October 29-31, 2002
vol 13, no. 126

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Separating the wheat from the chaff at the polls!

    Maria Guadalupe GarciaIt may take a miracle for the 'good guys' to win next Tuesday, but as Catholics we should expect no less. Prayer pays off, especially when one of our own is in the running who we can truly trust. There is only one issue: abortion. To direct your vote over any other issue that would trump the pro-life issue is to betray God! That is why we're praying for another 'Guadalupe miracle!' with the election of Maria Guadalupe Garcia. One small step for Traditionalists, a giant leap for reinstuting God's Holy Laws!

   One week from today until Americans go to the polls. Will we see the same fiasco we saw two years ago with the hanging chads where the election literally hung in the balance? That's not really important in the scope of things today. What is important for the future welfare of this nation - spiritually, morally and physically in that order - is how we, as Roman Catholics vote.

   If we are to believe the ads, well, God help those who do because they've already caved to the devil. Consider Governor Gray Davis, who boasts about his most atrocious pro-abort record - a purported Catholic - and who is running for reelection in California against a modern Catholic who is really the lesser of two evils - Bill Simon. Not a lot to choose from. Yet, Simon is a Republican and will uphold the pro-life platform. Davis thinks this is Simon's Achilles heel for the ads Davis is running, when he is not mudslinging, carries the tag: "Experience you can trust, values we share." Come again? Having been forced from California because of escalating price-fixing which Davis had his dirty hands in, having seen how God is being legislated out of existence in what was once the 'golden state', I can tell you his experience and his character are not to be trusted. And values? Where is there value in tolerating and embracing diverse lifestyles that cry to Heaven for vengeance? Where is there value in being the most ruthless state in the union when it comes to dispatching the unborn as if nothing more than a gnat? But the public, and especially Catholics are being lobotomized into believing whatever comes down the pike, so numbed and dumbed-down have they become.

   There's an ad that has been running incessantly for an abortive patch where convenience is stressed. The whole purpose of the ad campaign is summed up in their tag line, "On the body, off the mind." Dull the conscience like water dripping until the viewer is mesmerized into not only believing the propaganda, but thinking it is good. Part of the ad copy also stresses that the woman can do whatever feels good, so to speak, and forget about consequences, especially those "voices inside." Huh, what voices? Could they be the conscience, or the child within the womb? Whatever, the product and the agenda of today's world is to blot out any conscience whatsoever. After all you can't be accused of murder if you don't know you're doing it. Slowly but surely the populace is becoming immune to knowing right from wrong. So blurred has the line become that society is not aware that long ago they crossed the Rubicon.

   Except for a few, most of the bishops and pastors remain silent, hiding behind the excuse that their hands are tied. They are not allowed to speak about individual candidates or particular party platforms. Folks, that's not true. Did you realize that both Church and pastor/bishop are allowed to discuss the position of candidates on issues? Did you realize that both Church and pastor/bishop may, with no repercussions, take candidate surveys and can make public the candidate's voting record?

   Not only that, but do you realize that individual cardinals, bishops, and pastors may make political statements and may endorse candidates? That's right they may, as long as they are speaking as individuals. In representing the Church in their official capacity, they may allow others to distribute political information, such as pamphlets that endorse pro-life politicians and expose pro-abort candidates. They can also allow political ads in their bulletins. So the next time someone tries to make an excuse for why the 'bishop's hands are tied' just tell them that's a lot of bull!

   If the bishops and pastors really wanted to make a difference, really end the culture of death, they would realize that while they cannot endorse someone "from the pulpit" - though that never stopped Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Hillary Clinton and that ilk - they have all the right in the world to express their personal feelings on each and every candidate. With the bevy of sound-bites and press clippings today, the media would latch on big time if a cardinal or bishop, not from the pulpit per se but in an interview or off the cuff, said he could never vote for a candidate who promoted abortion, therefore he would never vote for a Gray Davis or a Jean Carnahan or a Tom Daschle or a Bill McBride, and hoped every Catholic felt the same way. You know someone would print that and it would circulate. Since neo-Catholics will do anything their bishops tell them, the words of their cardinal or bishop or pastor would be on their minds front and center when they went to the polls. In a flash the vast majority of Democrats would be voted out of office.

   The Democrats would get what they deserve for this is the same party which openly endorses the sodomite agenda and promotes the platform of the Holocaust of the Womb; the same party that is openly snubbing Catholics today by refusing to remove the link of the apostate, totally non-Catholic 'Catholics For a Free Choice' from the Democratic National Committee website despite pressure from Catholics everywhere, even the bishops (believe it or not) and William Donohue, president of Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights. A stunning defeat at the polls next week might be just what is needed to bring the Democratic Party back to what it was before John F. Kennedy, the party that supported Catholic families. It would force the party to rethink their current platform due to the fact that their constituency are dying off and there is no one to replace them. Why? Because of abortion! Think about it.

   Since the USCCB is so afraid to offend anyone except Traditional Catholics, we strongly encourage you to go to WE VOTE PRO LIFE to see which pro-life candidates to vote for in your area.

   Contrary to what some rationalize - most likely because their consciences have been dulled - there are not several issues to consider. There is one issue - life. You couldn't vote if your mother hadn't brought you to full term. What if, when she conceived you, she had been exposed to the propaganda and laxity in the Church today? Chances are you wouldn't be reading this right now. That's why we need more priests like Saint John Marie Vianney, the renowned Cure d'Ars who wasn't out to impress his bishop or afraid to say anything that would offend a parishioner. No, he was one who loved souls with the love of Jesus Christ and told them what they needed to hear, even if they didn't want to hear it. Read his sermons and you'll see what I mean. When was the last time you heard a sermon on sin? By and large only at Traditional Masses. The rest? Well, we wouldn't want to offend anyone. We must be open to dialogue ad nauseum with false religions and tolerate diverse lifestyles and their promoters who, in truth, are satan personified for they represent sin and, the last time we checked with Catholic Doctrine, mortal sin translates to a front row seat in hell. We urge you to read Possession.

   They say never trust a politician. There have been good politicians, but few and far between. That is another reason so many do not vote when they have the opportunity to make a difference. Because of that lukewarmness, good people - Traditional, Orthodox Catholics - have run on tickets but failed to garner enough support. This time around there are a few who might have a chance to break through and make a difference on the political scene for the sanctity of life. One of those is in the race for the 51st District in California for the United States House of Representatives. This district covers the farthest southwest corner of the country - southern San Diego County and Imperial County in California. Here a mother of five, with her husband John's blessing and support, decided enough is enough. Thus Maria Guadalupe Garcia threw her hat into the ring last year while she was pregnant with her fifth child.

   Maria is a staunch Traditional Catholic who cannot abide the lukewarm effort by the bishops who, despite what they say, have only confused the pro-life situation by equating the death penalty to the severity of abortion. This is not only ridiculous, but heresy when one studies what Holy Mother Church teaches. For more on this we recommend you read Scalia and Buchanan "Suspend Obedience" to Papal Novel Teaching by Christopher A. Ferrara in our Traditional Thoughts series this past April. Maria didn't want to run, but there was no one else who would get involved. Like Saint Joan of Arc, Maria stepped forward and answered the call. We had the blessing of knowing Maria, John and her family personally for over a year. They attended Holy Mass and the Rosary before each Mass with us, and I can only pray that she pulls off a miracle. We need more Maria's in Washington. I cannot more heartily endorse her candidacy than to assure all that were there more Maria Guadalupe Garcias not only in the political structure, but in the Church, there would be far, far fewer problems.

   I say 'miracle' because, other than good old-fashioned hard work, nothing else is going to help unseat her opponent Bob Filner, a long-time ultimate pro-abort Democrat. The San Diego Union-Tribune won't even give Maria the time of day, much less any recognition. We can only hope the voters do. I have a hunch they will for this is not about party politics but about moral issues - most importantly the sanctity of life in the womb. In fact, a leading Democrat who narrowly lost in the primaries in the agricultural Hispanic Imperial County has been campaigning relentlessly for Maria, a Republican. Maria's camp doesn't have enough money to run any TV ads, or even take out newspaper ads, let alone run a radio campaign compared to the millions that Planned Parenthood, NARAL, union leaders, and the Hollywood Filth Industry are bankrolling to put pro-abort Democrats in office. One example of this obscenity is the documented $65 million dollars Gray Davis has spent to retain a second term. And you wonder why taxes are so high! Guess who's paying the freight? Just look in the mirror and ask yourself if enough is enough. In every district there has to be better people we can elect. The people in Chula Vista and Imperial County are blessed for they have a clear-cut choice. Even though Maria's coffers are bare, her grass-roots campaign is strong, and her Faith is stronger. Tirelessly she and her family and friends canvas night and day for the votes from the "little people." Let us hope Filner continues to be overconfident and cocky and not realize what hit him until next Tuesday night for with each day and more prayer, Maria is steam-rolling towards an upset on November 5th. To the political pundits in Washington and the talking heads of television land, you heard it here first!

   Just as the major media seek to control by refusing to acknowledge the obvious truth and giving very little exposure to those who uphold it, so also the post-conciliar Church has sought to control by refusing to acknowledge the needs of Traditional Catholics through intimidation and double-speak. Now, Traditional Catholics have the opportunity to have one of their own in Congress. It's a start!

   Consider that Our Lady chose a poor peasant in the new world in the 1500's to win over a million souls and stop human sacrifice. Now nearly a half millennium later God has chosen another 'poor peasant' - one who has given her fiat out of love for God, not for political gain. If one man could be the vehicle for converting millions in the new world while so many were abandoning the Faith in the old world during the Protestant Reformation, who is to say one whose middle name is Guadalupe, can't be the beginning of a wonderful renewal of morals, mores and momentum?

   While we can't vote for Maria, she has all of our prayers and love. Just as the Christians overcame insurmountable odds at Lepanto through the power of the most Holy Rosary, just as nations were won for Christ through the obedience of a simple Aztec Indian - Saint Juan Diego, so also all of our Rosaries, our sacrifices and penances add up and, while the victories here and now may be few, at least we're making progress towards some day, in God's time, restoring the Social Kingship of Jesus Christ as Sovereign Ruler over all nations. Our Lord says in Matthew 19: 26, "With men this is impossible: but with God all things are possible." That is why we are confident that, despite all odds, Maria might be the first in a growing list of staunch Catholics who will come forward to take back our country from the enemy of God and reinstate the rightful King on the throne where He will reign forever and ever. Jesus said in Matthew 20: 16, "For many are called, but few are chosen." Those who have been chosen need our support at the polls if we are ever going to return this country to God.

   The day we all go to the polls is the historical feast of Saint Zachary and Saint Elizabeth, holy parents of Saint John the Baptist, the chosen cousin of Christ who assured in Matthew 3: 12, that the One, Who was to come and baptize with the fire of the Holy Ghost, will also " thoroughly cleanse His floor: and gather His wheat into the barn, but the chaff He will burn with unquenchable fire." We have the opportunity to help Him out, by separating the wheat from the chaff at the polls!

Michael Cain, editor

October 29-31, 2002
vol 13, no. 126
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