October 2, 2002
volume 13, no. 107

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Proof: The Democratic Party Mocks God

Editor's Preface: Throughout history, every political party has been found wanting before God because they are based on the principles of man. Only those who place total trust in Christ as our Sovereign King and Blessed Mary as our Queen, will find the right ticket for victory. Therefore we should not place our faith in politicians, but in God and His Mystical Bride - Holy Mother Church which He has given us to guide us toward our Heavenly home. Unfortunately today the American Bishops have compromised the Catholic truths for political expediency with the Democratic Party, easing into bed with them through the insipid logic that the death penalty is as immoral as abortion. Therefore, they hitch their wagon to the anti-capital punishment horse and ride it roughshod over the innocent, helpless unborn. Yes, the Bishops share the responsibility for the deaths of over 40 million innocents. But they are so clever, so corrupt that many Catholics are confused because of the obedience issue. This allows the Bishops to continue their lukewarmness and spinelessness in speaking the truth, in taking an uncompromising stand. What the Bishops won't tell you, Dr. Frank does: Every Catholic must know that the Republican platform endorses pro-life and the sanctity of the womb while the Democratic platform promotes the culture of death. In truth the Democratic platform is anti-Catholic, anti-God in every way! Therefore, to vote for anyone claiming to be a Democrat or pro-abortion in any way is to slap God in the face as an accomplice to murder; something each Catholic voter will have to account for when he or she meets their Almighty Creator in the Final Judgment. Do you want that on your conscience?

    "The November elections will soon be here. It is IMPERATIVE that the Republicans regain the Senate and keep the House if our country is to have a fighting chance to stop the killing of God’s precious children and bring some semblance of morality back to our country."

   What would it take for God-fearing people in the Democratic party to recognize that this once great party has become satan’s pride and joy? It is apparent they refuse to see the handwriting on the wall, which is becoming clearer with each passing year.

   Just what would it take? There has got to be a defining moment, an epiphany, where even the least skeptic of Democrats, would throw their hands up in disgust and say, “I've had enough -- this party now embraces evil."

   Surely, it must take something. Does it really require an image of the prince of darkness to appear rising from the flames of hell, at a Democratic conclave? Or, maybe people of faith in the Democratic party would have to see horns growing out of the heads of Democratic Senators and members of the House, who accept the proposition that a woman should have the right to have her unborn child killed, if she so chooses, even while being born and suffers excruciating pain -- the barbaric partial-birth infanticide. Maybe that's it -- Democratic voters are not seeing the horns.

   The latest illustration of the unmitigated gall and heresy of Democratic senators occurred recently, when all ten Democratic members of the Judiciary Committee voted, en masse, to NOT confirm Judge Priscilla Owen to sit on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. All nine Republicans on the Committee voted to confirm. So, by one vote the Democrats refused to let the entire Senate vote for confirmation. They knew if the full Senate voted, Owen would be confirmed. How's that for honesty and fair play and their thumbing their noses at the American people?

   Judge Owen was given the highest approval rating by the American Bar Association, but she had one major flaw according to the Democrats on the Committee -- she was thought to honor the sanctity of human life, because she, as a judge on the Texas Supreme Court, enforced laws already in place -- mainly the notification of parents, if their child wanted to have an abortion.

   Can you image that. Oh, what a bad person Judge Owen is for enforcing laws already on the books. And even if she is pro-life -- so what! But, Democrats only want Judges to sit on the courts, who have NO respect for human life. They think that judges who condone the tearing apart of little arms and legs and a body with a beating heart, would be more in tune with their agenda, which -- surprise -- is also the agenda of satan.

   Besides the 13 of 15 studies done in the USA and 28 of 37 done worldwide that found that abortions increase the risk of breast cancer, there is one study in particular that should make even the most hardened pro-abort wince and make these ten Democratic senators want to find the nearest hole to crawl into.

   In the Dr. Janet Daling Study, in addition to finding that ALL abortions increase the risk of breast cancer on an average of 50%, the study which was funded by the NCI, (National Cancer Institute) found that teen-age girls 18 and under, who aborted their first pregnancy, increased their risk of breast cancer 150%, but if there is also a history of breast cancer in the family (mother sister aunt, etc.) EVERY ONE OF THESE TEEN-AGE GIRLS GOT BREAST CANCER, before the age of 45.

   Not 20% of these girls got breast cancer, not 50%, not 75%, but EVERY girl got breast cancer. And yet these pseudo-compassionate people in the abortion industry, besides not warning ALL women that abortions increase the risk of breast cancer, won't even warn these VERY susceptible teen-age girls of this fatal risk

   It is obvious why Planned Parenthood and all the other abortion mills don't warn girls/women prior to an abortion -- they lose money, but what's the excuse for the Democratic party? It's bad enough that they can see no evil in the killing of unborn children, but to even back the abortion industry on fighting parental notification laws is beyond the pale.

   And they had the audacity to accuse Justice Owen of lacking sympathy and not showing compassion to teen age pregnant girls. If there is a history of breast cancer in the family, who else would know this, except the PARENTS, especially the mother? Since when, is saving lives considered a lacking of sympathy? Only in the Democratic Party.

   I, at one time, was enthralled with the Democratic party philosophy. That's all I ever heard about when I was growing up. They were for the voiceless and the downtrodden. NOT anymore. The most voiceless of all, are the helpless unborn and 3/4 born children and it is this group that the Democratic party shuns.

   When the killing of unborn children was legalized almost 30 years ago, one would have to assume that it would only be natural that the party which has been exclaiming for years their compassion for the voiceless, would come to the rescue of these little people. But, since unborn children can't vote, nor contribute money, they are expendable as far as the Democratic party is concerned. It is not in their best interest, POLITICALLY, to include them in their voiceless category.

   Instead, it's the Republican party which is fighting for their lives. This is the only true measuring stick as to which party is TRULY compassionate. The Democratic party will be for the voiceless, ONLY if it doesn’t interfere with political gain. There's a word for this -- HYPOCRISY.

   I switched years ago, when the handwriting on the wall, hit me squarely in the eyes, that the Democratic party that I knew -- was no more. They now embody the tenets of satan. I WILL prove, once and for all, that the Democratic party mocks God and has become satan’s pride and joy.

   We know that satan revels in evil. He constantly seduces people to break the 10 commandments. He wants no part of anything that's good. He wallows in immorality, suffering, and death.

   What people in satan’s control could create the most havoc on the entire world? Would it be your clerk at the local market, or maybe your next door neighbor? How about the leaders of the most powerful country on Earth? How about one entire political party in the most powerful country on earth?


   How does one explain why the oldest political party, which claimed to be the champions of the voiceless and downtrodden, has turned 180 degrees and has become nothing more than the pawn of satan? The American people have been duped by the Democratic party and I must admit, I was one of them. It reminds you of a con game, where they let you win in the beginning, only to get your hopes up -- and then, you lose everything in the end. In this case -- your very soul.

   How else can one explain why Al Gore, earlier in his political career was pro-life, but later didn't even care if babies were killed while being born and suffer severe pain in the process -- the barbaric partial-birth abortion. He found out that being pro-life was not conducive to climbing the Democratic political ladder, which requires a litmus test -- to be an unqualified supporter of the killing of unborn children, so he sold out, to who else, but satan.

   The late great Democratic governor of Pennsylvania, Robert Casey, who was a great supporter of economic and racial justice, in 1992, during his second term, was refused permission to address the Democratic National convention, because he was pro-life and might have spoken out against abortions. The killing of unborn and 3/4 born babies are a cornerstone of the Democratic party's platform.

   The Reverend Jesse Jackson, supposedly a man of the cloth, earlier in life, spoke out vehemently against abortions, only to become pro-choice [to kill unborn children], when he entered politics.

   How else, can one explain how a man like Bill Clinton could become president for his second term even though the populace knew he was a womanizer and adulterer? How could this have happened without satan’s help? This alone is mind boggling.

   Still not convinced. How about when Clinton used the Oval Office for a motel with an intern young enough to be his daughter, even while he was conducting the business of our country and could easily have been blackmailed by a foreign nation. He was still given an approval rating of 65%. There were those, who looked the other way -- the bulk of the Democratic party, because times were good, thus distancing themselves from God and ignoring one of the most prophetic passages in the Bible: “For what does it profit a man, if he gains the whole world, but suffer the loss of his own soul.”

   Clinton's streak of luck continued, or I should say -- satan’s running interference for him, as he continued his lying and lying under oath. Even angering a judge, who leveled a contempt charge against him along with a fine. In spite of all this and the words of members of his OWN party, who called him a “reprehensible lying bum” -- he somehow escaped being thrown out of office. This is even more mind boggling, since the consensus at the time was that he wouldn't last the week.

   To make Clinton's adulterous affairs more palatable, the Democrats had to incriminate and destroy the reputations of many of our past presidents, claiming they all did it -- adultery. (including our founding fathers) I'm sure that satan reveled in this and it saddened the children of our country, when they found out that their heroes were no better than a reprehensible lying bum.

   As president and being a known perjurer, womanizer and a serial adulterer, not to mention an allegation of rape -- would play right into the hands of satan. This is the role model he wanted for the leader of the most powerful country in the world? God only knows how many people lied under oath and cheated on their spouses because, after all -- the president did it and it didn't seem to bother his wife and he continued to get a high approval rating from the American people and he wasn't removed from office.

   You would have to be naive to think that Clinton's sexual escapades didn't influence teenagers to become sexually active and in general, accelerate our entire country's moral degeneracy. Clinton, then decided to make satan even happier. He committed one of the most diabolical and repugnant acts imaginable. He again vetoed the ban on the NEVER needed late term barbaric partial-birth abortion, in order to payback his and the entire Democratic party's big money contributors -- Planned Parenthood, the leading killers of unborn children, NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League), their biggest boosters and the Hollywood Filth Industry, which needs no explanation.

   Clinton is the same man, who when running for president, said he wanted fewer abortions done. The very first time he gets his wish, he vetoes the ban on PBA, which even the American Medical Association said is never needed to ensure a woman's health, or to save her life. He didn't care that 80% of the American people wanted it banned and that it was passed overwhelming by both the Houses and Senate. This is yet another example of the stranglehold that satan has on the Democratic party.

   The House had the necessary two-thirds vote to override Clinton's veto, but the Senate was 3 votes shy, thanks mainly to 32, Democratic Senators, who voted NOT to ban Partial-birth infanticides. Eight of these 32 are Catholic -- Kennedy, Kerry, Durbin, Harkin, Reed, Mikulski, Dodd and Murray. But, the party comes first. God, Church Doctrine and common decency, second. For all the names -- contact me.

   They are no better than the abortionists. They signed the death warrants for about 5,000 viable children, who are tortured and killed every year in these late term abortions. Let's be honest and call them for what they really are -- MURDER.

   However to Democrats, votes and contributions trump common decency. Can anyone doubt that satan is licking his chops as he reflects on the past Clinton administration and all the Democratic senators, who voted to keep him in office, even though they knew and said he was a reprehensible lying bum. What is it about lying and immorality that Democrats love?

   Thank God -- George W. Bush is now our president, as he has vowed to sign the ban on the barbaric Partial-birth abortion. Recently the House again, passed it overwhelmingly, but, as of this writing, Democrat Senators, led by their leader Tom Daschle (Catholic) are trying to kill this bill. He does not want it to go to the floor, for a full Senate vote.

   You say you want more proof that the Democratic party has become satan’s party.

   The loudest and most prolonged applause that Gore received at the Democratic convention, was after he said, “and let there be no doubt that I will protect and defend a woman's right to choose." [to kill her unborn child].”

   I thought that I was transported back in time to the coliseum in Rome, when the people cheered when Christians were torn apart by lions. Only now, God's most precious children are being torn apart by licensed professionals under the guise of an abortion and backed by the Democratic party.

   Who are these people, who go by the name of Democrats and who applauded, yelled and cheered for about five minutes, at the exclamation that human beings are to be put to death? Are they all a bunch of atheists? Do they belong to some kind of a satanic cult? Surely they do not believe there is a God, who said, “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” and “before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart."

   Why, after joining the Democratic party, do politicians abandon God? I know it's true that the Democratic party platform precludes the respecting of the sanctity of human life, but is this lust for power so great that they would actually mock God and the Holy Bible, just so they can climb the Democratic political ladder. A ladder, which as sure as I am writing this, is held by satan.

   Please, don't anyone write to me and say that you know a Democratic politician, who is pro-life. I do too, but they only make up about 10%. Whereas, the Republican party is just the opposite -- 90% pro-life. Quite a difference.

   The worst part of it all -- is that when a woman has her child killed, she thinks it will improve her life, because they are so brainwashed by the abortion mills. It will NOT, unless she is a robot. For details, click: Abortion Vs Childbirth

   Besides, the FACT that abortions increase the risk of breast cancer, there are at least 48 published significant studies finding that induced abortions increase the risk of premature deliveries in subsequent pregnancies, resulting in low birth weights and thus the baby is more prone to develop physical and mental problems, including Cerebral Palsy. The reason: Damage done to the cervix and lining of the uterus during an induced abortion.

   Planned Parenthood and all the other abortion mills will not warn women of the above risks, nor will they tell their patients of the increased risks of alcohol and drug abuse and suicides. Also, not a peep from Democratic senators and representatives, because of their association with the billion dollar abortion industry.

   And these are the people, who were sent by their constituents to Washington to help them in their daily struggle to survive.

   As if it wasn't bad enough with the Democratic party's mocking God and His Commandment, “Thou Shalt Not Kill,” but now they also embrace HOMOSEXUALITY, which is clearly condemned in the Holy Bible. You say you want proof of this -- you've got it. Here is just one passage from the Bible that mentions the abomination of homosexuality.

   Romans 1:27 "For their women have exchanged the natural use for that which is against nature, and in like manner the men also, having abandoned the natural use of the woman, have burned in their lusts, one toward another, men with men doing shameless things and receiving in themselves the fitting recompense of their perversity."

   Let's face it -- there are people, who pick and choose just certain parts of the Bible to live by -- whatever meets their fancy, as long as it makes their lives easier. Apparently, to many, it's also much easier on this earth to denounce God than to be labeled a homophobic.

   Homosexuality at one time, was in all the psychiatric books as an abnormal sexual perversion, but as the morals of our country decayed and the pressure from homosexual groups mounted, it was taken out of the abnormal status in 1973, the same year that it was proclaimed that to kill unborn children would be legal.

   1973 was satan’s modern day coming out party. Two of the most serious sins were now deemed acceptable, thanks to liberals and it is no secret which party, they call home.

   The homosexual community used all their resources to prohibit doctors from reporting cases of AIDS to the health department as they are required to do for other sexually transmitted diseases, such as Gonorrhea and Syphilis. The health department would then get names, and addresses and try to identify all sexual partners in order to stem the tide. These tactics work for all diseases.

   The gays said if you take names and addresses and report us to the health department, then you are being intolerant to a whole group of people. Give us the money and we will police ourselves and educate our community. The government complies with both requests, only to find that gays are not getting educated, they are getting sick and spreading the disease. Then more taxpayer money is required to find a cure for HIV and AIDS. So, billions of dollars are taken away from research for cancer, heart disease, diabetes and mental illness.

   Instead, gays use the money to further the homosexual agenda. It is now being introduced to our public schools as just another normal alternative lifestyle. Children cannot even be warned that the rate of sexually transmitted diseases is MUCH higher in homosexuals, not to mention the deadly AIDS virus and that the life span of gays is 20-30 years shorter than heterosexuals, because of the easier access of the AIDS virus and other sexually transmitted diseases into the blood stream during the act of sodomy, which tears the rectal tissue and causes bleeding.

   You see, this would come under the umbrella of intolerance. Never mind that lives would be saved and suffering greatly diminished.

   Think about it, doctors are required to report the sexually transmitted diseases, Gonorrhea and Syphilis to the health department in order to find the sources and to eradicate the problem. These two diseases are treatable and can be cured with antibiotics, but AIDS cases, which are much more serious are not reported. AIDS is deadly and there is no cure for it. Because of bisexuals the AIDS virus found a home in heterosexuals. So, it is no longer a disease of homosexuals, although the rate is MUCH higher in that lifestyle from sheer mechanics alone.

   This is where liberalism and the Democratic party have taken us. The very word, liberal, means: “To allow more of -- not limited to established or traditional views.” In other words, anything goes -- whatever makes you feel good. They believe their stand on these issues will garner votes. . They are relying on the moral degeneracy of our country to be elected.

   The fact that thousands of women are dying every year from breast cancer, solely from the fact that they had an induced abortion, is also ignored by the Democratic party, because they are in bed with the billion dollar abortion industry. Gee, and I thought it was the Republican party that was in bed with big business. Click: Abortion-Breast Cancer, for details.

   The Declaration of Independence -- “all men are created equal,” isn't worth the paper it's written on, to them. Apparently Democrats think that “created" and "born" are synonymous.

   Is there any doubt, that the Democratic party is the party of misery and death? So, I ask you: which party do you think satan is drooling over, and which party brings tears to the eyes of God?

   Have you noticed that Democrats, knowing that their party is at the bottom of the barrel, when it comes to morals, sing out for all to hear, “are you better off today than you were during the Clinton/Gore administration?” Why do they keep insisting that morality should have no part in our lives -- only good times, money and votes?

   Because of the Democratic party people of faith are called “the religious right,” and if you attend church every week, you are a “religious fanatic.” They are trying to give religion a connotation of something that a normal person should have no part of. Akin to an evil preoccupation.

   If by now, you are still not convinced that the Democratic party has become satan’s pride and joy, then you have not read this with an open mind, or you do NOT really and truly and down deep in your heart believe in God and that He will judge us all for our sins of commission and sins of omission. OR, you -- YOURSELF, wallow in depravity. You prefer to live in a world where anything goes. Even your children, if you have any, have to take a back seat to your self-indulgent existence.

   Show me a person who accepts the proposition that a women should have the right to have her unborn child killed (pro-choice) and/or embraces homosexuality and I will show you a person who condones sin. Show me a person who condones sin and I will show you a person who will NEVER see GOD.

   The November elections will soon be here. It is IMPERATIVE that the Republicans regain the Senate and keep the House if our country is to have a fighting chance to stop the killing of God’s precious children and bring some semblance of morality back to our country.

   All people of faith had better start getting off their duffs and expose the Democratic party, for what it really is -- a pawn of satan, because the liberal media will not. Let the world know there is a VAST difference between the two MAJOR parties. Let it make the news -- the headlines. Shout it from the highest mountain that the Democratic party mocks God and wants no part of anything that is good and holy.

   The evidence is clear, the Democratic party has chosen satan over God. YOUR VOTE IN NOVEMBER WILL ALSO BE A VOTE FOR GOOD, OR EVIL. IT'S AS SIMPLE AS ALL THAT.

Dr. Frank Joseph

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October 2, 2002
volume 13, no. 107
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