasper to take part in the installation ceremony of this pro-sodomite imposter, and to offer Williams the Pope's warm congratulations.

   Williams passionately favors the ordination of women, as well as the consecration of women as ministers, be they lesbian or not. He praises "The Simpsons" as representing "good strong Christian morals", and believes that Christians should be free to question the Virgin Birth of Our Lord.

   Yet not everyone in the Protestant world is happy with Rowan Williams. A small group of Protestant clergymen staged a protest outside the Cathedral during William's installation. They complain that Williams should at least be faithful to the teachings of his parent denomination, and are outraged at Williams' perverse views on homosexuality. Tim Chapman from All Saints Church at Little Shelfold, Cambridgeshire, led a small group of concerned minsters all wearing black armbands. Chapman accused Williams of encouraging people "to go against God, not least in the area of sexual morality".

   The Vatican's Cardinal Walter Kasper wore no such black arm-band to the installation ceremony, but rather, wore his best ecumenical grin. So did Cardinal Cormac-Murphy O' Conner, the Archbishop of Westminster and leader of Roman Catholics in England and Wales, who not only attended the Canterbury fiasco, but was scheduled to conduct one of the readings. The Cardinals' actions defy the Church's centuries-old teaching that Catholics who take part in non-Catholic worship are guilty of a mortal sin against Faith. These sins against faith, however, are now called "spiritual ecumenism".

   So picture the scene. A group of Protestant minsters stage a protest outside of the Canterbury cathedral, particularly because of Williams' advocacy of homosexuality. As they stand outside the Church, they watch the Vatican's Cardinal Kasper ignore them and walk into the Cathedral ceremony in a show of support for Williams. They see Cardinal Murphy-O'Conner ignore them and walk into the Cathedral in a show of support for Williams. Whatever happened to the Vatican's opposition to the "culture of death"?

   Yet this bizarre scene demonstrates what many of us have known all along, that the Vatican actually engages in selective ecumenism. Ecumenism is not really a union of religions, but a pan-religious union of the liberals and lefties within the various denominations. The Vatican knows it can get nowhere with those members of denominations who believe their religion to posses the truth. Rather, they engage with the progressivist members of the various sects whose first concern is that we all get along.

   This is why the Vatican could not sign a Lutheran-Catholic Accord with Missouri Synod Lutherans, who rightly denounced the document as a sham. No, it signed the Lutheran-Catholic Accord with the pro-abortion Lutherans who "ordain" women bishops. Yet all the while we are told of Vatican II's great strides in achieving ecumenical unity.

   A similar spectacle unfolds with Rowan Williams. At Canterbury, the Protestants who stood up for old-time Bible morality were shunned by the Pope's representative, Cardinal Kasper, and by the Cardinal Primate of England. The reason is simple: like attracts like. And our highest prelates in the Church have more in common with the ecumenical hairy-lefties than they do with those Protestants who militantly denounce homosexuality.

   With Catholic leaders such as these, is it any wonder that our Church is now plagued with the wide-spread scandal of homosexual and pedophile priests?

   Cardinal Kasper, who heads the Vatican's Congregation for Unity among Christians, praised Rowan Williams as "a very interesting, very intelligent, outspoken man... I do not doubt that he is ecumenically open". Kasper recognizes that there are some "problems" with Williams' support of homosexuality and women priests. "Nevertheless" says Kasper, "I am hopeful".

   Hopeful for what? For the conversion of Anglicans to the one true Church of Jesus Christ? Certainly not. Cardinal Kasper elsewhere stated, "... today we no longer understand ecumenism in the sense of a return, by which the others would 'be converted' and return to being 'Catholics'. This was expressly abandoned at Vatican II." This defies the thrice-defined Catholic dogma that outside the Catholic Church, there is no salvation.

   These ecumenical principles and actions stand further condemned by the consistent teaching of the Church throughout the centuries. Pope Pius XI in his 1928 encyclical Mortalium Animos, forbade Catholics to take part in ecumenical assemblies. Pius warned accurately that these pan-religious enterprises "will give rise to a false Christianity, quite alien to the one Church of Christ". He then reiterated the traditional teaching: "Unity can only arise from one teaching authority, one law of belief, one faith of Christians," and repeated what the Catholic Church always taught, that the unity expressly willed by Christ can only be realized by a return of the "separated brethren" to the one true Church of Christ, the Catholic Church.

   The more our Church leaders thumb their noses to the perennial teachings of the Popes, the more they seek to form a new unity built on dreamy notions, and on the Masonic principle of the "family of religions", the more the darkness will increase. The degradation of post-Conciliar ecumenism can hardly be more manifest than in the Vatican's ecumenical embrace of the pro-homosexual imposter-prelate, Rowan Williams.

   Yet in this madness we see ecumenism for what it truly is.

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      APRIL 2003
      vol 14, no. 20
      "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."