September 2002
vol 13, no. 105

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Whatever Happened to the Need for Conversions?

    According to the latest missives and explanations, it would seem the need to bring non-Catholics into the True Fold is no longer part of the equation for salvation! If true, then that is unadulterated heresy that must be stifled!

by Gary L. Morella

    The first truth that must be recognized in news reports that surface about new directions and doctrines is that committees of USCCB bishops DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, speak for the entirety of the Roman Catholic Church. Such committees do not whimsically define Catholic dogma. This fact has been repeated in Catholic circles many times by theologians who know the faith to include the widely published comments of a representative from EWTN. Cardinal William Keeler himself subsequently made statements to the effect that his "reflection" was a state of the current dialogue, which if true, is a cause of great concern for Catholicism since this dialogue is leading directly to heresy.

   We've certainly seen this truth manifested in the horrendous Always Our Children, another document from a small subcommittee of bishops which should have been dead-on-arrival, never seeing the light of day because of its heresy in telling Catholic parents that they must embrace their children's inclinations to unnatural sex acts that are mortal sin. This document has been widely rejected in orthodox Catholic circles, seeing a life only in the halls of the dissenters who propagated it.

   Catholics are in NO WAY obliged to believe this current lunacy regarding the Church being out of the conversion business anymore than they are required to acquiesce to the filthy lies of AOC, which was promoted by pro-homosexual advocates within the Church.

   Unfortunately, the secular press doesn't realize the aforementioned truth with the USCCB contributing to this confusion by not condemning such reporting outright - moreover, leaving such erroneous documents in their libraries. This happened once before when the bishops told us that we need contraceptive devices to stop AIDS, which is anathema to traditional Catholic teaching. There was such a public outcry with that revolting revelation that the document in question mysteriously disappeared from the USCCB listings to the best of my knowledge. Similar disappearances are called for with the some of the latest offerings from the USCCB, as it now seems that we clearly dealing with an organization of bishops whose primary goal appears to be to embarrass and cause scandal to the Church whenever it can.

   In short, Catholics are obliged to witness to the Truth, a Somebody, not a something. Accordingly, we must call to task those responsible for such documents, which to come to the point, espouse heresy pure and simple. There is no "nice" way to nuance what is coming out of the USCCB, moreover, what is coming out of curia Cardinals like Walter Kasper who tells us that we're not in the conversion business anymore for anyone.

   My three dear departed aunts, all Sisters of Saint Joseph who wore their habits proudly, as opposed to the current group that could be easily mistaken for Wall-mart greeters, would roll over in their graves to see the current state of our Church. I, for one, do not intend to see their sacrifice as "brides of Christ" for the sake of His Church go for nothing. I am not going to stand by and watch lies pawned off as truth, regardless of who is making those statements.

   And I'm certainly not going to let non-Catholics tell the lie that the Catholic Church has suddenly changed its invariant dogma regarding the necessity for conversion for all, to especially include the Jews.

   To come to the point - the statements in the news report below are incomprehensible to orthodox Catholics, i.e., The Catholic Church will not convert the Jews. This is indicative of a false ecumenism that reduces Catholicism to just another religion instead of the main channel of salvation for the world. It is the result of years of indifferentism and syncretism since Vatican II, having lost sight of what real ecumenism is, the conversion of non-Catholics to Catholics via an authentic witness to the true faith. Anything else is a false ecumenism that must be recognized as such.

   While it is true that Christ came to fulfill, not abolish the Old Law, it is equally true that His New Law is binding upon the entirety of mankind, believers and nonbelievers alike, including the Jews. And this New Law is by no means easier than the Old, given the admonishments regarding the grave sin of thinking about adultery, i.e., committing it in your heart, and the charge to love your enemies, especially by praying for their conversion and deliverance from their machinations. What greater love exists than to pray for conversion to the faith for those who persecute you for the sake of their eternity!

   Moreover, it is Christ Himself Who is recorded in Sacred Scripture as concentrating on the conversion of the Jews. "These twelve Jesus sent out charging them, 'Go nowhere among the Gentiles, and enter no town of the Samaritans, but go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. And preach as you go, saying, the kingdom of Heaven is at hand.'" [See Matthew 10:5-7.] Can there be any doubt as to Christ's priority here?

   Are America's Roman Catholic bishops no longer Catholic? Has the Catholic Church decided to stop obeying the teachings of Christ? Has the Catholic Church decided that Christ is not the Messiah for all? If the answer to all of the above is "yes", then there is no longer an institutional Catholic Church.

   But rest assured, while there may be problems with statements coming from certain members of the Church, there will always BE a Catholic Church because there are Catholics who know their faith, who will not allow it to be subtly stolen from them. That is the Church that the "gates of hell will not prevail against." That is the Church founded by Christ upon the rock that is Peter. And it will exist for all time.

   Theologians are supposed to give us clearer pictures of WHY the doctrine of the Church is what it is, not WHY it should be changed. Doctrine (faith and morals) is immutable, infallible.

   What has happened with this Jewish fiasco, and the ridiculous statements coming out of Kasper who doesn't want us to convert anyone is the latter, not the former - a HUGE RED FLAG. If the Church doesn't want to convert the Jews or non-Catholics, then how does the Church rationalize the celebration of the horrible deaths of Saint Isaac Jogues and his companions? Maybe Fr. Jogues should have told the Indians, "Hey, if you can't handle Catholicism because it's too hard, why not settle for Judaism, which is just as good." I guess the present lunatic mindset regarding this acceptability would have us believe that such an offer might have spared a few fingers and the skin of those missionary Jesuits. Moreover, how does the Church rationalize Matthew 10 where Jesus Himself directly said that the Jews are His first priority, and thus the priority of his apostles, his bishops? Are we forgetting that Jesus Christ was the first Catholic?

   Cardinal Josef Ratzinger reportedly signed off on a previous doc saying that the Jews can still wait for the Messiah. If true, that's heresy. The Messiah has already come for all. To imply otherwise sows the seeds of confusion among the faithful. Bottom line, it is a LIE!

   What has me concerned is that the Pope and Ratzinger, in the name of the Church, are giving up the farm to accommodate an imaginary natural unity that has nothing to do with the supernatural. They are reacting more as globalists in this regard than Good Shepherds with eternity at stake. To come right to the point, we're talking ecumenism at all costs, which is ecumenism run amok, a false ecumenism to be sure. And they have no problems breaking the First Commandment ala the two Assisi's to "damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead" with this false ecumenistic agenda.

   That's how I see it. And I don't see how it can be seen any other way from a Catholic standpoint.

   Again, Church doctrine doesn't evolve to the point of eradicating it completely anymore than buying into the liberal lies of former justices like Brennan re the US Constitution being a "living document." How can you have a constitution if itís changeable at the whim of those in power? That's banana republic politics, not what this country was founded on.

   Again, to reiterate, theologians are in the business of making it clear WHY the Church's immutable infallible doctrine on faith and morals is what it is, not why it should be changed. You DON'T CHANGE DOGMA. And to now say that the Church is not in the conversion business anymore ala Ratzinger and Kasper is lunacy. Moreover, it's heresy.

   We don't need this level of confusion in a Church that is being assailed on all sides and, especially, from within via dialogue ad nauseum. What we need are crystal clear reinforcements of Catholic dogma from our theologians, not a skewness of it, making it unrecognizable as Catholic.

Gary L. Morella

September 2002
volume 13, no. 105
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