September 2002
vol 13, no. 105

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Yes, it's been a crazy summer, but what the bishops are demanding is insane!!

    The crazy, hazy, lazy days of summer have created a hazy creed and lazy mindset that not only allow but now legislate pagan practices that defy logic and assure the further deterioration of the Truths and Traditions of Holy Mother Church; this by those intent on destruction of all that is Catholic. Rather than every knee shall bend, the new directive is to stand in defiance of the Lord. When will the craziness end?!

   There was a movie several decades ago called "The Summer of '42." The theme dealt with the coming of age of three young men who were seduced by the promise of the forbidden and the bittersweet loneliness of a war widow on the New England Coast during World War II. The parallels of what has been happening in the post-conciliar Church, especially over the last three months could easily be called "The Summer of '02" for indeed day by day we are coming into a new age, an age that contradicts the values and virtues the young had always been taught. Today the faithful are being seduced into accept what God forbids by the 'old guard' that ushered in Vatican II.

   In the poignant, racy film "The Summer of '42" one of the young men, after experiencing the euphoria and the resulting disillusionment of worldly pleasures, came to his senses older and wiser because of the scars that he would always remember. So also after "The Summer of '02" it is time for Catholics everywhere to retract their brainwashed craniums from the pocked surface of political correctness and realize the foundation they have been placing their trust in for lo these past 40 years is not built on solid rock as they might have thought, but on the shifting sands of the world which has no roots, no footing to survive.

   The true institution - the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church - founded by Jesus Christ and passed down through Divine Revelation and Tradition for nearly 2000 years still stands on that solid rock; but what so few of the Catholic tenants realize is that the pseudo real estate developers of freemasonry, modernism and communism, who have been practicing and perfecting their nefarious craft since the French Revolution, have usurped the property rights around that rock. Through chicanery and false promises they have risen to the landlord status and have changed the "home-owners" association rules and covenants, evicting those who balk at such insolence. Those who refuse to go along with the "restructuring", those who are called "Lefebvrists" and "Traditionalists" - the ones who cling to the ever-binding contract that was sealed in blood - the Body and Blood of our Savior on the Cross, they are given their eviction notice.

   So craftily have the interlopers slithered in with one intent: to redecorate and ransack the heart of our homes - our hearts and souls: our Faith. The ultimate goal: to destroy all that is sacred and dear to us. They have been doing so by eliminating those things we had always thought were perpetual. Like Chinese water torture, they wear us down until many are in a state of despair at the great loss we have suffered. Yet, still so many don't realize it, so anaesthetized are they by the smooth-talking salesmen and "spokeswomen" of Newchurch; the same ones who go to great lengths to "soothe" our aching hearts with saccharine excuses that defy reason and logic while they continue the decimation of the traditions we were weaned on, relocating things that were so precious to us (vg. statues, confessionals, baptismal fonts), removing vital furnishings we grew comfortable with (vg. altars, communion rails, kneelers, the TABERNACLE), erasing memories that sustained us (Latin, devotions, prayers, indulgences and solid Roman Catholic teaching).

   In lieu of these sound priceless possessions, they have replaced everything with all-new, modern things, all the while telling us "It's good for you" or, to echo a time-worn commercial that plays incessantly and subliminally in so many psyches, "Try it, you'll like it!"

   Well, we've tried it and we definitely don't like it! It's an inferior product. Rather than being the impenetrable fortress and castle we had been promised and could always return to for refuge and gratification to God, this "new home" - "new springtime" - "new evangelization" is, in reality, a termite-infested "mobile home" that creaks and rolls with the latest whim. Rather than being firmly planted in the solid foundation, it rests on worn "Novelty" tires whose tread has definitely worn thin. Why do so many embrace this new religion which has been foisted on the faithful? Because of blind obedience and because they haven't got a clue what is going on - from the top on down. What is even worse neo-Catholics scoff at the idea of returning to the tried and true; they won't even open their ears and hearts to the possibilities because they are comfortable in Newchurch. Oh, they bemoan many of the changes privately, but never publicly because that would be revolution in their mind-set and upset the "unity of the community." They fail to realize that by being lukewarm, by not being willing to really study their Faith and compare it with what is being foisted on the faithful today: that they are only enabling the revolution to overthrow all that is Catholic! When will they realize what is being taught today is akin to nothing more than "trailer trash"?!? It is time to invoke the "lemon law" and recall these aberrations back to the factory of orthodoxy for a complete overhaul, replacing worn parts with the guaranteed warrantee of solid tradition and truth.

   To those who have studied all the resources we have made available on The DAILY CATHOLIC, they can more clearly see that this shoddy manufacturing of the Faith was implemented beginning with Vatican II and slowly, but surely one can see the bitter "fruits" by realizing the grave errors that have ensued. Nowhere has that been more evident than during this turbulent summer of '02.

   It began with the media hubbub over the sex scandals in the Church and just as quickly died down in true Masonic bargaining fashion before the July 4th barbecues were even fired up! But various events and circumstances cried out for explanations and nothing worthwhile or of substance - definitely not of truth - was forthcoming as hierarchy and heralds of the world postured that everything was a-okay now! So quickly a cancer that had penetrated every level of the Church was suddenly gone? It must be a miracle! Strange, there were no reports of miracles this summer that I know of. On the surface the spinsters of modernism assured us all was under control, while in truth, underneath the rot continued to roil and further infect. To better illustrate the insanity of it all, following are just some of the chronological examples of this malady from this past summer

    1. After constant denials and doublespeak, the past of the prideful modernist Archbishop Rembert Weakland of Milwaukee caught up with him. Rome wouldn't act until the facts were embarrassingly before the American public in black and white. Even Weakland, who always promoted the gray areas for obvious reasons, couldn't deny the obvious any longer.

    2. Another Sodomite coddler Archbishop Reginald Cawcutt of South Africa finally tripped up thanks to the relentless research by Stephen Brady and Roman Catholic Faithful. Rome had no choice but to accept his resignation as he leaves behind a trail of scandal, primarily from his involvement with the Saint Sebastian web site that promoted homosexual porn for priests. Again Rome reacted late rather than responding early.

    3. More accusations of abuse and verifications broke out in various dioceses, most notably in Louisville, Bridgeport, Tulsa and Los Angeles to name a few. While the USCCB mouthpiece parrots platitudes that everything is under control, the reality is helter skelter.

    4. With all the stench of the American episcopate, the Pope conveniently sidestepped the serious issues at hand with more posturing as a geo-political leader than a spiritual shepherd of one billion souls. All the while the Curia continued to remain in a total state of denial to any wrongs within the Church. Excuse after excuse escape the lips of prelates who are quick to blame the "system" in a world they have embraced rather than abandoning it as Christ demanded the successors of the Apostles should do. Instead the vast majority of modern shepherds appointed by John Paul II have abandoned the flocks they were entrusted with. No wonder the sheep are so scattered.

       Note: Some may think I am unfairly criticizing the Pope and who am I to challenge one so sublime. Well, I resort to someone more sublime, none other than Saint Robert Bellarmine, a holy author of many of the documents of Trent and a Doctor of the Church who affirmed in De Romano Pontifice : "It is permissible to resist the Pope when he invades souls and troubles the commonwealth; and moreover, if he appears to be causing harm to the Church, it is permissible, I say, to resist him by not doing what he enjoins and by preventing his will to triumph." Considering that the Pope has done nothing to curtail the dissent, heresies and mushrooming scandals, I would say he is appearing to be causing harm to the Church by his inaction. At least that's the Thomistic thinking the Council of Trent and Holy Mother Church factored in and which has been so neglected in the "new springtime" as every opinion seems to hold court while the truths and traditions fostered before Vatican II are suppressed. What is one to think?

    5. Despite all the hype of World Youth Day in Toronto, the turnout was far less than expected and much of it for show. Those weren't choirboys singing through the night as John Vennari noted in a first hand account of the mayhem and misdirection of this event that, in reality was just another excuse for a Catholic Woodstock. Meanwhile earlier in the summer in Europe hundreds of young adults were marching in prayer and unity from Paris to Chartres, France in a pilgrimage of reverence. The latter received little if any press while the over-rated extravaganza in Canada got all the ink and organizers and citizens of the Maple Leaf city were left with the remains and litter, and more litter and a huge deficit in budget which the poor faithful to the north are saddled with. For those in attendance it was a high buzz for three days and then back to normal with nothing sustaining. Typical of today's charismatic charms of post-conciliar religion.

    5. On the same leg of the Pope's trip he avoided the U.S. like a plague in hop-skipping over it on his way to Central America and then Mexico City where a holy ceremony - the canonization and beatification of a few worthy converts - was turned into a fiasco which is poignantly illustrated by Christopher Ferrara in our FOCUS section in this issue entitled "The Liturgy of the World."

    No sooner was the Pope back in Rome and on his way to Poland than Cardinal William Keeler put his foot in his mouth big time by asserting the present dialogue with the Jews and the document from the Pontifical Biblical Commission means Jews no longer need to be converted. This prompted reaction from all quarters with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (August 19, 2002 UCSSB, Office of Communications) trying to backpedal without flatly denying such heresy. Don't say we didn't warn you. In early April this year we first broke the seven-part series by Atila Sinke Guimar„es: The Biblical Commission on the Jews: Changes in Doctrine and New Anathemas. Keeler's remarks and subsequent comments are only the fallout of such heresy being bandied about and not stifled immediately by Rome for fear of offending the Jews. Never mind that it greatly offends Our Lord and His Communion of Saints!

       All we need to do is remind you of what the Apostle Paul asserted as dogma in Galatians 1: 8-9, "But though we, or an Angel from Heaven, preach a gospel to you beside that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema." To emphasize the gravity of such errors, the Apostle repeated it in the next verse: "As we said before, so I say now again: If any one preach to you a gospel, besides that which you received, let him be anathema." Finally, verse ten solidifies exactly what today's hierarchy is doing and from which we must oppose if we are to be servants of the Son of God: "For do I now persuade men, or God? Or do I seek to please men? If I did yet please men, I should not be the servant of Christ."

       And yet, on August 31, ZENIT released an article out of the Vatican titled "The 8 Great Worries of the World, as Seen by John Paul II." In the four page article which included, Protection of human life, Protection of the family, Elimination of poverty, Human rights, Disarmament, Medicine for all, Conservation of the environment and Application of the law it was totally geo-political, not one mention of Jesus Christ! There were three references to God, one to the "Creator", but not one to Our Lord and Savior! Mario Derksen has been running a series in his The Humanism of John Paul II and this latest 8 Great Worries only confirms the humanistic agenda this pope has embarked upon in his quest to be the great geo-political world leader. His ideas are a mix of new-age, politically correct mumbo jumbo that lack the clarity and absolutes that Sovereign Pontiffs prior to Vatican II always projected. Everything pertains to making this world more comfortable for all; never was conversion to the one true Faith ever mentioned. That should be the number one worry: that so many are in danger of losing their souls because they have forgotten the unchangeable, infallible dogma of Extra Ecclesia nulla sulla "Outside the Church there is no salvation." But that wouldn't play well on the world stage or with the Bishops who are courting inter-faith agendas for the purpose of "being one" by compromising the one true Faith. The ultimate result: if it is no longer necessary for others to convert to Catholicism in the Newchurch's lexicon why even be Catholic?

       The fact is that every document from Vatican II on, especially during John Paul II's papacy, is full of bafflegab, razzmatazz, skimble-skamble and pure katzenjammer gobbledly-gook - obscure and ambiguous verbage that brings to mind the confusion of what the meaning of the word "is" is. It is this relativism that has so deadened consciences and left the faithful in a state of perpetual confusion. The 8 Great Worries is a prime example of this doublespeak that treats the human condition without putting the spiritual plane above all. In short, the aim is to please men - all men, all creeds, all persuasions - not pro multis effundetur in remissionem peccatorum - and, in effect contradicts Paul's command, in Galatians for truly it would seem from all the volumes of tomes produced that the post-conciliar popes strive to persuade and please men, rather than God. If that is the case, and the evidence is overwhelmingly affirmative to that, then, folks, the Pope and those who embrace these humanistic objectives as priority are, according to Sacred Scripture: ANATHEMA!

       Therefore, dear neo-Catholic friends, are we to believe a new gospel, one evolved over the past 40 years, or Divine Revelation as recorded in the Holy Scriptures and heeded faithfully for 2000 years. These are the facts. How you respond will not only affect your own soul and salvation, but the spiritual welfare of countless others.

    6. We're nearing three months since the USCCB's so-called "zero tolerance measures" were submitted to Rome and still no word. There is no curtailing of Cardinal Roger Mahony who, along with Cardinal Bernard Law are the greatest offenders of the cover-up of homopederasty offenders as revealed in court documents, missives and depositions. Yet the Pope has remained silent seemingly as if the problem doesn't even exist. Rather than recalling Mahony and Law to Rome and getting tough with these wolves in shepherd's clothing - even to the drastic measure of defrocking them both because of the grave, intentional offenses they committed - he rewards the former by sending Archbishop Francis Stafford, head of the Pontifical Council of the Laity to LA on Labor Day to dedicate the new cathedral that in no way resembles a church or any other kind of holy place, but a modernist monstrosity - one that defies description unless one can conjure up a vision of the pagan temples of Babylon. Such is the Taj Mahony. The Holy Father, by not sending a representative, could have spoken volumes about his discontent with the way Mahony is running the largest see in the U.S. It would have sent a huge and reassuring message to faithful Catholics that the Pope will not stand for the modernism and unorthodoxy fostered by Mahony. By sending a representative John Paul II has tacitly given his approval to this aberration. That is not good.

    7. One would hope and pray that during the last part of August when the Holy Father spent quiet, prayerful time in the Polish monastery where his father first took him as a young boy, that memories of the sacred and sacrosanct, of the Tridentine Mass, Gregorian chant, the absolutes and traditions of the Church strengthened by the Council of Trent and reinforced by the First Vatican Council would have flooded back and, in his waning years, he would rectify the grave error he has continued for nearly 24 years. Only he can reverse the course and set the universal Church back on the correct path to salvation by reinstituting the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as St. Pius V commanded. Karol Wojtyla will ultimately have to answer to God for it, so it's better to maximize whatever time he has left on this earth to right the wrongs as a spiritual shepherd rather than a geo-political world leader. While this editor once considered his legacy to be glorious, I fear his pontificate will go down in ignominy as the decline of the Church when historians examine the facts. He still has time, but not much, to right the ship.

       Many thought John Paul II would never return to Rome, that he would remain in Poland and force the hand of the Curia and Bishops to battle amongst themselves what to do, thus leaving collegiality as the master. But for reasons unknown to most, he has decided to tough it out. That's good. That means there is still hope that he will remember what he himself was weaned on and long to return the Church to those tried and true traditions. Lord knows his would-be successors - all appointed by John Paul II - do not give one much hope for optimism.

    8. Finally, the coup de tat came on August 23. A release by the USCCB announced that "The Bishops of the United States have decided that the normative posture for receiving Holy Communion should be standing. Kneeling is not a licit posture for receiving Holy Communion in the dioceses of the United States of America unless the bishop of a particular diocese has derogated from this norm in an individual and extraordinary circumstance." More proof of the animus delendi - "the desire to destroy."

   One of our frequent guest columnists and a foremost watchdog for orthodoxy - Gary L. Morella was quick to pounce on such nonsense from these faux shepherds:

    "It's recorded in Sacred Scripture that at the very mention of the name of God, all knees shall bend, above the earth, on the earth, and below the earth. Isn't it interesting that the angels and even the demon are to show the proper respect for God, while Catholics are not to be bothered, even at the point in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass when they are closest to Him without Whom, they cease to exist. This, courtesy of the wonderful collection of bishops who, in allowing unchecked dissent from Church teaching in their dioceses, give us seminaries for homosexuals, and tell us that conversion to the faith is no longer important.

       "Communion rails served a very important purpose, telling Catholics that they were to assume the epitome of latria proper to being in the very real presence of their God in anticipation to receive Him in Holy Communion. With the rails went a very important symbol of the faith, another huge mistake that the institutional Church continues to make.

       "We stand to honor man; we KNEEL, repeat, we KNEEL to adore our God."

   To that I can only say "AMEN." Maybe it's time to have a "Kneel-in" What would happen if people voted with their knees? What are the bishops going to do, excommunicate them for kneeling. That would be something unprecedented. But then everything that has been proffered since Vatican II is unprecedented. But it would be choice to see men, who have long ago self-excommunicated themselves by diverting from the teachings of the Church, threatening disciplines for being pious and respectful to God.

   I say that on the strenth of St. Robert Bellarmine's conclusion after citing passages from Cyprian, Driedonus and Melchior Cano in his De Romano Pontifice: "This is the teaching of the ancient Fathers who teach that manifest heretics immediately lose all jurisdiction." More proof that the Newchurch is another religion, one that does not have its roots in the Church Christ founded on the Rock of Peter, but as an offshoot that sprouted in 1965 and since has, like a choking and withering vine, squeezed the tenets of belief from buds thirsting for the truth.

   Can the Holy Father not understand the words in the Acta Synodalia Sacrosancti Concilio from Vatican II, cit. vs. 1, page 371? "Graves mutationes in liturgia indroducunt graves mutationes in dogmata" - "Serious changes in the liturgy usher in serious changes in dogmatic teaching." Does he not remember the words of Saint Basil the Great? "Who has lost and who has won in the struggle - the one who keeps the premises [buildings and trappings] or the one who keeps the Faith? The Faith obviously. That therefore the ordinances which have been preserved in the churches from old time until now may not be lost in our days...rouse yourselves, brethren...seeing them now seized upon by aliens." A great Doctor of the Church calls the faithful to fight to preserve the Faith. Where will you stand, or should I say, kneel?

   You'll note the animation of a Buddhist monk to the right. You'll note he is standing during prayer. Compare that to the Traditional nun kneeling at the prie-dieu and the priest genuflecting at the top. They are directing their devotion to Almighty God, not to pagan idols or banners or men and women crowding the altar. It is easy to understand why the bishops want everyone to stand to receive Holy Communion. Many no longer believe in the True Presence and with the humanistic wave that pours over the Novus Ordo sanctuaries that has so Protestantized even Paul VI's New Mass, it only stands to reason that you stand. But if you truly believe, even in the Novus Ordo that the bread and wine are confected at the Consecration into the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, then how in your right mind can you remain standing in such august presence of the True Presence? It's beyond me. We always received strange looks and smirks when we knelt or genuflected before receiving the Host. So what, it didn't matter what man thought, only what God thinks. We were told ad infinitum that our act of total submission to God was "disturbing the unity of the community." Well, finally we woke up to what was really disturbing the unity of the community: the new liturgy - and high-tailed it out of the Novus Ordo to the Tridentine Mass from which we will never abandon.

   You'll note also that over the past several decades there has been much inculturation into the liturgy and beliefs of the Catholic Church. There has been an unnecessary and dangerous tolerance for pagan practices. One of the prime examples of this is the further propagation of the heresy that the Jews do not need to be converted, the influx of inter-faith services, even communion, the pandering to tribal customs and pagan practices that fly in the face of what Christ instituted. Rationalization is used to justify the abominable.

   The strategy for war is to weaken the opponent; the entire purpose of the Masonic, Modernist, Communist, New-Age, anti-Church agenda is to bring Catholics to their knees. But that means submission to man. Christ says "love your enemies". We love them by praying for them on our knees. By standing before Christ, present Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity, well that is an affront to the Almighty Therefore, we call on all Catholics to hear the words of St. Robert Bellarmine, "Unjust laws are, properly speaking, no laws." Ergo, despite the bishops proclamation, it is an unjust law to place man above God and therefore, considering the sorry state of things today, especially as manifested this past summer, we stand in defiance of such heresy and urge all Catholics to KNEEL! As asserted in Isaias 45: 23 and Romans 14: 11, "As I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bend before Me, and every tongue shall confess to God." Yes, every knee shall bend. Standing doesn't cut it. Truly if you are Catholic, it's time to show the bishops what every Catholic must do: fall on your knees before the Holy Eucharist! Yes, it's been a crazy summer, but what the bishops are demanding is insane!

Michael Cain, editor

September 2002
vol 13, no. 105
CATHOLIC PewPOINT commentary