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  • Thursday       November 7, 2002       volume 13, no. 131
    Semi-Double Feast Within the Octave and the historical feast of Saint Willibrord, Bishop and Apostle of the Netherlands.
    Know the Faith in order to Keep the Faith!
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    November is the Month of the Communion of Saints. The first day is dedicated to the Church Triumphant (All Saints), the second to the Church Suffering (All Souls); the rest of the month and year is up to us - the Church Militant - to do our part.
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      Christ or chaos
      Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey answers his critics who have accused him of pope-bashing. In a masterfully written response, he shows that if that is true, then his accusers stand guilty of bashing today the saints and holy Pontiffs that preceded John Paul II over the past 2000 years. Be careful of the company you keep, he warns in tweaking consciences. Tom's syllogisms leave no room for neo-Catholics to retort since he references the very 'heroes' conservative Catholics had always considered thee 'authorities' as Tom shares what the great Saint Bernard of Clairvaux cautioned a pope of his time to his face. Since meeting the pope personally is nigh unto impossible for Traditional Catholics, we hope his Holiness will read it here and understand the sincerity and love that Tom imparts through his words, which are truly sensus Catholicus in every way as you'll discover in his column Amazing Conclusions .
      Petition the Pope
      In reinforcing what Dr. Droleskey calls for above, we are encouraging all readers to go to www.tradAA.com which is the site established to petition the Holy Father to tune a deaf ear to the modernists he has appointed within the Curia and in chanceries and to establish without delay Traditional Apostolic Administrations where priests to fulfill what he first promised in his Ecclesia Dei motu proprio in 1988. It is a petition to the Pope for canonical protection so that priests may freely say the Mass that was never abrogated - the Traditional Latin Mass - without reprisal from their local bishops. A strong response to this petition could go a long way in the faithful being assured of assisting at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass universally. By taking the local ordinary out of the picture, Catholics will no longer be deprived of the Gregorian Rite, which, for nearly a millennium and a half, was the approved rite of Holy Mother Church and which has produced the fruits of so many conversions; something the Novus Ordo after 33 years of novelty and innovation after innovation, has failed to do. One is a fruitful tree yielding abundant fruit; the latter a barren tree that needs to be cast into the fire as Our Lord affirms in Matthew vii: 15-20. To sign the petition and research further the canonical reasons, see Traditional Apostolic Administrations .
      Profiles of the Saints & Seasons
      In today's Profile of the Saints, we feature the Apostle of the Netherlands or Holland - Saint Willibrord, who was born in Northumberland (northeastern England) in 657. His father left the world to enter a monastery, and is honored as a Saint in the monastery of Echternach in the diocese of Treves, and named in the English calendar. When his son was twenty years old he was already wearing the religious habit. Being accustomed to bearing the yoke of the Lord, and finding it light and sweet, he went to Ireland to seek greater perfection and study under Saint Egbert. For more, see Profile of the Saints & Seasons


      Shears and Tears of a Lamb
      Catharine Lamb continued where she left off a few weeks ago in her "Notes from the Trenches" as she shared why neo-Catholics have become so entrenched in novelty and buy whatever ambiguity is interpreted for them, even if it is out and out heresy. Truly sheep without shepherds for they have no one to guide them on the narrow path which Christ confirms is the only way. Instead they are scattered, thinking they don't need a shepherd, don't need to follow the path millions have traveled to eternal safety over the past 2000 years. If it weren't for loyal, traditional Catholics, we might have totally forgotten our Faith and moral values. She pointed out how the sheep first were scattered when they rejected Humanae vitae. She also stressed that we should all be righteously incensed at what the conciliarists have done to our faith and our lives as she explained in her column Turning up the Heat.

      Mass Confusion
      Reprinted with permission from the latest chock-filled issue of The Remnant, Michael Matt weighed in with an excellent article that exposes the neo-Catholic luminaries who have been tripping themselves up left and right in trying to defame one of their own who has now crossed over to Truth. Why have they been so vicious in clinging to their own sand-based houses? And why, If one dares to seek and find the truths that were always there, why then have these neo-Catholic authorities done all in their power to denounce the truthseeker? Why have they made one whom they once embraced so warmly - Bob Sungenis - now persona non grata Could it be because misery loves company? Could it be pride that they refuse to see what Bob has discovered and why he is now fully in the Traditional Catholic camp? Michael answered these questions in A Reign of Terror in the Civilization of Love.


      Christ or chaos
      In taking Father Frank Pavone and Priests For Life to task, Dr. Thomas A. Droleskey asks how can this supposed beacon for pro-life - a priest who so many of the common Catholics rely on for how to vote - compromise his principles of Faith by encouraging voters to vote for the 'lesser of two evils'? Could he be a misguided puppet for the National Right to Life Committee which has already compromised so much? If one is grounded in Catholic Truth one can never compromise; if one is influenced by Modernism and the will to please man, well then one has already sold out! Tom holds nothing back in his uncompromising column Misrepresenting the Truth and Misleading the Faithful .


      "Qui legit, intelligat"
      In his sermon for the 24th Sunday After Pentecost, taken from the Fourth Sunday After Epiphany, Father Louis Campbell spoke of the divinity of Christ. It was Peter, the first Pope, who first acknowledged Jesus as the Christ, the Son of the living God. For only One such as this could calm the seas and the winds. The winds of heresy and the seas of novelty need to be calmed today for sadly the successor of Peter in these times - John Paul II - is afraid to rock the boat by acknowledging to Jew, Muslim, Hindu and the rest that Christ is the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity - Three Persons - Father, Son and Holy Ghost - in One God. In shying away from the truths in favor of a pan-religious Pelagianism, it would seem the pope is afraid to offend the mind of man. Sadly the leaders of the post-conciliar Church shy away from their ultimate responsibity to uphold what St. Paul affirms in Hebrews 11: 6, "Without faith it is impossible to please God." That faith is contained only in the faith handed down by the Son of God; the only faith with the four indelible marks - One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic. No where in there is the word "Ecumenical" as Father emphasized in his homily "What manner of man is this?".

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       "The denial of Truth is just as fatal to the mind as the denial of light is to vision. Truth in its fullness is not easy to attain, even if one does admit its existence. To explore Truth in all its complexity there must come moments when we confess ignorance, when we frankly admit that we were mistaken or bigoted, or prejudiced. These admissions are painful, but they actually enrich character just as much as all approximations to falsehood forfeit it."              Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

    Traditional Priest Needed for Latin Mass in beautiful, scenic SW Missouri Branson Lakes area.

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    November 7, 2002
    volume 13, no. 131
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