July 15 - September 1, 2002
volume 13, no. 104

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The Network of Complicity

From Planned Parenthood to NAMBLA to the USCCB, sex, lies and excuses perpetuate the tragic scam that is being played out under cover of competency. The facts are that the people who are pushing the envelope and calling the shots are doing so to the detriment of innocent souls - and they know very well what they are doing!

    "This lie worked so well in influencing the public and the courts to accept a sin of great magnitude -- the killing of human beings, that homosexuals figured that if lying worked for pro-aborts, why not for them. Surely if God's will,'Thou Shalt Not Kill,' is ignored than the public would have no qualm about ignoring Romans 1:27 'For their women have exchanged the natural use for that which is against nature, and in like manner the men also, having abandoned the natural use of the woman, have burned in their lusts, one toward another, men with men doing shameless things and receiving in themselves the fitting recompense of their perversity.' "

   What Do Pro-choicers And Homosexuals Have In Common? You might say that both of these groups have an aversion for the truth and endorse sin. In reality that's not quite correct. To be more accurate, both of these groups MOCK GOD and are LIARS.

   To win the support of the public, they manufacture statistics and numbers out of thin air. They want your pity. So do the vast majority of the American Bishops who went out of their way not to offend gay lobbies and the militant homosexual contingencies. That's right. They left out any reference to homosexuality in their document

   But then, should we be shocked? After all these are the same bishops who have had more than enough opportunities to truly be Catholic and enforce the disciplines exacted by canon law regarding abortion and the legislating or promotion of this act of murder. Yet for decades they have allowed such blatant pro-homosexual and pro-abort politicians as Ted Kennedy and Tom Daschle, to name just two of the chief violators, to receive the Sacraments as if they were in good standing with the Church. Indeed, prelates like Cardinal Bernard Law and Cardinal Theodore McCarrick have no problem giving them Holy Communion. Do they not know abortion is a sin? By their allowance of such a sacrilege the bishops are essentially saying pro-choice and pro-sodomy are okay.

   For instance, in the abortion issue, the pro-choice [to kill unborn children] crowd said, unless abortions are made legal, thousands of women will continue to die every year from having abortions in a dark back alley with a rusty coat hanger. That lie was sold to America by NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League), Planned Parenthood and all the other abortion profiteers, in an effort to make the killing of unborn children legal. While a few bishops spoke out strongly against PP, most did not. Most hid their heads in the sand not wanting to know. It sounds like ignorance - ignorance like a fox!

   I'm still trying to envision the scenario of a rusty coat hanger in a dark back alley. It certainly sounds bad. Do they mean the abortionist has an office in a dark back alley, but the office is well lit? Or, do they mean the abortionist is going to perform the abortion in the alley, with no light? Or, do they mean the doctor's office is not only in a dark alley, but he/she has no electricity and the only coat hanger available was a rusty one?

   I have never heard of a case where a coat hanger was used, let alone a rusty one and in a dark back alley. I'm not saying that they were never used, because this world is made up of all kinds of people. I'm saying that I, personally, had never heard of it. Yet, the pro-aborts tried to shove that lie down our throats, as if it were a common every day occurrence. And many bishops bought it.

   Before Roe Vs Wade most of the killings of unborn children were done in hospitals with aseptic surgical technique better than any of today's abortion mills, which are not regulated on a par with hospitals. Sure, it was illegal, but it was no problem for doctors to overcome. There were also many small hospitals owned by groups of doctors and they did almost anything they wanted.

   The president of Planned Parenthood, Dr. Mary Calderone pointed out in a 1960 American Journal of Health article that Dr. Kinsey showed in 1958 that 84% to 87% of all illegal abortions were performed by licensed physicians in good standing. Dr. Calderone herself concluded that "90% of all illegal abortions are presently done by physicians."

   Dr. Bernard Nathanson -- who was one of the original leaders of the American pro-abortion movement and co-founder of N.A.R.A.L. (National Abortion Rights Action League), and who has since become pro-life -- admits that he and others in the abortion rights movement intentionally fabricated the number of women who allegedly died as a result of illegal abortions.

    "How many deaths were we talking about when abortion was illegal? In N.A.R.A.L. we generally emphasized the drama of the individual case, not the mass statistics, but when we spoke of the latter it was always '5,000 to 10,000 deaths a year.' I confess that I knew the figures were totally false, and I suppose the others did too if they stopped to think of it. But in the 'morality' of the revolution, it was a useful figure, widely accepted, so why go out of our way to correct it with honest statistics. The overriding concern was to get the laws eliminated, and anything within reason which had to be done was permissible." [Source: Bernard Nathanson, M.D., Aborting America (New York: Doubleday, 1979), 193.]
   The fact is, there were NOT thousands of deaths prior to Roe vs. Wade. In 1972, the year before Roe, only 39 abortion related deaths were reported (by emergency rooms and morgues) to the Centers for Disease Control. With the advent of ‘Safe & Legal’ abortions, you'd think the death rate would drop to zero. Quite the opposite is true. In 1975, two years after Roe, the CDC stated that as many as seven times more deaths were caused by legal abortions than illegal ones. Currently, more women die yearly from abortion complications than before Roe-v-Wade.

   It was mainly because of this LIE, sold to the American people by the pro-aborts that the killing of unborn children was legalized. The sad irony is that since then, breast cancer has skyrocketed and thousands of women die every year, solely from the fact that they had an induced abortion.

   This lie worked so well in influencing the public and the courts to accept a sin of great magnitude -- the killing of human beings, that homosexuals figured that if lying worked for pro-aborts, why not for them. Surely if God's will, “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” is ignored than the public would have no qualm about ignoring Romans 1:27 "For their women have exchanged the natural use for that which is against nature, and in like manner the men also, having abandoned the natural use of the woman, have burned in their lusts, one toward another, men with men doing shameless things and receiving in themselves the fitting recompense of their perversity."

   To ignore the above scripture mocks God, of that there is no doubt. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by God for their moral degeneracy, of which homosexuality headed the list. It must be nice, for some people to pick and choose certain parts of the Holy Bible to live by and ignore others, just to satisfy their lust and perversions. Many bishops and a relatively small percentage of perverted priests are no exception.

   If one condones homosexuality in others, YOU are an enabler. YOU help to propagate a depraved act, which is condemned by God. As all pro-choicers, MOCK God, by their trashing the Commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Kill.” It is a scientific fact that all human life begins at conception. We now have DNA for the ultimate proof. Wouldn't you think that would be enough to get the bishops off their hides?

   They say that homosexual children, when they “come out” are harassed and beaten by their classmates. That this must stop. That children should not have to suffer this way. That children must be told that having sex with the same gender is normal.

   Apparently a California public school district bought this, so they are allowing homosexual school teachers and employees to "come out" in front of children in school without obtaining parents' permission. A unanimous resolution allows teachers at the Hayward Unified School District to talk openly about homosexuality or to discuss their homosexual lifestyles with students during class.

   The district's school board says such action is required under the California Student Safety and Violence Prevention Act of 2000. Teachers also are allowed to include homosexual figures or role models in class and to read books with homosexual characters such as "Heather Has Two Mommies." The case in Hayward is part of a growing national trend in how school districts deal with homosexuality.

   But then should we be shocked when the same behavior is encouraged in Seminaries, places that are supposed to be preparing men for holiness? Instead they are grooming them for the gay underground to further corrupt souls. Show me where Sacred Scripture, Canon Law or any official Church document allows this. But many bishops have lied to cover their backsides and protect their buddies who wallow in perversion. A good ol' boys network with the emphasis on 'boys'!

   The bishops seem to be quick to preach tolerance. As more is unveiled about gay lovers and young males being accosted and intimidated we can understand why. They have continued to lie, just as the pro-aborts and pro-sodomites have.

   As in the abortion industry lie, so too, the number of harassments are greatly inflated to get the sympathy of the public. They say that 83 percent of homosexual students reported being verbally harassed because of their sexual orientation, and 21 percent reported being physically assaulted.

   This is “GARBAGE.” Naturally, they're going to say they are verbally harassed. I'm surprised that it's not 100%. Apparently 17% did not receive the “talking points.”

   When I was in school, I could claim that I was harassed for one reason, or another and this goes for all heterosexuals. It's part of growing up. Children are not all the same. Some are fat; some are skinny; some are brainy; some are showoffs; some are teacher's pets and some are just plain mean. All children are harassed in one way or another -- some, even to the point of physical violence. Heck, I had my share of fights. But that was before the age of political correctness. What a boon that has been for pro-aborts and pro-sodomites and the do-nothing hierarchy in America.

   It's become so ridiculous that if someone is the recipient of a raised eyebrow in this day and age -- what else, but because they are homosexual. The closets were not empty when I was in school, because homosexuality was not accepted as it is today. In spite of this and even though there were a couple students, who appeared to present an aura of gayness, I can't recall a single incident in those bygone days, where they were harassed, let alone physically harmed. But of course I'm sure in the Old Testament when Sodom was built nothing but the best intentions were intended. Corruption and sin are not born, they grow like fungus from disrespect for God's laws, from pride that man has a better idea.

   Currently in our school district, I don't know that harassment even exists, solely for the sexual preference of an individual and I have never heard of anyone being beaten up because of it. But, let's give them the benefit of the doubt and say that it does occur, but certainly NOT by the inflated numbers that homosexuals purport. In this day and age, where homosexuality is all over TV and in prime time, what could teachers possibly add, except to indoctrinate and recruit. And that many are doing with the NEA's blessing. Sadly, because of their silence, the USCCB's blessing as well.

   Another example of lying by homosexual groups is that they claim that 6 to 10 million children live in same-sex households, yet U.S. Census statistics for 2000 show that there are 594,365 same-sex households. This means that each of these homosexual "families"would have to have at least 10 children. They also claim that 10% of the population is homosexual, when the actual number is between 1 to 3%.

   The part that boggles the mind is why do homosexual children feel they have to flaunt their homosexuality to their schoolmates, any more than a heterosexual has to flaunt his sexuality. WHO CARES! Why would students “come out," if they knew they would be harassed and in some cases physically harmed? Because they know they will NOT be -- not in these times. They are being told to do this by their older peers -- to create confrontations. To invite criticism. To inflate the numbers.

   Why would teachers flaunt and discuss their homosexuality if they know that 83% of students would harass them? This sort of chaos would not be conducive to learning anything. Or, is the homosexual indoctrination of children, more important than learning? It appears that this is the case.

   This “coming out” by teachers in the classroom has nothing to do with lessening harassments. It's a national campaign by homosexual activists to indoctrinate and recruit school children to their sexually perverted lifestyle. If they are going to have an increased risk of STD, cancer and other illnesses and shorten their lives by an average of 20 years -- they want others to share their misery. If they are going to incur the wrath of God, they want company. They also want a voting majority and what better way than to permeate vulnerable young minds with lies.

   They care nothing about the health of our school children, as pro-choicers care nothing about the health of post-abortive women, as sadly, many bishops care nothing about the souls entrusted to them. They all know the REAL statistics.

   Both organizations are selfish, evil and are the brainchild of satan. How else would one condone the killing of their fellow human beings, or condone a sick and deadly lifestyle. It's as if these people have “mush” for a brain and cannot think clearly, OR, satan is giving them the orders. It IS one of the two.

   Without satan’s help, how else would it be humanly possible for a school district to override parental rights by not requiring the district's schools or teachers to give notice to parents or allow parents a chance to opt their children out of the instruction?

   Without satan's help, how else would it be humanly possible for judges and politicians to run roughshod on morals and God's laws and make murder legal?

   Without satan's help, how else would it be humanly possible for bishops to foist on their unsuspecting flocks men who were supposed to be leading holy, celibate lives but instead preyed on young sons of families who trusted? Thus, homosexual teachers are given carte blanche to indoctrinate students to sexual perversion; pro-aborts are given the green light to promote killing as a good thing; and clerics are given free reign to rape young men for their own lustful self-gratification instead of practicing self-sacrifice. For too long these offenders have had free license to offend God in whatever way they deemed fit. However, this flaunting of a sick and deadly lifestyles could backfire, not only in the long run when they have to account to God for their actions, but here on earth as well for society will only stand for so much.

   But will the teachers be honest? Will the pro-aborts tell the truth? Will the bishops fess up? Highly unlikely because it would expose the lie fully. Consider, that if they flaunt their sexuality to their students, wouldn't it stand to reason that in justifying their actions and being the good teachers, upstanding citizens and supposed-holy clerics these groups purport to be in claiming to be purveyors of the ENTIRE truth, will also tell their charges the pitfalls of their chosen lifestyles? That is highly doubtful. You'll note one thing the pro-abort, pro-sodomite and corrupt clerics have in common: they are tolerant toward sin, and intolerant toward those who strive for virtue.

   The following facts would so alarm the children that they would be running for the exits, that is, if these 'tolerant ones' perpetrating the lie were HONEST.

   The American Medical Association report states "people with same-sex behavior are at greater risk for psychiatric disorders" -- including major depression and substance abuse.

   The Medical Institute of Sexual Health reports: "Homosexual men are at significantly increased risk of HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, anal cancer, gonorrhea and gastrointestinal infections as a result of their sexual practices. Women who have sex with women are at significantly increased risk of bacterial vaginosis, breast cancer and ovarian cancer than are heterosexual women."

   The following is a letter written to me from a paramedic, who recently retired. His last name was purposely omitted. You are forewarned -- it may make you sick.

    Dear Doctor,
    As a former fireman and paramedic for the city of San Francisco, I would be more than happy to provide you with anecdotal information regarding the lifestyle of the homosexual men and women; people who clog the EMS system with their strange and disgusting acts of sexual gratification. These acts not only cause infectious disease rates to skyrocket, but they are the source of traumatic injuries to the genital-urinary and lower intestinal tract. Some of these injuries are so severe, they often cause death to the individuals involved.

    I was called to many residences and/or bath house for rectal bleeds. These bleeds were many times the result of the infamous homosexual act of "fisting. "Many time we transported patients (in the Jackknife position) with such objects as zucchini, squash and cucumbers lodged in their rectums. The San Francisco General Hospital has a surgical museum for surgical interns, nurses, other doctors and paramedics. The museum displays objects that have been surgically removed from gay men's intestinal tracts. Among these items are; light bulbs, bananas, rodents, batteries, Billy clubs, super-sized dildos, and a host of other objects that would make the stomach turn.

    I had a younger brother (who was gay) who died from AIDS in 1986. No one can tell me that HIV hasn't affected me or my family. My brother was a good kid. He was molested when he was very young by some bastard.

    SFFD (RET)

   The above is what homosexuals want students to accept as a “normal” alternative lifestyle. If this is normal than Heaven help us. I wonder how many students would embrace this sick lifestyle, if homosexual teachers told the WHOLE TRUTH? If they did, as stated above, the children would bolt for the exits.

   You know the teachers will NOT tell the truth. They will continue their lies, as the pro-aborts lied about the number of deaths and rusty coat hangers in a dark back alley and they continue to lie when they say that abortions are safe and do not increase the risk of breast cancer. This, in spite of the fact that 13 of 15 studies done in the United States and 28 of 37 worldwide found that abortions DO INCREASE the risk.

   You would think that if school districts cared about the welfare of children, they would not allow homosexual teachers to flaunt their lifestyle. But, if they are still hell bent on doing this, then at the very least, they should have someone to counter the one-sided indoctrination by the teachers and point out the risks of homosexuality.

   Or, would this health and life saving information be asking too much of a school district, which appears to be more sympathetic towards the feelings of sodomizers than to the health of the overwhelming majority of their own students.

   You would also think that men who have been consecrated successors of the Apostles would follow the Gospel, but, as we have seen over the last six months - almost daily - and as I have written before - they care only for their own hides by hiding the truth. The sad truth is that they along with many teachers, school districts, politicians, lobbiests, judges, doctors and nurses have all sold out to satan.

   Pro-choicers and homosexuals are born of satan and weaned on lies. Both condone and promote sin/evil and both found a home in the Democratic party -- a party that continually mocks the will of God and embraces every evil organization in existence, in order to get their votes and their money. A.K.A. selling your soul to the devil for political gain. In light of all that has been revealed about the bishops' conduct, I can now understand why they have been so silent in their outrage to the Democratic party. By their silence and do-nothing attitude and ineptitude have shown their true colors.

Dr. Frank Joseph

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volume 13, no. 104
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